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A paradox revealed through portraiture

A photograph taken seven years before her passing says much about the life, times and character of the trailblazing Meherbai Tata The much-loved wife of Dorabji Tata and daughter in-law of Jamsetji Tata, the founder of the Tata group, Meherbai Tata was a woman of personality. A participant in the ornamental theatrics of being imperial within Empire, one finds her name regularly among the maharajas, nawabs and begums in royal chronicles. And deservedly so. Meherbai was honoured with the ‘Comm...
Tags: Art, London, Life, India, History, Heritage, Paris, Buckingham Palace, Victoria, Lafayette, Rembrandt, Mumbai, Queen Victoria, Tata, Reed, George V

The Design Principles That Make Land Rover Successful: Excerpts from a Talk by Gerry McGovern, Director of Design

In 2008 Land Rover was in flux, having just been acquired by Tata Motors (along with now-stablemate Jaguar). Tata wasn't exactly a household name, and Gerry McGovern, Land Rover's Director of Design, told Alloy + Grit of his reservations at the time:"For me, when Tata bought Jaguar and Land Rover, there was a bit of concern. What do they know about the premium automotive business? They were first to admit they knew nothing about it. But [they said], 'That's why we bought you. You're the experts....
Tags: Design, Jaguar, Land Rover, Cornell, Tata, Pete, Tata Motors, Gerry McGovern, McGovern, Tata Group, Range Rovers, Gerry McGovern Land Rover, Range Rover, Design Business, Jaguar Tata, Land Rover Ratan Tata

These are the best 7 tips to follow for a more eco-friendly backyard

Incorporating and eco-friendly lifestyle to your home can be easier than you think, especially when it comes to your backyard. While we do our best to use energy efficient light bulbs, reduce the use of everyday plastics and limit food waste throughout our homes, why not bring our environmental awareness to the place where we have celebrations and weekend barbecues— our backyards. The backyard is the best place to add our eco-friendly touch and transform into a thriving sustainable environment....
Tags: Design, Features, Pesticides, Green Building, Composting, Clover, Eco-friendly, Tata, Landscape Architecture, Moss, Howard, Native Plants, Better Homes and Gardens, Pesticide Alternative, Ground Covers, Green Lawn Mowing

How JRD Tata came up with a marketing strategy that ran through Tata ads for nearly a century

On September 9, 1925, Jehangir Tata wrote a letter to his father Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata from the barracks in the south of France. The 21-year-old had come up with a way to help the family business. He wanted Pathé News, a famous newsreel maker of the time, to produce short films about current events in India to be shown in the country’s cinemas. Article by By Deborah D | The young Tata scion believed that footage of Mohandas Gandhi’s visit to their steel factory in Jamshedpur in 1925 would be “...
Tags: Art, Congress, France, Life, India, World Bank, Delhi, Fernandes, Ahmedabad, New York University, Tata Steel, Tata, Pereira, Assam, Jamshedpur, Gandhi

Brand Identity for Really. by Tata&Friends Studio

Brand Identity for Really. by Tata&Friends Studio abduzeedo Jun 04, 2018 Tata&Friends Studio shared a beautiful brand identity project on their Behance profile. It's for Everis' content agency. There are many things to talk about the design solution but for me, the most important is the simplicity. I love seeing projects that rely on simple typography with handpicked visual ornaments to focus on the basics. It's all the contrast of types and wise usage...
Tags: Design, Tata, Tata Friends Studio

Interesting Collaborations Between Robots and People

I'm a long time Industrial Designer, the current Graduate Director of the MID Graduate program in RISD's Industrial Design department, and a Faculty in Residence at the Autodesk Build Space in Boston.As a resident, I proposed to expand on Autodesk's work of creating collaborative cloud-based software environments for creating, product part drawings for design and manufacturing by investigating the stages just before project teams (designers, engineers, etc.) decide to commit to mass production.D...
Tags: Google, Design, Microsoft, California, Boston, India, Tech, Research, Dave, Autodesk, Copenhagen, Machines, Essay, Tata, Jim, Tata Motors

India's SMART City Plans Spawn Innovative Ultra Electric Bus Concept from TATA

The Ultra Electric Bus concept showcases TATA MOTORS' design vision of a fully electric bus that is the symbol of a modern, resurgent India. Tata sees the Ultra Electric as a fundamental part of India's future SMART city initiative. Below, we interview Tata's global Head of Design Pratap Bose to learn more about the Ultra Electric and the way that design of public transport can really shape the future of our cities. "We felt that the SMART city needed equally smart transport. So we conceived...
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