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Abstract, a versioning platform that helps designers work like developers, raises $30M

Design and engineering are two sides of the same coin when it comes to building software and hardware, and yet — unlike engineers, who can use services like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or many others to help manage their development process — it’s traditionally been slim pickings for designers when it comes to tools to manage the iterations and collaborations that are a part of their workflow. Now, we are seeing a rising wave of startups responding to that vacuum in the market. In the latest devel...
Tags: TC, Design, Enterprise, Developer, Funding, Tech, Workflow, Collaboration, Smith, TCUK, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sdk, Invision, Lightspeed, Abstract, Kevin Smith

Egg Map

Innovative and creative egg shaped map printed on waterproof stress ball. Squeeze the Egg Map to zoom in, see more details, and navigate the city. Also check out: Portable Map Projecto
Tags: Design, Tech

Cuddle Pillow

Arched shaped pillow keeps your arm from going numb and helps create comfortable sleeping position. Coodle pillow with integrated braces that keep pressure off your arm. Also check out: Cuddle Mattress
Tags: Design, Tech

Supersonic Aircraft’s Shockwaves Shot by NASA

The first-ever images of two shockwaves interacting, taken by NASA, appeared online this week. These photos—shot using a 150-year-old German technique—are some of the first of supersonic flights in the air and not in a wind tunnel. Seeing how the shockwaves interact with one another and on their own, NASA may be able to reduce the noisiness of sonic booms—the result of pressure changes when …
Tags: Photography, Space, Design, Tech, Nasa, Photographs, Sound, Sonic Boom, Supersonic Aircraft, Aircrafts, Schlieren

Nintendo Switch TV

Flat panel 65 inch television styled to look like giant Nintendo Switch video game console. Giant Nintendo Switch TV created by Suprman9 for his “Nerdvana” room. Also check out: Super Mario Sweater Vest
Tags: Design, Tech, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch TV, Giant Nintendo

Typewriter with Wings

Mechanical 1921 Corona 3 portable typewriter with articulating metal wings. Recycled Typewriter with Wings – sculpture made by Courtney Brown. Also check out: Typewriter Sculptures
Tags: Design, Tech, Wings, Corona, Courtney Brown

SpaceX and the New Aesthetics of Space Travel

Though the parameters of a trip into Earth’s orbit haven’t changed much since the dawn of our space travel days, the appearance has—whether it be the suits or the ships. On the next NASA trip, in a SpaceX-built capsule, the astronauts will be treated to sleek, modern interiors, cushy seats, touch-screens and wireless consoles. The look is a significant upgrade from previous designs—many of which …
Tags: Space, Spacex, Design, Tech, Nasa, Earth, Space Travel, Dragon, Rockets, Linkaboutit, New Aesthetics of Space Travel

Toyota’s Moon Rover

Traditionally limiting their endeavors to the Earth’s surface, Toyota now has plans to go to the moon. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency announced a partnership with the carmaker to place a self-driving rover on the moon in 2029. Using Toyota’s fuel-cell technology and solar power, the rover can transport two passengers over 10,000 kilometers. Though no astronauts will travel to the moon in the rover …
Tags: Auto, Space, Japan, Design, Cars, Tech, Earth, Moon, Toyota, Autonomous Cars, Linkaboutit, Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, Lunar Rover, Moon Rover

Check Mark Shelf

Unique wooden bookshelf designed to look like iconic check mark symbol. Check Mark Bookshelf created out of birch plywood by Jongho Park. Also check out: Bridge Bookshelf
Tags: Design, Tech, Mark Bookshelf, Jongho Park Also

Leica Furthers Their Most Accessible Camera With the Leica Q2

Acclaimed high-performance features get an impressive boost Something strange happened to a few of us on staff when the Leica Q was released in 2015: we stopped reaching for smartphones at the first sign of a photogenic moment. The compact Leica Q became our default camera for everything from landscapes and architectural shots to macro details on watches and in cocktails. It enabled better image-capture …
Tags: Reviews, Photos, Photography, Design, Tech, Devices, Cameras, Digital Cameras, Full Frame, Leica

Two anti-theft backpacks that have a zing to them

You may remember the Bobby backpack from the past few years. The bag singlehandedly kickstarted the trend of anti-theft backpacks, spawning an entire industry/category and a whole slew of bag designs that tried to mimic what the Bobby did best… Prevent theft through good design. Back with some highly awaited upgrades, here are the Bobby Pro and the Bobby Tech; backpacks that let you carry more, carry better, and carry securely. The bags pack a whole new set of features while retaining the icon...
Tags: Deals, Design, Tech, Bags, Solar Panel, Product Design, Bobby, Bobby Pro, Bobby Tech, Faye Tang Bobby Pro, HY Jiang Bobby Tech, Bobby Backpack, Bobby Pro Bobby

Banana Pool Table

Yellow banana pool table adds something fresh and special to the game room. Eye-catching banana shaped billiards table designed by Cleon Daniel. Also check out: Banana Chai
Tags: Design, Tech, Cleon Daniel

Talking Tech, Gender, Pleasure and Politics With Lora DiCarlo’s Founder

"Hold the phone, did you just call women's sexual health and wellness 'profane?'"
Tags: Politics, Design, Interviews, Sex, Sexism, Tech, Ces, Feminism, Nsfw, Lgbtq, Sex Toys, Tech Industry, Inclusivity, LGBTQ Community, Pleasure Objects, Lora DiCarlo

Tea Bag Holder Mug

Ceramic mug with tea bag holder and squeezer integrated into the handle. Tea Bag Holding Mug designed for tea drinkers and office workers. [order] Also check out: Drip Catcher Mug
Tags: Design, Tech

Airbus + LAYER Envision Better Economy Class Flying

For frequent flyers, or anyone who’s sat on a long-haul, it may seem like no effort has gone into improving economy class travel. That’s part of the reason why collaborative efforts between Airbus and London-based design firm LAYER feel very necessary. Together, they’ve proposed a paired app and seating concept. The former, called “Move,” encourages travelers to get up and walk around the cabin every …
Tags: Travel, Apps, Design, London, Tech, Flying, Airbus, Flights, Linkaboutit, Economy Class, Layer

First, They Made a Six-Legged Robot. Now, They're Debuting a DIY Kit for Building Your Own.

Vincross's Hexa robot delighted—and in some cases creeped out—the internet. It scales rugged terrain and squeezes through tight spaces thanks to a camera and distance sensor, six algorithmically coordinated legs, and an AI "brain." Vincross was impressed with how creative backers got programming Hexa—MIND KIT expands the possibilities. Backers could use it to find sunny spots for their plants, survey construction areas, rock strollers, entertain pets, and hunt ghosts—and they didn't need a ton o...
Tags: Apple, Design, Crowdfunding, Tech, Kickstarter, Xu, Prototyping, Hexa, Vincross, Vincross COO Andy Xu

Interview: Ivy Ross, Google’s Vice President of Hardware Design

Experimentation, curiosity and the customer are at the center of the team's philosophy In Google‘s recent collection of home and mobile products, all products—regardless of function—fit together in a way that complements their technologies and visual design. That’s in part because of the precise yet fluid vision of Ivy Ross, Google’s Vice President of Hardware Design for the last few years. With experience in various …
Tags: Google, Design, Interviews, Tech, Material Design, Pixel, Ivy Ross, Google Home, Smarthomes, Ivy Ross Google, Tech Design

Chair for Your Bag

Messenger bag and briefcase chair designed for schools and modern offices. el BagPed chair made by Workiture will hold your bag, purse or backpack. Bag Chair Also check out: Laptop Chai
Tags: Design, Tech, Workiture

Lightning Lamp

Nature inspired cloud shaped table lamp handcrafted out of metal and glass. Lightning lamp designed by Jiyoun Kim was inspired by old Korean phrase “Being struck by a thunder out of blue sky”. Also check out: Mushroom Lamps
Tags: Design, Tech, Jiyoun Kim

Bob Ross Action Figure

Realistic action figure of beloved American painter and TV host Bob Ross. Bob Ross action figure inspired by “The Joy of Painting”. Made by NECA. Also check out: Interactive Painting
Tags: Design, Tech, Neca, Bob Ross, Bob Ross Bob Ross

Coffee Table Skirt

Portable wooden coffee table can be instantly transformed into telescopic skirt. “Coffee Table Skirt” – wearable furniture designed by Hussein Chalayan. Also check out: Unusual and Creative Furniture
Tags: Design, Tech, Hussein Chalayan

Volvo Unveils the Polestar 2

The functional sedan is the brand's first fully electric car Since the stand-alone brand appeared in 2017, Volvo‘s Polestar has been a pioneering force in the electric automotive industry. With ambitions of being a serious competitor in the all-electric sedans on the market, the new Polestar 2 is the marque’s first mass production car. The five-door sedan boasts a range of 275 miles and just over …
Tags: Design, Sweden, Tech, Volvo, Electric Cars, Sedans, Polestar, Polestar 1, Polestar 2, Electric Innovation

Rotten Tomatoes’ Anti-Trolling Efforts

Before viewers get a chance to see Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers take on Ben Mendelsohn’s villainous Talos in the hotly anticipated Captain Marvel film, review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes is in the midst of its own battle… with trolls. As this latest Marvel feature began to suffer at the frequently misogynistic hands of the anonymous internet long before its release (a woe that afflicted the last …
Tags: Design, Movies, Internet, Sexism, Films, Marvel, Tech, Rotten Tomatoes, Trolls, Ben Mendelsohn, Film Reviews, Linkaboutit, Brie Larson, Talos, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel

Bookcase Lounge Chair

Space-saving lounge chair with integrated bookshelves made out of wood. Bookcase Lounge Chair designed by Sofia Alexiou for university library. Also check out: Bookcase Staircase
Tags: Design, Tech, Sofia Alexiou

Gomi’s Plastic Waste Speaker

Made from plastic waste (like bags and bubble wrap), Gomi’s portable speaker is a thoughtful and practical solution to traditionally non-recyclable plastic pollution. With sourced materials from local food wholesalers, each speaker is crafted from roughly 100 plastic bags, and the clever design allows for the speaker to be broken down into three pieces, which can then be melted and reused for future products. Read …
Tags: Design, Speakers, Tech, Sustainability, Pollution, Plastic, Recycling, Plastic Waste, Linkaboutit, Gomi

Zero Motorcycles Advances Electric Motorcycle Connectivity

A ground-up rebuild that delivers new levels of power and control To say much has happened since Zero Motorcycles launched in a garage back in 2006 would be an understatement. From their 2013 prototype electric motorcycle to today’s release of the SR/F, the brand has been an industry leader in technology and design. With this next-generation bike, they’re staking claim to the title of world’s …
Tags: Design, Tech, Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles, Electric Bikes, Zero Motorcycles, Motorbikes

Modern Cabin

Aeroplane inspired cabin designed to be mounted on stilts or hang from trees. The Fuselage: eco-friendly cabin made by Tree Tents from sustainably sourced wood and recycled aluminium. Also check out: Triangle Cabin
Tags: Design, Tech

Elephant Straws

Creative drinking straws with cute attachments that look like small elephants. Elephant Straws – reusable plastic drinking straws designed by Paladone. Also check out: Drinking Straws Art
Tags: Design, Tech

Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows: Michael Lim

Working to update the ways cities' roadways function Co-founder of LA-based Xtelligent, Michael Lim is working to connect tomorrow’s smart cars with existing city infrastructure—streetlights, pre-existing transportation options, and more. With some 99% of US roadway intersections still functioning with ’70s-era regulation, Lim is hoping to help cities develop strategies for current-day and future mobility using tech-forward, updated approaches. As one of the Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows …
Tags: Sponsored, Design, La, US, Los Angeles, Tech, Mobility, Lim, Mercedes Benz, City Planning, Michael Lim, Summit LA, Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows, Xtelligent, Xtelligent Michael Lim

Rain Socks

Waterproof socks for your shoes will protect them from rain water and mud. ONFAdd “Rain Socks” – rain footwear that you place over your sneakers. Also check out: Shoe Raincoats
Tags: Design, Tech

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