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NASA plans to use mushrooms to build sustainable housing on Mars like this one!

Let’s accept it – climate change is the biggest design problem of our lifetime. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, every brand from fashion to mental health and even construction is incorporating sustainable solutions in their work. In fact, a recent exhibition in Somerset, London was dedicated entirely to “the remarkable mushroom” showcasing its versatility. I am curious how mushrooms are used for construction given that that particular industry contributes to 39% of the world’s carb...
Tags: Energy, Home, Design, Living, Nasa, Earth, Architecture, Biodegradable, Green Building, Packaging, Construction, Mars, Sustainable, Product Design, Eco-friendly, Sustainable Design

Please, I'm Begging You, Take My Plastic Bags

In my apartment, there is a small mountain of plastic bags that my roommates and I continue to reluctantly build upon. Desperate to deal with these wasted bags, I am regularly trying to find different opportunities to reuse them. Of course, I alone will never find ways to reuse all of them. So my mountain of plastic guilt grows ever higher. This might be a familiar feeling for many who are justifiably concerned about the amount of plastic gumming up the gears of the earth. A heap of plastic bags...
Tags: UK, Design, Environmental, Materials, Systems, East London, Sustainable Design, Onni Aho

An automated composting bin that makes living sustainably easy

Want to join the reuse, reduce, recycle gang but overwhelmed about managing trash? Fear not, Sepura’s Home Food Waste device is here to make your 2020 more sustainable! This is currently the only sustainable food waste disposing device on the market that does it all to make food waste management an effortless experience – municipality authorized, septic friendly and self-cleaning!The waste can fit all kitchen sinks and spaces also providing a connection to built-in dishwasher drains that separat...
Tags: Kitchen, Home, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Waste Management, Appliances, Composting, Product Design, Sustainable Design, Waste Removal, Sepura, Smart Appliance, Waste-bin, Smart Design, Compost Bin

As Vienna Shifts Away From Car Mobility, A Car-Free IKEA Appears

It is difficult to imagine an IKEA designed to be accessed by foot. If you live in the US, your image of an IKEA may be like my Midwestern expectations of the furniture superstore: a massive, cubic building, set in the middle of a even larger parking lot, somewhere off of the highway, probably a 30-45 minute drive from the nearest big city. In Europe, however, things are a bit different and for the Austrian capital Vienna, most people living in the center city don't own a car. Which is why IKEA ...
Tags: Europe, UK, Design, US, Earth, Urbanism, Architecture, Vienna, Ikea, Sustainable Design, Querkraft Architekten, IKEA Vienna Westbahnhof

Pilot's Bottle-2-Pen (B2P) is Made From Recycled Water Bottles

Japan-based writing utensil manufacturer Pilot struck upon a cool idea: Why not make pens out of recycled water bottles? Their resultant B2P (Bottle-2-Pen) units come in both gel and ink varieties, made from 89% and 86% recycled plastic bottles, respectively. And they've designed the pens to visually evoke water bottles as well:There's no mention of the pens being recyclable a second time, but they are refillable.A 5-pack of the ink variety is six bucks and change, while the gel 5-packs run clos...
Tags: Japan, Design, Sustainable Design, Sketching, Pen B2P

Italian Couple Restores Stone Medieval Village as a Home, for Just 25,000 Euros

We've all seen our share of home renovations on TV, but you've never seen anything like this. In the Italian countryside lay a ruined, ancient village known as Ghesio, first settled in Roman times and built up in the medieval era. Abandoned sometime in the 19th century, nature reclaimed it. In recent years, a fellow named Maurizio Cesprini and his partner Paola Gardin, an architect, decided to take it back and live there. Kirsten Dirksen of Fair Companies captured some incredible footage of the ...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Sustainable Design, Kirsten Dirksen, Gardin, Ghesio, Maurizio Cesprini, Paola Gardin, Cesprini, Ghesio Cesprini

Tiny prefab cabins in Brazilian forest assembled in under two days

Brazilian architecture firm Porto Quadrado has revealed a serene refuge composed of three prefab cabins tucked into the wilderness of Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul. The Alpes São Chico Housing Complex is comprised of three tiny cabins, all made out of structural insulated panels (SIP), which were assembled on-site in less than two days. The result is a low impact refuge that lets its homeowners reconnect with nature. According to the architects, they were first approached by a family who was looki...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, New Zealand, Brazil, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Minimalist Design, Cabin Design, Prefab Architecture, Rio Grande, Off Grid Cabins, Post-format-gallery, Tiny Cabin Design, Prefab Cabins, Prefab Design

KUKU birdhouses combine sustainability and wildlife protection

Birds play an important role in the environment. They are responsible for dispersing seeds, pollination and pest control. However, urban growth contributes to driving them out of their homes. The KUKU birdhouse offers a solution to the problem in a cute, functional and sustainable design. Designed by Marco Antonio Barba Sánchez, KUKU was created to provide a place for birds to feel protected and to reproduce. The inspiration comes from the realization that bird populations are dropping in many ...
Tags: Design, Environment, Birds, Gallery, Sustainable Design, Parks / Wildlife, Bird Habitat, Wildlife Protection, Marco Antonio Barba Sánchez, Marco Barba, KUKU, Marco Barba Design

Sophisticated, sustainable lakeside cabin showcases the best of Nordic minimalism

With its black-oiled timber cladding, angular zinc roofs and minimalist interior, the 3-Square House by Helsinki-based Studio Puisto is the epitome of Nordic design. Located on the waterfront and surrounded by a dense spruce forest, the home’s walls are punctuated with large vertical windows to create a seamless connection between the interior and the stunning natural surroundings. Located on the waterfront of Lake Saimaa in southeastern Finland, the 3-Square House is surrounded by idyllic natu...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Finland, Helsinki, Sustainable Design, Green Architecture, Minimalist Design, Timber Architecture, Scandinavian Design, Finnish design, Timber Homes, Marc Goodwin, Studio Puisto, Lake Saimaa, Zinc Roofs, 3-square House

Studying Modern Landfills to See How Designers Can Contribute to Re-Thinking “Waste”

Last Friday, January 31st, the Times Center in New York hosted a special summit organized by Slow Factory, a non-profit design lab that according to their site “works with companies to research and implement sustainability-focused initiatives, from waste recovery to software to manufacturing.”The 2020 Study Hall Summit focused specifically on an important and pressing issue in the face of climate change: the fashion industry. The day’s program of presentations and discussions included designers,...
Tags: New York, Design, Sustainability, Waste Management, Sustainable Design, Fashion Design, Ev, Jay Kaplan, Slow Factory, Times Center, Céline Saaman, Ayesha Martin, Sophia Li Journalist

Notable Luxury Hotel Feature: In-House Honeybee Production for the Breakfast Buffet

I saw this photo and thought What the eff?"At the breakfast this morning at the hotel, they had honey flowing from an actual honeycomb." (Image/caption credit: Aashish3000) That's at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. I looked into it, and it turns out that multiple Ritz-Carlton outposts have adopted this form of honey delivery. Here's an explanation from the R-C in North Carolina, for instance:RESIDENT HONEYBEES The roof of The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte is home to two fully-contained beehives whose 100...
Tags: Design, Chemical, North Carolina, Orlando, Sustainable Design, Ritz Carlton, Lobby Lounge, Ritz Carlton Charlotte, The Ritz Carlton Charlotte, Honey Pecan Gelato

Futuristic, seashell-inspired home is clad in reclaimed wood

Torino-based design studio Wafai Architecture has unveiled an incredible home design that is inspired by the organic shape of a simple seashell. With its tubular volume and light-inviting cutouts, the design for the Scandinavian Seashell Home was not only inspired by nature, but also counts on several sustainable features, such as reclaimed wood cladding, to reduce its environmental impact. The prolific studio’s founder, Abdul Sater Wafai, has become well-known for his spectacular house concept...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Building Materials, Round Homes, Post-format-gallery, Natural Materials, Timber Homes, Reclaimed Building Materials, Straw Insulation, Futuristic Home Design, Seashell Home, Wafai Architecture, Tubular Structures, Scandinavian Seashell Home

A bamboo iron to smoothen out the wrinkles in sustainable living

Sometimes we think we are leading sustainably by just using metal straws or paper bags, but if you carefully look at your daily life, you’ll notice there are so many products that use plastic. The best we can do is find alternatives for them and support designers, brands, businesses who are working on making the future a better place to be. One such product is the iron and Indian designer, Saksham Mahajan, who has come up with a sustainable version of it made from bamboo!The designer started the...
Tags: Home, Asia, Tools, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Iron, Bamboo, Sustainable, Product Design, Eco-friendly, Sustainable Design, Saksham, Clothes Iron, Green/Sustainable, Saksham Mahajan

UNSense to develop a 100-home real-life testing environment for the future of housing

UNSense, an arch-tech startup launched by UNStudio, has announced plans to develop an adaptive neighborhood of 100 homes to explore how sustainable, smart technology can revolutionize the future of residential development. Commissioned by the Brainport Smart District Foundation, the project will be located in Brainport Smart District in the Dutch city of Helmond. The project is also part of the UNStudio masterplan for the expansion of the Brandevoort neighborhood that aims to become the “smartes...
Tags: Design, Big Data, Architecture, Netherlands, Community, Urban Development, Data Collection, Green Technology, Sustainable Design, UNStudio, Helmond, Smart Tech, BrainPort, Self Sufficiency, Energy Independence, Living Lab

Furniture Rises From The Ashes

For industrial designers, craftspeople, or anyone who creates, the question of what can be reused becomes more pressing by the day. Plastics, paper, metal, food-waste, textile, wood, glass, concrete, etc., when a product or a material is all used up, those of us living and working in this culture of waste are left with little support from industrial or government infrastructure. While for some materials the possibility of reuse or recycling is clear and attainable, for so much of the ever growin...
Tags: Europe, Design, Germany, Netherlands, Social Impact, Sustainable Design, Furniture Design, Carissa Ten Tije, Eindhoven Netherlands Ten Tije, Höchst Hesse Germany Presumably, Norbert Nagel Ten Tije, Europe Ten Tije, Ten Tije

Tiny homes made of shipping containers for the millennial home owners

Tiny homes are a fast-growing trench in the architectural world and why wouldn’t they be? The upcoming consumer is the millennial generation and tiny homes are perfect given the skyrocketing prices for real estate and avocados. Handcrafted Movement is a company that is here to bridge that gap between homes and budgets, in their words they have been created to create – what better motto when you build beautiful spaces right?One of their projects that I absolutely loved was the Pacific Harbor mode...
Tags: Kitchen, Home, Design, Living, Lifestyle, Architecture, Interiors, Small Spaces, Interior Design, Product Design, Minimal, Sustainable Design, Tiny Homes, Batt, Trailer House, Handcrafted Movement

How Will Climate Change Impact Our Everyday Life?

As part of the exhibition 2219: Futures Imagined at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore, London-based design studio Superflux has staged a compelling example of what a typical home might look like in the 23rd Century, once the effects of climate change have taken their toll (h/t Inhabitat). The installation is titled Mitigation of Shock: Singapore and is similar in its narrative approach to Mitigation of Shock: London, which the designers presented at the Centre for Contemporary Culture Barcelona...
Tags: Design, Cook, London, Singapore, Exhibitions, Sustainable Design, Nanyang Technological University, Anab Jain, Speculative Design, Contemporary Culture Barcelona, Jon Ardern, Asian School

Zero-carbon home uses hemp fiber for innovative design

As designers and architects continue searching for innovative, sustainable building materials, hemp is becoming a front runner in the world of green design. In fact, London-based firm Practice Architecture collaborated with local hemp farmers in Cambridgeshire for the Flat House — a zero-carbon home built using hemp grown on-site. To create the amazing home, Practice Architecture’s team headed to Margent Farm, a massive 53-acre farming facility in rural Cambridgeshire that cultivates its own he...
Tags: Design, London, Israel, Architecture, Gallery, Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, Cambridgeshire, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Green Architecture, Dezeen, Post-format-gallery, Green Home Design, Hemp Design

This sustainable lodge is in the worlds oldest living desert

It’s not often that hotels located in stunning landscapes come close to matching that natural beauty, but the &Beyond Sossuvlei Desert Lodge is no ordinary hotel. Located in the surreal desert landscape of the Namib Desert, the eco-hotel, which was designed by South African–based Fox Browne Creative, is the epitome of luxurious design mixed with innovative sustainability. Deep in the Namib, the world’s oldest living desert, the &Beyond’s Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is located in one of the world’s ...
Tags: Design, Hotels, Architecture, Gallery, Belize, Sustainable Design, Hotel Design, Grey Water, Namib Desert, Sossusvlei, Namib, Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, Post-format-gallery, Sustainable Hotel Design, Solar Powered Hotels, Grey Water Use

California Passes Bill SB 372, to Make Beverage Manufacturers & Distributors Responsible for Recycling

California's recycling system is failing. They're no different from many U.S. states and counties; following China's unassailable decision to stop accepting the world's refuse, municipalities and businesses across the country have struggled to find a way to recycle without going broke. In California, more than half of their recycling centers have closed in the past six years, and "forty-five of Los Angeles County's 88 cities have no recycling centers," according to the L.A. Times.Photo by Brian ...
Tags: Design, California, Oregon, China, Michigan, Lithuania, Consumer Watchdog, Sustainable Design, Los Angeles County, Appropriations Committee, Norway Germany, Senate Environmental Quality Committee, Brian Yurasits

The Complete Translated Text of China's Incredible Single-Use Plastics Ban

[Title image credit: Tom Fisk from Pexels ]We looked at seven different news sources to write up China's new ban on single-use plastics, and even then, it wasn't until we located and double-checked the original Chinese government document that I spotted some things both I and the other organizations had missed. China's plan is more ambitious than I thought; the Chinese government is even tackling plastic packaging for shipping--including plastic shipping tape!--by choking it off at postal delive...
Tags: Design, China, Xi Jinping, Sustainable Design, Central Government, State Council, National Development and Reform Commission, Pexels, Party Central Committee, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, CPC National Congress, Tom Fisk, Control of Plastic PollutionNDRC, Beijing Shanghai Jiangsu Zhejiang Fujian Guangdong

Self-Healing Bricks That are Grown From Bacteria

As we saw earlier, Hempcrete is amazing stuff. The concrete alternative is sustainable, lightweight, fireproof, acts as a natural insulator, and sequesters CO2. Hempcrete's properties are passive; the material is not alive. But Wil Srubar, an assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at Colorado University Boulder, has been wondering: If we used building materials that are still alive, could we yield additional benefits from them?Wil Srubar and C...
Tags: Design, Materials, Sustainable Design, Sarah Williams, CU Boulder, Hempcrete, CU Boulder College of Engineering, Colorado University Boulder, Srubar, Wil Srubar

Liberty For Plant Life in The City

Photo by Iris Rijskam Among urban planners, designers, and architects, the need to revitalize ecology in urban settings has not gone totally ignored. Though hardly enough has been done to temper the ever-expanding urban sprawl or to invite biodiversity into cities, one need not look far to find a growing interest in "green" developments in cities across the world (many of which result in little more than grandiose greenwashing projects). What remains distinctly rare, are efforts to confront the ...
Tags: Design, Milan, New York City, Atlanta, Urbanism, Architecture, Sustainable Design, the City, Salone del Mobile, Viviano, Liberty For Plant Life, Iris Rijskam, Matteo Viviano, Green Democracy, Green Democracy Viviano, Viviano Matteo

Ramboll helps Lombok locals build earthquake-resistant bamboo housing

In 2018 when Lombok was struck by several earthquakes, some measuring up to magnitude 7, local communities around the seismic region were greatly affected. After the series of earthquakes settled, there were over 500 people dead, 445,000 people homeless and 129,000 homes damaged. Concerned that the quality of the area’s buildings was partially to blame, Els Houttave, founder of the Lombok-based charity Grenzeloos Milieu, knew that something had to be done to ensure this type of devastation nev...
Tags: Design, Sustainability, Architecture, Earthquakes, Global development, Tetra Pak, Bamboo, Sustainable Design, Disaster-proof Design, Recycled Materials, Sustainable Materials, Building Materials, Lombok, Ramboll, Earthquake Resistant, Post-format-gallery

Airstream unveils new 2020 camper with smart technology

Airstream is a long-standing American legend beloved by many roaming road warriors, but now the iconic campers have been given a sleek modern makeover. The new 2020 Airstream Classics feature an impressive apartment-like interior design scheme that uses a “comfort white” color scheme to create a more contemporary living space that puts the campers once again at the forefront of tiny home design. Although Airstreams come in various sizes and styles, the campers have normally been manufactured wi...
Tags: Design, Gallery, Sustainable Design, Tiny Homes, Tiny House, Tiny Home Design, Airstream, Campers, Tiny Home Living, Post-format-gallery, Camper Design

A sustainable toothpaste packaging design that thinks outside the box – literally!

The next time you go to a general store, take a look around you carefully. You’ll notice how heavy the packaging is around the smallest of items and it will mostly be plastic. There is so much redundant boxing of products that we’ve made hours of content on “unboxing” them. Let’s start with solving this problem for one of the most popular everyday products and the first step to our mornings – toothpaste!An academic project gave birth to Coolpaste – the eco-friendly alter ego of our trusty old to...
Tags: Design, Toothpaste, Packaging, Sustainable Packaging, Product Design, Eco-friendly, Sustainable Design, Colgate, Packaging Design, EveryDayCarry, Green/Sustainable, Coolpaste, Allan Gomes

Check Out the Cardboard Beds Tokyo 2020 Athletes Will Sleep On

The Athletes Village at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be furnished with 18,000 single bed frames made out of cardboard. They're made by Japanese mattress company Airweave and can withstand a load up to 440 pounds. The lightweight frames can easily be moved around and will be topped off with a three-layer mattress that athletes can customize to achieve their preferred firmness. The initiative is part of the committee's goal to "reuse or recycle 99% of procured items and goods." The beds will be ...
Tags: Design, Sports, Tokyo, Sustainable Design, Furniture Design, Airweave

Passive House principles inspire this sustainable home

Australian architecture firm POLYstudio has recently completed A House for All Seasons, a contemporary family home with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Designed for a young family, the sustainable new dwelling has a flexible layout to accommodate the clients’ evolving needs within a relatively compact footprint. The project’s adherence to the principles of the Passive House standard along with native, drought-tolerant landscaping helps reduce the home’s carbon footprint. Located in an inner-c...
Tags: Design, Australia, Architecture, Gallery, House, Green Building, Melbourne, Passive House, Passive Solar, Carousel Showcase, Sustainable Design, Contemporary Architecture, Passive Design, Daniel Wolkenberg

3XN unveils new, sustainable building for UNSW Sydney

Following a rigorous international competition, Danish architectural firm 3XN has won the bid to design the University of New South Wales’ (UNSW) new Multipurpose Building — a project that the architects say will have a “focus on resilience and environmental sustainability.” Proposed for the northeast gate (Gate 9) of the UNSW main Kensington campus in Sydney, the Multipurpose Building will serve as a vibrant campus gateway close to a soon-to-open light rail station. The building will emphasize ...
Tags: Design, Australia, Architecture, Gallery, Sydney, Green Building, Copenhagen, Kensington, Big, Green Design, Carousel Showcase, Sustainable Design, Natural Ventilation, Daylighting, School Architecture, Passive Design

This lovely lampshade is made from cabbage

Lighting can set the tone of a room, so a lamp with a natural and compostable lampshade can create a cozy, gorgeous and sustainable setting. In a partnership between Indian designer Vaidehi Thakkar and London-based Nir Meiri Studio, Veggie Lights are just that — lampshades made out of red cabbage leaves that lend a warm glow to any space. A testament to the duo’s dedication to exploring and highlighting sustainable options, Veggie Lights offer a useful and elegant decor option straight from the ...
Tags: Design, London, Interior Design, Product Design, Sustainable Design, Lamps, Green Lighting, Thakkar, Meiri, Sustainable Product Design, Plant Materials, Vaidehi Thakkar, Nir Meiri Studio Veggie Lights, Veggie Lights, Nir Meiri

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