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Decided to take out some of the black all media paper (Strathmore) and try gouache on it.  Doing a fall scene of leaves and acorns from a photo I found in a magazine (so just for play and learning). It's a bit harder to get coverage over the black but it's a learning experience.   [Author: RH Carpenter]
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Still working on the gouache on black painting - slowly building.  I think gouache is a slower process, but probably more like acrylics and oils in the slow build up to colors, shapes and values.   This is on the Strathmore black mixed media paper. [Author: RH Carpenter]
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While taking a break from the carbon pencil lessons, I'm also following along with the free Strathmore online course on gouache.  I had to buy a set of gouache to use (really!) because I didn't have the colors she uses.  This was a really cheap set I got from Amazon - but the reviews were good so I'm hoping they are good quality (I didn't want to pay $8 a tube for a new set).   I haven't opened them yet but will in the next lesson - which will be painting an eye! Not finished wit...
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The artist and teacher, Val Webb, offers online courses all the time and they are very reasonable in price.  She gives you TONS of information, including printouts to use and lots of good experience in something new.  So I thought I'd try her Carbon Pencil class - it's the garden pollinator class using carbon pencils and a graphite I'd never heard of = a 9XXB.  I had most of the materials she's using so I didn't have to invest too much in it other than the cost for the course.  Check out her web...
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If you're interested in getting your feet wet with gouache, Strathmore is having an online mini-workshop starting September 3rd.  Here is the link. I'm signed up to try it.  I've always been interested in gouache on kraft paper or colored paper - and could use some pointers on how best to blend and layer it.   [Author: RH Carpenter]
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India ink in my Strathmore sketchbook.  It bleeds through a bit - and then you can create something differnt from the bleed through on the other side - like this next one :) A Picasso-ish creation?  This one on the back of the previous inked one but this one using charcoal. (Have you been watching the NatGeo series Genius: Picasso?  What an ass the man was!! ) Charcoal in the sketchbook. Again, the the sketchbook but using charcoal and conte crayons (chalk) along with blue pencil. ...
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Lack of focus? (Anniversary card for Sweetie!) Or just trying out the new paper I got (Strathmore 400 series mixed media)? Fluid acrylics on the 400 series paper.  (Not great - not even good, but I would need more experience with the acrylics to get better.) This one is better, but I just sponged on the top shape of the tree in 3-4 colors.   Perhaps I need to stick with the birds?  Okay, more of them...
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Just a couple of cards from Sweetie's photos of Costa Rica nature. There are 50 species of hummingbirds in Costa Rica and Sweetie saw quite a few.  This handsome fellow is the Fiery-throated Hummingbird. This is a Red-rumped Trogon (I think).  I like the black body with the bits of bright red on it.  Can't find it in any of the small, travel books of Costa Rica Birds, though.  Could it be their version of a Red-winged Blackbird? These are on Strathmor...
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Painting in the Strathmore Visual Journal #90 (it holds up well to collaging and to using acrylics and stamping. Painting a pretty girl from imagination, along with Tamara LaPorte.  Using watercolor paint and markers of all kinds (the kinds that bleed and run). This little clown showed up the next day as I took out the paints and markers again. And children's book illustrator, Nina Rycroft, showed us how she creates her characters from referen...
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Continuing to work in my various sketchbooks (Strathmore Visual Journals, both 140# and 90#, as well as a plain paper sketchbook 6 x 9 inches using light-weight paper).  Some of the videos from the Sketchbook Revival are sooo inspiring and interesting and others don't move me much, but it's still interesting to see other artist's sketchbooks (and see how many some artists have created over the years)! These are in the 90# sketchbook using acrylics to lay down color on the pages - from the vi...
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I like the texture and the way the paint sits on the paper in this journal.  I bought 2 of the 140# Strathmore journals (for wet media) and 1 of the 90# (for sketching/drawing only).   The following are all in my Strathmore Visual Journal, 140# watercolor paper (9 x 12 inches).   Some of the sketches/drawings/paintings were done when I was taking a Val Webb class in painting birds.  The others are from the Sketchbook Revival course hosted by Karen Abend.I'll share more sketches as I go al...
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Strathmore - Chief Executive Officer

Strathmore, a Montgomery County nonprofit multidisciplinary arts center, seeks a visionary, expansive, ethical, and collaborative Chief Executive Officer to partner with its board of directors to advance the organization's overall success and sustainability. The CEO will be the organization's chief spokesperson in clearly articulating Strathmore’s mission, vision, and values that guide the growth, public image, and increased brand awareness of the organization regionally and nationally. Organiza...
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We all know that art supplies are not cheap - so it's always great to get a gift card for a birthday or Christmas present.  Then you can spend a few minutes choosing some new art supplies (or replacing those things you have about exhausted in your kit).  So for my birthday, I got a gift card from Dick Blick Art Supplies - and bought some replacement pigment (2) and a new watercolor block I've never tried, and 3 new brushes.  I had to kick in a bit of $ for the final cost, but it was fun pi...
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Peg and Awl Tiny Book Necklaces - Made with...

Peg and Awl Tiny Book Necklaces - Made with Various found antique leathers and hand-torn, hand-stitched, line-free Strathmore drawing paper. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Entering Botanical Exhibitions and Society Membership

Last week I wrote about my painting, Fritillaria imperialis 'Rubra' being accepted for the ASBA 19th Annual International. This got me to thinking about the process of entering exhibitions and applying to Botanical Societies for Membership. I know that I've made some mistakes over the years but I've also been accepted into a few good shows and Societies, such as the Hunt and the Sydney Florilegium as well as being being a SBA member and exhibitor with the RHS. So I thought I'd write down my thou...
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Inspiration Lost and Found

How to rediscover inspiration and creativity when it eludes you… It rolled in like a dense fog. Casting a blanket over my brain, like the thick mist that rolls in off the ocean, curling over rooftops, creeping down streets… when hot meets cool, elements colliding. Clouding through-ways, clouding my vision. Thoughts coming to a halt, refusing to move forward. Stuck. Panic sets in, my desperation for ideas to appear the very thing keeping them at bay. Forced actions, pinched writing, a twitch...
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