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Tim Rice: 'Evita was a bonkers idea'

As the great songwriter prepares to take Jesus Christ Superstar on a 50th birthday tour, he talks about penning hits, his idea for a new musical – and drinking from Lloyd Webber’s Georgian wine glassesTim Rice had a hunch the Oscar was in the bag. After all, he and Elton John had been responsible for three of the five nominations in the best song category. But, as he walked on stage that night in 1995, after Can You Feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King won, the tall, slightly awkward-looking...
Tags: Music, England, Hollywood, Musicals, Theatre, Culture, Stage, Broadway, Elton John, West End, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Middlesex, Rice, Compton, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita

Let's all meet up in the year 3000! Inside the immersive Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Audiences can explore 17 different worlds, meet Daleks and drink cocktails in an ambitious theatre show this spring‘This entire year for live arts has been a real one step forward, two steps back process,” says Daniel Dingsdale. He’s been one of the lucky ones, working on a huge production that has survived the coronavirus upheaval and is set to open in spring.Dingsdale is the writer of Doctor Who: Time Fracture, an ambitious immersive theatre show officially licensed by the BBC and developed by...
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Jeremy Bulloch obituary

Stage and screen actor who played the bounty hunter Boba Fett in the Star Wars filmsJeremy Bulloch, who has died aged 75, was a busy character actor who staked a claim for cinematic immortality by playing the inscrutable Boba Fett in the Star Wars films. A masked, enigmatic bounty hunter with a jet pack and distinctive costume design, Boba Fett debuted in The Empire Strikes Back (1980), capturing and carbon-freezing Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in order to convey him to the slug-like paymaster Jabba...
Tags: Star Wars, Television, Film, Theatre, Culture, Stage, Soap opera, Boba Fett, Colton, Jason Wingreen, Bulloch, Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, Han Solo Harrison Ford

‘I crave flesh-and-blood actors, an audience that laughs and gasps as one’: the magic of Christmas theatre

After a tough year for theatre, our chief critic celebrates the joy of the Christmas show, while five festive performers reveal how it feels to be waiting in the wingsRemember your first ever Christmas show – its sparkle and magic, its tinsel and thrall? I watched my first pantomime in 1978, though I couldn’t have named it as such. I was six, and still acclimatising to the shock of leaving sun-soaked Lahore to migrate to the greyest of London winters. I was led into the school hall where I sat, ...
Tags: London, Theatre, Christmas, Life and style, Culture, Stage, Royal Opera House, Panto season, LAHORE

A Christmas Carol review – Nicholas Hytner delivers an ode to theatre

Bridge theatre, LondonSimon Russell Beale stars in an economical Dickens adaptation that reminds us of the richness of live theatreWhat has made this Victorian tale of child poverty, stalking apparitions and pathological miserliness chime across the ages? GK Chesterton cited the defeat of humbuggery and triumph of happiness. George Orwell wrote of its myth of moral transformation and the “good rich man, handing out guineas”. More recently Jack Thorne spoke of its resonance in our era of austerit...
Tags: Books, Theatre, Culture, George Orwell, Stage, Charles Dickens, Dickens, Jack Thorne, GK Chesterton, Simon Russell Beale, Nicholas Hytner, Bridge theatre, LondonSimon Russell Beale, Simon Russell Beale Patsy Ferran, Eben Figueiredo

Noël Coward's private lives: the photographs that could have landed him in jail

A newly discovered album contains intimate, joyful glimpses of the playwright drinking, partying and holidaying with his famous friends and lovers. The result is an astonishing insight into gay life in the interwar yearsIn 1931, Noël Coward was the highest-earning author in the western world, celebrated for his scintillating comedies and sensational dramas of hidden love such as The Vortex, Private Lives and Easy Virtue. As well as writing hit songs, musicals, novels and short stories, he painte...
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Craig Revel Horwood: 'I'm a baddie in panto but on Strictly I'm just being honest'

The Strictly Come Dancing judge reveals which contestant surprised him the most and why he’s looking forward to getting booed twice a day in Robin Hood You’re a panto regular – what do you enjoy most about it?I love live theatre – it’s where I started my career back home in Australia and I got into it as soon as I arrived in the UK. As much as I love my screen career, you simply can’t beat helping an audience to suspend their disbelief for a few hours and enjoy a shared experience live and in re...
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Fine Young Cannibal Roland Gift: 'I went back to where being pretty didn't matter'

He was ‘the first black punk in Hull’ and was named one of the world’s 50 most beautiful people. But the singer turned his back on pop stardom. He reveals why he’s returning with a gritty musical about a band called The BlacksThere are no film posters up in Roland Gift’s house in Holloway, London, and the platinum discs are all packed away. It’s a home that gives few clues to the remarkable life story the 59-year-old is about to recount: how the “first black punk in Hull” went on to become an in...
Tags: Music, Film, Theatre, Gift, Culture, Atlantic, Stage, Cannibal Roland Gift, Roland Gift, Holloway London

The Prom review – is Ryan Murphy's musical the first film of the Biden era?

Taste the treacle as Nicole Kidman’s Broadway liberals rebuke a rural high school – and learn a few things about themselvesLike High School Musical on some sort of absinthe/Xanax cocktail, The Prom is an outrageous work of steroidal show tune madness, directed by the dark master himself, Ryan “Glee” Murphy, who is to jazz-hands musical theatre what Nancy Meyers is to upscale romcom or Friedrich Nietzsche to classical philology.Meryl Streep and James Corden play Dee Dee Allen and Barry Glickman, ...
Tags: Musicals, Kerry Washington, Film, Theatre, Indiana, Culture, Nicole Kidman, Television & radio, Meryl Streep, Stage, Broadway, Biden, James Corden, Barry, Ryan Murphy, Elisabeth Moss

Sets appeal: staggering designs for theatre and dance – in pictures

We mine the archive of Guardian photographer Tristram Kenton for the great creations of designers including Tim Yip, Rae Smith and Tom Scutt Continue reading...
Tags: Design, Theatre, Dance, Culture, Art and design, Stage, Es Devlin, Tristram Kenton, Tom Scutt, Miriam Buether, Bunny Christie, Rae Smith, Tim Yip Rae Smith

Caught in time’s current: Margaret Atwood on grief, poetry and the past four years

In an exclusive new poem and essay Margaret Atwood reflects on the passing of time and how to create lasting art in a rapidly changing worldRead Dearly by Margaret AtwoodI can say with a measure of certainty – having consulted my poor excuse for a journal – that my poem “Dearly” was written in the third week of August 2017, on a back street of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, with either a pencil or a rollerball (I’d have to check that) on some piece of paper that may have been anything from an old e...
Tags: Books, Poetry, Theatre, Culture, Stage, William Shakespeare, Margaret Atwood, Tennyson, Chaucer, Margaret AtwoodI, Stratford Ontario Canada

Wole Soyinka to publish first novel in almost 50 years

Chronicles of the Happiest People on Earth will be released this year, with the 86-year-old author also planning fresh theatre work after ‘continuous writing’ in lockdownWole Soyinka has used his time in lockdown to write his first novel in almost 50 years.The Nigerian playwright and poet, who became the first African to win the Nobel prize for literature in 1986, published his widely celebrated debut novel, The Interpreters, in 1965. His second and most recent novel, Season of Anomy, was releas...
Tags: Books, Fiction, Nigeria, Africa, Theatre, World news, Culture, Stage, Wole Soyinka, Soyinka, Anomy

The Nepalese play letting the crowd reimagine the ending – and their lives

Familiar issues of discrimination and child marriage are being taken to the stage through interactive theatre in remote villagesHigh in the mountains of a remote village in western Nepal – a region once home to a fierce Maoist insurgency – a large crowd is gathering.Women arrive with babies strapped to their fronts; children sit at the edge of the makeshift stage; local officials take up ad hoc seats. Not only is this the first time a play has been performed here – it is the first time a vehicle...
Tags: Women, Theatre, World news, Culture, South and Central Asia, Nepal, Stage, Global development, Sexual Violence

A revolution is sweeping through Japan's Takarazuka Music School

This month the school scrapped several longstanding and unwritten rules that governed the behaviour of students for decadesFor more than a century the Takarazuka Music School has transformed thousands of young women from unpolished amateurs into accomplished singers, dancers and actors who perform to sell-out audiences with kitsch adaptations of everything from Japanese manga to classic western novels.But the school, based in the Japanese hot spring resort from which it takes its name, is not ju...
Tags: Japan, Theatre, World news, Culture, Stage, Takarazuka Music School

We Are a Family

Long ago, in New Line's early days, there was a group of us who hung out together socially a lot, most of us gay men, and the weirdest topics would come up in our conversation. I mean, weird. One of my favorite topics was Collective Nouns. There are some really funny ones in our language. We all know it's a gaggle of geese, a herd of buffalo, and many of us have heard of a murder of crows. But have you heard of an ambush of tigers? A bloat of hippopotamuses? A business of ferrets?My little gang...
Tags: Theatre, Live, Stage, Scott Miller, Broadway Musical, Musical Theater, Musical Theatre

'I felt unwanted': Zodwa Nyoni on the immigration tales behind Nine Lives

The playwright’s monologue, staged at the Bridge theatre, reflects the anger and pain of refugees and asylum seekersMy family migrated from Zimbabwe to England in the late 90s. Most of my teens and all of my 20s were shaped by applying for residency. I spent a lot of time feeling unwanted despite giving back to communities and to the arts, representing the UK at international poetry festivals and exchanges, and contributing to the landscape of British theatre.In 2014, I was commissioned to write...
Tags: UK, England, Africa, Theatre, UK News, World news, Immigration and asylum, Culture, Stage, Home Office, Zimbabwe, Glasgow, Leeds, Ishmael, Oran Mor, Zodwa Nyoni

Alex Winter: 'I had extreme PTSD for many, many years. That will wreak havoc'

He is starring in a new Bill & Ted movie and releasing a documentary about child actors. The film-maker discusses the abuse he experienced as a young performer, his close friendship with Keanu Reeves – and why he quit actingBy the age of 12, Alex Winter knew both the highs and horrors of life as a child actor. Three years into his career, he was sharing a Broadway stage with Yul Brynner in The King and I. “But at the same time,” he says, “I was dealing with really intense and prolonged abuse.“Th...
Tags: Children, Film, Theatre, World news, Culture, Stage, Broadway, Sexual Harassment, Keanu Reeves, Yul Brynner, Bill Ted, Alex Winter, MeToo Movement

'I go out to the beach to dance': Australian artists contemplate their lives – and careers – post Covid

From Twitch streams to audiobook recordings, performers across the arts have had to find new ways to create – and new career avenues for the futureHobart, Tasmania Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Comedy, Theatre, Australia news, Dance, Culture, Stage, Tasmania, Coronavirus outbreak

Diary of a socially distanced director: how I staged a play in Tokyo – from London

When Lindsay Posner was asked to direct a production of Twelve Angry Men from his home in the UK, with a Japanese cast in Tokyo, he took a giant leap into the unknownReginald Rose’s drama Twelve Angry Men is an American theatre classic that has proved popular with audiences in Japan, where trial by jury was reintroduced in Japan in 2009 for the first time since 1943. Before the pandemic hit, I signed up to direct the play at the Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon, Tokyo, with rehearsals due to begin this ...
Tags: Japan, UK, Technology, London, Theatre, World news, Culture, Asia Pacific, Stage, Tokyo, Acting, Zoom, Lindsay Posner

Christmas Will Be a Little More Broadway This Year!

I got the idea around Christmas time last year.There are a handful of Christmas-themed songs from musicals (and you can hear most of them on the wonderful recording, A Broadway Christmas), but aside from those, the holidays tend to leave Broadway behind for most of us. Well, those of us who don't have Playbill ornaments on our trees (I have a lot). It occurred to me it would be nice to have some Christmas carols for people who love musicals.I know, I know, that's a really weird, random idea. Bu...
Tags: Parody, Theatre, Christmas, Holiday, Stage, Broadway, Mind, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Carol, Hamilton, Bethlehem, Wicked, Broadway Musicals, Lin-manuel Miranda, Tom, Scott

Dartmoor's bronze age burial site inspires community play

Hundreds of local people involved in production of play, Daughters of Sunset, inspired by 2011 discoveryThe discovery of a young bronze age woman’s remains high on a remote Devon hillside has inspired a community play featuring the residents of two moors and also forms the centrepiece of a newly refurbished visitor centre.Hundreds of people, young and old, professional and amateur, have been involved in the production of the play, Daughters of Sunset, which is being performed on Dartmoor and Exm...
Tags: Theatre, UK News, Stage, Archaeology, Devon, Daughters of Sunset

Jude Law: 'When I became a parent, I would cry at anything'

As he plays a troubled dad trapped on a sinister island in The Third Day, the star reveals how the drama unlocked his deepest parenting fears – and shares his worries about its 12-hour, live-action section Osea, a small island off the coast of Britain reached by a causeway, is too unsettling a place to be charming but it is certainly intriguing. Its inhabitants add salt to bottled water to make it palatable. They also wear large fish heads and carry oversized scissors to “cut out” evil from chil...
Tags: Hbo, UK, Television, Drama, Theatre, Culture, Britain, Television & radio, Stage, US television, David Lynch, Jude Law, Naomie Harris, Dennis Kelly, Punchdrunk, Felix Barrett

Belarus Free theatre's rebel troupes stand up to the Lukashenko regime

For 15 years, the acclaimed company has been a voice of dissent. Will it finally perform in a free country?In the 15 years of its existence, the Belarus Free theatre has never had an ordinary season, being forced to perform in makeshift locations as it eked out a clandestine existence under Alexander Lukashenko’s authoritarian rule.But the season due to start in a couple of weeks is the most uncertain yet, as massive protests against Lukashenko’s continued rule rock the country. Will the theatre...
Tags: Europe, Protest, Theatre, World news, Culture, Stage, Belarus, Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko, Lukashenko

'An existential crisis': Belarus Free theatre opens its doors on an uncertain future

For 15 years, the acclaimed company has been a voice of dissent. Will it finally perform in a free country?In the 15 years of its existence, the Belarus Free theatre has never had an ordinary season, being forced to perform in makeshift locations as it eked out a clandestine existence under Alexander Lukashenko’s authoritarian rule.But the season due to start in a couple of weeks is the most uncertain yet, as massive protests against Lukashenko’s continued rule rock the country. Will the theatre...
Tags: Europe, Protest, Theatre, World news, Culture, Stage, Belarus, Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko, Lukashenko

Ruth Mackenzie: the British change-maker sacked by Paris’s artistic elite

Despite fulfilling her brief to bring diversity to the Châtelet Theatre, the veteran director was brusquely dismissed. So what went wrong?When the British arts supremo Ruth Mackenzie was named artistic director of Paris’s Châtelet theatre she thought everyone knew what they were getting.Her pitch for the job, approved by the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, after a gruelling four interview panels, was to reinvent the historic Paris venue – known as “Broadway sur Seine” after the previous director’s...
Tags: Europe, France, Theatre, World news, Culture, Paris, Stage, Broadway, Anne Hidalgo, Ruth Mackenzie

Australian theatres nervously reopen with mandatory masks and temperature checks

Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir and Adelaide’s STCSA are among the main stages pushing ahead. No one expects a profit – and many will take a lossSydney Theatre Company has announced it is ready to open the doors of the Roslyn Packer theatre and present its first show since March.Wonnangatta, a new drama written by the award-winning Melbourne playwright Angus Cerini and featuring the actors Hugo Weaving and Wayne Blair, will play from 21 September to 31 October in a socially distanced production ...
Tags: Theatre, Australia news, Culture, Stage, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Belvoir, Wayne Blair, Coronavirus outbreak, lossSydney Theatre Company, Roslyn Packer, Angus Cerini

'Each day we learn about a new loss': artists unite in blast-hit Beirut

Lebanon’s performers rally to fundraise and tell stories of survival in country devastated by disasterThe deadly explosion in Beirut on 4 August was likened to 15 years of war in 15 seconds by Lebanon’s ambassador to the UN, Amal Mudallali. “It’s been hell,” says Sahar Assaf, an actor, director and professor of theatre at the American University of Beirut. “We’re still in disbelief and trying to fathom what happened. Each day we learn about a new loss, a new story.” Assaf is working to support a...
Tags: Theatre, World news, Culture, Middle East and North Africa, Stage, Un, Beirut, Lebanon, Assaf, American University of Beirut, Beirut explosion, Amal Mudallali, Sahar Assaf

Chariots of Fire actor Ben Cross dies aged 72

The English stage and screen actor, whose credits also include 2009’s Star Trek reboot and First Knight, died in Vienna from illnessBen Cross, star of stage and screen, has died at the age of 72.The actor, best known for his role in Oscar-winning drama Chariots of Fire, died in Vienna from an unspecified illness according to his daughter who confirmed the news on Facebook. Continue reading...
Tags: Television, Film, Theatre, Culture, Vienna, Television & radio, Stage, Facebook Continue, Ben Cross

Bouncing back: European dance is kick-started with huge state support

Dancers are taking tentative steps back to work, giving socially distanced performances outdoors in Germany, France and the Czech RepublicTamas Detrich, director of Germany’s Stuttgart Ballet, had been planning two big programmes of modern ballet for the summer season when the coronavirus crisis hit. “We were on tour, and had to return to Stuttgart,” he remembers. “Then one of our company tested positive. We shut down the whole ballet and went into quarantine. During those first two weeks, we st...
Tags: Europe, UK, Germany, Theatre, World news, Dance, Culture, Stage, Ballet, Stuttgart, Germany France, Stuttgart Ballet, Detrich, RepublicTamas Detrich

Nick Cordero: Broadway star dies aged 41 of coronavirus complications

Tony-nominated actor spent more than 90 days in hospital and had his right leg amputated The Tony award-nominated Broadway actor Nick Cordero, who starred in hit musicals including Waitress, A Bronx Tale and Bullets Over Broadway, has died in Los Angeles from severe medical complications after contracting coronavirus. He was 41.Cordero died on Sunday at Cedars-Sinai hospital after spending more than 90 days in the hospital, according to his wife, Amanda Kloots. “God has another angel in heaven n...
Tags: Theatre, Los Angeles, Culture, Stage, Broadway, NICK, Tony, Cordero, Nick Cordero, Amanda Kloots, Coronavirus outbreak

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