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High-rise living in Utrecht to be transformed by a sustainable vertical village

A trio of high rises are expected to outreach Utrecht, Netherlands’ tallest building and be a beacon of sustainable urban living in the historic city. The MARK Vertical Village, designed by a consortium of architects and developers, won a recent high-rise development contest and the team plans to break ground starting in 2021. The residential buildings will surround an urban forest and feature extensive greenhouses at their pinnacles. Urban agriculture will also be integrated into every level,...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Urban Design, Paris, Netherlands, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Sustainable Design, Affordable Housing, High-rise, Mark, Utrecht Netherlands, Schulze, Vertical Village, Mark Vertical Village, Dom Tower

Thors Design's Furniture Made from Decommissioned Wharves

For maximum sustainability, we ought be making our new products out of our old garbage. The problem is that most garbage is, well, garbage.So what would be ideal, is if we could find a discarded material that was still sturdy, workable and attractive. Designer/builder Carsten Thor has found one such material. Thor's native country of Denmark, peninsular as it is, is littered with decommissioned wharves. Although their utility has declined, the incredibly tough wood used to build them--African Az...
Tags: Design, Denmark, Thor, Sustainable Design, Furniture Design, Carsten Thor, Merrild Studios

Students Invent Machine to Harvest Microplastic from Beaches

Here's a sobering fact pointed out by a team of students in Canada: Every piece of plastic that has ever been manufactured is still somewhere on Earth. (Actually that's not entirely true; we've probably managed to launch some of it into space on now-derelict satellites.) Rather than biodegrading, plastic simply breaks down into smaller and smaller particles over time, and that's when real trouble starts. It's relatively easy for a plogger to pick up a plastic bottle on a beach; it's not so ea...
Tags: Design, Canada, Hawaii, Sustainable Design, Kamilo Beach, University of Sherbrooke Here

Polar Bear Paws Have Non-Slip Grips, and Other Natural Solutions You Can Integrate Into Your Designs

Turns out that polar bear paws naturally have an excellent non-slip grip. Most of us know that nature has already come up with an endless supply of brilliant design solutions, just waiting to be integrated into your designs. The problem is that you have to be exposed to nature in the first place in order to learn about them. The inventor of Velcro famously got the idea for it after walking his dog through a field full of burrs. This biomechanical researcher discovered that cat's tongues can ac...
Tags: Design, Sustainable Design, Biomimicry Institute

2018's Best Sustainable Design Developments and Trends

This year we've seen a lot of environmental rollbacks in the U.S., the result of a government that isn't terribly concerned with sustainability. So it's more important than ever that designers, researchers and scientists continue developing new solutions to extend the life of our planet. Here are some of the best sustainable design developments we've seen in the last 12 months, some of them quite quirky, but all of them green in some way: New Swedish Fitness Trend, "Plogging," Combines Jogging w...
Tags: Design, Norway, Honda, Sustainable Design, Don, Ronny Chieng, Rescue Organization, Plastic Storage

Housing pods made of recycled plastic offer an alternative to festival tent waste

Outdoor festivals and events have been popular across the world since the days of Roman gladiators and for good reason. They are a great way to enjoy music, art and other entertainment while being surrounded by nature. Unfortunately, festivals are also associated with a lot of waste. One company, Above All C6(n), is leading efforts to find a solution for the temporary tent accommodations that often get left behind at these events. With the knowledge that thousands of tents get tossed after majo...
Tags: Design, Interviews, Festival, Festivals, Music Festivals, Pod, Zero Waste, Sustainable Design, Eco Travel, Bex, Recycled Plastic, Charlie Hall, Pods, Pod(o, Above All, C6(n

Off-grid tiny home with beautiful undulating roof was almost entirely built with reclaimed materials

Founded by builder Greg Parham, the team at Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses is already well-known for their tiny home designs. But the Colorado-based company has really outdone themselves with their latest project. The San Juan tiny home on wheels is a gorgeous design with an eye-catching metal roof. More than just aesthetically pleasing, however, the solar-powered tiny home was almost entirely made out of reclaimed wood and built to go off-grid. Of course, the undulating roof made out of corrugat...
Tags: Design, Colorado, Architecture, Gallery, Solar Power, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Tiny House, San Juan, Sustainable Materials, Tiny Home Design, Stephanie, Parham, Minimalist Living, Tiny Homes on Wheels, Greg Parham

Indonesia unveils first zero-waste restaurant built with sustainably sourced materials

Eliminating food waste is an arduous task for restaurants around the world. But one new eatery in Bali, Ijen, has implemented various strategic methods to become Indonesia’s first zero-waste restaurant. In addition to only serving sustainably sourced food and providing leftover food scraps to local farms, the forward-thinking restaurant was almost entirely built with reclaimed materials. Ijen is part of the Potato Head Beach Club, which has locations in Jakarta, Bali, Hong Kong and Singapore. ...
Tags: Design, Indonesia, Singapore, Led, Unesco, Food Waste, Sustainable Food, Zero Waste, Jakarta, Sustainable Design, Eat & Drink, Eco Tourism, Potato Head Beach Club, Ijen, Sustainable Restaurants, Ijen Restaurant

LEED-targeted Monroe Blocks breaks ground in the heart of Detroit

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects has just broken ground on its first U.S. project, Monroe Blocks, a masterplan that the international architecture firm has described as “downtown Detroit’s most significant mixed-use development in decades.” Located in the heart of Detroit’s Central Business District, the project will span two city blocks and feature a striking high-rise office tower that will not only be the first of its kind in the downtown area in more than 25 years, but it is also expected t...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Urban Design, Michigan, Brussels, Detroit, Sustainable Design, Masterplan, High-rise, Urban Revitalization, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, SCHMIDT, Monroe, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Greektown

Glass building in China is filled with soaring timber pillars in the shape of trees

Beijing-based firm LUO Studio has unveiled a beautiful, all-glass headquarters for an eco-farm operator in China’s Henan province. The transparent Longfu Life Experience Center features a spectacular interior comprised of multiple soaring timber “trees” that can be easily reconfigured or dismantled entirely. The modular design not only reflects the current company’s commitment to providing clients with greener lifestyles, but it offers future tenants an adaptable building structure with infinit...
Tags: Design, China, Architecture, Beijing, Gallery, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Timber Architecture, Modular Architecture, Modular Design, Glass Building, Henan, Flexible Architecture, Timber Structures, Flexible Design, Timber Buildings

Mecanoo unveils stunning glass lake house that harmonizes with nature

Dutch firm Mecanoo has just unveiled Villa on the Lake — a stunning example of contemporary home design that sits in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. Tucked against a lake near the U.K. city of Lechlade, the cube-like home features facades of floor-to-ceiling glass panels and a massive rooftop terrace that offers optimal views over the water. At just over 6,000 square feet spanning three floors, the Villa on the Lake is a mammoth of a home. Despite its large size and predominantl...
Tags: Design, Washington, Architecture, Gallery, Villa, Lake, Interior Design, Sustainable Design, Mecanoo, Lechlade, Vacation Homes, MLK Library, Glass Structures, Glass Homes, Lake Homes, Floating Structures

Couple transform old army truck into 72-square-foot off-grid home on wheels

When Tom and Sophie felt the need to travel, they knew they wanted to do it on their own terms. After years of searching for a potential home on wheels that would allow them to travel the world, they finally found their dream home: an old army truck. After purchasing the olive-green lorry, the ambitious couple went about crafting a beautiful off-grid tiny home on wheels that fit their adventurous lifestyle. Tom explains that it was love at first sight when he found the old vehicle on eBay. Aft...
Tags: Europe, Design, Architecture, Gallery, Energy Efficiency, Solar Power, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Tiny House, Off Grid Living, Tom, Sophie, Minimalist Living, Sustainable Living, Tiny Homes on Wheels, Tiny Home Living

Hilarious: Daily Show's Ronny Chieng Gets to the Bottom of Bill Gates' Reinvented Toilet Project

Aside from Japanese manufacturer Toto, toilet design is an area that gets little attention. To us in developed nations, toilets are something we take for granted, and a subset of us that are wealthy can buy fancy ones with heated seats and guided spray nozzles for arse cleaning.For people in developing nations, toilets could mean the difference between life and death. When people have no alternative but to crap into the waterways that they drink from, disease and sickness follow. What's neede...
Tags: Design, Bill Gates, Gates Foundation, Sustainable Design, Ronny Chieng

James Whitaker unveils modular prefab home system that can be 'daisy-chained together'

From crystalline-inspired homes to funky cargotecture office spaces, James Whitaker‘s unique shipping container designs have taken the world by storm. However, the prolific architect is now branching out to design modular homes that not only add more versatility to home design, but can withstand various climates. Whitaker has just unveiled the Anywhere House, a lakeside residence comprised of multiple prefabricated modular units. Slated for completion in 2019, the home will be the first propert...
Tags: Design, California, Architecture, Gallery, Green Building, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Building, Modular Architecture, Prefab Architecture, Prefab Housing, Whitaker, Alberta Canada, James Whitaker, Shipping Container Homes, Modern Home Designs, Lake Homes

Outdoor giant Merrell presents its most sustainable shoe to date

Outdoor apparel leader Merrell has unveiled its most sustainable shoe yet — and not just a single style, but a lineup of both men’s and women’s options. The Gridway collection emphasizes fashion as well as sustainability and targets the less-than-vogue goal in the fast fashion industry to create shoes that last. The Gridway collection offers three styles for both men and women: the Gridway Moc is a slide-on option, the Gridway is a sneaker style and the Gridway Mid brings a bit of height to th...
Tags: Fashion, Design, Clothing, Shoes, Sustainable Fashion, Recycling, Sustainable Design, Recycled Materials, Accessories And Fashion, Eco Textiles, Merrell, Reebok, Sustainable Shoes, Gridway, Strick Walker CMO, Merrell Images

Kickstarter and EDF Team Up to Push for Greener Product Development

How many companies can you think of that launched 9,500 products over the past year? That's the amount that appeared on Kickstarter over that period of time—and in the "Design & Technology" section alone. The company has essentially mastered a method for allowing entrepreneurial designers to realize their visions; now, in a nod to their sheer scale, Kickstarter is focusing on ensuring that they enable goods that are environmentally sound.To do this they've formed a freely-accessible information ...
Tags: Design, Mexico, Kickstarter, EDF, Sustainable Design, Flint Michigan, Center, US Canada, Public Benefit Corporation, Bureo, Perry Chen Kickstarter, Environmental Resource Center, Environmental Defense Fund Genusee, Global Compact, Public Benefit Corporation Kickstarter

1960s home remodeled with energy-efficient and non-toxic hempcrete

When homeowner Pam Bosch was looking for ways to remodel her 1960s home in Bellingham, Washington, she was determined to renovate the older home with energy efficient and non toxic materials. Through her research into various potential sustainable materials, she found that hempcrete, a hemp-based render made out of a mixture of hemp, lime and water, would be the best option. Working in collaboration with Matthew Mead from Hempitecture, the now solar-powered Highland Hemp House was reborn and co...
Tags: Design, Environment, Architecture, Gallery, Energy Efficiency, Construction, Bosch, Home Renovation, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Mead, Bellingham Washington, Matthew Mead, Sustainable Building Materials, Green Building Materials, Hempcrete

A dark, damp house becomes a sustainable, sun-soaked abode

Formerly cold, dim and damp, a terrace house in Northcote, Victoria has been reborn into a vibrant and welcoming dwelling with an emphasis on gardening. Designed by Green Sheep Collective for a client named Jill, the compact project, named Jill’s House, saw a modest expansion of just 22 square meters of space yet gained its bright and spacious feel thanks to a thorough renovation. Created to meet the client’s aspirations for a “very healthy home,” Jill’s House embraces recycled materials, low V...
Tags: Extension, Gardening, Design, Australia, Architecture, Gallery, House, Expansion, Victoria, Passive Solar, Double Glazing, Northcote, Sustainable Design, Recycled Materials, Green Renovation, Jill

3XN unveils a sustainable redesign for the Sydney Fish Market

Danish design practice 3XN has revealed its competition-winning redesign for the Sydney Fish Market, a waterfront marketplace that will undergo a $250 million expansion and, in the process, revitalize the waterfront. Topped with an undulating, wave-inspired roof, the contemporary building will emphasize connections with the outdoors while improving visitor access. Sustainability has also guided the design of the structure, which will feature smart, water-saving strategies including rainwater ha...
Tags: Design, Australia, Architecture, Gallery, Sydney, Denmark, Market, Canopy, Sustainable Design, Contemporary Architecture, Rainwater Harvesting, Modular Design, Sydney Harbor, Waterfront, Wharf, Gray Water Recycling

Here's Your Chance to Visit a Passive House, This Nov. 9th Thru 11th

I live in a 1,200-square-foot two-story house. This summer, on blazing hot days, the entire house was kept cool by a cheap 5,000-BTU air conditioner in one of the upstairs rooms. Ceiling fans downstairs drew the cold air throughout the house. Even when it was 100-plus degrees outside, when you entered the house you were hit with a blast of cold air. Tiny 5,000-BTU A/C (my house) Ceiling fan (my house) Super-thick concrete walls (my house) This is only possible because this energy-efficie...
Tags: Design, Germany, Architecture, Passive House, Sustainable Design, Long Island New York, Greenport, Wayne Turett

Two Farmhands Invent Brilliant Repair Machine, Now Get to Enjoy Fixing, Beers and Traveling

Following my recent move, I've learned that farms have a unique waste situation that doesn't exist in urban life: While farms are filled with tons of useful buildings, tools and infrastructure, the periphery is often a graveyard of discarded materials and broken machinery. In the city we throw these things away or recycle them. But on farms, there's enough room to leave large piles of non-biodegradable garbage for decades, and the eyesore is considered a worthwhile penalty versus the trouble of ...
Tags: Design, Australia, South, Irving, Sustainable Design, Robinson, Dan Robinson, Daryl Irving, Post Straightener

The adorable Acorn tiny cabin is made of wood salvaged from an old mansion

We’ve seen a lot of tiny homes over the years, but the Acorn has to be one the most adorable designs we’ve ever come across. Created by the team from Ojai-based Humble Hand Craft, the sweet tiny home on wheels is built from reclaimed wood and felled trees, including the western cedar shingles that were salvaged from a mansion in Montecito, California. At just 16 feet long and 8.5 feet wide, the Acorn is one seriously tiny home on wheels, but its strategic and space-efficient layout makes the i...
Tags: Design, California, Architecture, Gallery, Salvaged Wood, Sustainable Design, Tiny Homes, Tiny House, Tiny Home On Wheels, Santa Cruz, Reclaimed Wood, Tiny Home Design, Luke Williams, ACORN, Ojai, Minimalist Living

Biophilic dome homes produce more energy than they consume

It’s no secret that the building sector is a resource-intensive industry, but La Mesa, California-based nonprofit Green New World believes that the future of construction can and should be greener, healthier and energy-producing. Green New World created the House of PeacE (also known as Project HOPE), an autonomous and regenerative residential housing model that champions carbon-free living. Combining biophilic design with renewable energy systems and natural materials, Green New World’s first ...
Tags: Design, Interviews, Renewable Energy, Colombia, Gallery, House, Solar Panels, Water Conservation, Carousel Showcase, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Building, Sustainability Initiatives, Energy Conservation, Water Harvesting, House of Peace, Project Hope

Dunkin' Donuts unveils a tiny home powered by recycled coffee grounds

Now this is one sweet tiny home! Dunkin’ Donuts has long claimed that ¨America Runs on Dunkin’,” but now, the company has created a gorgeous tiny home that is truly fueled with coffee. Recently unveiled at NYC’s Madison Square Park, the 275-square-foot “Home That Runs on Dunkin’” is powered entirely by an eco-friendly biofuel created out of recycled coffee grounds. The tiny home project was a collaboration between Dunkin’ Donuts and builder New Frontier Tiny Home. The custom-made home was buil...
Tags: Coffee, Design, NYC, Gallery, Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Olivia Wilde, Biofuel, Sustainable Design, Tiny Homes, Tiny House, Tiny Home, Reclaimed Wood, Tiny Home Design, Dunkin Donuts, Dunkin

Fenik: A Biomimetic, Socially Responsible No-Ice Flatpack Cooler/Refrigerator

To us relatively wealthy Westerners, the obvious application for a cooler is camping. But for folks in developing nations who don't have access to refrigeration, having some means to keep food fresh is a crucial need, not a creature comfort.Enter the Fenik, a clever and biomimetic design for an electricity-free refrigerator. The flatpack device extends into the shape of a cooler. The sidewalls are made from a clever membrane based on the idea of human perspiration, whereby liquid transfers heat ...
Tags: Design, Morocco, Usaid, Sustainable Design, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Yuma, Fenik

V2 Studio's Gorgeous 'First Gear' Remote Control Cork Toys

Having become a parent relatively recently myself, I'm quickly becoming accustomed to the deluge of brightly colored objects that are filling our once minimalist living quarters. Toys are, of course, amongst the worst offenders—many kind and well-meaning family and friends delivering new garish, throw-away plastic play-things with almost conveyor-belt levels of efficiency.It's little wonder then, perhaps, that I swooned a little on first glance of 'First Gear'—a range of remote control toys deve...
Tags: Design, London, Cars, Boats, Toy, Mediterranean, Sustainable Design

This beautiful Washington cabin meets net-zero targets even in extreme temperatures

Nestled in a historic mining area in Washington State’s Cascade Mountains, a holiday retreat offers luxurious comfort without compromising sustainability targets. Despite the region’s freezing cold winters and extremely hot summers, Bainbridge Island-based Coates Design Architects crafted the Tumble Creek Cabin to net-zero energy standards using renewable energy and passive solar strategies, rather than traditional energy consumptive cooling and heating systems. Powered by solar energy, the ene...
Tags: Design, California, Washington, Renewable Energy, Architecture, Gallery, Passive Solar, Solar Panels, Solar Power, Cabin, Carousel Showcase, Sustainable Design, Reclaimed Materials, Green Architecture, Energy Efficient Architecture, Tesla Powerwall

The Micropolis custom net-zero home generates all its own energy

When Cheryl and Ken Serdar saw one of the homes belonging to Micropolis®, a collection of sustainable and contemporary house plans designed by architect Arielle Condoret Schechter, they knew they wanted a custom home based on the original 950-square-foot “Happy Family” plan. Taking into account the couple’s needs for extra space, Schechter designed a 2,222-square-foot dwelling that also offered all of the sustainable and modern design features defined in her Micropolis® line. Located in the Pie...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Energy Efficiency, Passive House, Solar Panels, North Carolina, Carousel Showcase, Sustainable Design, Natural Light, Energy Efficient Architecture, Lightbox, Net-zero Architecture, Natural Ventilation, Net Zero, Cheryl

Bites: Solid Toothpaste Bits That Don't Require Being Squeezed Out of a Tube

Since it turns out that recycling toothpaste tubes isn't always an easy process, here's a good idea: Deliver toothpaste that doesn't need to be squeezed out of a tube in the first place. That's what an L.A.-based startup called The Kind Lab has done, creating their Bite Toothpaste Bits. While Bites are "made with organic plant-based ingredients clinically proven to clean and protect teeth"--there's a complete list of those ingredients on their FAQ page--one conspicuously absent ingredie...
Tags: Design, Sustainable Design, Don

Can You Recycle Toothpaste Tubes?

For years I've thrown my spent toothpaste tubes into the recycling, assuming that since they're plastic and aluminum, they can be recycled. Turns out that's not always the case. "Although squeezable toothpaste tubes are made from plastic, they are difficult to recycle and it is unusual for councils to collect them as part of your recycling collection scheme," writes Recycle Now, England's national recycling program. "This also applies to other squeezable tubes that contain products like hand cre...
Tags: England, Design, RecycleBank, Sustainable Design, Simpson, Colgate, Colgate Palmolive, Ernie Simpson

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