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How Exactly Do You Define ‘Camp’? You Shouldn’t Even Try (Sorry, Susan Sontag)

“Camp, an agent of nonsense, resists this exercise. Or actually, like a child, kind of ignores it and wanders elsewhere.” J. Bryan Lowder takes it as a basic principle that camp is, or ought to be, fun — and whatever Sontag’s “Notes on Camp” is, fun it ain’t. “One can walk out of Sontag’s brain and into a less oppressive headspace. One can have a relationship with camp not marked by acrimony. But getting there requires recognizing how we got here.” So Lowder does some deep-diving — well, Slip ‘...
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Turns Out Susan Sontag’s Actual First Book Was The One Her Husband Put His Name On And Made His Career With

A new biography by Benjamin Moser argues, citing previously unreleased correspondence as well as textual analysis, that Philip Rieff’s Freud: The Mind of the Moralist, which launched his academic career, was actually written (or rewritten) by Sontag, who had married Rieff when she was 17 — and that she relinquished rights to the book as part of her divorce settlement in order to avoid a custody fight over her son. – The Guardian
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Maya Turovskaya, ‘The Soviet Susan Sontag’, Dead At 94

She co-wrote the famous documentary Ordinary Fascism, which was seen by millions of ordinary Soviet citizens (and got past the censors because it was, on the surface, about the Nazis), but she spent most of her career as a widely admired theatre and film critic, “writing cultural criticism that was erudite and cleareyed — and that managed not to outrage the Soviet authorities.” – The New York Times
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Where’s Cher? Is Mackie Too Tacky? Metropolitan Museum Goes “Camp” for Costume Institute Show

The Metropolitan Museum has just announced that its next Costume Institute extravaganza will be Camp: Notes on Fashion, May 9-Sept. 8, 2019. (Rest in Peace, Susan Sontag.) But Cher, with a show about to open on Broadway, doesn’t seem to be involved, and how can the Costume Institute have a show like this with none of the gowns Bob Mackie designed for her?
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A Look At Susan Sontag’s FBI File (She Was A ‘Subversive’)

“As a prolific social critic covering topics from AIDS to American interventionism, Susan Sontag seemed almost fated to run afoul of the Bureau. Although her association with the ‘New Left’ of the 1960s first put her on the FBI’s radar, it was her writing in opposition to the Vietnam war that earned her her own investigation and the personal attention of no less than Director J. Edgar Hoover.”
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How Susan Sontag Staged ‘Waiting For Godot’ In War-Torn Sarajevo

Twenty-five years ago this Friday, Sontag’s production of Beckett’s play premiered in the besieged, hungry, surrounded-by-snipers Bosnian capital. Two actors who participated and a local journalist who was there recall how it happened.
Tags: Art, Theatre, Sarajevo, Beckett, Susan Sontag, Sontag, 08.15.18

Here Are Your Design Education Initiative Honorees for the 2018 Core77 Design Awards

Design Education Initiative : A for profit or nonprofit-education partnership initiative, or an initiative undertaken by an educational institution that utilizes the ideals of design thinking. Examples include, but are not limited to: workshops, class projects, institutional programs, print and/or digital campaigns, education-driven exhibitions, online learning initiatives, toolkits, strategy documents, etc. This year's Design Education Initiative Jury Team was led by Susie Wise, Strategic Advis...
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Reconsidering Susan Sontag - Separating A Legend From Her Work

Sontag the personality has grown so large in death that it threatens to eclipse her work: She is remembered as a narcissist, a pugilist, the enemy of Camille Paglia, and a genius.
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The Fiction of the Science: A Meditation on How Artists & Storytellers Can Advance Technology

In elementary school, a playful teacher gave us an assignment. Everyone was to dream up some sort of amazing invention, then draw both a design and an advertisement for it. It seemed most of my classmates were primed for a future in which sneakers would come equipped with fully operational, built-in wings. I succumbed to peer pressure and turned in an ad showing a laughing, airborne boy, taunting an earthbound adult by dangling his be-winged sneaker-clad foot just a few inches out of...
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Has The Internet Finally Put An End To Old-Style Critics?

"While critics may continue to exist, the conditions that allow them to reach and effect an audience have been eroded. Arts coverage, no matter the medium, is largely reduced to quick responses to what’s new this week. There are exceptions of course, but can you imagine an hour-long conversation between John Berger and Susan Sontag being broadcast on Channel 4 today?"
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Critic, Writer John Berger, 77 - Questioned Relationship Between Art And Society

Susan Sontag once described Berger as peerless in his ability to make “attentiveness to the sensual world” meet “imperatives of conscience”. Jarvis Cocker, to mark a recent book of essays about Berger, said: “There are a few authors that can change the way you look at the world through their writing and John Berger is one of them.”
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Annie Leibovitz Continuing ‘Women’ Project

Photographer Annie Leibovitz is adding to her Women photography project with a new book, continuing the over 15-year venture she started with her late partner, critic Susan Sontag.  “It really resonated,” Ms. Leibovitz said, although “the project was never done.” Read more at NYT
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The Little Journal Of Theatre Criticism That Could, Now Turning 40

“That was before email. Our writers would come in and drop the text off at our offices — Susan Sontag came by to bring the intro to a volume of plays by Maria Irene Fornes; agents came, artists. They all came to deliver their articles and plays and we’d talk for a long time. I […]
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