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10 Best Microphones for Podcasting in 2019

According to information released by Apple at the WWDC in June 2018, there are more than 550,000 podcasts out there for people to listen to and it continues to grow. The growth of podcasts has given anybody a medium to tell their stories, build a community and connect with other people with similar interests in ways that traditional radio never could. If you have an interest in starting a podcast or even a YouTube channel, you are obviously going to need some equipment to get started. The first ...
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Breaking smartphone addiction: 10 Designs to save us from electronic enslavement

I read a pretty scary statistic online, which outlines that the average person stares at their smartphone screen for a minimum of 3 hours a day. In fact, that number went from 0.3 hours to 3.3 hours between 2008 and 2017. Today, it’s anywhere between 4-6 hours, which is anywhere around 30% of the time we spend awake. That’s 30% of our waking life spent staring at pixels. Mike Elgan points out that if we spent that time reading books, we could literally read upward of 200 books PER YEAR.So how ex...
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Organize your workspace with this 12-in-1 modular desk organizer

Throughout the working day, our desks can become cluttered and deeply unorganized messes that limit our potential through creating distractions and reducing efficiency. This is only made worse by the abundance of cables that weave around our desks. We need something that contains all the essential items and places them within one organized location. The Stealtho Desk organizer is here to do just that; It carries an array of features that keep everything you need in one tidy place!Stealtho is t...
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Logo Design Process for Outdoor Fashion Brand

Below is my entire design process of updating the logo, tag and brand identity for outdoor fashion brand, Waves to Wilderness.   Old Logo vs New Logo Old Logo VS New Logo   Old Website This is their old website and logo which hasn’t been updated to the new look, just yet. Old Website   New Website This shows the new logo and visual identity in context of their website, showing how the fonts, colors, photography, textures and overall style work together. New Waves to Wilderness Website...
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Our Favorite Interviews with Designers and Creatives in 2018

This year we got to sit down (and Skype down) with some incredible creatives. We were interested in not only what these people do, but what their thinking process is and how they gained their current positions. Here's a rundown of our favorite interviews from this year on these topics and more. An Interview with Michael DiTullo, Part 1 The story of how the successful industrial designer climbed multiple ladders to wind up principal of his own design firm. "Sometimes young students talk to me abo...
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New podcast with EntreArchitect about The New Cottage and more

Architect Mark R. LePage of EntreArchitect was kind enough to sit down and chat with me over Skype for a podcast about my latest book The New Cottage (from The Taunton Press) and my journey in the field of design in architecture and publishing. Give it a listen if you have a moment in between prepping for the holidays and wrapping up the work week. And, of course...
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Just Creative’s 2018 Year in Review

Hey guys, here’a a quick review of 2018, with an inside look at Just Creative and my personal life, showing stats, revenue and other interesting tid-bits. Did I mention we had a baby? Just Creative Site Stats Over the year, Just Creative received close to 2.5 million page views which is quite staggering, but it is still a fraction of what it used to be back in the blogging hay-days of 2012. It’s getting quite difficult to out rank the big publishers nowadays. 50k unique users a week 85% of t...
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Still Confused about Cryptocurrency? This Tactile Toy Has You Covered

"Most young children first encounter digital money in video games, where they can acquire coins to spend at will in the game environment," Filippo Yacob says. "There's no real accountability; there's no real learning. So they associate digital money with money that isn't real."But Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming some of the realest elements of 21st-century financial literacy. As an inventor and a dad, Yacob worries that parents—many of them confused about block...
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Leica's FOTOS App: When Iconic Industrial Design Heritage Meets The Mobile Age

As your typical designer type who occasionally likes to dabble in a bit of photography, it's always surprised and, frankly frustrated me just how poor the connectivity experiences of leading camera brands can be. Stumping up the cash for a high-end DSLR, you'd expect that these kinds of smart features would be meticulously thought through. All too often though, the simple act of getting your photos from your camera to your various devices can be clunky, convoluted and unreliable, performed with ...
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How to Successfully Outsource Development Work

This article was contributed by Daniel Boterhoven. As more and more businesses make the move into the online domain, there is an increasing demand for cost effective web and mobile app development services. A quality developer must spend hundreds if not thousands of hours honing in their skills and this often means they are in short supply. This is why it is natural that the cost of hiring local coders is outside the budget of many businesses and so outsourcing becomes the best option. But like ...
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Hiring good designers instead of good actors

In a personal interview, a lot depends on our assessment of the candidate. The first impression matters and even though we hate to agree, we all know that sometimes we make a mistake in judging the applicants. The write-up below ( Initially published on Inc. by Marcel Schwantes) talks about how the tried and tested job interview technique is not the most reliable tool and the other methods you can replace the interview with.(P.S. – Connect to accurate profiles for your requirement with Yanko Des...
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Helpful Internet Advertising Strategies That will Show Payoffs

During the last few numerous years, sales revenue gained from electronic online language learning resources has went on in order to grow and also grow. All kinds of businesses each big plus small are beginning to explore the future that the exact a digital company globe includes to present and are generally fact finding the health benefits that could be got. As a new result, several marketing and artistic professionals are usually starting their own agencies in this field. This unique article ca...
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Beneficial Internet Internet marketing Ideas In which Existing Payoffs

During the last few decades, sales developed coming from electric online language resources offers prolonged so that you can grow and also grow. All kinds of businesses each of those big and small are beginning to investigate the potential that the actual digital camera agency community possesses to provide you with and they are investigating the benefits that can be acquired. As some result, numerous marketing and also inventive middle management happen to be launching an online business with h...
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Browser Extension That Pauses Video When You Look Away, Yea or Nay?

I consume a lot of video for work. My viewing is frequently interrupted by phone calls, dogs, delivery people hitting the buzzer, etc. Each time this happens I reflexively hit the spacebar to pause the video--and instead the browser window scrolls down half a screen while the video continues to play.German developer Mattias Hemmingsson has a workaround--but one that I'd never consider using. By tapping into the Chrome browser's FaceDetector API (application programming interface), Hemmingsson ha...
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Pros & Cons of Hiring Freelance Graphic Designers VS Design Agencies

This article was contributed by Sohail Rupani. The business world has shifted so much that a team is not confined to a physical office space anymore. Your business can run with the collaboration of a talent pool based all over the globe. Platforms such as Upwork make it easier to find the right talent. A recent study reported that 53 million Americans are now working as freelancers. It makes 34 percent of America’s entire workforce. IBIS World reports that there are 162,578 employed Freelance Gr...
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20 Great Resources to Learn Graphic Design

Want to become a graphic designer? Teach yourself with these 20 great resources to learn graphic design, quick fast! Online Resources 1. Udemy: Introduction to Graphic Design Visit Udemy Udemy, as most of you already know, is an online learning platform aimed at professionals, catering courses created by experts. The platform is filled with amazing courses whose legibility you can judge by the number of people who have rated/taken the course. If you are starting out, we would recommend th...
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HaloEffect Offers a Streamlined Hands-Free Lifestyle for Smartphone Addicts

I generally keep my phone within a 15ft radius of my body at all times, and I don't think I'm the only one. When you think about it, though, smartphone mounts haven't exactly been updated to consider the wide variety of tasks we now rely on our phones for. The most basic example: When we have a daily Skype meeting here in the office, people using their phones create makeshift props so we can see eye-to-eye instead of eye-to-nostril. Maybe that's just the designer in all of us coming out, but it ...
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Syria's First-Ever Oscar Contender Is Actually Banned In Syria

When Aleppo-born director Sam Kadi was making the documentary Little Gandhi, it was too dangerous for him to return to Syria from abroad, so he directed his cameramen via Skype as they tried to avoid sniper fire. And he says that if the film were shown inside Syria now, he would be executed.
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From Transformers to Real-Life Robots: Harald Belker on the Evolution of Design

Thirty years ago, German-born Harald Belker never imagined he would get the chance to work in the US. Today, we chatted to him from his home in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, about his illustrious career in industrial design. Harald's career is show stopping. From designing cars for high-end automotive brands, to creating iconic vehicles for some of Hollywood's biggest movies, his portfolio is the envy of designers around the world. Having spent the first four years of his career in automotive ...
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Privacy made Portable!

When closed, the Alcove looks like any regular slim bag that’s carrying either your work files or your laptop. However, fold open the flaps and the Alcove turns into a portable workstation that gives you total privacy as you quickly get your work done on a plane, or in that Starbucks, or even in your office, to prevent your colleagues from prying into your workspace to see what you’re up to. Alcove is privacy made portable, giving you the power to turn your lap or any flat surface into an imme...
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Desk space

I’ve worked from home since 2005, and while the home’s changed six or seven times, it’s definitely been easier to focus when the desk’s clean. There’s some standard equipment that tends to stick around, though. BenQ PD3200u For years I used a 27″ iMac as my main screen, but the glare off the glass wasn’t great, and I’d always be increasing/decreasing the screen brightness depending on how sunny it was. The matt display of BenQ’s 32″ 4K monitor gets rid of that problem. It’s a lot easier...
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Pratt Student Loses Fingers in Off-Campus Shop Accident, Sues School and Others (Warning: Graphic Photo)

Brittany Hostman, a former Ceramics major at Pratt Institute, has filed a lawsuit against the school, a power tool manufacturer and a non-Pratt shop after losing two fingers above the second knuckle in a woodworking accident in her final semester. Here are the initial factors, according to the Daily News:- Hostman "suffers from paralyzing panic attacks and bipolar disorder"- She relies on a service dog, a Bichon Frise, to snap her out of attacks/episodes- Last semester, Pratt banned her servi...
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Are We Becoming Addicted To Distraction?

"Checking phones or tablets for the next message, the latest tweet, a new Skype meeting request, the email we’re waiting for, has become for us the new fidgety, anticipatory normality. These devices, and the systems and knowledge to which they give us access, addict us to the (short-term) future. And ‘addict’ is not a ill-chosen […]
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Ielts academic reading test papers with answers pdf 2016

please send ielts academic reading test papers with answers pdf 2016 ielts Cambridge practise. We feel nervous for the writing test, I am also seeking a person to communicate with. It’s quite subtle; atleast i can express myself freely and confidently when i go to speaking test. We ensure confidentiality of your personal information, my Skype id is bdevadasa. The more ideas you have, go to the red bar at the top of the website and start learning the main parts of the test. It’s not an issue o...
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Lilium's all-electric flying taxi could travel from Manhattan to JFK in 5 minutes

A startup from Germany has secured $90 million to build the all-electric flying taxi of the future. Albeit still under development, Lilium’s five-seater commercial jet could be ready for take off as soon as 2019, and, according to a company statement, it could get users from Manhattan to JFK airport in just five minutes. The Verge reports that the $90 million will be used to build the company’s five-seat commercial Lilium Jet, as well as grow its team by at least 70 people. The envisioned ...
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Pressing mute on the world

If you’re fine with the idea of looking somewhat like a bobble-head, the Helmfon can do pretty miraculous things for you! Made out of fiberglass and polyethelene foam, the helmet when worn cuts out all outside disturbance, giving you your quiet zen, even in a buzzing workplace (Wall Street, take note). The shape of the Helmfon helps reflect away noise from around you, and its lightweight design means it can be worn easily, or even be suspended or wall-mounted.A portmanteau of the words Helmet an...
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Design Experience That Matters: What to Do When FDA Approval Doesn't Mean Equipment is Safe

Summary Does United States FDA regulatory approval mean a medical device is safe and effective in low resource settings? The short answer is no. In developing countries, 95% of western medical equipment is broken within 5 years. In fact, only 30% of this donated equipment is ever even turned on. To enable Firefly phototherapy to work well in remote hospitals, we had to develop a novel cooling solution and a more robust electrical system that exceed FDA requirements. A More Sustainable Coolin...
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Low Battery? This phone runs on NO battery!

Only last week we did a roundup of our favorite power banks and now we’re talking about a phone that runs without batteries. Don’t worry, the irony isn’t lost upon us! We’re laughing at ourselves too! However, you can never tell when innovation steps in and changes the game. That’s what this Battery Free Phone is!Stripped of all its functions, except calling, the battery free phone actually uses and needs minimal amounts of energy which it harnesses via light around it, and radio waves that li...
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World's first battery-free cellphone makes calls with light and radio signals

Imagine never having to charge your smartphone ever again. We may be one step closer to that battery-free future thanks to new research from University of Washington engineers. They made a phone capable of calling people using energy from light and ambient radio signals. Associate professor Shyam Gollakota said they think it could be the “first functioning cellphone that consumes almost zero power.” No, it’s not magic – the University of Washington’s battery-free cellphone can function on just...
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10 tactics for better interaction when the webinar audience is “listen only”

Many webinar and webcast softwares default to participants joining in “listen only” mode, and this makes sense – controlling audio is a critical part of managing a great virtual event, and a presentation is a different communication style than a conversation (like in a meeting). Sometimes, too, live audio interaction isn’t either possible or preferable, but it doesn’t mean that interaction needs to be missing or even wait until the end. If your objective is to raise the engagement quotient of y...
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