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This Microsoft Ultrabook converts into a gaming workstation with the reinforcer dock!

The Microsoft XYV concept beautifully bridges the gap between immensely capable gaming laptops and the conveniently thin media laptops. In the ever-adapting world of laptops, if you want a laptop that carries desktop-level of performance, it’s likely that you will have to compromise on both aesthetics and practicality, which is far from ideal when using the laptop in a more conventional and casual manner, where a thinner laptop would be more suited.The Microsoft XYV concept is a sleek and compac...
Tags: Design, Technology, Microsoft, Laptop, Laptops, Product Design, Yonghwan Kim, Graphic Card, Microsoft Ultrabook

Take a Journey Inside Vincent Van Gogh’s Paintings with a New Digital Exhibition

Vincent van Gogh died in 1890, long before the emergence of any of the visual technologies that impress us here in the 21st century. But the distinctive vision of reality expressed through paintings still captivates us, and perhaps captivates us more than ever: the latest of the many tributes we continue to pay to van Gogh's art takes the form Van Gogh, Starry Night, a "digital exhibition" at the Atelier des Lumières, a disused foundry turned projector- and sound system-laden multimedia space i...
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“Electric Dreams”: Amazing Portraits Of ’80s Geeks

In computers and the Internet, a geek is a person who is inordinately dedicated to and involved with technology. As computer technology becomes less frightening to larger numbers of people, society seems to be developing a more tolerant, even benevolent view of the geek. In some circles, it is considered a compliment to be called a geek because the term implies a high level of competence. Source
Tags: Design, Technology, Computer, Retro, Nerds, 1980s, Geeks

MUJI X Sensible 4’s Self-Driving Bus premiered in Finland. We got a chance to sit in it!

It’s only natural that the world’s first fully autonomous self-driving bus would come out of Finland. Finland, believe it or not, is often considered to be the ‘Silicon Country’ that gave the world Nokia and pretty much set the very blueprint for mobile communications. Nokia was founded in Finland, and for over two grand decades before Apple launched the iPhone, Nokia was the standard to beat. In fact, there’s a high likelihood that your first phone was a Nokia (I know mine was). Post-2010 whe...
Tags: Travel, Apple, Transportation, Japan, Design, Technology, News, Microsoft, Nokia, Automotive, Finland, Popular, Editorial, Helsinki, Product Design, Muji

Bafta games awards 2019: God of War leads nominations

Epic mythological fighting game picks up 10 nominations, chased by Red Dead Redemption 2, Return of the Obra Dinn and Florence with six nominations each. See the full list belowSony Santa Monica’s God of War has received 10 nominations for this year’s Bafta game awards, leading a diverse pack of nominees.Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 also picked up six nominations, as did Florence – a game about a relationship played from the perspective of a young woman – and Return of the Obra Dinn, a lo-fi...
Tags: Games, Design, Technology, Tetris, Culture, Art and design, Awards and prizes, Pokemon, BAFTA, Mobile Games, Assassin's Creed, Super Mario, Florence, Esports, Role playing games, Strategy games

Hypnospace Outlaw review: a surreal tribute to the 90s internet

PC; Tendershoot/No More Robots Journey back in time as an online detective policing a compelling parody of the nascent net, with dodgy graphics, tinny music and a host of weird websites to exploreThe very nature of the internet means that things are constantly vanishing from it, as websites, social networks and communities emerge, evolve and dissipate over the years. This constant change means that “the internet” of previous decades becomes something like a dream, existing only in the vague memo...
Tags: Games, Design, Technology, Law, Internet, Pc, Culture, Art and design, Intellectual Property, Puzzle games, Geocities

Buckminster Fuller Rails Against the “Nonsense of Earning a Living”: Why Work Useless Jobs When Technology & Automation Can Let Us Live More Meaningful Lives

We are a haunted species: haunted by the specter of climate change, of economic collapse, and of automation making our lives redundant. When Marx used the specter metaphor in his manifesto, he was ironically invoking Gothic tropes. But Communism was not a boogeyman. It was a coming reality, for a time at least. Likewise, we face very real and substantial coming realities. But in far too many instances, they are also manufactured, under ideologies that insist there is no alternative. But let’s a...
Tags: Google, Art, Politics, Technology, Education, College, Economics, Creativity, Sxsw, Marx, Facebook Twitter, Josh Jones, Bill Black, Kottke, Fuller, Buckminster Fuller

Stunning Photos Show Mercedes-Benz 190 SL’s Assembly Line In February 1958

The Mercedes-Benz 190 SL is a two-door luxury roadster produced by Mercedes-Benz between May 1955 and February 1963. Internally referred to as W121, it was first shown in prototype at the 1954 New York Auto Show, and was available with an optional removable hardtop. The 190 SL presented an attractive, more affordable alternative to the exclusive Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, sharing its basic styling... Source
Tags: Design, Technology, Retro, 1950s, Mercedes, Line, New York Auto Show, Mercedes Benz, Assembly, Benz

Your very own robot arm for laser engraving, 3D printing and more!

Every so often a product pops up that we can’t quite believe exists… and the incredible Hexbot is one of them! Hexbot is an all-in-one robot arm that is fit for anyone’s desktop. This interchangeable device can assist makers and designers in bringing their creations to life… and with insane precision! The modules satisfyingly clip onto the end of the arm, each offering a unique and usable function; from laser engraving, which allows for the creations of mesmerizing pieces of art or personalize...
Tags: Deals, Design, Technology, 3d Printing, Product Design, Laser Engraving, Hexbot, Hexbot Control

A baby thermometer with fun sounds for those high-temperature days!

As a mother of two children in their twenties, I know how harrowing unwell kids can be! Even at this age they kick-up so much fuss, so imagine what toddlers can do. The worst is taking temperature, especially if you need to monitor it every few hours. Although ear thermometers are a boon in comparison to the mercury ones, keeping kids still during the intrusion, can be tricky. To overcome this challenge, what the Ear Fun thermometer does is that it integrates funny sounds and jungle noises into ...
Tags: Design, Technology, Medical, Thermometer, Product Design, Eunseo Kwak, Teasoo Moon

Finally, LEGO Announces Its Own Foldable Device , An Antidote To Folding Phone Mania

In a surprising piece of news, Lego has not missed out on an opportunity to embrace a massive mobile tech trend this year — folding smartphones. What, exactly, has the brick company come up with to take on the might of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X? It’s the LEGO Fold, and like folding smartphones, the design has been heavily — and we mean heavily — influenced by a traditional book. Source
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Technology, Phone, Lego, Trend, Foldable, Samsung Galaxy Fold

New hope for plastic recycling with IBM's VolCat technology

Think how much more material would be reused if plastic recycling didn’t entail washing, sorting and individual processing. Now, IBM researchers have developed a new chemical process called VolatileCatalyst that eliminates these steps. VolCat recycling grinds up plastics, adds a chemical catalyst and cooks them at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius. The chemicals eat through polymer strands, producing a fine white powder ready to be made into new containers. By heating PET with ethylene gly...
Tags: Food, Design, Technology, Fish, Pollution, Ocean, Plastic, Ibm, Recycling, DuPont, Waste, Clean Tech, Containers, Green Technology, Recycled Materials, Waste Disposal

Sleep better with this humidifier and mood light in one

Humidifier2 aims to introduce a calming and tranquil environment by combining two atmosphere-creating functions! Packaged within the minimal, fuss-free exterior is both a soft mood light and gentle humidifier; the pairing of these two functions aims to enhance the user’s lifestyle by making their home a more comfortable place to be.The graceful curves are beautifully contrasted by the repetitive lines of the translucent base, which have been chosen as they elegantly diffuse the light while addin...
Tags: Design, Technology, Lighting, Product Design, Second White, Mood Lamp

Built with graphene based technology, Solus is the most efficient radiator

The humble domestic radiator is something which is often overlooked within the design world, and because of this the inefficient, money-sapping and visually out-dated product is in need of a much-needed re-design. Luckily the team at KOLEDA have created an alternative… and it changes the game. Designed with efficiency firmly in mind, SOLUS could save you over 80% on your next heating bill due to its clever use of the completely new graphene-based technology. The nanotech coating has returned t...
Tags: Deals, Design, Technology, Appliances, Product Design, Heater, Solus, Radiator, Koleda

Divorced Dad Who Gave Up On Real Women Now Lives With 12 Life-Size Dolls… And His Daughter Helps With Their Make-Up And Clothes

Olivia West / The Sun Not each daughter can be thrilled if their dad crammed his home with glamorous life-size female dolls – but Rhiannon Bevan says it “warms her heart” to see her father so completely satisfied. Her double divorcee dad Dean buys his 12 buddies bras, celebrates their birthdays, does their make-up, clothes them and shares a bed with one. Rhiannon was shocked when he started his... Source
Tags: UK, Design, Technology, Life, Dolls, Real, Rhiannon, Dad Dean, Life-Size, Rhiannon Bevan

Designer From Hong Kong Spent A Year-And-A Half To Create The Humanoid Robot, Which Is Definitely Looks Like Scarlett Johansson

Photo by Bobby Yip / Reuters According to Clarence Fernandez via Reuters: “Like innumerable children with imaginations fired by animated films, Hong Kong product and graphic designer Ricky Ma grew up watching cartoons featuring the adventures of robots, and dreamt of building his own one day. Unlike most of the others, however, Ma has realized his childhood dream at the age of 42... Source
Tags: Android, Hong Kong, Design, Technology, Scarlett Johansson, Robot, Reuters, Ma, Clarence Fernandez, Ricky Ma, Bobby Yip Reuters According

The Next Development for Personal Assistants?

Smart Speakers are gradually making themselves more known within our lives, with an array of smart-devices now available to choose from. However, the Google Visual Assistant concept brings a new layer of communication to the table… Visual Artificial Intelligence.Designed to use the capabilities of Google’s artificial intelligence and speech and sound recognition, this captivating projector opens us up to new possibilities! The introduction of a projector allows for films, images and displays to ...
Tags: Google, Design, Technology, Ai, Product Design, Pascal Grangier, Jiwon Seo

NOCTUA is a sexy Mixed Reality safety helmet for the construction industry

When you are in the construction business, some of the insights that could help the contractor build better include: the possibility of making quality control more efficient and precise, use of a device that could instruct workers to build in a more intuitive way or what if the designer could see what they have rendered in a more realistic way? This is mainly due to the fact that designing, building, remodeling and quality control are the four pillars that make a solid construction. Architects g...
Tags: Design, Technology, Noctua, Construction, Product Design, Haoyu Liu, Huwan Peng

Can machines be more creative than humans?

A computer-generated artwork is going to auction at Sotheby’s – but will AI art have staying power?Mario Klingemann, a German artist who uses AI in his work, has radical views on creativity. “Humans are not original,” he says. “We only reinvent, make connections between things we have seen.” While humans can only build on what we have learned and what others have done before us, “machines can create from scratch”.It’s an interesting perspective. Setting aside whether or not human creativity is l...
Tags: Art, Science, Technology, Culture, Art and design, Robots, Computing, Consciousness, Sotheby, Lee Sedol, Artificial intelligence (AI, Klingemann

YD JOB ALERT: Grab an Industrial Design Internship at Google’s Hardware team

Google Pixel, Google Home, Pixel Buds, Chromebook, Pixel Slate, Daydream VR, Nest, Waymo… these are just a few of the tangible products that come from the Alphabet company, Google’s parent. A lot of them tie in Google’s services, and make use of skilled industrial designers who capture the company’s fun-yet-superior avatar and signature usability and bring them to the product domain. Google’s Pixel is remarkable to look at, the Google Home device’s fabric clad makes it a wonderful piece of decor...
Tags: Google, Design, Technology, Hardware, United States, Internship, Job Board, Product Design, Mountain View California, Intern, Google Pixel Google, Industrial Designer, YD Job Alert, Catia NX Rhino Solidworks, Mountain View California USA

A smart poster that knows the weather

In recent years, we have become increasingly surrounded by tech, and the often intrusive and attention-sapping devices can begin to take control of our lives. This realization led to the creation of the Typified Weather Poster, a beautifully designed product that clearly reflects the day’s changing weather.As opposed to a conventional display, the Typified Weather Poster uses a combination of Paper and Smart Ink to communicate the information; a tiny computer that is concealed within the produ...
Tags: Deals, Weather, UK, Design, Technology, World Health Organization, Product Design, Smart Ink, Oli Woods, Weather Poster, Oli WoodsClick, Australia Canada America

This e-bike’s detachable battery is also a music-pumping boombox

We gushed over the Noordung bike nearly two years ago. Sleek, streamlined, and just a pleasure to look at, the e-bike showcased an organic design that housed electronics within it, and a silent motor that sat within its wheel. The e-bike was powered by a fuel-tank-shaped battery-pack that sat exactly where the fuel tank on a motorcycle would. The pack’s volume would immediately alter the perception of the bicycle, making it look more like a cafe-racer. This battery pack also played another pre...
Tags: Deals, Design, Technology, Eu, Automotive, Popular, Electric Bike, Product Design, Random, Li, Aleksander Praper, Gregor Fras, Klemen Čepirlo, Noordung, Samo Fortuna, Žiga Gorjup

AirPods are now easier to find, carry and charge with this pal!

The AirPods are pretty great the way they are, but ask any designer and they’ll say that they could be much more. Ask designer Tang Gan of Pitaka and he’ll straight up tell you that the AirPods should A. Wirelessly charge, B. Have a longer battery life, and C. Not be so difficult to find inside a backpack. Combine those three insights and you get yourself the AirPodPal, an attachment that augments the abilities of the AirPods… or as Tang says, “Makes your AirPods easier to carry, charge & find...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Design, Technology, Product Design, Tang, PITAKA, Tang Gan, EDCP Everyday Carry Power Bank Crafted

The Leica Photo Printer revives my love for photography

Hypothetically this could be a Leica branded printer concept, but I’m going to keep that aside for now and focus on this clever idea and its potential. Instant printers are not a new phenomenon, so what makes this Photo Printer different? The prospect of it directly connecting to your phone, acting as a battery backup and a printing machine. I could go a step further and say that it even serves as a memory backup for all the wonderful moments you capture through your phone, but for some odd reas...
Tags: Design, Technology, Cameras, Product Design, Leica, Deokhee Jeong, Instant Printers

A More Immersive Gaming Experience!

Virtual reality harnesses the power to completely immerse the user within a game, and momentarily transport them to another world. However, this illusion is promptly broken when there is an absence of haptic feedback at a time where it is needed. This is where the team at ENTWURFREICH saw room for improvement, and their solution came in the form of the Mixed Reality Controller!This intriguing piece of kit conceals several linear motors that are built-in to the unique form. These provide the user...
Tags: Gaming, Design, Technology, Product Design, Mrc, ENTWURFREICH, Mixed Reality Controller

Ampère gives the humble power sockets a tech makeover

Ampère is an intelligent socket system that has some fantastic UI UX experience attached to it. It comes with features like magnetic locking, power consumption of individual gadgets directly fed into the accompanying app, as well as the control of each socket on your fingertips. While the design challenge has been easily solved with intuitive UI UX and sleek design, the technology implementation would be worth understanding, should this concept come to life.Designers: Dimitris Despotidis & Holy ...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Technology, Product Design, Dimitris Despotidis, Electric Socket, Holy Studio

Apple made the AirPods, Pitaka made them better!

The AirPods are pretty great the way they are, but ask any designer and they’ll say that they could be much more. Ask designer Tang Gan of Pitaka and he’ll straight up tell you that the AirPods should A. Wirelessly charge, B. Have a longer battery life, and C. Not be so difficult to find inside a backpack. Combine those three insights and you get yourself the AirPodPal, an attachment that augments the abilities of the AirPods… or as Tang says, “Makes your AirPods easier to carry, charge & find...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Design, Technology, Popular, Product Design, Random, Tang, AirPods, PITAKA, AirPodPal, Tang Gan, AirPods Pitaka, EDCP Everyday Carry Power Bank Crafted

YD JOB ALERT: Industrial Design Internship opportunity at Logitech!

Audio, Office, Gaming, Consumer Electronics, and Enterprise. These are just a few areas where Logitech has made an incredibly indelible mark. With its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and in the heart of the silicon valley, Palo Alto, California, Logitech remains one of the leading peripheral OEM manufacturers in the world, creating spectacular products with great user experiences. From Bluetooth speakers, to keyboards, gaming controllers, remotes, styluses, to even our favorite mouse, Log...
Tags: Europe, Design, Technology, US, Logitech, Internship, Job Board, Product Design, Lausanne Switzerland, Newark California, Palo Alto California, SolidWorks, CMF, Industrial Designer, YD Job Alert, Logitech G • Work

Mizzle brings microgreens into my kitchen

Every little step that you take, when you want to eat clean, is a leap in the right direction. Quit the crust of the pizza, cut down your sundae portion or add microgreens to your meals … everything works. Supporting you in your eating-clean-habit is the Mizzle, a smart aeroponic kitchen appliance that helps you grow microgreens. This smart cultivator comes with three compartments, one for the germination process (a little dark and humid place), and two for the growth and harvesting process.What...
Tags: Design, Technology, Appliances, Product Design, Mizzle, Deniz İbanoğlu, Gökhan Çetinkaya, Gökhan Çetinkaya Deniz İbanoğluUsers

YD Job Alert: Apple is looking for talented Industrial Designers!

Imagine getting to be an industrial designer at Apple! The company has been such an indomitable force over the past decades that it has arguably created, shattered, and evolved industries, technologies, categories, trends, and even boundaries! The one company that everyone looks to for design inspiration, Apple is clearly at the epicenter of consumer design and tech. With an incredibly revolutionary and secretive design team led by Sir Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson, Apple has been able to go from...
Tags: Apple, Design, Technology, Jonathan Ive, Job Board, Product Design, Cupertino California, Marc-Newson, Industrial Designer, YD Job Alert, Marc Newson Apple, Apple Industrial Design Group, LOCATION Cupertino California USA

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