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NIKE Shoes Made of LEGO

Cool sculptures of Nike and Air Jordan sneakers made out of LEGO bricks. Nike shoes and Jordan sneaker LEGO sculptures created by Tom Yoo. Also check out: Nike Flower Shoes
Tags: Design, Tech, Nike, Jordan, Air Jordan, Tom Yoo

The Continued Quest for Pain-Free Microneedles

Produced through a process of 3D printing with polymers—altogether referred to as “4D printing” because of its core of programmable, shape-shifting material—rapidly developing microneedles may replace painful hypodermic needles in the next decade. Professor Howon Lee, who has lead the research from Rutgers University, has filed a patent on this new technology, which produces hollow needles that are barbed, much like the stinger of a …
Tags: Health, Science, Design, Medicine, Tech, 3d Printing, Microneedles, 4d Printing, Linkaboutit, Polymers, Rutgers University, Needles, Howon Lee

Bent VW Bus

Volkswagen bus from 1970s modified to look like it was bent telekinetically. Bent VW-Van functional sculpture designed by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, creator of Fat Car and Fat House. Also check out: VW Beetle Sculptures
Tags: Design, Tech, Vw, Volkswagen, Erwin Wurm

ProtoPie helps designers translate their work to engineering without the hassles

It’s the golden age of design for software companies. Designers are becoming more visible and popular on engineering teams, figuring out everything from the visuals of color palette and fonts to the deeper interaction flows and user experience journeys that underlie products. As my colleague Jordan Crook recently described, that popularity has translated into one of the big venture gold rushes to serve this newly empowered enterprise customer. Design may be the next entrepreneurial gold rush ...
Tags: Google, Startups, Asia, South Korea, Design, China, Samsung, Tech, Korea, Kim, North America, Jordan Crook, Seoul South Korea, Japan Germany, Microsoft Google, Gangnam Seoul

Cat Backpack

Unique backpack designed to look like realistic cat that jumped on your back. Cat backpack created by Japanese designer Pico, maker of Cat Bags. Also check out: Angel Wings Backpacks
Tags: Design, Tech

Spaghetti Monster Pasta Servers

Creative pasta servers designed to look like the eyes of Spaghetti Monster. From the depths of your kitchen, Pasta Monsters serve Spaghetti dinner.  Also check out: Pasta Hair Packaging
Tags: Design, Tech

Face ID Masks

Respirator masks with printed images of realistic human faces protect people from viruses and allow them to unlock their phone without removing the mask. Unlock your iPhone or iPad with surgical mask that looks just like you. N95 respiratory masks designed to work with facial recognition software. Facial ID Respirator Masks printing service by Danielle […]
Tags: Design, Tech, Danielle

How a 100-year-old French Army design outperforms today's U.S. helmets 

According to a recent research project it appears that the form – the shape and surface detailing – of the French "Adrian" helmet, a design used over a hundred years ago, is better at deflecting blast shocks than its more plainly shaped modern counterparts. An author of the study, Joost Op ‘t Eynde, a PhD student at Duke University, says "we were surprised to find that the 100-year-old helmets performed just as well as modern ones,”He and his co-authors hypothesize as to what elements play a ro...
Tags: Design, Washington, Tech, Normandy, Manufacturing, Adrian, Duke University, French Army, Military Design, Brodie Helmet, Louis Auguste Adrian

Farewell to Cut, Copy, and Paste Inventor Larry Tesler

An Apple, Xerox, Amazon, Yahoo, and 23AndMe alum—and an early researcher in the field of artificial intelligence—Larry Tesler may not be as well-known as early computing icons like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Steve Wozniak, but his impact on the industry remains important today. Tesler popularized the tools cut, copy, and paste while working on Xerox PARC’s mouse-driven user interface—specifically an app within it called …
Tags: Apple, Design, Tech, Computers, Obituaries, Xerox, Computing, Rip, Paste, Linkaboutit, Cut, Steve Jobs Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Copy, Tesler, Larry Tesler

Electronic Portable Drums

Japanese traditional Taiko drums infused with digital sound technology make playing percussion instrument more fun and easier than ever before. TAIKO-1 electronic portable drums designed by Roland and Kodo for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Modern technology helps people play a wide variety of Taiko percussion sounds with one drum instrument carried with […]
Tags: Design, Tech, Roland, Tokyo Japan, KODO, TAIKO

Bomb-Sniffing Cyborg Grasshoppers

Dogs and even pigs have long been heralded as having the ultimate snout—one capable of detecting bombs, drugs, truffles, and even human beings through thick brush and dense soil. But, courtesy of a bit of high-tech engineering, cyborg grasshoppers may be the ultimate nose after all. Researchers at the University of Missouri inserted electrodes into the antennal lobes of each grasshopper (the “brain” of the …
Tags: Design, Tech, Linkaboutit, Cyborgs, Neurons, University of Missouri, Noses, Bomb Detection

Folding Screen Smartphone Fails: Motorola RAZR, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

As someone who hates carrying a large-screen phone, but enjoys using one, I was excited by the idea of the Motorola RAZR. It promised the best of both worlds, folding to a compact size for carrying but offering a large screen when open.Sadly, the RAZR is already crashing and burning. Raymond Wong over at Input Mag found that the screen went bad at the hinge--after just one week of use:Images by Raymond Wong / Input As Wong explains:The screen's damage isn't just cosmetic. The touchscreen is semi...
Tags: Apple, Motorola, Design, Samsung, Tech, Wong, Raymond Wong, Zack Nelson, Input Mag, JerryRigEverything Channel

Here's Herbie Hancock Demonstrating a Primitive Music Computer to Quincy Jones in 1984

No child of the '80s can forget the music video to Herbie Hancock's "Rockit:" It's hard to describe how freaky, mind-blowing and revolutionary that video seemed at the time. I probably haven't seen it in 20 years until looking it up just now, and I have to say it still holds up. Hancock was ahead of his time.Anyways I looked "Rockit" up because yesterday I came across some behind-the-scenes footage of Hancock in 1984, demonstrating this pioneering Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) to ...
Tags: Design, Tech, Herbie Hancock, Jones, Quincy Jones, Hancock

Rotary Cellphone

Functional mobile cellphone features classic rotary dial from old telephone. Justine Haupt designed and created rotary cellphone to escape the “touchscreen world of hyperconnected people using phones they have no control over or understanding of.” Retro tactile phone with simple ePaper display. No texting, YouTube, or social media. Compact design. Battery lasts almost 24 hours. Prototype Final […]
Tags: Design, Tech, Justine Haupt

Miniature Vases

Beautiful and unique vases created in tiny scale on miniature pottery wheel. Miniature ceramic and porcelain vases handcrafted by Almeda Pottery. Also check out: Transparent Vases
Tags: Design, Tech

Space Engineer Justine Haupt’s DIY Rotary Cell Phone

In an attempt to remedy the harm of an always-on lifestyle, Brookhaven National Laboratory astronomy instrumentation engineer Justine Haupt stripped a mobile phone down to its essentials in order to assemble her handheld rotary cellphone. For the DIY invention, three years in the making, Haupt paired a rotary mechanism from an old Trimline telephone with a microcontroller and Adafruit Fona 3G cell transceiver. She then …
Tags: Design, Diy, Tech, Mobile Phones, Phones, Linkaboutit, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Haupt, Justine Haupt, Rotary Phones, Space Engineers, Adafruit Fona

Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter

Creative liquor decanter made for real baseball fans is shaped to look like transparent clear glass baseball bat. Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter comes with 4 baseball whiskey glasses. Also check out: Wine Carafes
Tags: Design, Tech

Mountain Eraser

Creative pencil eraser from Japan slowly reveals the top of the Fuji mountain. Mount Fuji air-in eraser designed by Japanese stationery company PLUS. Also check out: Pencil Broom Erase
Tags: Japan, Design, Tech, Mount Fuji

Helicopter Bed

Unusual kids bed designed to look like miniature replica of a real helicopter. Helicopter bed with joystick, dashboard, speed dial, clock, radio, and two USB charging ports for iPad and iPhone. Children’s bed made out of fibreglass by Dragons of Walton Street. Also check out: Pirate Ship Bedroom
Tags: Design, Tech, Walton Street

The Wall of Sound reimagines a sampler-sequencer for public space and use

In an oversized, lo-fi electronic sound instrument, the project from Warszawa, PL’s panGenerator lets the public collaborate on sonic graffiti. The Wall of Sound was commissioned by the group for Katowice Street Art 2019: Urban Sound, in the south of Poland. It’s a big web of hexagonal nodes, each with small controls and description so you can record sound, then sequence its playback. The components will be familiar to anyone working with DIY electronics – some ATmega 328 (in t...
Tags: Music, Design, Tech, Poland, Installation, Public Art, Jakub Koźniewski, Jakub, Microcontrollers, Warszawa, Atmega, DIY + Unusual, panGenerator, Warszawa PL, Katowice Street, Piotr Ceglarek Zuzanna Waltoś

Star Wars C-3PO Oscar Statue

Iconic gold-plated Oscar statue designed to look like beloved C-3PO droid from Star Wars given to Lucasfilm employees after 20 years of work. Real photograph of Paul Matwiy’s “C3POscar” captured by Brad Bird. Also check out: Oscars 2020 Best Picture Nominees
Tags: Design, Tech, Lucasfilm, Brad Bird, Paul Matwiy

Edible Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man

Giant candy shaped to look like Stay Puft Marshmallow Man large humanoid monster in a sailor cap from 1984 Ghostbusters movie. Edible Marshmallow Man created out of marshmallows and coated in sugar icing. Made for Ghostbusters fans. Time to play with your food! Also check out: Marshmallow Cats
Tags: Design, Time, Tech

Customer Buys Used Tesla, Tesla Then Remotely Deletes His Autopilot and Self-Driving Features

I'm currently in the market for a used pickup truck for the farm, and seeking something that's 4WD. Imagine that I buy one--and then the original manufacturer decides to magically delete the 4WD capability because I didn't pay full sticker.That's essentially happened to a guy named Alec, but with Autopilot rather than 4WD. As told by Jalopnik, a fellow named Alec purchased a used 2017 Tesla Model S (presumably at less than sticker) equipped with both Enhanced Autopilot and Tesla's Self-Driving f...
Tags: Design, Cars, Tech, Tesla, ALEC, Jalopnik, Jason Torchinsky, Tesla Tesla

Emoji Jacket

Innovative cycling jacket displays emojis and helps people on bicycles safely share the road with cars. “Emoji Jacket” with wireless remote control designed by Ford to improve communication between cyclists and drivers.  Also check out: Cycling Backpack Shows Turn Signals
Tags: Design, Tech, Ford

Animated David Shrigley Paintings in the Sketch App

London’s Sketch restaurant is sought out for more than its menu; its sci-fi, egg-shaped toilet pods and beloved David Shrigley paintings attract an audience, too. Now the Mayfair eatery has added an augmented reality element to the experience. The restaurant’s new app—developed by Hato—allows Shrigley’s artwork “to break free from its frames on the walls and invade your surroundings.” There are 15 Shrigley illustrations available …
Tags: Art, Apps, Design, London, Restaurants, Painting, Tech, Illustration, Artists, Augmented Reality, Sketch, David Shrigley, Linkaboutit, Shrigley, Hato, Sketch App

“Living” Concrete Made From Bacteria

Developed by researchers at the University of Colorado, a new concrete alternative could provide a carbon-free option for buildings in remote places—where lugging traditional concrete ingredients proves difficult. Only two components—photosynthetic bacteria and gelatin—make up this “living” concrete. Due to its photosynthetic nature, it starts off green before drying into a brown hue. Perhaps most impressive of all, the concrete can regenerate: “When half of …
Tags: Science, Design, Tech, Bacteria, Materials, Studies, Carbon Emissions, Buildings, Building, Linkaboutit, University Of Colorado, Concrete, Material Innovation

Chinese Government Fighting Coronavirus Using Drones With Speakers to Follow People and Tell Them To Put Masks On

This has to be seen (and heard) to be believed. In response to the growing Coronavirus, the Chinese government has been deploying safety officers mic'd up to speaker-carrying drones, according to The Global Times. These drones then harangue people in cities to wear masks, and tell people in rural areas to go home:It's way creepier with the audio: What would you call these, Shame Drones, I guess?
Tags: Design, Tech

Burning Forest Fire Pit

Scary globe shaped fire pit designed to look like mountain forest trees on fire. Forest burning fire pit handcrafted out of steel by Rick Wittrig for Orvis. Also check out: Death Star Fire Pit
Tags: Design, Tech, Rick Wittrig

Baby Yoda Life-Size Figure

Realistic life-sized collectable statue figure of Baby Yoda from Star Wars television series The Mandalorian is finally available for pre-order. Officially licensed “The Child” lifelike figure standing on a ship deck base measures 16.5” tall. Baby Yoda mixed media statue has been meticulously detailed, from the fuzz on its wrinkled head to its irresistible pout. […]
Tags: Design, Tech, Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda Life Size Figure

This App Allows You to Use Two Cameras on a Single iPhone At the Same Time

A boon for the mobile content creator: The FiLMiC Pro app has a clever multi-cam feature that allows you to exploit the multiple cameras on the iPhone XS/XR and 11. Now you can choose more than one camera and record video from them simultaneously--including from opposite faces of the camera, meaning you can record two-person face-to-face interviews.If that's all the app did, you'd still have to overlay those two videos in post-produciton. But FiLMiC Pro goes the extra mile by allowing you to cho...
Tags: Photography, Design, Tech

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