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Is Simon Rattle’s Departure From London A Sign Of Things To Come Post-Brexit?

Although glamorous plans were unveiled in 2019 , the new hall is looking more and more like a fantasy. And now it is losing Rattle, its champion: it’s a kick in the teeth for London, a negation of that proud homecoming. – The Guardian
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Simon Rattle: Pandemic Is Forcing Many Musicians Out

“My worry is that so many musicians will be forced to leave the profession that we will not be able to return to anything like the cultural life that we enjoyed previously. And that this exodus is happening right now, and that it will not be noticed until it is too late,” said Rattle. – The Guardian
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Could Daniel Harding Finally Hit It Big In The US?

The English conductor, who started out as a wunderkind protégé of Simon Rattle in Birmingham, has a solid career in Europe, but he had a difficult time when he debuted with the big American orchestras in the ’00s. Now 43, he’s in the States leading the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra on its tour. Can he find success here? Zachary Woolfe talks to Harding, and to such observers as Rattle and Deborah Borda. – The New York Times
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Proposed New London Concert Hall Makes A Bold Statement

The £288 million it will cost will all come from private donations, and the hall’s backers know critics will say now is not the time for such an expensive building. “Now is never the time to do anything new,” said Sir Simon Rattle, the LSO’s music director and public face of the project. “This is not something that we are trying to do with public money, this is something we are attempting to do ourselves and we are trying to make a difference.” – The Guardian
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Simon Rattle’s Seven Pieces Of Advice For Every Young Musician

4. Being an amazing musician doesn’t make you an amazing grown-up. (There are important aspects of adulting he didn’t learn in time.) 5. Even world-famous musicians have identity crises. (He once tried going an entire year without listening to any music.) 6. The bonds you make with fellow musicians will be intense. (This would be why he keeps marrying his singers.) — BBC
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Looking like the outside world

Simon Rattle recently asked, “Why do our groups of classical musicians not look like London looks, and what can we do about it?” This sounds like a great goal. But what’s harder to imagine is how we’d get there.
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What It's Like To Play Violin In Simon Rattle's Amateur Orchestra

"Simon Rattle is looking straight at me, eyes flaring, fist shaking. I am straining with every fibre of my being to give him what he wants. I would die for this man right now. I'm desperate to shape the phrase just as he's showing, sustaining the long note and getting louder over the arpeggio. But […]
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Top Posts From AJBlogs 05.08.18

Simon Rattle’s landmark 3-D high-def Mahler festival with the London Symphony Orchestra So often when star musicians such as Simon Rattle hit a golden spot in their late 30s and early 40s, you stand back and ask, “Where can they possibly go from there?”  ... read more AJBlog: Condemned to Music Published 2018-05-08 The Problem of “Engagement” In March I had the privilege of participating in the Intersections Summit hosted by Milwaukee Repertory Theater. It was a heady gathering of community enga...
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Diller Scofidio + Renfro To Design London's Long-Awaited Concert Hall

"The architects were selected by the City of London Corporation from a shortlist of well-established names, including Frank Gehry and Renzo Piano, to design the new [£250 million] Centre for Music. The concert hall will be built on the current site of the Museum of London as a permanent home for Simon Rattle's London Symphony […]
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The Declining Powers Of Orchestra Music Directors: Exhibit One - Simon Rattle

"In an ideal world, Rattle would tour the LSO around its own country, instead of everywhere abroad, with a rallying cry to raise standards. That won’t happen either, because the Arts Council won’t fund anything that treads on the toes of regional clients. All of which leaves Rattle with a job title that has less […]
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Simon Rattle's Plan To Remake London Music

"Five years have passed since the LSO began secret negotiations to bring the Liverpool-born conductor back to his homeland after his 16 sometimes turbulent years at the helm of the Berlin Philharmonic, and more than two since his appointment as the LSO’s music director was announced. Who would blame the orchestra for making a big […]
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Why Can't Britain Accept And Embrace Its Classical Heritage?

Simon Rattle: "Here we are in this country, with maybe the most gifted group of living composers of any country in the world, and not to celebrate it would be idiocy. ... It’s a goldmine to explore."
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Simon Rattle Explains Why His Orchestra Needs A New Hall

Rattle was blunt about the limitations of the Barbican. “It is very clear we can do a lot of wonderful work at the Barbican, but it is also clear there is about 20% of the repertoire that we can’t,” he said. “In my wishlist of pieces there is so much which simply would not work there. The stage was beautifully designed for a certain size orchestra. It was not designed for a very large orchestra and it was certainly not made with a chorus in mind.”
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11-Year-Old's Opera Debuts In Vienna

"Conductor Simon Rattle declared he was 'absolutely bowled over' when he first saw her perform, but it was Stephen Fry who first speculated that Deutscher could be this generation’s Mozart, after watching a video of her performing on YouTube. However, it is not a comparison that the 11-year-old is particularly keen on."
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City Of Birmingham Symphony Sees Local Funding Cut By 25%

The orchestra known as the platform from which Simon Rattle and Andris Nelsons launched their world-beating careers - and where young wonder-woman Mirga just took over as music director - will be receiving the same amount of city funding it received in the 1980s (and that's not adjusted for inflation).
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This Fall Simon Rattle Is The Defining Conductor In New York

And he has lots to say in addition to his performances: “This is not an easy time for classical music here. I do only get asked this on this side of the pond. In Europe, with all the troubles, it’s alive and well and kicking. Orchestras are doing amazing things here as well, but it’s […]
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Is This The World’s Busiest Choral Conductor?

“These days the world’s most sought-after choral conductor may well be Simon Halsey, who has racked up plenty of frequent flier miles in recent years bouncing among posts in his native Britain, Germany and elsewhere in Europe — and working around the world with leading orchestra conductors, especially Simon Rattle, with whom he has collaborated for […]
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The World’s Top 10 Classical Music Cities

  What makes a great concert hall? The conductor? Acoustics? The design? All these elements come together in the concert halls of the world’s top classical music cities. In addition to the venues mentioned below, there’s the beautiful architecture of the Sibelius Hall in Lahti, Helsinki and the fabulous Frank Gehry–designed Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, which scores a double whammy as it is also noted for its record-beating acoustics. And for sheer romance, you can’t beat a balmy open...
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