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The schoolgirls who warned of Rwanda's genocide

Katori Hall’s play Our Lady of Kibeho is the story of three friends who insisted that they were visited by the Virgin Mary and told of the horror that lay aheadThe 16-year-old schoolgirl Alphonsine Mumureke said she was in the cafeteria of the Catholic boarding school Kibeho College, Rwanda, when she heard a voice “soft as air and sweeter than music”. She saw a beautiful woman – neither white nor black – floating above the floor in a flowing seamless dress, with a veil that covered her hair. She...
Tags: Education, Africa, Religion, Theatre, World news, Culture, Catholicism, Stage, Schools, Catholic, Rwanda, Virgin Mary, Katori Hall, Kibeho, Alphonsine Mumureke, Kibeho College Rwanda

Hamilton in Puerto Rico: a joyful homecoming ... but it's complicated

Musical is dividing residents on island where creator Lin-Manuel Miranda spent childhood summersJavier Ortiz likes to look on the bright side in San Juan, the pretty and gritty capital of Puerto Rico. “I’m an optimist,” he says. “I’m the owner of a bookstore, so I have to be.”Ortiz has survived not only the onslaught of Amazon but also Hurricane Maria, which forced him to close for 10 days then manage the store without electricity – running a cash machine off a battery – for two months. Now, as ...
Tags: Amazon, Americas, Theatre, World news, US news, Culture, Stage, Broadway, Hamilton, Puerto Rico, San Juan, Ortiz, Lin Manuel Miranda, Hurricane Maria

Samuel Beckett rejected as unsuitable for the Nobel prize in 1968

Newly released papers show the committee chairman’s doubts in 1968 whether a prize for the Irish author would be in the spirit of the awardSamuel Beckett won the Nobel prize for literature in 1969, but newly released archives reveal that just a year earlier, the secretive committee that selects the winners had raised serious concerns about whether his writing was consistent with the spirit of the award.In the words of Alfred Nobel’s will, the honour goes to an author who has written “the most ou...
Tags: Books, Theatre, Culture, Awards and prizes, Stage, Samuel Beckett, Nobel Prize In Literature, Beckett, Swedish Academy, Alfred Nobel, Anders Osterling

Ireland's national theatre accused of deserting Irish talent

More than 300 actors, directors and designers say the Abbey theatre is wreaking ‘devastation’ by buying in and co-producing showsThe Abbey theatre in Dublin has staged some of Ireland’s greatest plays but is now at the centre of an unwanted drama after it was accused of wreaking artistic “devastation” on the country’s theatrical community.In an open letter published on Monday a roll-call of Irish talent including actors Aidan Gillen and Ruth Negga said the country’s national theatre had gutted i...
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Theatre in Australia: #MeToo has put power relationships centre stage

Four female theatremakers talk about how power tussles in the industry have played out for them – and what needs to change Only a handful of #MeToo stories have surfaced in Australia, thanks in large part to the country’s defamation laws – but many of the allegations that have made it to the public originated in the theatre.Well before the hashtag went viral, two Australian actors, Eryn Jean Norvill and Sophie Ross, canvassed the anonymous experiences of theatremakers across the country. (Norvil...
Tags: Australia, Women, Theatre, Australia news, Culture, Stage, Rush, STC, Geoffrey Rush, Sophie Ross, MeToo Movement, Eryn Jean Norvill, Norvill

Tony Kushner: 'Trump has a sinkhole instead of a soul'

He has spent his life dramatising America’s angels and demons. As his civil rights musical returns to Britain, the playwright reveals all about revamping West Side Story for Spielberg – and writing a play about Trump‘I hate watching my plays,” Tony Kushner says. “They’re all so long and they take for ever and the only one that’s not true of is Caroline. It’s two hours with intermission and I could listen to that music for ever.”Caroline is Caroline, Or Change, Kushner’s only musical. Written wit...
Tags: Politics, London, Musicals, Film, Race, Theatre, America, World news, US news, Culture, Britain, US politics, Stephen Sondheim, Stage, Manhattan, West End

Giant bronze statue for Devon takes shape in tiny Welsh village

The seven-metre high sculpture Messenger depicts a crouching young female actor A huge bronze sculpture depicting a young female actor about to spring into action is taking shape in a foundry in a Welsh village ahead of its installation in front of a Devon theatre next spring.Theatre Royal Plymouth announced on Monday that it had commissioned the £500,000 piece, Messenger, as part of a £7.5m regeneration project. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Wales, Theatre, Culture, Art and design, Sculpture, Stage, Devon, Plymouth, Theatre Royal Plymouth

Death threats and denunciations: artists fear Bolsonaro's Brazil

Some have employed security guards. Others have fled. With Jair Bolsonaro about to take power, many artists in Brazil fear the censorship and intimidation they now endure will only get worseWagner Schwartz received the first death threat two days after lying naked on the floor of a museum in São Paulo. It was October 2017 and the Brazilian artist had invited members of his audience, which included children, to adjust his body: move a limb, roll him over, that kind of thing. This was for a dance ...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Gender, Activism, Protest, Religion, Americas, Theatre, Society, World news, Transgender, Culture, Art and design, Christianity, Stage, LGBT rights

Don DeLillo on Trump's America: 'I'm not sure the country is recoverable'

He has spent half a century dissecting America’s dreams and nightmares. Now the great novelist is imagining what his ‘deluged’ country will be like three years from todayWhenever he’s able to separate himself from the distractions of daily life, from family obligations and the rolling thunder of 24-hour news, Don DeLillo taps out a few pages of his latest book. He writes out of habit and because he’s in the grip of an idea that won’t let him rest. He’s constructing a story set around the next co...
Tags: Books, Fiction, Theatre, America, World news, US news, Culture, Stage, Don DeLillo, Donald Trump, Trump

To See the Face of God

Director Trevor Nunn said that Les Misérables is a show about God. And it is.It's also a show about the nobility of the human spirit, faith, redemption, and other spiritual concepts. Religion and spirituality -- as well as the distortion of it and the lack of it -- informs most of the action of the show.Jean Valjean sings in Act II, “To love another person is to see the face of God.” Valjean and Inspector Javert both believe fervently in God, but they believe in very different Gods. Javert beli...
Tags: Themes, London, Religion, Theatre, Stage, Broadway, God, Theater, Musical, Les Miserables, Lucifer, Sweeney Todd, Scott Miller, Trevor Nunn, Dolittle, Jean Valjean

Director Neil Armfield denies telling Geoffrey Rush he was being 'creepy'

King Lear director has ‘no memory’ of Rush’s allegedly inappropriate behaviour towards female co-starGeoffrey Rush was never told he was being “creepy” during a scene of King Lear with female co-star Eryn Jean Norvill, the director of the play has told a Sydney court.Neil Armfield led the 2015 Sydney Theatre Company production of King Lear at the centre of Rush’s defamation case against the Daily Telegraph. Continue reading...
Tags: Film, Theatre, Australia news, Stage, Sydney, Australian Film, Rush, Lear, Geoffrey Rush, Daily Telegraph Continue, King Lear, Neil Armfield, Eryn Jean Norvill

Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams: 'I'm still petrified of my peers'

Her role as Arya Stark won her millions of fans but left her bullied at school. Now the 21-year-old is making her stage debut, starring in a Marvel horror – and finally getting her fingernails paintedMaisie Williams is wearing big round glasses, leopard-print boots and a baker boy hat, all of which makes her look like she’s just stepped out of Carnaby Street in 1969. As she sips a massive cup of herbal tea, she explains she is trying to cut down on coffee. “I drink a lot,” she says. “Like, you l...
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The Wider Earth review – Natural History Museum's Darwin spectacular

Natural History Museum, LondonCharles Darwin’s adventures aboard the HMS Beagle are told through engrossing puppetry and painterly projectionsThis is an unusual enterprise. The museum’s Jerwood Gallery has been turned into a theatre to house a production by Australia’s Dead Puppet Society, telling the story of Charles Darwin’s five-year-long voyage on HMS Beagle. Written, directed and co-designed by David Morton, it is visually terrific even if the script rarely rises above the level of a school...
Tags: Science, Technology, Australia, Theatre, Culture, Museums, Stage, Cambridge, Charles Darwin, Natural History Museum, Puppetry, Morton, Darwin, Robert Fitzroy, Jerwood Gallery, David Morton

To Have to Shoot Irishmen review – harmonies haunt shocking war drama

Omnibus theatre, LondonTumbling poetry and lively dialogue power Lizzie Nunnery’s dynamic song-led show set during the Easter RisingTwo Irish men sit on opposite sides of a prison wall in Dublin. Inside the cell is Frank, a republican pacifist who refuses to join the Easter Rising. Outside stands Anglo-Irish teenager William, a new recruit to the British army. The two cannot see each other but they listen to, laugh with and console each other. By the end of Lizzie Nunnery’s fine new play, Frank ...
Tags: Europe, Music, Theatre, Culture, Ireland, Stage, Dublin, William, Frank, Manchester Guardian, Lizzie Nunnery, Nunnery, Francis Sheehy Skeffington Nunnery, Gemma Kerr

Sex, sheep and terror: the scandalous theatre of Milo Rau

He has put an Isis fighter’s mother in the Ghent Altarpiece and restaged a murder. Now the Swiss director plans to get radicalWhen Milo Rau first saw the Ghent Altarpiece, one detail leapt out at him. While Hubert and Jan van Eyck’s 15th-century masterpiece is often admired for the ambitious scale of its Lamb of God scene, the Swiss theatre director zoomed in on Adam’s sunburnt hands. “They are red because the model came directly from the fields to be painted,” he says the morning after the prem...
Tags: Europe, Politics, Islamic State, Theatre, Culture, Art and design, Stage, Belgium, Hubert, Adam, Rau, Jan van Eyck, St Bavo, Milo Rau, Lam Gods, Van Eycks

Daveed Diggs: ‘Days before I started on Hamilton, I got thrown against a fence by police’

He’s the star of TV and Broadway whose new film Blindspotting unveils the evils of gentrification. The actor discusses protest, prejudice and the ‘neo-Nazi president’Modern Toss on gentrification Daveed Diggs, born poor and “very happy” in Oakland, California, says his Jewish mother and African-American father informed him early on that he was going to be policed differently than many of his friends. Regardless of the success he has had of late – including his double-star turn as both Marquis de...
Tags: New York, Television, Film, La, Theatre, Culture, Television & radio, Stage, Broadway, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Hamilton, Lin-manuel Miranda, Thomas Jefferson, Oakland California, Daveed Diggs, Diggs

Stephen Rea: ‘No matter how much they enforce Brexit, British identity is dwindling’

The actor reveals deep-rooted passions as he talks about his role in Cyprus Avenue, what he learned from Samuel Beckett, Brexit and the TroublesThere is a poem by Tom Paulin called An Ulster Unionist Walks the Streets of London, in which the narrator articulates the shock of not-belonging he feels as he wanders lost through the British capital “like a half-foreigner among the London-Irish”. His British identity has been shaken to the core by the sudden realisation that, amid the multiplicity of ...
Tags: London, Theatre, Culture, Stage, Northern Ireland, Gerry Adams, Samuel Beckett, Brexit, Miller, Ulster, Stephen Rea, Eric Miller, Cyprus Avenue, Samuel Beckett Brexit, Tom Paulin, Ulster Unionist Walks the Streets of London

Arts ‘guardians’ set up in wake of Kevin Spacey scandal

Old Vic theatre trained staff to ‘act as an outlet’ for concerns around sexual harassment and bullyingA pioneering workplace scheme set up in the wake of the Kevin Spacey scandal at the Old Vic has been rolled out to 20 arts organisations across the country, with the aim of enabling members of staff to speak out more openly than in the past about sexual harassment and bullying.The “Guardians” programme, designed to allow employees a confidential outlet to share concerns about behaviour at work, ...
Tags: London, Theatre, UK News, World news, Culture, Stage, Kevin Spacey, Sexual Harassment, Old Vic Theatre, Vic, Southbank Centre Continue

The New Regional Arts Commission

To our great surprise and horror, after 27 years of funding New Line Theatre, the Regional Arts Commission (RAC) decided not to fund us this season. We were truly baffled by the decision -- we get rave reviews for every show we produce, we have a national profile for both excellence and risk-taking, and Broadway writers periodically come see our productions of their shows, particularly when those shows were destroyed on Broadway, but brought back to life by New Line.One article about RAC's new ...
Tags: Facebook, Musicals, Funding, Theatre, RAC, Live, Stage, Broadway, New Line, St. Louis, Irs, Felicia, Scott Miller, Gilbert Sullivan, Pirates of Penzance, Penzance

Iran detains pair over A Midsummer Night's Dream production

Director and theatre manager held after trailer showed male and female actors dancingIranian authorities have detained two artists over a theatre production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.Shahram Karami, a cultural official, told the official Irna news agency on Monday that Iran’s judiciary had ordered the detention of the Shakespeare play’s director, Maryam Kazemi, and the manager of the theatre in which it was hosted, Saeed Assadi. Continue reading...
Tags: Theatre, World news, Iran, Stage, Shakespeare, IRNA, Shahram Karami, Maryam Kazemi, Saeed Assadi

Ben Okri: 'I was nearly shot because I couldn’t speak my dad’s language'

Why was Ben Okri so keen to adapt L’Étranger, Albert Camus’s dark novel about the killing of an Arab, for the stage? He talks about his battle with the French writer’s daughter, his days living on the streets – and the swearword that saved his lifeAs the child of a mixed marriage growing up in Nigeria during the country’s civil war, Ben Okri had a powerful introduction to the dangers facing the outsider. His father was Urhobo, while his mother was Igbo. After spending his early years in London w...
Tags: Books, London, Fiction, Nigeria, Africa, Theatre, Society, World news, Culture, Race issues, Stage, Fiction in translation, Colonialism, Identity politics, Albert Camus, Ben Okri

'Our memories have vanished': the Palestinian theatre destroyed in a bomb strike

The Said al-Mishal Centre brought theatre, dance and music to the beleaguered residents of Gaza City. Its destruction in an Israeli air strike last week has sparked outrage – and dealt a heavy blow to Palestinian cultureIt was the deep panic of the last-minute rush known to everyone involved in theatre. One of the playhouse’s top directors, a precocious 27-year-old who had been working in theatre since he was a teenager, was preparing his latest production – a dark comedy. Stage crew and actors ...
Tags: Music, Activism, Protest, Israel, Theatre, Society, World news, Culture, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, Gaza, Stage, World Music, Identity politics, Hamas, Gaza City

UK playwrights condemn bombing of Gaza theatre

Caryl Churchill and National Theatre director bemoan ‘devastating loss’ after Israeli strikeLeading playwrights and directors in Britain have severely criticised the bombing of a major cultural centre in the Gaza Strip by Israel’s air force, calling it a “devastating loss for the already isolated community”.In a letter to the Guardian, 14 figures from UK theatre, including the director of the National Theatre, Rufus Norris, and dramatist Caryl Churchill, condemned the “total destruction” of the ...
Tags: UK, Israel, Theatre, UK News, World news, Culture, Britain, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, Gaza, Stage, Guardian, National Theatre, Rufus Norris, Caryl Churchill, Gaza Strip

Frites first: the Belgians making audiences laugh, sing and squirm

The Edinburgh festival’s Big in Belgium season features daft whimsy, a Eurovision anthem and a headlong charge into uncomfortable territoryWhen the Smiths released Paint a Vulgar Picture , the obligatory rock-band moan about the music business, Morrissey came up with a characteristically waspish one-liner. It was the fate of every singer doing the media round, he protested, to “please the press in Belgium”. Behind the joke is the idea of the pop star having to kowtow to a country of no significa...
Tags: Europe, Comedy, London, Musicals, France, Theatre, Culture, Stage, Festivals, Belgium, Edinburgh, Morrissey, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh festival 2018, Nele Van den Broeck, Nele Needs

'A thoroughly entertaining failure': the return of Muriel Spark's mega flop

Her savage send-up of the London intelligentsia was a box-office disaster. But could Doctors of Philosophy now be about to hit its prime?On Tuesday 2 October 1962, a play by Muriel Spark was premiered at the New Arts Theatre Club in London. It was called Doctors of Philosophy and its cast included Fenella Fielding and Kathleen Breck. In fact, the play has six central parts for women; the remaining three characters are men who, in a typically Sparkian flourish, are all called Charlie. Despite the...
Tags: Books, London, Theatre, Culture, Stage, Muriel Spark, Edinburgh Festival, Kenneth Tynan, Eliot, Jean Brodie, Iris Murdoch, Fenella Fielding, Edinburgh festival 2018, Edinburgh international book festival, New Arts Theatre Club, Kathleen Breck

Israel’s most prolific actor: 'The synagogue of the Zionists was the theatre'

Shlomo Bar-Shavit, whose life mirrors the history of Israeli theatre, has appeared in more than 260 productions, including as Nazi doctor Josef Mengele Just shy of 90 years old, Shlomo Bar-Shavit claims to have performed more stage roles than any other actor in Israel. At least 260, he boasts, in a career that predates the creation of his home country in 1948. “I was there from the start,” he says. And in many ways, Bar-Shavit’s life has mirrored the short history of Israeli theatre.The Israeli ...
Tags: Israel, Religion, Theatre, World news, Culture, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, Judaism, Stage, Nazi, Josef Mengele, Shlomo Bar Shavit, Bar Shavit

Kate Stanworth's best photograph: Murga dancers make a busload of sandwiches

‘Murga troupes travel around Argentina in knackered old school buses, performing on makeshift stages in closed-down streets. These two are making ham and cheese sandwiches for the road’Murga is Argentinian street theatre that combines dance with percussion. The first time I heard the hypnotic drumbeat of a performance was in a park in Buenos Aires. I walked towards it and watched the dancers as they moved from the first simple steps to the intense high kicks the performances culminate in. I was ...
Tags: Art, Photography, Americas, Communities, Society, World news, Dance, Culture, Art and design, Stage, Festivals, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Folk dancing, Kate Stanworth, Murga

Pop-up Globe apologises for all-male cast in #metoo season

Theatre company, currently in Auckland, criticised for staging men-only shows with a ‘feminist reading’ A theatre company has cast two Shakespeare plays with all male actors, claiming the “controversial” move was an attempt to explore gender equality in the age of #metoo and #timesup.The Pop-up Globe theatre in Auckland will stage Richard III and The Taming of the Shrew in November, but a decision to cast only male actors has drawn criticism for being discriminatory, “bizarre” and tone-deaf. Co...
Tags: Theatre, World news, Culture, Asia Pacific, Stage, New Zealand, William Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Richard III, Auckland, Shakespeare's Globe

Nothing's as Amazing as a Musical

I've written nine musicals -- book, music, and lyrics -- and all but one have been produced. My earlier shows are respectable efforts, but I wouldn't want anyone of them to be produced today. After all, I wrote my first show the summer before senior year in high school. It wasn't bad for a seventeen-year-old with no training, writing his first musical, but that's not really saying much.But I really like my later shows, particularly three of them (Attempting the Absurd, In the Blood, and Johnny ...
Tags: Amazon, New York, London, Musicals, Scotland, Marijuana, Theatre, Vampires, America, Los Angeles, Live, Gay, Harvard University, House, Stage, Broadway

The ST3 turns the world into your stage

Reducing tonnes of equipment to just one travel-suitcase, the ST3 is a performer’s best friend. The innovative design packs a built-in amplifier, stage, microphone and stand. Perfect for impromptu performances, jam-sessions, and street performers, the ST3 and self-confidence is pretty much all you’ll need.The stage, as it is, wraps around a central column that houses the wheels, handle, and a microphone stand. The stage itself opens into a flat platform big enough for even two people. Screw the ...
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