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Jon Podhoretz Remembers Terry Teachout

“Terry’s ability to bounce month to month from film noir to the crisis of the symphony orchestra to the talents of Robert Mitchum to the musicality of Nat King Cole to the ever-sticky problem of how and when and whether to separate an artist’s noxious views from his art were the ultimate testament…” – Commentary
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Terry Teachout, 65

I regret to write that Terry Teachout, one of ArtsJournal’s original bloggers since 2003, has died unexpectedly at his home in New York at the age of 65. The Wall Street Journal, where Terry was the longtime theatre critic, has an I will write more about Terry in the days to come. He was a generous and valued friend. Though we spoke rarely, we had an active correspondence over the years and he was one of the hardest-working people I’ve ever known. He will be much missed. More later. D...
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Quarantined Shakespeare As Performed As Global Conversation

As the speeches are performed by a succession of people in the videos, it feels “as if they are in conversation even though they are in different parts of the world” said Terry. The three speeches suit our current period of contemplation under lockdown as they “ask questions about our place in the planet and where we go when we are no longer physical beings”. They provide an opportunity for questioning – “rather than worrying about what the answers might be”. – The Guardian
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When All the Zingers Were Fit to Print

In 1978, a mischievous band of writers that included George Plimpton and Nora Ephron teamed up to create a spoof of The New York Times. Turns out, Times journalists were among them.
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Director Terry Hands, Longtime Head Of Royal Shakespeare Co., Dead At 79

Hands began his career as a co-founder of the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool, and, after his well-regarded 13 years as RSC artistic director, spent 18 years in Wales at the helm of Clywd Theatr Cymru, which he saved from collapse. (He was also director of one of the most notorious flops in Broadway music history, Carrie.) – The Guardian
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British Theatre Director Terry Hands Passes Away at 79

BroadwayWorld is saddened to report that prolific British theatre director Terry Hands passed away today, February 4. He was 79 years old. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Radio: 2 radio stalwarts have passed away, and another LA radio fixture announces retirement

In early November, Dave Beasing wrote to tell me that Terry Greiger had suffered a bad stroke while en route to a transmitter on Mount Wilson; last week, came the news that Greiger passed away on November 18th. Let me tell you a little about Terry. I was an intern at Magic 106 (and for a few months, Power 106) during my days as a student at UCLA. I had the opportunity to work with some truly wonderful people who I will always remember, both in front of the microphone and behind the scenes. One o...
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The Pursuit of Capyness is a capybaras-only coloring book

The Pursuit of Capyness [Amazon] is a coloring book featuring capybaras, the large and eminently peaceable rodents often observed just chilling, occasionally in hot tubs. The book is by psychiatrist John Terry, who knows what you need right now. Which is capybaras. To color in. There are more than 50 within, with lots of capybara facts, and a range of complexity to make it fun for kids and adults alike. Here's an inteview with Terry: Capybaras, in general, but especially on the internet, are as...
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Will Terry

Will Terry is freelance illustrator with a history of both editorial and children’s book illustration. His emphasis currently is on the latter, and he has worked with publishers like Random House, Simon Schuster, Scholastic, Penguin, Klutz, and Albert Whitman. He has also created widely circulated indie ebooks and is the co-founder of the online children’s book illustration instruction program Society of Visual Storytelling. Terry’s style has a lively cartoon-like energy combined with sophis...
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Portrait of a good bad guy

Edward G. Robinson was Hollywood’s first major art collector, and in 1939 he and his (first) wife and son had a family portrait done in pastels by Edouard Vuillard. La famille d’Edward G. Robinson “passed to his former wife” (i.e., in the divorce settlement) and seemed to have disappeared, but Terry has tracked it down. – Terry Teachout
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100% Human Sweatshirt

Made from super-soft and comfy 100% cotton, this French Terry sweatshirt from Everlane is adorned with their now-familiar “100% Human” logo. Each piece in this range (which includes T-shirts and sweaters) results in donations to Equality Now—an international organization that works to change laws, set legal precedents, spread awareness and mobilize communities.
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Dame June Whitfield, Star Of BBC Comedies Including ‘Absolutely Fabulous,’ Has Died At 93

Whitfield spent decades being sought out for famous British male comics to play off her superb timing – but then she found her own stardom on TV in Terry and June and then as Edina’s mother in Absolutely Fabulous, which was, and still is thanks to streaming, international comedic gold. – BBC
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Memories are made of this

Even as he reaches the age at which names become harder and harder to recall, Terry finds that memories of long ago remain powerfully specific: pop songs of the 1950s, commercial jingles of the ’60s, candy from a vacation destination — and the surprisingly modernist mid-century design of Howard Johnson’s motel rooms.
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Has 'Gender Blind' Casting In Michelle Terry's Fresh Tenure At The Globe Truly Meant Something?

Whatever 'blind' casting may mean to Terry and the cohort of each play, the audience sees gender, and that makes a difference. "Many audience members in fact cannot and will not easily look past what seems to them to be a fundamental disconnect between who the gender of the actor as understood outside of the […]
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In A Rehearsal Room When Everyone Has A Say On Everything' - At Michelle Terry's Radically Egalitarian Shakespeare's Globe

Reporter Bridget Minamore watches the company at work - six women and six men who decide together who plays which roles (yes, there's gender-swapping, and Terry is playing Hamlet), what costumes to wear, the sound and music design, and even the sign-language sign for "Hamlet."
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An Archive of 20,000 Movie Posters from Czechoslovakia (1930-1989)

We couldn't possibly ignore, here at Open Culture, the glory of movie posters: from the film noir era, from Martin Scorsese's predictably sizable collection, and even the deeply askew interpretations seen outside the theaters of Ghana. But somehow, the visual art-inclined cinephile's attention returns again and again to one region of the world: Eastern Europe, especially in the Cold War era. Poland's movie posters have long since accrued a fandom around the world, but we shouldn't neglect the e...
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Wellcome Image Awards 2017

The 2017 Wellcome Image Awards will take place on 15 March at the Wellcome Trust. The winning images will go on display in science centres and public galleries around the world from 16 March 2017. Images are judged on quality, technique, visual impact, and their ability to communicate and engage. Cat skin and blood supply. Whiskers, unlike normal hair, are touch receptors, each containing a sensory organ called a proprioceptor. Scientists injected blood vessels with a red dye called carmine dye...
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Buy: French Terry Cap

Made from soft reversed French terry, this range of caps from KNYEW features embroidered words inspired by Stevie Wonder lyrics. From "pastime paradise" to "higher ground" and "living in the city," each hat is a different mellow hue—though they're...... Continue Reading...
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$2200+ Raised for Charity! Prize Winners Announced

Over the past month, my wife and I have been fundraising for the Langbos Community Centre in South Africa through a ‘Donate to Win‘ contest and I’m super excited to share that together we have raised $2200+ from 98 donators all over the globe. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 100% of these proceeds will be going to Langbos Creche & Care Center and will go extremely far with the strong US exchange rate. Thank you! Winners Announced Below are the winners of the 45 prizes, worth $30...
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Henry V review – astonishing gender-switched reinvigoration

Open Air theatre, Regent’s Park, LondonMichelle Terry is riveting as Shakespeare’s wartime king in a production that emphasises how roleplaying is integral to monarchyAside from Hamlet, I can’t think of a Shakespeare play that so much reflects the mood of the moment as this. It’s been variously seen as a five-act national anthem and a cynical dissection of war, but it seems appropriate that, at a time of heightened awareness of gender equality, the title role should be played by a woman in the s...
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