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Lenovo’s ultraportable speaker is as slim and small as your phone

The Lenovo 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker is quite literally the most portable one ever. Most portable Bluetooth speakers are portable alright, but they aren’t slip-into-your-pocket portable. Audio drivers tend to have depth/thickness to them, resulting in speakers that may be small and lightweight, but are almost always chunky too, making them ideal for laptop bags, but not pant pockets.Lenovo’s latest offering wants to be the kind of Bluetooth speaker you carry around with you, the way ...
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This little speaker-cap hacks your smart speaker to give you back your privacy

Project Alias looks and behaves like a parasitic fungus, in the sense that it latches onto its host, feeding off it and inhibiting its functions for its own gain. It may sound a little extreme, but it does it all for the sake of privacy. Smart speakers now sit in one out of three American homes… and while they’re great in terms of convenience, they’re a privacy nightmare. Smart speakers are always listening in on everything you say or do around your home, and companies create databases and pro...
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Evolution of the Wall Clock

Designer Daeun Joung’s latest concept looks like nothing more than a three-dimensional piece of wall art… but it’s that and more. The sculptural design actually triples as a short throw projector and wireless speaker.Disguised as art on your wall, it frees up the surface real estate that most wireless speakers occupy. Working in tandem with the COZY app on your phone, the design can stream your favorite tunes and display a variety of customized notifications on your wall. Sync it up to preview a...
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Guess what Sony’s latest bluetooth speaker looks like…

You may constantly need to explain yourself to your parents or conservative family members when they first take a look at the Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker, because trust me, it looks uncannily similar to something you’d find in a college-going teenager’s room.Mary Jane reference aside, this product, weird as it may look, is classic Sony. Sony as a company is famed for creating products that are state of the art, but also weird (Verge has chronicled most of them down)… and the LSPX-S2 or th...
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Rock Solid Audio With a Soft Side

The STOCKHOLM speaker/charger/dock is designer Sanjay Yadav’s stab at Danish electronic maker Vifa’s uniquely Nordic aesthetic. The three-in-one unit instantaneously makes the user’s preferred listening application or personal library available for wireless streaming once the phone has been docked. Meanwhile, a recessed top makes for a convenience place to store your keys, wallet, or other small items. Attempting to channel the brand’s minimal yet soft vibe, the design is clad in woven textile w...
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YD JOB ALERT: Bang & Olufsen is looking for a CMF Designer

Bang & Olufsen was founded by Peter Bang and Sven Olufsen in 1925, starting with manufacturing radios and growing to become one of the world’s best producers of high-end audio equipment with a design style that’s sculptural, and that puts form on a pedestal, without sacrificing function. B&O has a distinctive design appeal that Wired described as “quality media delivery via striking objects”. The company is looking for a seasoned CMF designer to join their team in Copenhagen, Denmark. THE OPPORT...
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Turn your Google Home Mini into a Mickey!

Partnering with Disney to make a mount for the Google Home Mini, the Otterbox Den series comes in a shape that’s all too familiar. Designed with the silhouette and colors of the world’s most famous rodent, the mount lets you place a black Google Home Mini into it, turning the smart speaker into Mickey Mouse! The mount reroutes the wire from the back, making it look like the tail, and even comes with tiny cutouts at the base where the speaker’s buttons are. The mount makes the Google Home Mini mu...
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Turn your Google Home Mini into Mickey!

Partnering with Disney to make a mount for the Google Home Mini, the Otterbox Den series comes in a shape that’s all too familiar. Designed with the silhouette and colors of the world’s most famous rodent, the mount lets you place a black Google Home Mini into it, turning the smart speaker into Mickey Mouse! The mount reroutes the wire from the back, making it look like the tail, and even comes with tiny cutouts at the base where the speaker’s buttons are. The mount makes the Google Home Mini mu...
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Stanmore II Voice Speaker

The legendary Marshall Stanmore II speaker gets a 21st-century addition: Amazon Alexa-controlled operations. This incredibly versatile speaker, from the brand’s classic roster, is renowned for crisp audio—thanks to its two 15 Watt class D amplifiers—and its heritage-inspired look (fit with an “EST. 1962” etched into its front). Listeners can now ask Alexa to change the song, adjust the volume or even provide information for upcoming shows …
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Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Musicality

For makers, listeners and lovers of music Be it battling over the office Sonos system or sharing our favorite tracks every day, music holds an important position in our lives. Beyond searching for new artists and discovering interesting or obscure tunes, we also seek out equipment to make the listening (or music-making) experience even better—from speakers to headphones, synths and more. Of course, as music lovers …
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Lexon Terrace: A bluetooth speaker, but also so much more!

What do a Bluetooth speaker, a lamp, and a power bank have in common? They’re all items that you’d want to have around you any and everywhere. They’re also the three items that come together to form the Terrace, by Paris-based Lexon.More than just your average Bluetooth speaker, the Terrace is, in fact, something you’d carry around with you not just because it’s an absolute treat to look at, but also because it’s so useful. The size of an Amazon Echo, the Terrace comes with a Bluetooth speaker a...
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Paul Chen’s Radio Speaker quaintly combines analog with contemporary

Chen’s Radio Speaker is the kind of keepsake I’d keep in my home. It’s tech that I vaguely remember growing up with, bundled in an avatar that goes well with my aesthetic sensibilities. It’s also a beautiful combination of old tech with a new, sleek, desk-friendly avatar.The slim radio feels reminiscent of a portable Bluetooth player, albeit with a wood-based construction and the analog tuning knob and a physical frequency meter. It even does come with Bluetooth connectivity and an aux input, fo...
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Long-Lost Eames Radio Design Realized

Vitra is bringing a long-lost Eames design to life: a molded plywood framed radio. With holes for speakers and a few knobs for tuning, the device has been made in an edition of 50—available at the MoMA Design Store. The design was never realized during the ’40s, when it was initially drawn up, because the design was deemed “too modern.” Now, with the help of …
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No one will probably buy Facebook’s video-chat camera… but here it is anyway

As I try to provide an unbiased coverage of Facebook’s latest Echo Show rival, the Portal, I’m constantly reminded of events in the past where Facebook was clearly on the wrong side of user privacy and data protection… ever since 2011 when its very CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile was hacked and deleted, to the Cambridge Analytica scandal in the past, and more recently, when over 50 million Facebook accounts were left compromised after a massive data breach (if you were automatically logg...
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JBL’s L100 revives a true classic!

Originally debuted in the 70s, the classic, cuboidal, candybar-patterned L100 is still considered one of JBL’s most popular speakers. For the time, it was quite different, and featured a highly tactile 3D foam front-face with a candybar texture in the company’s signature orange hue.Now, 38 years later, JBL decided its most popular speaker needed a modern revamp. Keeping the exterior looking just the way you’d expect, the L100 Classic pays homage to the L100 visually, but is a completely advanc...
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The Echo Sub brings serious bass to your current Amazon home speaker

The Echo and Echo Dot have never been truly hi-fi audio devices. Their primary (in fact their only) aim has been to facilitate voice-based interaction and to gather data on users to serve them better using Amazon services. Today, at Amazon’s surprise hardware event, that all changed. The company revealed an add-on Echo Sub unit that could be used alongside the Echo and Echo Dot. Its purpose? To bring the bass!Colliding head-on with companies like Sonos (or even Apple’s exorbitant Home Pod), the ...
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Motorola’s Sphere is the best of both worlds for audio-lovers

The concept’s been floating around for a while now, but trust Motorola to take risks and bring concepts to life. First with the Phonebloks, and now with the Sphere. Half Bluetooth speaker, half Bluetooth headphone, and complete inventiveness, the Sphere gives you the option of a wireless audio experience that’s both private and public, portable and powerful… because the Sphere is not just a Bluetooth speaker. It’s also a dock for a wireless pair of headphones. Designed in a rather made-for-each-...
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An Outpouring of Ambience

As you might guess from the name and familiar aesthetic, the Sound Bottle takes inspiration from a surprising source: the water bottle. The minimalistic design features a handsome handle strap and two distinct sections. The lower portion functions as a Bluetooth speaker and emits 360 degree audio streaming wirelessly from your mobile device. The upper section is an RGB LED light that can also be controlled via your smartphone. Ultra-portable and convenient, you can set the mood with music and ...
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This Tiny Speaker Promises Better Sound When You Attach an Empty Soda Bottle

The solution to few of life’s problems can be found at the bottom of a bottle, except, maybe, the poor sound quality from tiny wireless speakers. The creators of the portable Sodapop speaker promise that by simply attaching an empty soda bottle, you can increase its loudness and bass by almost 10 decibels.Read more...
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Bass. Reinvented.

While compact speakers make for great travel companions, there is no escaping the fact that they are often lacking one significant quality… bass. The absence of this low-quality bass deters from the listening experience as the lackluster performance doesn’t do the music any justice. However, the team over at Sodapop have proven that, with a bit of clever design, achieving high-quality bass doesn’t have to lead to the size of the device being compromised!Sodapop delivers a low-cost and fun expe...
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A Shrine of Sound

The Fuyuu speaker doesn’t look like one at all and that’s precisely its appeal! The design focuses on the Japanese concept of shibusa and its seven elements: simplicity, implicity, modesty, naturalness, everydayness, imperfection, and silence. Okay… maybe not silence! The speaker sports a geometric, multifaceted shape that’s both enchanting to look at and functional as a means of spreading sound consistently no matter where the listener is located. Inside, a surprising 13 different speakers are ...
Tags: Design, Technology, Audio, Speakers, Speaker, Product Design, Fuyuu, Osagie Igbeare

Home Audio Like You’ve Never Heard (Or Seen) It

Designer Chanmi Lee rethinks home entertainment in an all-new, never-before-seen format known as the Wind Sound Bar. Don’t be confused by the name, however… this is anything but the sound bar you’re probably imagining. The design adopts a shape similar to that of a trumpet or other wind instrument – a familiar form for an unfamiliar functionality! Usable as a pendant-style system over living room seating or as a wall-mounted unit, it envelopes the user in 360 degrees of high definition audio to ...
Tags: Design, Audio, Speakers, Speaker, Wind, Product Design, Chanmi Lee

Samsung’s Galaxy Home Speaker is too little too late

In a world with Hey Siris, Hey Googles, and Hey Alexas, a Hey Cortana would throw you off… but what about a Hey Bixby?The world’s largest smartphone seller (Yes, Apple’s the third largest), Samsung decided to surprise the world with their own “me-too”ish smart speaker. The Galaxy Home isn’t just unimaginative in its name, given that Google already has a Home, and Apple has the Homepod, Samsung’s Galaxy Home is a Bixby-powered speaker that rides on an ambiguity of design too. The overall form l...
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The Cavalier Maverick is Amazon Echo’s hipster cousin

In a market filled with tech companies building smart speakers to leverage the increase in voice-input to their favor, Cavalier’s Maverick stands out as a speaker designed for performance first, and for smart-features later. Built by a team of designers, engineers, and overall music aficionados, the Maverick stays true to its name by being one. Stepping away from the usual plastic and metal construction, the Maverick uses cutom-knit fabrics, distressed leather, and genuine wood too, to give you ...
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The Over and Under Speaker

Whoever said wireless audio had to “sit” hasn’t seen the Aloft speaker by designer Hyeonil Jeong. The alternative design explores an entirely new way to save valuable counter or desk space.It’s A-shaped form and easy-to-install, built-in hanging bracket makes it possible to tuck it under a shelf or ledge. Being wedged underneath one of these items also helps the sound to be reflected and channeled in whichever direction you orient the device. Of course, if you opt for leaving it on your desk or ...
Tags: Design, Audio, Speakers, Speaker, Aloft, Product Design, Hyeonil Jeong

This Speaker Has Balls

Appropriately named “ATLAS” for the way you hold the orb in your hands, this modern speaker design connects man and music.Through touch and intimate interaction, it aims to form a deeper connection to the user. Released from its nest on the main audio unit, users can take the orb in hand and control everything from sound settings to song selection with a simple twist or touch. Placing it back on the unit, a light show reflective of the current song occurs as an accompaniment to your favorite tun...
Tags: Music, Design, Technology, Audio, Speakers, Atlas, Speaker, Product Design, Ori Kadosh

Charge, Dance, Repeat

Now that every smartphone is moving towards wireless power, it only makes sense that the charging pads we use serve more than one purpose! That’s the idea behind Tevol. This charging pad doubles as a Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while you power up.Only slightly larger than a traditional charging pad, it features a 360-degree speaker system integrated into the plate. Touch-sensitive controls allow you to adjust volume or song selection directly from the device. Using Qi-...
Tags: Design, Technology, Speakers, Cellphones, Speaker, Charger, Qi, Product Design, Lee Hyeong Seop, Tevol

A Music Capsule to Kickstart Your Day

Capsule is a funky multi-functional twist on the alarm clock and wireless speaker that merges the functionalities of both. Sync it up to kickstart your day with your favorite tunes when you wake up, or take it to-go to the beach, the park, or another place where you can enjoy with friends. Equipped with built-in data storage, others can quickly upload, play, and share their music playlists. Clad in a soft, splatter-ific fabric and in 3 modern color options, there’s one for every aesthetic taste....
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No Limits B&O

The Bang & Olufsen Earset fuses the functionalities of both earbuds and standalone speakers into one minimalistic yet highly practical design. One one side, a soft cushioned area and flexible rubber ear attachment stabilize the earphone for private listening. On the other side, a vinyl cap can be removed to reveal a piezo speaker system. This can be attached to a base cylinder unit, it transforms into a pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker that you can control directly from a mobile application. Clad ...
Tags: Design, Technology, Audio, Speakers, Headphones, Speaker, Product Design, B&O Earset, Stevan Djurovic

The ST3 turns the world into your stage

Reducing tonnes of equipment to just one travel-suitcase, the ST3 is a performer’s best friend. The innovative design packs a built-in amplifier, stage, microphone and stand. Perfect for impromptu performances, jam-sessions, and street performers, the ST3 and self-confidence is pretty much all you’ll need.The stage, as it is, wraps around a central column that houses the wheels, handle, and a microphone stand. The stage itself opens into a flat platform big enough for even two people. Screw the ...
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