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Listen Up

Atmospheric soundscapes, folk-inflected tunes and more in our musical wrap-up this week Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah feat. Saul Williams: Ancestral Recall One listen to jazz artist Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah’s “Ancestral Recall,” which features poet and songwriter Saul Williams, reveals a mission beyond music. The track, and forthcoming album of the same name, were “built as a map to decolonize sound; to challenge previously held misconceptions …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Experimental, Jazz, Spoken word, Folk, Listenup, Electronic, New Music, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Saul Williams, Christian Scott, Atmospheric, Listen Up

At Titilope’s “Open”

When I lived in Ibadan, there was these jazz sessions at Premier Hotel which took place every weekend (can’t remember now if it was Friday or Sunday nights). It held in a ballroom on the ground floor of the hotel and featured an ensemble that played non-stop for about four hours, late into the night. […]
Tags: Art, Review, Poetry, Linguistics, Literature, Performance, Spoken word, Open, Ibadan, Titiope Sonuga, Titilope

Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere review – Paul Mason restages global protests

Young Vic, London The audience play their part in the Arab Spring and debate whether Occupy curbed capitalist power as the journalist interrogates a decade of revoltThis live incarnation of Guardian columnist Paul Mason’s book about the surge of worldwide global protest comes from the performance-lecture tradition but opens out into something altogether more democratic. It’s galvanising stuff, both personal and deeply political. Staged and filmed at the Young Vic over three days, and due to be b...
Tags: Europe, Protest, Greece, Theatre, Economics, Culture, Egypt, Stage, Occupy London, Arab and Middle East unrest, Young Vic, Spoken word, Political theatre, Paul Mason, Vic, Occupy Wall Street

My Country: A Work in Progress review – Carol Ann Duffy visits Brexit

National Theatre, London Britannia is shown to be fractious and divided in this bold but fragmented piece – built from UK voters’ interviews – that does not tell us anything newTom Stoppard suggested recently that Brexit was too big a subject to be easily dramatised. But the National has had the bold idea of collating interviews from around the UK, carried out in the wake of the referendum, to discover what people really feel about their country. The resulting 80-minute show, jointly credited to...
Tags: Europe, Books, Politics, UK, Wales, Scotland, Theatre, European Union, Society, UK News, Culture, Foreign Policy, Stage, Northern Ireland, East Midlands, Rufus Norris

Exploring Spoken Word Poetry

Spoken word is poetry that is meant to be performed for an audience, rather than just read on a page. Spoken word has a freedom to it. Spoken word poems can use alliteration, rhyme, repetition, slang and word play…but there aren’t specific rules or a certain format to follow. Spoken word poems don’t have to […]
Tags: Poetry, Theatre, Acting, Performance, Spoken word, Playwriting

Unpleasant Design: design that bullies its users

Selena Savić and Gordan Savicic (previously) have published Unpleasant Design, their long-awaited book on "design that bullies its users" -- that is, devices, street furniture, tools and products designed to control humans. (more…)
Tags: Post, Happy Mutants, Gift Guide, Design, News, Audio, War On General Purpose Computers, Scholarship, Mp3s, Spoken word, Urban Theory

Edinburgh festival 2016: what to see and where to go

The fringe programme is out today – so here’s a venue-by-venue look at some of this year’s highlights across the Edinburgh festival. Let us know what’s caught your eye Continue reading...
Tags: Theatre, Dance, Culture, Stage, Festivals, Immersive theatre, Circus, Cabaret, Edinburgh, Spoken word, Edinburgh Festival, Fringe theatre

Bed tricks and broken women: Shakespeare's guide to love

Every romance is also a bromance, you go to bed never knowing who you’ll wake up with, and the strongest marriage is the Macbeths’ … Shakespeare’s tangled take on love. Illustration: Matthew RichardsonShakespeare’s Guide to Love: what would be in there? What wouldn’t be in there is marriage. Shakespeare, our national playwright, is no poster boy for wedlock. Continue reading...
Tags: Marriage, Relationships, Women, Theatre, Culture, Stage, William Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Spoken word, Matthew RichardsonShakespeare

Shakespeare's last act: a torrent of twisted fantasies

Thinker, lover, father, King’s man … to mark the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death, great writers explore different sides of Shakespeare. Beginning a week-long series, James Shapiro reveals why his work took a dark turn with the death of ElizabethMost of us think of Shakespeare as an Elizabethan. It’s almost impossible not to. Try imagining Shakespeare in Love ending with a cameo appearance by Simon Russell Beale as King James rather than with Judi Dench’s Queen Elizabeth. But Shakespeare wa...
Tags: Theatre, Culture, Stage, Judi Dench, William Shakespeare, Shakespeare, King, Spoken word, James, Elizabeth, Simon Russell Beale, James Shapiro, ElizabethMost, Elizabeth But Shakespeare, King of Scots, Elizabeth Shakespeare

Have You Ever Been Excited For Now?

IN-Q  returns. It’s time to question everything. It’s time to get excited for now. If you’ve been on this journey with...
Tags: Motivation, Art, Podcast, Music, Poetry, Inspiration, Sport, Rap, Creativity, Hip Hop, Eminem, Running, Selena Gomez, Recovery, Miley Cyrus, Alcoholism

Reimagining Your Truth

The past couple weeks we went deep into nutrition. Now it’s time to take a new direction. To delve into...
Tags: Motivation, Art, Podcast, Music, Poetry, Inspiration, Sport, Rap, Creativity, Hip Hop, Eminem, Running, Addiction, Selena Gomez, Recovery, Miley Cyrus

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