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An Ingenious, Eco-Friendly Solar-Powered Lighter

An indispensable piece of EDC kit, whether you're on a camping trip or prepping for the apocalypse, is a lighter. French company Solar Brother has designed the Suncase, an inexpensive and lightweight alternative that requires no fuel. Instead, two mirrored wings flip out, focusing the sun's rays towards a protrusion in the center of the device, in which you stick a twig, a rolled up piece of paper or a cigarette (which it appears to be sized for; this was invented in France, after all). Once the...
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Mobile Food Lab Is a Refurbished Bus Designed to Educate Students on Healthy and Sustainable Eating Habits

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Tags: Design, New Jersey, Helvetica, Sustainable Design, Design For Social Impact, MFL, Tessellate Studio, Reed Foundation, Mobile Food Lab

Old power station in Berlin is converted into off-grid arts center that runs on energy generated by woodchips

The former industrial town of Luckenwalde now has a beautiful new arts center that not only aims to bring a little vibrancy back to the German region, but a whole lot of sustainability. Artist Pablo Wendel just unveiled E-Werk, a defunct power station that he has turned into an innovative arts center that is projected to run on recycled wood chips rather than coal. Although an artist at heart, Wendel obviously has an admirable talent and passion for creating machinery that generates clean ener...
Tags: Design, Berlin, Architecture, Urban Design, Clean Energy, Sustainable Design, Adaptive Reuse, Wendel, Art Studios, German Architecture, E-Werk, E-WERK Luckenwalde, Kunststrom power station, E-Werk arts center, Contemporary Art Center In Germany, Kunststrom Art Power

Susanne DesRoches on Design's Unique Ability to Tackle the Climate Crisis

This interview is part of a series featuring the presenters participating in this year's Core77 Conference, "The Third Wave", a one-day event that will explore the future of the design industry and the role designers will play in it.Climate change is the ultimate systemic problem and mitigating its consequences will require a multi-pronged approach involving governments, policymakers, corporations, designers, etc. Nobody knows this better than Susanne DesRoches, New York City's Deputy Director o...
Tags: New York, Design, New York City, Hurricane Sandy, Paris, Michael Bloomberg, Columbia, Sustainable Design, Sandy, Pratt, Port Authority of New York, Port Authority, ESI, Mercy Corps, Susanne, Office of Sustainability

Good Clothing releases capsule collection made from hemp and organic cotton

Manufacturing is bad for the planet in general, and the textile industry is one of the leading producers of manufacturing pollution and waste. With this in mind, the Good Clothing Co. decided to implement old-school clothing production that is better for the Earth and a pleasure for the consumer. The Good Clothing Co.’s Good Apparel Capsule Collection is the most recent clothing line to come out of the Fall River, Massachusetts mill, an area connected to the textile industry since the 1800s. Th...
Tags: Fashion, Design, Clothing, Cotton, Sustainable Fashion, Organic, Earth, United States, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Materials, Fall River Massachusetts, Hemp Clothes, Good Clothing Co, Kathryn Hilderbrand, Good Clothing Co Photography

This plant-based ski wax keeps nasty chemicals off the snowpack

For those looking to hit the slopes as the weather cools down, a new eco-friendly ski wax will not only help you glide through the fluffy snowpack but will also help keep the environment free of the dangerous chemicals found in most ski waxes. In a world where nearly all ski wax is made from petroleum, the innovative MountainFLOW eco wax is made entirely from plants. The sight of white snow-covered hills is enough for most skiers to call off of work and hit the slopes, hopefully in a sustainabl...
Tags: Design, Environment, US, North America, Green Products, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Post-format-gallery, Eco-friendly Design, Sustainable Product Design, Eco Sports, Plant-based Products, Sustainable Sports, MountainFLOW Eco SKi Wax, Eco SKi Wax, Sustainable Ski Products

Two sustainable rental units dressed in reclaimed brick are self-sustaining through solar power

Melbourne-based firm Breathe Architecture has brought a bit of California flair to a Melbourne suburb. Using the empty space behind two existing Cali-style bungalows, the designers have managed to create two single, light-filled dwellings enveloped in reclaimed brick facades. The two rental properties were designed to offer the area environmentally sustainable and affordable rental housing that homogenizes with the local vernacular. Located in the area of Glen Iris, the Bardolph Garden House wa...
Tags: Design, California, Architecture, Melbourne, Solar Power, Sustainable Design, Recycled Materials, Green Architecture, Tom Ross, Glen Iris, Brick Homes, Reclaimed Building Materials, Reclaimed Brick, Breathe Architecture, Bardolph Gardens House, Bardolph Garden House

Yosemite camping site unveils series of ADA-compliant tiny cabins

Taking a vacation in a tiny cabin in a remote area of the world appeals to all sorts of people, but there’s one group who has been largely left out of the movement — people with disabilities. Thankfully, one forward-thinking firm is changing that with their sleek tiny cabin design that is accessible for all. Los Angeles-based firm, M-Rad has unveiled their new X-suite cabin, an accessible tiny retreat that combines universal design with sophisticated aesthetic. Built specifically for Autocamp Y...
Tags: Design, California, Los Angeles, Architecture, Gallery, Ada, Sustainable Design, Tiny Homes, Tiny House, Cabin Design, Prefab Housing, Cabin Architecture, Rad, Universal design, Wheelchair-accessible Design, Social Design

Spectacular rammed-earth dome home is tucked deep into a Costa Rican jungle

Costa Rica has long been renowned for its commitment to protecting its natural environment, but one home nestled into 2.5 acres of a permaculture farm is really setting an example for green building. Located in the idyllic area of Diamante Valley, the House Without Shoes is an incredible rammed-earth complex made up of three interconnected domes, which are joined by an open-air deck that looks out over the stunning valley and ocean views. Measuring a total of 2,000 square feet, the House Withou...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Costa Rica, Sustainable Design, Rammed Earth, Dome, Dome Homes, Adobe Architecture, Diamante Valley

The 2019 Redress Design Awards showcased the very best of emerging eco-designers

Eco-fashion has come leaps and bounds in recent decades, but one environmental clothing organization has spent years addressing the global textile waste crisis through an annual fashion event showcasing emerging eco-friendly designers. Known for its work in reducing textile waste in the fashion industry, Redress has just hosted its 2019 Design Awards — the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. Let’s take a look at the winners! Launched in 2011 by founder Christina Dean, the Re...
Tags: Hong Kong, Design, Israel, Sustainable Fashion, Gallery, Williams, Zero Waste, Sustainable Design, Accessories And Fashion, Eco-fashion, Eco Textiles, Upcycle, Maddie Williams, Orsola de Castro, Clothing Design, Christina Dean

Innovative orange juicer 3D prints bioplastic cups out of leftover orange peels

International design firm Carlo Ratti Associati has developed an experimental circular juice bar that uses orange peels to make deliciously fresh-squeezed juice but that’s not all. Using filament made from the leftover orange peels, the “Feel the Peel” machine then 3D prints disposable cups to drink the refreshing juice on the spot. The prototype juicer, which was designed in collaboration with global energy company Eni, is a 10-foot tall orange squeezer machine topped with a massive dome. The ...
Tags: Design, Milan, Gallery, 3d Printing, Innovation, PLA, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Eni, Carlo Ratti, Carlo Ratti Associati, Rimini Italy, Post-format-gallery, 3d Innovations, 3d Machines, Zero Waste Economy

Canada unveils its first chemical-free public outdoor pool and it's gorgeous

Toronto-based architects, gh3* have just unveiled a stunning chemical-free natural pool in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. The Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool, which replaced an existing pool that dated back to the 1950s, was incorporated with several innovative natural filtration processes that uses a combination of stone, gravel, sand and botanic filtering to keep the waters clean and pristine. The project was a massive undertaking from the start. The old pool and infrastructure had to be co...
Tags: Design, Toronto, Architecture, Canada, Gallery, Urban Design, Innovation, Urban Planning, Green Building, Edmonton, Sustainable Design, Gh3, Water Issues, Edmonton Alberta, Post-format-gallery, Water Filtration Systems

Treehouses made from shipping containers offer the ultimate glamping getaway in Portugal

Looking for respite from the noise and stress of the big city? Check out these gorgeous shipping container treehouses located in Portugal. Tucked into a dense forest in the northern coastal region of Viana do Castelo, the unique glamping accommodations are comprised of two repurposed shipping containers that have been renovated to provide a truly serene retreat. Located in the northern coastal region of Portugal, Viana do Castelo is known for its amazing beaches as well as its mountainous lands...
Tags: Design, Hotels, Architecture, Gallery, Portugal, Treehouses, Sustainable Design

This sleek, reusable cutlery set can fit right inside your pocket

Single-use plastic is one of the biggest environmental issues facing us today. Between the production of petroleum and the massive waste stream endangering animals and the planet, it’s time for a war on plastic. One company has decided to begin its battle on the issue with the development of Outlery — compact and portable eating utensils that eliminate the need for the estimated 1,000 plastic utensils Americans use each year. Beginning as a Kickstarter campaign with a meager goal of $5,580, the ...
Tags: Design, Sustainable Design, Eat & Drink, Tableware, Bushra, Single Use Plastic, Biofase, Reusable Utensils, Reusable Cutlery, Outlery

Artist installs nature-inspired tiny house made out of recycled glass and plastic in Times Square

Brooklyn-based artist Fernando Mastrangelo has combined his passion for art and sustainability into one gorgeously green tiny home. The artist, who is known for using unique materials in his work, has just unveiled Tiny Home, a “recycled tiny house sculpture” made out of recycled plastic and glass. The 175-square foot home, which comes complete with a garden-filled courtyard, is currently open to the public in New York’s Times Square. According to Mastrangelo, the design for the 175-square-fo...
Tags: New York, Design, Architecture, Brooklyn, Gallery, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Tiny House, Sustainable Materials, Times Square, Natural Building Materials, Time Square, Recycled Plastic, Fernando Mastrangelo, Mastrangelo, Sustainable Architecture

Meet 'Blade', the world's first 3D-printed hypercar

At first glance, any motorhead would be head over heels for Blade — a sleek sportscar with shimmery deep magenta facade. The aerodynamicity of the car is obvious from its low, curved volume. Yet, this isn’t just any supercar that has just hit the market. Created by San Francisco-based startup Divergent Microfactories, Blade’s chassis was entirely 3-D printed. 3D printing is already revolutionizing the manufacturing process around the world. Printing in 3D makes products such as furniture, jewe...
Tags: Design, San Francisco, Architecture, Automotive, Gallery, 3d Printing, Innovation, Electric Cars, Sustainable Design, 3d Printed Car, Car Design, Kevin Czinger, Blade, Divergent 3D, Cars Of The Future, 3d Printed Designs

Brasserie 2050 restaurant pops up as a prototype for sustainable food service

As the push toward sustainable lifestyles continues to spread from individual purchasing decisions to the overarching responsibility of big business, one restaurant is making a big statement by providing meals from a circular environment of zero food and material waste. The Brasserie 2050 restaurant in the Netherlands temporarily opened its doors last fall as a restaurant and food storage pavilion designed by temporary-structure specialists Overtreders W for an event called the Lowlands Festiv...
Tags: Food, Design, Restaurant, Netherlands, Sustainable Restaurant, Sustainable Food, Zero Waste, Utrecht, Sustainable Design, Eat & Drink, Overtreders W Via ArchDaily Photography, Jorn van Eck

NASA Mars Habitat Challenge winner is a 3D-printed pod made of biodegradable materials

Multi-planetary architectural firm AI Space Factory has been awarded first place in the NASA Centennial Challenge with its innovative 3D-printed design, MARSHA. The 15-foot-tall, pod-like design was digitally printed using a base of biodegradable and recyclable basalt composite derived from natural materials found on Mars. Not only does the concept envision a sustainable and resilient design that could meet all the demands of a Mars mission, but the interior living space would be modern and bri...
Tags: Space, New York, Design, Nasa, Gallery, 3d Printing, Innovation, Biodegradable, Mars, Sustainable Design, Recyclable, Marsha, Malott, AI Space Factory, NASA Centennial Challenge, Mars MARSHA

Nike’s new free Circular Design Guide helps designers embrace sustainability

We’ve all seen those memes about how our CO2 levels are at the highest they’ve been in 3 million years, and that we’re going to face major environmental consequences in the next few decades. It’s scary, but those statistics and numbers don’t help us come up with a solution to this massive problem. Guidelines do.Years of Nike’s efforts to develop consciously designed products, practices, and behaviors has culminated in Nike’s “Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design”, a free-for-all design gu...
Tags: Design, Education, Nike, Sustainability, Green, Product Design, Sustainable Design, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Circularity, Global Fashion Agenda, John Hoke, Circular Design, Design Guide

Phoenix Earthship features a food garden and jungle in off-grid fashion

An earthship is an accommodation with low environmental impact. The design of an earthship incorporates natural and recycled materials in the architecture and decor. It is built with conservation of natural resources in mind so that it produces its own water, electricity and food. Most earthships reuse discarded tires, cans and bottles for wall construction, and mud is common for wall plaster and floors. The energy savings through self-heating and cooling properties are remarkable. Most earthsh...
Tags: Design, Airbnb, Solar Power, Sustainable Design, Off-grid, Phoenix, Rainwater Harvesting, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Earthship, Phoenix Earthship, Tres Piedras New Mexico

Reader Submitted: Throwise

Throwise is a new waste disposal system for elementary schools that alters the ordinary interaction between students and waste bins through a game-based strategy.Inspired by the concept "pay-as-you-throw" which is not yet implemented in Toronto, students will have to pay using Ren, a new currency, depending on the type(s) of waste they produce.The campaign is proposed to be launched as a pilot run during Waste Reduction Week (WRW) in Canada 2019. The lesser waste students produce, the more Rens...
Tags: Design, Digital, Toronto, Canada, Sustainable Design,, Reader Projects

Could Algae-Based 'Biocurtains' Make Our Cities Healthier?

In an era defined by problems caused by humans, architects Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto of London-based firm ecoLogicStudio think we should be looking at biological intelligence to develop solutions for our future. One of their projects, called Photo.Synth.Etica, is an urban-scale "biocurtain" that uses microalgae and the process of photosynthesis to capture carbon dioxide from polluted air. "There is untapped value in bringing the bio-intelligence of natural systems into cities, turning b...
Tags: Design, Future, Sustainable Design, Design News

Minimalist home in northern Spain uses geothermal energy to reduce energy consumption

There are few things we love more than a gorgeous minimalist design that boasts energy-efficiency features, and Barcelona-based firm, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura, has managed to combine the two beautifully. Located just east of Barcelona, the Elvira&Marcos House is a minimalist, all-white rectangular volume with slender windows, surrounded by a natural landscape of overgrown grass and wildflowers. The home’s minimalist design conceals an extremely tight insulative shell and geothermal energy syste...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Energy Efficiency, Geothermal Energy, Sustainable Design, Home Design, Minimalist Interior Design, Spanish Architecture, Minimalist Architecture, Energy Efficient Home Design, Minimalist Home Design, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura, Elvira & Marcos House, Homes In Barcelona, Geo Thermal Home Design

This spa in a Canadian nature reserve is committed to bettering its surroundings

Montreal-based firm Blouin Tardif Architecture has just completed work on a serene spa addition for BALNEA Spa and Thermal Reserve. Located in an idyllic forest in the Bromont-sur-le-lac region just outside of Montreal, the spa was originally designed by a local father and daughter team to offer guests a fully immersive experience surrounded by breathtaking nature. The new addition, comprised of a sleek wooden pavilion and infinity pool, was created in line with the spa’s strong commitment to ...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Denis, Montreal, Sustainable Design, Stephanie, Spa Design, Low Impact Design, Bromont, Environmental Footprint, Low Impact Architecture, Blouin Tardif Architecture, BALNEA spa, Pavillon Ouest, West Pavilion

This backpack is made from locally sourced cork and recycled materials

The world’s landfills are piling up. While we hear a lot about how the fashion industry contributes to this problem, the topic is less focused on accessories. Yet purses, bags and backpacks also contribute to the fast fashion environment with quickly fading styles and manufacturing pollution. One company is bucking this trend with a backpack made from naturally sustainable cork and recycled materials. The Jajamän cork backpack is a completely vegan option for conscientious consumers looking fo...
Tags: Accessories, Fashion, Design, Backpack, Portugal, Vegan, Cork, Sustainable Design, Accessories And Fashion, Eco Textiles, Pauline van Dongen, Bookbag, Natural Materials, Jajamän

The Phox V2 water filter fights plastic pollution

While water filters solve problems by cutting plastic waste and removing nasties from our drinks, they add to environmental woes by sending 100 million cartridges to landfills every year. That’s enough to fill 50 jumbo jets, according to the makers of Phox V2, a new filtration system with a reusable cartridge. The world is ready for this solution to plastic pollution, judging from Phox’s Kickstarter campaign being fully funded in just 34 hours. The campaign, which ends Monday, April 29, rewards...
Tags: England, Design, Innovation, Kickstarter, Charing Cross, Water Quality, Green Products, Sustainable Design, Eat & Drink, Plastic Pollution, Dickson, Ovie, Water Filters, Scott Dickson, Phox, Young Glasgow

Energy-efficient vacation home holds court over 15 acres of restored tidal wetlands

Manhattan-based firm Ryall Sheridan Architects has unveiled a modern home that sits elevated over 15 acres of restored tidal wetlands on Long Island’s Peconic Bay. Located about 100 miles outside of New York City, the beautiful Orient House V is a three-bedroom vacation home that was built to harmonize with its incredible setting. Lifted 10 feet off the marshy landscape, the light-filled refuge was strategically designed to be energy-efficient and resilient against the local climate. After th...
Tags: Design, New York City, Indiana, Architecture, Gallery, Manhattan, Solar Power, Long Island, Wetlands, Sustainable Design, Energy Efficient, Green Home Design, Concrete Homes, Solar Powered Homes, Solar Arrays, Ryall Sheridan Architects

"Broken Nature" Ushers In a New Era of Conscious Design

Here's a hard truth: humans have been responsible for virtually irreparable cultural and environmental damage for centuries, in part thanks to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Given this fact, it would make sense that designers have and still do carry a special power when it comes to shaping societal practices for future generations (for better or worse). With conversations popping up like the one in "Broken Nature", a new exhibition at the Triennale di Milano, you can sense the design wo...
Tags: Design, France, Exhibitions, Sustainable Design, Paola Antonelli, Sputniko, Antonelli, Lia, Salone Milan, Milan Design, Triennale, Dunne Raby, Stephan Bogner Philipp Schmitt, Phillip Schmitt, Broken Nature, Nanohana Heels

Eileen Fisher on Making Sustainability a Joyful, Creative Pursuit

Since founding her eponymous fashion line in 1984, Eileen Fisher has been focused on bringing mindful consumption to the fashion industry. Her timeless, built-to-last approach to design is just one example of this—she's also led a range of sustainability initiatives like Vision 2020, the company's pledge to be using all organic cotton and linen by 2020, among other goals. Most recently, her famous buy-back program—through which customers can return lightly-used garments for store credit—has evol...
Tags: Design, Milan, Sustainable Design, Fashion Design, Fisher, Milan Design Week, Matt Dunham, Eileen Fisher, Irvington New York, Rosanna Orlandi, Lidewij Edelkoort, Sigi, Philip Fimmano

adidas Unveils Zero Waste Plan, Starting with 100% Recyclable Sneakers

Before we get into the details of adidas' heady new footwear release, let's give it some context: over the past few years, adidas has led three main initiatives—Parley, Futurecraft and Speedfactory. Through a partnership with Parley, adidas' line of footwear and apparel made primarily from recycled ocean plastic signified a shift towards environmental awareness for the brand. Before Parley works with a company to produce product, they require a pledge from the company, essentially stating their ...
Tags: Design, Germany, Materials, Footwear, Sneakers, Sustainable Design, Futurecraft, Speedfactory

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