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Messaging group avatars

“Upload a profile picture” is the question you often face when creating a new messaging group for an upcoming event, a school parent group, etc. Most people go for a relevant picture, for example the class group photo of last year’s end of school year party. But avatars are tiny and often have a circle shape. What jumps out most to the user is the dominant color of the image. So the best solut...
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Prototype design

I am currently working flat out on a new business that my wife and I are putting together in the field of healthcare. With a bit of luck, we can take the covers of at the JP Morgan Healthcare conference in San Francisco next January. (Hopefully after that I can boost the SlideMagic product more, I have a few interesting ideas). I am becoming better and better at designing web front ends, fusing what I am learning about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with what was already in my head when it comes to...
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Three Tips for Unforgettable Content Creation

Having spent over 15 years in the presentation world, we have a philosophy here that simplicity is best, bullet points are an eyesore, and stories work.   We’ve seen this in action and have witnessed its success time after time.   Unforgettable content is just a few action steps away for any presenter.   You just have to know what to put on the slide, what to leave off, and how to approach your narrative.   Thankfully, we’ve got three solid content tips that will get you well on your way tow...
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The right proportions in design

Certain layouts and compositions look right, others seem wrong. We can see it, but we can’t point our finger to exactly why.This formula for the constant pi got my attention: From John Wallis, 1656— Fermat's Library (@fermatslibrary) August 28, 2021 ...
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Convert Your PowerPoint to a GIF with Ease!

Have you ever wanted to give someone a small snapshot of a presentation? Perhaps you have just a couple of slides you’d like to easily share. What if you could make a 30-second teaser slideshow for that purpose from a deck you’ve already created? Well, now you can! An easy way to engage your audience is to create and share a GIF of your existing PowerPoint. Once you learn how to do this, the possibilities are endless! You can create a quick snippet to share in a newsletter. You can post one on y...
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"[Bob] Ross’s hair, a holdover from the free-love era, wasn’t naturally curly—he had it permed every few months, a process that he called having his 'springs tightened.'"

"As a nature-loving aesthete, he didn’t seem to have much mind for business matters, which, for better or worse, he left up to the Kowalskis. The documentary treats him as a spiritual healer, somewhere in the family of the Dalai Lama, but it’s more accurate to place him alongside Julia Child, Richard Simmons, and other lovable oddballs who found a niche in mass media and burrowed their way into popular culture. From "What’s Revealed in 'Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed'/A new Netflix ...
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Leveraging the AIDA Framework for Content that Sells

Having a wide array of tools at your disposal is a great strategy as a presenter. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all formula that will work for everyone. However, the more you try new approaches, the more likely you’ll find one that fits your preparation method best. Today we’re introducing you to the AIDA Framework, which could prove very useful in preventing long, arduous content-creating sessions while still getting results. The AIDA framework was created to help write conversion or product...
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PowerPoint Merge Shapes Tool Tutorial for Endless Design Potential

In PowerPoint, there are a lot of shapes to choose from when designing your slides. However, there are also limits. If you want your design to be truly limitless, a great way to manipulate the shape offerings is with the Merge Shapes tool. Whether transforming a logo into a background format, making a simple drawing or adding some flavor to your deck, this can all be accomplished by merging shapes. Options Of course, when merging shapes, there happen to be options. Let me explain what those op...
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Speaking to the Customer Journey Lifecycle in Your Presentations

Let’s be honest, most presentations exist to result in a sale.  We’re huge advocates for ending with a strong call-to-action so the purpose of your presentation is not in vain.  Presenters spend a lot of time, energy and money making sure their appearances go off without a hitch. But you’re just spinning your wheels if you never make the “big ask”.  However, in order to get to the big ask, it’s important to understand where your audience is in the customer journey lifecycle.  This helps you tail...
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Little-Known Tip for PowerPoint Audio

Do you have a deck that requires audio? We love that! Fully utilizing all that PowerPoint has to offer gives your audience a more rich experience. When using audio and visual, you’re tapping into two different learning styles, therefore gaining durability with a higher percent of your audience. However, whenever function gets in the way of design, that can be a bit of a bummer. Thankfully, in this case, Microsoft has already thought ahead for those using audio in PowerPoint. Trying to Get Rid o...
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Design Tip- How to Integrate Type in Your Photos

Visuals influence how your audience members remember your message. Durability is one of the four key elements of a successful presentation according to our method here at Ethos3. Creativity can go a long way to help ensure the durability of your messaging. Today we’ll share a tool that can help you create visual interest with the words on your screen. We’ll teach you how to integrate type into your photos so you can have unique, artful slides in your presentation. Let’s get started! Step 1- Sel...
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5 Presentation Design Trends for 2021

Presentations continue to evolve, and we’ve seen some absolutely stunning presentations developed before our eyes in 2021. Because we do this every day, we’ve noticed some new and exciting trends we thought we’d share to keep you in the loop! Here are five presentation design trends to keep an eye on in 2021. 1- Nail Your Style With so many brands doing an excellent job creating visual consistency, this is more important than ever to stay competitive. People are becoming used to well-developed...
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Tips for Productive Brainstorming Virtually

Working virtually as a presenter has its pros and cons. It’s nice to be able to bounce ideas off of partners from anywhere. However, brainstorming virtually takes a different skill set. In-person, the conversation seems to flow freely without connection glitches. Creativity is fueled by the physical whiteboard and the crisp smell of an expo marker in the air. But take those things away, and how do you adjust? We’re here to give you some tips and tricks for your next virtual brainstorming session...
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Asking the Right Sales Questions

In the presentation world, it’s important to be in tune with your audience and know when to speak and when to listen. Common mistakes presenters make are not giving enough time for their audience to answer, not asking enough questions, and not asking the right questions. Questions are powerful. Knowing to ask the right sales questions will get results every time. Are you asking the right questions? The Basics Let’s start on a level playing field by establishing some great baselines for asking ...
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Customize PowerPoint with Theme Colors

Hopefully, you’ve spent some time crafting a perfect color palette for all of your branding tools. Whether it be signage, printed collateral, or a PowerPoint deck, having a cohesive look starts with a solid color palette. So, naturally, when creating your slide deck, it’s important to utilize your exact colors throughout. Of course, depending on the use case of the PowerPoint, your color usage will vary. So, ensuring your theme colors are correct helps your brand’s look and feel come through lou...
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Best Practices to Convert a Word Doc to PowerPoint Easily

Our blog introducing PowerPoint’s AI features a few months back stirred a lot of excitement around the potential to convert a Word doc to PowerPoint. While yes, it does have its restrictions, this is an incredibly useful tool once you figure out how to use it. It does take some finessing, but your simple Word document is easily transformed into a clear, storytelling PowerPoint with just five simple steps. Today, we’ll dive into a step-by-step tutorial all about how to do this—but first, let’s co...
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Picking a useful accent colour

SlideMagic uses a simple colour scheme: (just) one distinct accent colour and lots of shades of white/grey/black. What are good accent colours?One that stands out(This is the tricky bit):One with good contrast with whiteOne with good contrast with blackOne that fits with your brand and/or industry, or the opposite one that really sets you apart from everyone else in your industry if that is what you want to do.One that you likePeople often forget about number 2, which cuts off a lot of creative ...
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Renegade Storytellers: How to Prepare for the Future

Podcasts have given a voice to many interesting hosts as of late.  As they grow in popularity, so does the opportunity to utilize them as an additional tool in your arsenal.  An unlikely pair of storytellers recently teamed up to build a podcast together called Renegades: Born in the USA. Musician Bruce Springsteen and POTUS Barack Obama chat about all things life, love and liberty. Embrace Relatability Toward the end of the first episode, Barack outlined his narrative on the presidential camp...
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Seamless Translation with Microsoft Teams and Powerpoint Live

With the shift in presentations from in-person to virtual, we are seeing a lot more diversity among audiences. Location as a barrier to entry simply isn’t the hurdle it used to be. We truly are living in the Information Age, and the collaboration between Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint Live makes this more apparent than ever before. New features that improve global communication are rolling out at a rapid pace. One of the more exciting ones we’ve encountered will pave the way for live language ...
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New Presenter Toolbar in Google Slides is Changing Things Up

Have you ever felt like the presenter toolbar left much to be desired while presenting in Google Slides? As it turns out, you’re not alone! Google recently overhauled the presenter experience after listening to countless users expressing that the previous toolbar was clunky. Users felt it got in the way of their content, disrupting the experience for them and their audience. So, if you, too, have written off Google Slides, we’ve got good news! Here’s what you can look forward to in the new prese...
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Using brands in presentations

It is usually hard to find good images of products made by well known brands that are of high quality, not obstructed by advertising copy and free of copyrights. Free photo site Unsplash is trying to change that by building up a revenue model where photographers post (and get paid for) posting images with brands in it. (Curated for quality by Unsplash and endorsed by the brand in question). This is very useful for presentation designers. Looking for a nice Harley-Davidson motorcycle? Here you go...
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Simple Tips for Gaining Confidence in Your Presentation Delivery

All successful presentations are effective due in part to the presenter’s confidence level. Not everyone has the same method for gaining confidence. While it comes more naturally to some than others, belief in oneself is easily detectable to a keen observer. Confident presenters exude credibility, experience, and leadership. These things all help to gain an audience member’s trust in both the presenter and their content. Surprisingly, learning to be confident doesn’t have to be a chore. Here ar...
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Presentation Savvy Sells

If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know it’s all a numbers game. More calls lead to more meetings. Meetings which hopefully lead to more sales. While that is true to a degree, focusing only on calls means you are missing a crucial aspect of the equation. The human behind those calls or the meetings is irreplaceable. If the caller does not have presentation savvy, the chances of that lead becoming a sale drop dramatically. The reality is that a sales rep who has had training on what makes an e...
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Winning over Millennial Audiences

Millennials are currently the lionshare of the workforce, with 59 million workers in the US alone. In just five years, they are projected to make up 75% of the workforce, according to Pew Research. What this means to you as a presenter is that there will most likely be a lot of people born between 1981 and 1996 in your audience. While it’s always good to do your research on any kind of audience, here are some tips and tricks to gaining the trust of millennial audiences in particular. Plan an...
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Pandemic Writer’s Block is Real, so are These Tips for Overcoming it!

Time indoors can feel like an oasis at times, yet, mind-numbing at others. During this pandemic, many of us are spending more time indoors than ever. No wonder we are experiencing writer’s block! The four walls surrounding us seem to be caving in day-by-day, offering fewer and fewer genius ideas. While there are a lot of formerly helpful options that aren’t available right now (going to the movies, anyone?), we’ve compiled three welcome distractions that can hopefully get you back on track and w...
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How Exciting is the New Microsoft Teams Powerpoint Integration?

The good news for presenters is this: live presentations aren’t going anywhere. Especially now that virtual platforms have provided powerful and convenient options for presenters and attendees alike. There is just something about the energy a presenter can bring to a pitch deck that can’t be sent ahead or left behind. Thankfully, the glitches hindering a presenter’s best virtual performance are disappearing one by one. For example, sharing slides can be quite the headache. We’ve all been on a ca...
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Will the designer change your text?

When I started making pitch decks 15 years ago, there were not many people who called themselves “presentation designer”. Now the world is flooded with them. But “designer” is a very broad term used by people with varying skills.Most “before and after” examples on designer’s web pages are beautiful makeovers of slides. Better fonts, better colours, a nice image. It all looks a lot better. But makeovers are makeovers: the fundamental layout of the slide almost always stays the same, and the text ...
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Pick your battles

Professional designers can do it all:Give slides a professional lookCome up with innovative visualisation concepts that make messages stand outUse advanced software features to craft technically complex slidesThe amateur designer is in a different position and needs to pick her battles. That amazing visual concept of the elephant riding a convertible car does not really work if it does not look picture perfect. That very clever consulting diagram does not really contribute when it actually does ...
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SWOT Before You Start

Have you ever sat down to start a deck and thought to yourself, “I have no idea where to start!”? We understand, we’ve been there too. What we’ve learned throughout the years, is that a back story is really important in establishing your message. Knowing the big picture before deciding what parts of it to tell can hone your messaging into perfect refinement. We think a SWOT analysis is a powerful tool to understand your brand, anticipate questions, and ultimately tell the best story possible. A ...
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How to Treat Your Slides Like Billboards

There’s a lot to be said about the response billboards get when they convey clear messaging.  After all, these ads are usually displayed on a highway while a driver is concurrently listening to music or a podcast, going 70+ mph, obeying posted signs, and following navigation instructions.  With all the distractions in a driver’s world, billboards capture their attention, giving them something to think about.  It’s a wild concept, but it works.  Why?  Because of design.  We’ve realized that the d...
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