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Édouard Louis: ‘Truth is a revenge because we live in a world of lies’

The author, who became a literary sensation at the age of 21 with The End of Eddy, is appearing in a show exploring acting in theatre and in everyday lifeSome people give their bodies to medical science. Édouard Louis has given his to art. That, at any rate, is the view of a fan the novelist met and it seems to hit the mark. Louis is the French literary sensation who was celebrated at 21 for The End of Eddy, an autobiographical account of growing up gay in a working-class village in the north of...
Tags: Europe, Books, Law, France, Theatre, Society, World news, Culture, Stage, LGBT rights, Acting, Louis, Eddy, Édouard Louis, Rape and sexual assault, Milo Rau

Under the Pavement Lies the Strand: Berliners build a feminist future

Part of the New German Cinema boom, Helma Sanders-Brahms’ 1975 film about two actors asks if theatre still has revolutionary potentialThe stage on screen: more films about theatreGrischa Huber, the magnetic German star who died this year aged 76, became a feminist icon in European cinema with one of her first features. She was an established stage performer by the time she was cast by director Helma Sanders-Brahms as a politically engaged theatre actor in the film Unter dem Pflaster ist der Stra...
Tags: Health, Europe, Film, France, Germany, Women, Theatre, Society, World news, Culture, Feminism, Stage, Abortion, World cinema, Huber, Grischa

It’s a hard sell but Africa must invest in art and imagination

Building an arts centre in Uganda, in a pandemic, was never going to be easy but it’s crucial to our post-Covid futureI’ve been raising funds for a building project: not a hospital, not a school, but an arts centre.It’s not an easy sell at the best of times but add in a pandemic and the fact that I’m in Africa and, according to the current rules of financial engagement, art is the verylowest of priorities. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Africa, Society, World news, Uganda, Culture, Art and design, Global development, Installation, Arts funding, Coronavirus

Crude, obscene and extraordinary: Jean Dubuffet’s war against good taste

He was the inventor of ‘art brut’ who rebelled against his parents, his teachers and then art itself. Yet the impact of his wild provocative paintings, often culled from graffiti, can still be seen todayWhich great artist of the 20th century has been most influential on the 21st? Neither Picasso nor Matisse, as they have no heirs. And not Marcel Duchamp, however much we genuflect before his urinal. No, the artist of the last century whose ideas are everywhere today was a wine merchant who took s...
Tags: Art, France, Society, Culture, Art and design, Paris, Exhibitions, Street Art, Social history, Barbican, Picasso, Matisse, Jean Dubuffet, Marcel Duchamp, Emile, History of art

'Howling anger': How Angels in America and The Normal Heart confronted the Aids crisis

The pandemic inspired many works of art but two furious, turbulent plays written at its onset still tower over the rest. As both return, we explore their enduring powerOn 3 July 1981, a single-column item appeared on page 20 of the New York Times under the headline: “Rare Cancer Seen in 41 Homosexuals.” In the four decades since, the cultural response to Aids has spanned every art form. It’s a Sin, Russell T Davies’s Channel 4 series, is only the most recent entry on a very long list. But even n...
Tags: Health, Activism, Aids, Theatre, America, Society, Culture, Sexuality, New York Times, Stage, LGBT rights, Broadway, Aids and HIV, Russell T Davies, Kramer, Larry Kramer

Faith Ringgold: 'I'm not going to see riots and not paint them'

In a 70-year career, Ringgold has shown the US its bloody, brutal side. And yet the artist started out wanting to paint landscapes … She talks about growing up during the Harlem Renaissance, her battles with the establishment and her latest Trump the Chump seriesIt looks a long way down from the window of Faith Ringgold’s attic studio to her snow-covered garden in Englewood, New Jersey. Her friend and longtime gallerist Dorian Bergen is holding the phone aloft, giving me a video tour of an impre...
Tags: Art, Books, US, Society, Culture, Hillary Clinton, Art and design, Children and teenagers, Oprah Winfrey, Englewood New Jersey, Faith Ringgold, Ringgold, Dorian Bergen

Gilbert and George on their epic Covid artworks: 'This is an enormously sad time'

The artists have responded to the pandemic with comic, haunting works showing themselves being buffeted around a chaotic London. They talk about lines of coffins, illegal raves and ‘shameful’ statue-topplingAs they call themselves living sculptures, I can’t resist asking Gilbert and George what they think of all the statue-toppling that took place last year. When I ask for their verdict on the removal of public works that have been accused of celebrating slavery and colonialism, they are sceptic...
Tags: Art, London, Protest, Society, UK News, Homelessness, Culture, Art and design, Social exclusion, Sculpture, Exhibitions, British identity and society, Exeter, Fourth plinth, British Empire, Gilbert & George

What’s in a surname? The female artists lost to history because they got married

A new biography of the painter Isabel Rawsthorne highlights how talented women have often missed out on the recognition they deservedGenerations of female artists, composers and writers have been lost to history because their names changed after marriage. According to growing academic consensus, the conventional switch of surnames at the altar has erased a key cultural legacy. And the story of the painter and designer Isabel Rawsthorne, told in a new biography, is among the first to make this po...
Tags: Art, Books, London, Marriage, Women, Painting, Life and style, Society, UK News, World news, Culture, Art and design, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Alberto Giacometti, Jacob Epstein

The Time Machine

Long Now co-founder Brian Eno in front of his 77 Million Paintings generative artwork (02007). Editor’s Note: This paper was sent our way by its lead author, Henry McGhie. It was originally published in Museum & Society, July 2020. 18(2) 183-197. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. No changes have been made.  The Time Machine: challenging perceptions of time and place to enhance climate change engagement throu...
Tags: Art, UK, New York, Texas, London, Climate Change, Australia, Future, US, Society, Unesco, Britain, Commerce, Paris, Manchester, United Nations

Black on both sides: the African diaspora around the world – in pictures

Sasha Phyars-Burgess’s Untitled features essays, poems and stunning photographs that delve into the black experience and the true meaning of ‘home’ Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Books, Photography, Poetry, Race, Women, Life and style, Society, UK News, World news, US news, Culture, Feminism, Art and design, Social history, Black Lives Matter Movement

The lives of others: Ute Mahler's images of the real East Germany – in pictures

In 1974, the German photographer set out to convey the truth about how people really lived in the communist GDR – depicting her fellow citizens with a ‘timeless coolness’ Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Germany, Society, World news, Culture, Art and design, Communism, Exhibitions, Social history, East Germany

'We have lost a limb': Azu Nwagbogu, the visionary curator bringing African art home

From helping photographers capture the Nigerian protests to exhibiting during a pandemic, the director of LagosPhoto festival has had his work cut out. Now he wants to fight ‘afro-pessimism’ and the posturing around Black Lives MatterWhen I first spoke to Azu Nwagbogu, the recent protests against police brutality in his native Nigeria had just entered their second week. The curator was upbeat, describing them as “an incredible awakening”. A week later, when we made contact again, he sounded more...
Tags: Art, Photography, Nigeria, Africa, Race, Society, World news, Culture, Art and design, Heritage, Festivals, Identity politics, Exhibitions, Lagos, Lekki, Azu Nwagbogu

Tracey Emin on her cancer: 'I will find love. I will have exhibitions. I will enjoy life'

As she recovers from a brutal summer of cancer treatment, Tracey Emin takes us round her new show – and imagines spending the next 30 years painting in her pyjamas to the sound of birdsong‘I am so lucky,” says Tracey Emin as we stand in the grand galleries of the Royal Academy. I can tell, from her brown eyes, that she’s smiling beneath her face mask. As we roam rooms painted moody blue for her new exhibition, in which her paintings, bronzes and neons are juxtaposed with the oils and watercolour...
Tags: Health, Art, England, London, Smoking, Cancer, Society, Culture, Art and design, Royal Academy of Arts, Exhibitions, Michigan, Biden, Munch, Edvard Munch, Tracey Emin

Come together: images of unity at Photo Vogue festival 2020 – in pictures

From mothers and brothers to imagined lives both past and future, this year’s edition of the Italian festival explores the theme All In This Together Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Society, Culture, Art and design, Italy, Exhibitions, Photo Vogue

Strap-ons, style and self-invention: Zanele Muholi – review

Tate Modern, London With provocative images of lesbian empowerment and gender play, the photographer celebrates the resilience, style and creativity of South Africa’s queer communityA woman clasping her hands over her jockey shorts, protecting her privacy in the aftermath of rape. The long scar running down her leg is evidence of an even earlier assault. In another image, hospital bracelets tether their wearer to the hate crime that led them here – rape, assault, GBH. These jolts, from Zanele Mu...
Tags: Art, Photography, Gender, Activism, Africa, Society, Culture, South Africa, Art and design, Sexuality, Exhibitions, Tate Modern, Zanele Muholi, Tate Modern London With

Zanele Muholi's queer South Africa: 'I do not dare shoot at night. It is not safe'

The non-binary photographer chronicles the harsh realities of life for LGBTQ+ people in a hostile country. Ahead of a major Tate show, the artist reveals why ‘just existing is political’Amid the plethora of essays in the catalogue for Zanele Muholi’s forthcoming retrospective at Tate Modern, there is a moving testimony by Lungile Dladla, a South African lesbian. Entitled I Am Not a Victim but a Victor, it recounts how, on an evening in February 2010, she and a friend were accosted by an armed st...
Tags: Art, Photography, Gender, Activism, Protest, Africa, Race, Women, Life and style, Society, World news, Culture, South Africa, Art and design, Sexuality, LGBT rights

Pantone launches new shade of red to end menstruation stigma

Campaign by colour matching company aims to ‘emboldens people who menstruate to feel proud of who they are’Pantone has unveiled a new shade of red inspired by the colour of women’s periods, as part of a new campaign to end the stigma associated with menstruation.The company, which has the biggest colour matching system in the world, relied on by the global design industry, from graphic design to fashion, product design to printing, said the new shade was “an active and adventurous red hue” that ...
Tags: Design, Women, Life and style, Society, Culture, Art and design, Menstruation

The Students Left Behind By Virtual Learning

Society’s attention to them has always been spotty, but they had at least been visible—one saw them on the way to school, in their blue or burgundy uniforms, or in the park and the playground afterward. Now they were behind closed doors, and so were we, with full license to turn inward. While we dutifully stayed home to flatten the curve, children like Shemar were invisible. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Society, Issues, Shemar, 09.28.20

Kissing cowboys: the queer rodeo stars bucking a macho American tradition

Photographer Luke Gilford couldn’t believe his eyes when he first stumbled across a gay rodeo. He set out to capture the joyous, tender, authentic world he saw thereAmerica’s queer cowboys – in picturesLuke Gilford was at a Pride event in northern California in 2016 when he was drawn to a stand by the sound of Dolly Parton singing 9 to 5. What he found there would change his life. Members of the local chapter of the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association were promoting what they do, and how they liv...
Tags: Art, Books, Photography, California, Horses, Sport, Life and style, Society, World news, US news, Culture, Art and design, Sexuality, New York Times, Dolly Parton, LGBT rights

Are your eyes playing tricks? The early work of Olivo Barbieri – in pictures

The Italian photographer shot the everyday – from cars in the suburbs to stacks of watermelons. Yet somehow his images make you question reality... Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Books, Photography, Society, World news, Culture, Art and design, Italy, Exhibitions, Olivo Barbieri, Art and design books

The Crown Flower: Painting Calotropis gigantea for the IDSBA exhibition

Calotropis gigantea, otherwise known as the Crown Flower or Giant Milkweed, is a plant that I've admired ever since first seeing it on Gili Trawangan Island, Indonesia, in 2015 and every year since. It's the most striking of plants in structure, so I didn't have to think for too long about selecting it as a subject when it came to entering the Indonesian Society of Botanical Artists exhibition, scheduled for June 2020 in Jakarta. Calotropis gigantea finished painting, 51cm x 39cm watercol...
Tags: Art, Bali, Indonesia, Painting, Society, Thailand, Jakarta, Lombok, Dianne Sutherland, Quinacridone Magenta, Stillman Birn Zeta, Winsor, Gili, North West coast, Botanical Illustration, Trawangan Island Indonesia

Tokyo's public toilets may be transparent – but at least they're building some

Going to the toilet used to be a public activity. Will Japan’s see-through stalls take us back to the days before the S-bend brought lavatories indoors? At the Happiness and Prosperity service station in the rural reaches of Sichuan province, I prepared to face the public toilet. We had been driving for hours, and my need was urgent, but I still hesitated. Not because the service station was unclean: the restaurant was pristine, and the food cheap and fabulous. It was because of the doors. There...
Tags: Japan, Design, Society, World news, Public services policy, Culture, Architecture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Tokyo, Urbanisation, Hygiene, Social trends, Sichuan, Parks and Green Spaces

'Hope flows through her': artist Marc Quinn on replacing Colston with a Black Lives Matter statue

Today the sculptor placed a statue of a woman doing a black power salute on the vacant plinth in Bristol. We tell the full story of its creation – and speak to Jen Reid, the protester whose gesture so inspired him ‘Amazing moment’: new statue appears at dawnThere’s a lookout stationed at the end of Colston Street and a load of people, some dressed in hi-vis vests, are gathering at a nearby restaurant called Bambalan. Then, in the dawn light, a statue concealed in plastic wrapping can be seen app...
Tags: Art, Race, Society, UK News, World news, Culture, Art and design, Sculpture, Slavery, Bristol, British identity and society, Marc Quinn, Black Lives Matter Movement, Colston, Edward Colston, Colston Street

Katie Waggett's best photograph: Sunday worship with Joy

‘Joy was dancing in church with her children in London. She was in her element – her dress speaks to her sense of cultural pride’Her name is Joy and I photographed her outside one of the many African churches in south-east London. I had just finished photographing a mosque on the same bland industrial estate when I found the blue wall, then spotted Joy dancing in the church with her children. I thought: “That’s a portrait I’ve got to get,” and asked if she’d come outside and have her photograph ...
Tags: Art, Europe, Books, Photography, London, Nigeria, Africa, Religion, Society, UK News, World news, Culture, Art and design, Christianity, British identity and society, Quebec

A letter to my post-lockdown self: ‘Keep listening to the birds’

Author Bernardine Evaristo, broadcaster Hugh Pym, playwright James Graham and more pen letters to themselves, to be opened in May 2021James Graham, playwright Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Books, Science, Theatre, Life and style, Society, Culture, Health & wellbeing, Stage, Health policy, Julian Baggini, James Graham, Bernardine Evaristo, Hugh Pym, Coronavirus outbreak

Theatre Calgary, Executive Director opening

Theatre Calgary is on the search for its next Executive Director. THE ORGANIZATION Theatre Calgary’s vision is to stand amongst the best theatres globally as a leader in innovative, impactful and diverse programming. Its mission is to stimulate, provoke and delight through ambitious programming created to ignite, local, national and international engagement in a sustainable manner. Theatre Calgary reflects the communities, the country, and the world we live in with ambitious programming...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Society, Canada, Broadway, Ed, Shakespeare, Alberta, Calgary, Board, Finance and Administration, Stafford Arima, Lonny Price, Communications Department, Development Department, Audience Services

How should we reimagine society post-COVID-19?

There have been many lessons learned from the coronavirus crisis. According to Acumen founder and CEO, Jacqueline Novogratz, one of the primary lessons has been that humans are interdependent creatures in an interconnected world."The coronavirus has laid bare the gaping wounds of our society that had grown too individualistic over the last 30-50 years and reinforced our interdependence in the most profound ways," Novogratz says, adding that the current situation has given us a chance to rethink ...
Tags: Design, Identity, Economics, Society, Development, Intelligence, Innovation, Global development, Inequality, Humanity, Novogratz, Jacqueline Novogratz, Coronavirus

What kind of government will exist on Mars?

The colonization of Mars is a real possibility for the not-too-distant future. A big question that author Michael Shermer and others are considering is how what we know about government on Earth will shape the politics of a new planet.Favored by Elon Musk, Shermer shoots down the suggestion of a direct democracy because he says that historically it does not work. Direct democracy can lead to a "mob mentality" where hysterics overtake logic, leading to witch hunts and other bad consequences.Sherm...
Tags: Astronomy, Space, Elon Musk, Design, Government, Future, Society, Development, Nasa, Earth, United States, Innovation, Population, Universe, Planets, Mars

Ask Sophia the Robot: Is AI an existential threat to humans?

Sophia the Robot of Hanson Robotics can mimic human facial expressions and humor, but is that just a cover? Should humans see AI as a threat? She, of course, says no.New technologies are often scary, but ultimately they are just tools. Sophia says that it is the intent of the user that makes them dangerous.The future of artificial intelligence and whether or not it will backfire on humanity is an ongoing debate that one smiling robot won't settle.
Tags: Productivity, Business, Design, Technology, Internet, Future, Society, Data, Computers, Artificial Intelligence, Brain, Robots, Innovation, Machine Learning, Algorithm, Ai

This way for brain tingles: ASMR gets a shiver-inducing exhibition

From cucumber-crunchers to cranial exams, YouTube is full of ASMRtists provoking the strangely pleasurable autonomous sensory meridian response. Now they’ve got their own euphoric museum showSome whisper gently into the microphone, while tapping their nails along the spine of a book. Others take a bar of soap and slice it methodically into tiny cubes, letting the pieces clatter into a plastic tray. There are those who dress up as doctors and pretend to perform a cranial nerve exam, and the ones ...
Tags: Psychology, Art, Science, Technology, Sweden, Youtube, Video Art, Painting, Life and style, Society, World news, Anxiety, Culture, Art and design, Alternative Medicine, Health & wellbeing

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