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Backdrops to a riot: JR on how his confrontational street art went global

His portraits of his Paris neighbourhood summed up its residents’ anger. Now his subversive installations straddle borders, float on boats and envelop favelas. We speak to the elusive artist“I didn’t spend enough time in school for any of the teachers to remember me. The only role models I had were the guys in the neighbourhood doing graffiti,” reflects JR, on his journey from street-smart tagger to world-famous conceptual artist. “I guess what’s nice is now, at 38, I can tell my mother I am not...
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Calls for Keith Haring mural to stay at Barcelona site being turned into care home

Artwork in building slated for demolition faces uncertain future, though city has pledged to save itIt all began one February night in 1989. Cesar de Melero was DJing in the Ars Studio club in Barcelona when someone told him that the artist Keith Haring was outside but the doorman wouldn’t let him in.“The place was packed, so I put on a record and pushed through the crowd,” De Melero told the Guardian. “And there he was with his saintly, innocent face and I told the doorman to let him in and I s...
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Mohamed Bourouissa on France’s identity crisis: ‘We’ve got catching up to do!’

The French Algerian artist uses photography, rap music and the frequencies of trees in his quest to shine a light on marginalised communities. Now he’s preparing for his first solo UK showIn early 2020, when Dave was making British history by triumphing at both the Brits and Mercury music prizes, the equivalent awards in France were making headlines for all the wrong reasons. That year’s Victoires de la Musique featured no headline prizes for a black or Arab rapper. “Domestic rap has become the ...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Music, UK, France, Africa, Race, Society, World news, Dave, Culture, Middle East and North Africa, Art and design, Hip-hop, Installation

Crude, obscene and extraordinary: Jean Dubuffet’s war against good taste

He was the inventor of ‘art brut’ who rebelled against his parents, his teachers and then art itself. Yet the impact of his wild provocative paintings, often culled from graffiti, can still be seen todayWhich great artist of the 20th century has been most influential on the 21st? Neither Picasso nor Matisse, as they have no heirs. And not Marcel Duchamp, however much we genuflect before his urinal. No, the artist of the last century whose ideas are everywhere today was a wine merchant who took s...
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Fantastic new Banksy video narrated by Bob Ross

On Monday, anonymous street artist Banksy's latest artwork appeared on an outside wall of the former Reading Prison in Berkshire, England. Banksy confirmed the work was this in this brilliant video narrated by Bob Ross. Activists are lobbying for the Reading Prison to be transformed into an arts center rather than be sold to commercial housing developers. — Read the rest
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‘It’s a funeral march’: French artist JR’s powerful eulogy for Australia's Murray-Darling

Exclusive: The street artist’s latest work saw 60 people parade through Lake Cawndilla in NSW, holding aloft enormous portraits of local farmers and leaders as they fight to save Australia’s vital river systemThe mood around Lake Cawndilla in western New South Wales on Saturday is funereal but defiant, as a procession of around 60 locals parade through scrub and sand around its banks.They carry between them a series of 30m-long cloth figures: three local citrus farmers and prominent Baakandji ar...
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Uffizi Gallery acquires street art piece from London artist Endless

Self-portrait featuring his trademark ‘crotch grab’ figure will be first work by a street artist in Italian galleryThe Uffizi Gallery, renowned for its Renaissance collection of Botticellis and Michelangelos, has acquired a work by a British street artist who began spray-painting in London a decade ago.The gallery in Florence unveiled a self-portrait by the UK-based artist Endless on Monday. The montage, a comment on advertising and consumer culture, will become the first piece by a street artis...
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The more satirical street murals are, the less they resemble great art

Street art that we share online tends to be inspiring – not strange, enigmatic or challengingWhatever you think of street art, there’s no denying its pedigree. The paintings done on cave walls 30,000 years ago are today acknowledged as the first creative triumph of the human mind. But before their modern recognition as prehistoric wonders, these pictures of mammoths and bison were dismissed by Renaissance cavers who came across them as crude contemporary graffiti. That’s because graffiti were as...
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By the homes of Degas and Renoir, Paris street artists face a lonely struggle

A bustling Belle Epoque square has fallen silent, bringing hard times to today’s paintersIn normal times Paris’s famous Place du Tertre – the “artists’ square” – is packed with tourists and visiting out-of-towners, even on a chilly January afternoon. In the time of coronavirus, however, the square, home to painters, portraitists, caricaturists and silhouette artists, is almost entirely deserted.The cafes and brasseries are closed, their terrace chairs chained up, and only a handful of the more o...
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Kenji Chai × BOLDR Venture Chaigo Limited Edition Watch Is Joy Manifested

Limited edition watches come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they come from a good place, sometimes it is clear they don’t. When I first heard about the Kenji Chai × BOLDR Venture Chaigo Limited Edition I took a moment to get my head around it. While Swatch […] Visit Kenji Chai × BOLDR Venture Chaigo Limited Edition Watch Is Joy Manifested to read the full article.
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Brighton mural of Churchill in suspenders given reprieve

Council was set to paint over it because of wartime PM’s V-sign rather than his lingerieA rainbow mural of seven Winston Churchills wearing stockings and suspenders which prompted a complaint from the local council because of the wartime prime minister’s trademark V-sign is to be allowed to remain in place.The artwork, which appeared on the wall of the Sandpiper guest house on one of Brighton’s busiest streets, was the subject of a council complaint over Churchill’s two-fingered victory sign, wh...
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Brighton mural of Churchill in stockings and suspenders given reprieve

Council was set to paint over it because of wartime PM’s V-sign rather than his lingerieA rainbow mural of seven Winston Churchills wearing stockings and suspenders which prompted a complaint from the local council because of the wartime prime minister’s trademark V-sign is to be allowed to remain in place.The artwork, which appeared on the wall of the Sandpiper guest house on one of Brighton’s busiest streets, was the subject of a council complaint over Churchill’s victory sign, which he used t...
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Virtually Visit Black Lives Matter Street Art

One enduring element of social movements is street art. Stories are told, lives are honored, and activism promoted through murals and graffiti. In recent months (and years), anti-racist protesters have produced a large swath of street art on walls and sidewalks across the country, and you can now visit many of those…Read more...
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Palestinians stage surprise 'thank you' event for Banksy in Bethlehem

Photographs of works go on display in Manger Square to celebrate British street artist’s contribution to diversifying tourismPhotographs of 20 pieces of Banksy’s artwork in Palestine have been displayed in the centre of Bethlehem as a thank you to the anonymous British street artist for helping diversify tourism in the city.The images were collated by Palestinian photographers for the surprise exhibition in Manger Square. Continue reading...
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Paint me up before you go-go: London borough to get George Michael mural

No, it’s not a careless whisper: a nine-metre-high image of the singer, by artist Dawn Mellor, is set to adorn BrentTurn a different corner in the London borough of Brent from September and you’ll be confronted with the strangest thing: a nine-metre mural of local hero George Michael.No this isn’t just a careless whisper. British artist Dawn Mellor has been commissioned to paint a permanent public artwork in Kingsbury, celebrating the life of the singer, who grew up in the area. Continue reading...
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Banksy's pro-mask graffiti in London Tube washed away by cleaning crew

Last week, street artist Banksy, disguised as a London Underground cleaner, painted an excellent artwork inside a train car urging people to wear face coverings due to COVID-19. Video below. Turns out though, an actual cleaning crew wiped away the work shortly after it was created. From CNN: The work was removed "some days ago" because it was in violation of [Transport for London]'s "strict anti-graffiti policy," a spokesperson for the transportation agency said in a statement. Even th...
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Artlords, not warlords – how Kabul's artists battle for the streets

Muralists are covering the Afghan capital’s blast walls with agitprop imagery and calling out corruptionFrom the killing of George Floyd in the US and the drowning of Afghan refugees in Iran, to the signing of the US-Taliban agreement towards peace and brutal murder of a Japanese aid worker, a group of Afghan artists have taken paintbrushes to adorn Kabul’s grey blast walls with vivid imagery.The barriers have been transformed into politically inspired murals, which the artists hope will create ...
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Banksy creates mask-themed work on London Underground

Coronavirus-inspired stencils on tube train feature rats with surgical face masks and hand sanitiserCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageBanksy has entered the mask debate with his latest typically playful work: a series of stencils on the London Underground that feature his trademark rats struggling to come to terms with surgical masks.In a video posted on his Instagram page, the street artist is seen entering an underground train carriage while dressed as a member of the...
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Color is not a crime: New York's Black Lives Matter street art

Across the US, artists have responded to the death of George Floyd and the ensuing protests with impactful and urgent work. In New York, artworks have appeared supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and remembering the deaths of, among others, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain and Eric Garner Continue reading...
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Unleash your inner da Vinci with these art and science drawing lessons

Masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper followed countless hours of anatomical studies.Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated by the human form.The Complete Creative Art & Science of Drawing Bundle teaches you how to draw human bodies, heads, and more. Fans of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper are captivated by Leonardo da Vinci's exceptional eye for human forms. Those masterpieces followed countless hours of anatomical studies. Da Vinci was fascinated by the human form, most famously exp...
Tags: Art, Science, Painting, Culture, Animation, Innovation, Street Art, Da Vinci, Leonardo da Vinci, Science And Art, Vinci, Human body

Smashed window in Memphis brilliantly labeled as artwork

"Lost a window to the riot, didn't lose an opportunity," writes Memphis resident Tagawat on r/Memphis. (Thanks, Jeff Cross!)
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Banksy installed a stunning artwork in a hospital; its auction will raise money for healthcare

Banksy hung this stunning painting in the foyer of Southampton General Hospital's emergency department. Apparently the installation of the framed, one meter square artwork was completed in cahoots with the hospital management. Video below. Banksy left a note that reads, "Thanks for all you're doing. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if its only black and white." According to the BBC, "the painting will remain at Southampton General Hospital until the autumn when it will be au...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Charity, Bbc, NHS, Healthcare, Artists, Banksy, Street Art, Southampton General Hospital, UK s National Health Service

Fascinating short doc about Keith Haring's mural in Melbourne and its stolen signature

In 1984, pioneering street artist Keith Haring painted a mural in Collingwood, Melbourne at a school there. Today, that mural is only one of 31 Haring murals that still exist, but it was almost lost to time and controversy. Above is "Keith Haring Uncovered," a documentary telling the story of Haring's time down under and what happened after he was gone. From CityLab: Collingwood was an industrial, blue-collar neighborhood when Haring arrived, but gentrification has swept through rec...
Tags: Art, Video, News, Amsterdam, Artists, Melbourne, Street Art, Graffiti, Collingwood, Keith Haring, Haring, Collingwood Melbourne, Victorian Heritage Register, Creative Victoria, Antonio Rava

When Banksy has to work from home

"My wife hates it when I work from home," writes Banksy on Instagram.
Tags: Art, Post, News, Illustration, Artists, Banksy, Street Art, Graffiti

Coronavirus street art - in pictures

Covid-19 is the subject of topical, colourful and attention-grabbing street art, whether it is for artistic, educational or political ends Continue reading...
Tags: Art, UK News, World news, Street Art, Coronavirus outbreak

Lisbon's outdoor art gallery – in pictures

Street art has transformed Quinta do Mocho, an area once plagued by crime and unemployment Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, World news, Culture, Art and design, Portugal, Street Art, Lisbon, Quinta, Mocho

Invader's "Rubik Mona Lisa," made from hundreds of Rubik's Cubes, expected to get $166,000 at auction

"Rubik Mona Lisa" (2005) by legendary French street artist Invader, is expected to sell for around $166,000 at a forthcoming auction. Made from more than 300 Rubik's Cubes, it's the centerpiece of Artcurial's "Urban Art" sale taking place on February 23. Invader first experimented with what he calls Rubikcubism in 2004 and has since created many other works including iconic videogame characters and representations of classical paintings by Alain Jacquet and Gustave Courbet. Invader writes: ...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Auctions, Street Art, Mona Lisa, Urban Art, Rubik's cube, Invader, Rubik Mona Lisa, Alain Jacquet, Gustave Courbet Invader

Welsh first minister defends locking away Banksy mural

Port Talbot artwork Season’s Greetings removed from public display after brief showingThe Welsh first minister has defended his government’s handling of the festive Banksy work Season’s Greetings, which is to be locked behind closed doors in a former police station after being briefly put on show to the public.Mark Drakeford said the Welsh government had preserved the Banksy, which appeared on a steelworker’s garage in Port Talbot just before last Christmas, and continued to work on the best way...
Tags: Art, Politics, Wales, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Banksy, Street Art, Welsh politics, Port Talbot, Mark Drakeford

'We were lawless!' Banksy's photographer reveals their scams and scrapes

Steve Lazarides was the art renegade’s strategist, photographer and minder. As his shots are published, he recalls the politics, parties and soaring price tags of ‘Matey Boy’One Christmas, Steve Lazarides and Banksy decided to kill Santa. “Reject false icons,” read the slogan hastily spray painted across their shopfront, behind a highly festive effigy they had created of Father Christmas dangling from a noose. Dotted around were signs intended to lure passersby into their shop, in the hope that ...
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Interview: Artist Hebru Brantley on the Opening of Chicago’s Nevermore Park

Part art exhibition, part theater, the project aims to represent and attract people who rarely visit galleries Hebru Brantley‘s work spans various mediums. His iconographic style centers on two characters: Flyboy and Lil Mama. He’ll plaster them as massive murals on the sides of buildings, paint them on canvas, collaborate on sculptures of them, and more. In the sub-10 years of their existence, Flyboy and …
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