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This A Cappella Quintet Can Mimic Your Electronic Devices

“Traditional a cappella groups cover pop lyrics and full music beds with impressive skill. But one group in South Korea, called MayTree, is taking the genre further to mimic the digital devices that occupy our lives.” (audio) – The World (PRX)
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South Korea Considers Adding A Serious Museum To Its Busiest Airport

Authorities are planning to set aside two spaces at Seoul-Incheon, one in each terminal, as a satellite location for one or two major museums. Among those reportedly under consideration are the Tate Modern and the Pompidou Center. – The Korea Herald
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South Korea Is Becoming A Bigger Player In Hollywood

Korean-language programs have seen a surge in demand following drama “Parasite” winning best picture at last year’s Academy Awards and “Minari” receiving critical acclaim. Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times
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The Art of Balancing Stones: How Artists Use Simple Materials to Make Impossible Sculptures in Nature

Not so long ago, a wave of long-form entreaties rolled through social media insisting that we stop building rock cairns. Like many who scrolled past them, I couldn’t quite imagine the offending structures they meant, let alone recall constructing one myself. The cairns in question turned out, mundanely, to be those little stacks of flat rocks seen in parks, alongside trails and streams. They’re as common in South Korea, where I live, as they seem to be in the United States. Both countrie...
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Family of late Samsung chair offload Picassos and Dalís to cut inheritance tax bill

Relatives of Lee Kun-hee to donate 23,000 artworks to South Korean national museumsThe family of the late Samsung Electronics chair Lee Kun-hee have said they will pay more than 12tn won (£7.8bn) in inheritance tax and donate his collection of more than 23,000 artworks – including pieces by Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat and one of Claude Monet’s water lilies paintings – to South Korean national museums.Lee, who is credited with transforming Samsung into the world’s largest s...
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Samsung Founder’s Heirs To Donate Thousands Of Art Works In Inheritance Tax

The Lee family, including his widow and three children, expects to pay more than 12 trillion won ($10.8 billion) in inheritance taxes, which is more than half the wealth Lee held in stocks and real estate, Samsung said Wednesday. This would be the largest amount in South Korea and more than three times the country’s total estate tax revenue for last year. Giving away the late chairman’s vast collection of art masterpieces would reduce the taxable portions of his estate. – Toronto Star
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Size Matters: Of Novels And Novellas And Their Fluctuating Lengths

Novels started out long in the 18th and 19th centuries, got shorter in the early 20th century, and really started bulking up (especially genre fiction) after 1991. What’s more, readers love novellas all over Latin America and in South Korea and they appear regularly in continental Europe, but you almost never see new novellas published in the Anglosphere. Why? The writer’s muse notwithstanding, it’s about money. Lincoln Michel explains. (Oh, and what was the key factor in genre novels getting l...
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Visitors To A South Korea Gallery Defaced A Graffiti Piece

Of course, they didn’t mean to harm it – they believed it was participatory. Extra “Do Not Touch” signs have now been added. – BBC
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I was just saying that it's been decades since anyone has been outraged by "'modern art' in the form of paintings that have messy-looking drips and scrawls and blotches."

Here, in this post linking to a old-time-y review of painting done by an Abstract Expressionist who emerged in the 1950s. I wrote, "There are things in art that can still shock people, but it would need to involve hurting a living creature or destroying something of value, not merely the chaotic application of paint to a canvas."And look what we have today. A painter did one of the big messy-looking scrawls-and-blotches things that everyone has completely absorbed as ordinary art, something that...
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Could A Joint Dictionary Unify North And South Korea? (Well, No)

Being that the South has been open to the rest of the world while the North has been sealed off for seven decades, the Korean spoken on the two sides of the DMZ is rather different. South Korea’s Unification Ministry has been hoping that an “inter-Korean dictionary” — launched in 2005 and currently getting a new push from Seoul (which is paying for it) — could bring the Republic and the Democratic People’s Republic closer together. The project hasn’t been going so well. – Deutsche Welle
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If You’re Watching K-Dramas Or Other Korean TV, You’re Probably Seeing A Lot Of Subway Content

That is, the fast food chain, not underground trains. The reason: “Product placement in TV shows is a reality the world over. But South Korea’s terrestrial stations are prevented from inserting commercial breaks during programming, meaning many Korean companies must be creative about getting their wares in front of viewers.” – The New York Times
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How To Reopen Theatres Safely? Artists Turn To Global Network

The protocols these countries have developed the past year to permit some live performances depend greatly on the magnitude of the pandemic and the efforts by government to contain it. South Korea, for example, has operated some theater almost completely uninterrupted since the coronavirus manifested itself, and Australia has been inching back to widespread theater openings since the fall. American arts workers and theatergoers alike are entitled to ask: Why not us, too? – Washington Post
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Here’s One Country Where Theatre Is Alive And Well Despite COVID

“When the second wave of [the pandemic] hit, theatres in South Korea remained open. How? By approaching theatre as a controlled event, says New York-based director Sammi Cannold, who observed Seoul’s approach first-hand.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, South Korea, New York, Theatre, Seoul, Audience, 11.13.20, Sammi Cannold

There’s One Place In The World Where A Major Art Fair Just Opened Normally

That’s South Korea, where the novel coronavirus is largely under control and Art Busan has now begun in the country’s second city. The fair didn’t begin on schedule (it was postponed from its usual date in May), but it is happening as other Asian fairs (such as the new Art SG in Singapore) are still being cancelled. – ARTnews
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Before Creating the Moomins, Tove Jansson Drew Satirical Art Mocking Hitler & Stalin

Much of the world has only recently discovered the Moomins, those lovable hippopotamus-like figures — given, it must be said, to moments of startling brusqueness and complexity — created in the 1940s by Finnish artist Tove Jansson. In forms ranging from dolls and school supplies to neck pillows and cellphone cases, they’ve lately become a full-blown craze in South Korea, where I live. Like any massively successful (and highly merchandisable) characters, the Moomins overshadow the rest of Jansso...
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Musical Productions in South Korea Will Begin Social Distancing Among Audiences Due to Rise in COVID-19 Cases

Musical productions in South Korea will begin social distancing in theaters due to a recent spike in COVID-19 cases. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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VIDEO: KINKY BOOTS Makes the News in South Korea

As BroadwayWorld previously reported,Kinky Boots is returning to Seoul, South Korea A video was recently shared on Instagram, showing cast members featured in a news piece in South Korea. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Associate Director of PHANTOM in South Korea Discusses the Show's Success

Rainer Fried, the associate director of The Phantom of the Opera in Seoul, South Korea, recently chatted with The Korea Herald about the production, which wraps up this weekend to move on to Daegu. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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BWW Exclusive: How THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Brought Theatre Back to Seoul and Is Giving Hope to Shows Around the World

Korea As BroadwayWorld reported in April, the world tour of The Phantom of the Opera resumed performances in Seoul on April 23- just weeks after the show was suspended because of illness within the cast. BroadwayWorld checked in with The Really Useful Group's Vice President of Production, Serin Kasif to find out more about what others can learn from the Phantom South Korea model. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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A Virtual Cannes Is Open. Are Movies Still In Business?

Given the festival’s date shift from early May to late June, Cannes now looks far better than it did a few months ago at the beginning of a lockdown that stretched across the planet, shuttering theaters from Beijing to New York. But now, cineplexes have begun to reopen in Europe and Asia, with box office figures in some territories like Scandinavia, Japan and South Korea exceeding expectations. Adding to the cautious optimism is the fact that U.S. theaters are poised to open up in July. – The H...
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2021 Kia Carnival/Sedona: Don’t Call It a Minivan

The vehicle you see here may bear the name of a minivan, but Kia Motors affectionately (and perhaps optimistically) refers to it as a “Grand Utility Vehicle.” Appearing in South Korea on Wednesday wearing next-generation duds, the Carnival —aka the North American-market Sedona — apparently wants to be mistaken for an SUV. The brand’s designers […] The post 2021 Kia Carnival/Sedona: Don’t Call It a Minivan appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Andrew Lloyd Webber Plans London Palladium Test In July To Prove Theatres Can Reopen

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning 19 June, composer Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber announced that he's going to run a reopening test at the London Palladium in July, inspired by the success of an ongoing production of The Phantom of the Opera in South Korea. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: South Korea, Theatre, Andrew Lloyd Webber, BBC Radio, London Palladium, BWW News Desk

Photos: KINKY BOOTS Returns to South Korea in August

Kinky Boots is returning to Seoul, South Korea The production is set to play atBlue Square Interpark Hall from August 21, 2020 to November 1, 2020. Kim Sunggyu of INFINITE will play the role of Charlie. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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VIDEO: RENT Opens Tonight in South Korea; Hear the Cast Sing 'No Day But Today' and Read a Touching Tribute to Theatre Artists Across the World

Rent opens tonight in Seoul, South Korea. In honor of the opening, director Andy Senor, Jr. posted a video of the cast singing 'No Day But Today' with a touching tribute letter to theatre artists all over the world. [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: South Korea, Theatre, Seoul South Korea, Stage Tube, Theatre Artists Across the World, Andy Senor Jr

South Korean Theatre Hopes to Make a Comeback This Summer With JAMIE, ROTTEN!, and More

The theatre industry in South Korea is hoping to make a comeback this summer, with the production of well-knownmusicals, like Everybody's Talking About Jamie and Something Rotten, with all-star casts. [Author: Stephi Wild]
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Book and Bowl Giveaway on Cousins in Clay Instagram on May 29- June 1, 2020

Book and Bowl Giveaway on Cousins in Clay instagram on May 29- June 1, 2020 It is "Cousins in Clay" giveaway time! Join in and enter to win this lovely dotted bowl made by Samantha and the cookbook, "Kiln to Kitchen" by Jean Anderson.Check out our  "Cousins in Clay" Instagram to enter into and hopefully win this Weekend Giveaway between May 29 - June 1, donated by Bulldog Pottery. You will need an Instagram account to be able to enter.This Giveaway is in honor of this weekend's Seagrove...
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Performing Arts Centers in South Korea Plan to Reopen This Week With New Guidelines

According to The Korea Herald, performing arts institutions in South Korea are planning to resume their activities this week. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: South Korea, Theatre, The Korea Herald, BWW News Desk, Performing Arts Centers, South Korea Plan

How Asia’s Theatrical Powerhouse Has Kept Shows Running Through The Pandemic

“South Korea, which has a burgeoning theatre economy with a size and scale to rival the West End, has become the big player in Asia. … Its theatres were given the choice, rather than demanded, to close. A 15-day quarantine restriction has been applied to any theatre that remained open if a member of the audience or company develops COVID-19 symptoms, with a system in place to quickly contact and test all attendees and staff.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, Asia, South Korea, Theatre, Audience, COVID, 04.30.20

In Seoul, the Art World Gets Back to Business

Art galleries remain shuttered around the world but in South Korea, they reopen — with contact tracing and masks. Welcome to the post-Covid-19 world.
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How Art Galleries In One Country Have Stayed Healthy Through The COVID Epidemic

“Although its museums have been closed since February, commercial galleries were allowed to remain open. Several have done so, some throughout the crisis, putting South Korea alongside Taiwan and Hong Kong as one of the few places to have an art scene still running, or at least limping, throughout this extraordinary spring.” – The Art Newspaper
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