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How The Temple Dancers Of South India Fought Back Against “Moral Reform”

In the 19th century, prompted by the disapproval of Protestant missionaries who wanted Hindu temple dancing banned, some Tamil reformers campaigned for the performers, called devadāsīs, to become like nuns, as they supposedly were in a purer golden age. Starting in 1911, some devadāsīs argued back. – JSTOR Daily
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This Ancient Art Form Is Practiced Every Morning In Front Of Houses All Over South India

“A physical form of prayer and symbol of protection, a daily exercise, and a moment of intense concentration and meditation, drawing kolam is an important household ritual that has a lot more to it than may first meet the eye. Two very different women living in Chennai explain their shared passion for kolam, and their involvement in the local kolam competition.” (video) – Yahoo! (BBC)
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Want To See The World’s Wildest New Church Architecture? Head To South India

There have been Christian churches in what is now the state of Kerala for at least 1,600 years, but the ones that have been built there in recent decades are a wild combination of Le Corbusier modernism, tropical Art Deco, SoCal commercial, and maybe even some Bollywood and Vegas thrown in. (slideshow)
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Experience bliss at a luxury Indian spa nestled in a former coffee estate

A former coffee estate with 125 acres of pristine forest has been transformed into a luxury resort and spa that embraces nature at every turn. Located a five-hour drive west of Bangalore in the sparsely populated Indian district of Coorg, The Ibnii offers blissful respite to city-weary visitors in need of recharge and relaxation. A highlight at the resort is undoubtedly Manja, a spacious spa complex designed by PLAYGROUP Studio and Architects AHCPL. Manja, which means ‘turmeric’ in the local ...
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These charming timber cabins in South India are a retreat for nature lovers

If your dream getaway involves nature excursions in a tropical environment, prepare to fall in love with the Cardamom Club resort in Thekkady, India. Recently renovated by Bangalore-based Kumar La Noce, this boutique resort features a series of elevated tiny cabins primarily built from sustainably sourced Bangkirai hardwood. Combining contemporary design with traditional elements, each 430-square-foot cabin rests lightly on the landscape and blends in with the verdant surroundings. Set within...
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The Dancing Line: Revisiting Shiavax Chavda

A Retrospective of paintings & sketches of the Master WHAT: ‘The Dancing Line – revisiting Shiavax Chavda’, a Retrospective of paintings & sketches of the master. WHEN: Tuesday October 24th to Monday October 30th, 2017 WHERE: Jehangir Art Gallery, Kalaghoda, Mumbai TIMINGS: 11am to 7pm ‘The Dancing Line – revisiting Shiavax Chavda’ For the first time in 22 years, the family of late artist Shiavax Chavda will be holding a dedicated retrospective of his works at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai...
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National Geographic Nature Photographer Of The Year 2016 Winners

The annual National Geographic travel photographer of the year contest attracted 10,000 entries worldwide this year. Selected from thousands of entries, an underwater photo of sardine predation off the Wild Coast of South Africa was selected as the winning image for the 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest. Here’s a selection of the winning entries. 1st Place-Action + Grand Prize: Sardine Run During the sardine migration along the Wild Coast of South Africa, millions...
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Top 8 reasons to love The Imperial Hotel

My room on the Eliza floor of The Imperial Hotel Feeling like a princess at the most historic and luxurious hotel in Delhi, India HAVE YOU EVER BEEN to a hotel that enchanted you? That enveloped you in an atmosphere completely apart from the world you left behind? That made you feel like a different version of yourself? The Atrium lounge That’s how I feel about The Imperial Hotel in Delhi, India. When I walk through the door, flanked by robust men wearing scarlet braid on their jackets an...
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