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How Exactly Do You Define ‘Camp’? You Shouldn’t Even Try (Sorry, Susan Sontag)

“Camp, an agent of nonsense, resists this exercise. Or actually, like a child, kind of ignores it and wanders elsewhere.” J. Bryan Lowder takes it as a basic principle that camp is, or ought to be, fun — and whatever Sontag’s “Notes on Camp” is, fun it ain’t. “One can walk out of Sontag’s brain and into a less oppressive headspace. One can have a relationship with camp not marked by acrimony. But getting there requires recognizing how we got here.” So Lowder does some deep-diving — well, Slip ‘...
Tags: Art, Issues, J Bryan Lowder, Susan Sontag, Sontag, Lowder, 05.14.19

Turns Out Susan Sontag’s Actual First Book Was The One Her Husband Put His Name On And Made His Career With

A new biography by Benjamin Moser argues, citing previously unreleased correspondence as well as textual analysis, that Philip Rieff’s Freud: The Mind of the Moralist, which launched his academic career, was actually written (or rewritten) by Sontag, who had married Rieff when she was 17 — and that she relinquished rights to the book as part of her divorce settlement in order to avoid a custody fight over her son. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Words, Susan Sontag, Sontag, Benjamin Moser, Rieff, Philip Rieff, 05.13.19

Art Review: ‘Camp’ at the Met, as Rich as It Is Frustrating

This year’s Costume Institute exhibition is finally here. Will it help you better define camp? Probably not. But the historical journey is thoroughly engaging.
Tags: Art, News, Bolton, Rich, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Susan, Andrew, Sontag, Costume Institute, Fashion and apparel, Camp: Notes on Fashion (Exhibit

As The Met Puts ‘Camp’ In Its Collection, Some Wonder If It Still Truly Means Anything

Camp relies on a sensibility that is deliberately not mainstream. So: “Is camp still ‘lots of fun’ when everyone’s on board, aboveboard? The ‘fugitive sensibility’ Sontag hoped to capture is now enshrined in the museum.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, Sontag, 05.04.19

How Susan Sontag Staged ‘Waiting For Godot’ In War-Torn Sarajevo

Twenty-five years ago this Friday, Sontag’s production of Beckett’s play premiered in the besieged, hungry, surrounded-by-snipers Bosnian capital. Two actors who participated and a local journalist who was there recall how it happened.
Tags: Art, Theatre, Sarajevo, Beckett, Susan Sontag, Sontag, 08.15.18

Op-Ed Contributor: The Problem With Chuck Close

We shouldn’t erase this photorealist from the history of art. But it’s O.K. to cancel his show.
Tags: Art, Chuck, News, Close, Propaganda, Sexual Harassment, Picasso, Susan, Calif, Sontag, Pablo, Riefenstahl, Leni, Ed Contributor, Broad Museum (Los Angeles

Reconsidering Susan Sontag - Separating A Legend From Her Work

Sontag the personality has grown so large in death that it threatens to eclipse her work: She is remembered as a narcissist, a pugilist, the enemy of Camille Paglia, and a genius.
Tags: Art, People, Susan Sontag, Sontag, Camille Paglia, 11.10.17

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