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End Of Times – Identifying The Anthropocene

In the face of such debilitating immensity, we cannot merely shrug and take a selfie. We cannot allow the scale of the crises we are already living through, and of those to come, to trump their urgency. – Boston Review
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Tommasini To Step Down As NYT Classical Music Critic

At year’s end, Tony will step down as The Times’s chief classical music critic. It is a position he has held since 2000, giving him the longest tenure in the role since Olin Downes. – The New York Times
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Williamstown Theatre Festival Artistic Director Mandy Greenfield Resigns

The move comes after a Times investigation, published in September, in which 25 current and former festival workers alleged that WTF exposed them to repeated safety hazards and a toxic work culture. – Los Angeles Times
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True Crime Books, Video, And Podcasts Are Massively Popular. Are They Brain-Rotting Junk Or A Force For Good?

There are arguments to be made on both sides. The Times gathers people to make them. – The New York Times
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"But hostility to genius has been brewing in our culture for a long time. Almost 100 years ago... the critic Edmund Wilson observed that the almost mystical 'dignity and distinction' traditionally accorded to the figure of the poet was becoming..."

"... 'more and more impossible in our modern democratic society.' The ascendancy of science, Wilson argued, had made human beings less prone to viewing themselves as potentially godlike geniuses and more uncomfortably aware of their kinship with other animals and subjection to biological and physical laws. A democratic society was also less at ease with the idea of a 'natural aristocracy' of artists to match the hereditary aristocracy of landowners and rulers.... The prevalent idea in the 21st c...
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A Gigantic Violin Floats Down Venice’s Grand Canal with a String Quartet on Top

It looks like something out of a Fellini movie: a string quartet floating down the canals of Venice on a gigantic violin. Not a boat masquerading as a violin, like when you dress up your pet for Halloween and just slap some funny ears and coat on it, but an actual 39-foot long violin, made of several kinds of wood and metal by master boatbuilder/wood sculptor Livio De Marchi. “Noah’s Violin,” as it is called, did have a tiny motor inside to propel it, and its trip down the Grand Canal wa...
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"A woman in a gorilla mask riding a bicycle threw the small white object past Elder’s head..."

"... as seen in a video posted on Twitter by Spectrum News reporter Kate Cagle. The woman appeared to be white, Elder is Black, and ape characterizations have been used as a racist trope for centuries. Moments later, the woman took a swing at a man who appeared to be part of Elder’s team. The man was hit by at least one other heckler just before Elder was escorted into the SUV."  From an L.A. Times report quoted in (Wall Street Journal).  Here's the Kate Cagle tweet discussed in the quote...
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In Defense of Charlie Brown

I've always had a love-hate relationship with the word deceptively. For example, suppose a musical is actually very complex, but it seems very simple. Is that show "deceptively complex" or "deceptively simple"? Yeah, me either. It's a valuable idea to have a word for, but no one is sure which way it works. Look it up in the dictionary, and it'll tell you it means either.The Oxford English Dictionary website says, "Deceptively belongs to a very small set of words whose meaning is genuinely ambig...
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How West Magazine Created a Southern-California Pop-Culture Aesthetic with the Help of Milton Glaser, Gahan Wilson, and Others (1967-1972)

In the late 1960s, a counterculture-minded media professional could surely have imagined more appealing places to work than the Los Angeles Times. Widely derided as the official organ of the Southern California Babbitt, the paper also put out a bland Sunday supplement called West magazine. But West had the potential to evolve into something more vital — or so seemed to think its editor, Jim Bellows. The creator of “the original New York magazine in the early 1960s,” writes Design Observer’s Ste...
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About that French Culture Pass…

The French government had the idea to give teenagers a 300 Euro credit (through a phone app) to spend on “culture”. A few limits were placed upon it – a 100 Euro maximum on online subscriptions, and any video games had to be French (trade protectionism is a given in any French cultural policy) – but otherwise the youths had a pretty free hand. And with those free hands they spend roughly half their totals on Manga. The New York Times reports: As of this month, books represented over 75 percent ...
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‘Hamilton’ Has Grossed $650 Million. Why Did It Get At Least $30 Million In Pandemic Relief?

The Broadway production and each of the show’s touring companies are incorporated separately, and each corporation can qualify for a $10 million Shuttered Venue Operators Grant. Lead producer Jeffrey Seller talked to the Times to justify applying for the money and explain what it’s being used for. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Times, Hamilton, Jeffrey Seller, 06.29.21

Sophie Rivera, Photographer Of Puerto Rican New York, 82

Rivera began by asking her neighbors to be her subjects. “The images she made were majestic four-by-four-foot prints of everyday New Yorkers of all ages. They were time-stamped by their hair styles and clothing as citizens of the 1970s and ’80s, but they were made eternal by their direct gazes, formal poses and the nimbus of light with which Ms. Rivera surrounded them. Vivien Raynor of The New York Times likened these Nuyorican Portraits, as they were known, to the portraits of Édouard Manet; T...
Tags: Art, People, New York Times, Times, Rivera, Holland Cotter, 06.04.21, Sophie Rivera, Vivien Raynor

Power Of The Press? From Op-Ed To Federal Writers Project Bill In Congress

Like his forebears under Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration, David Kipen rolled up his sleeves and went to work. He started writing letters to lawmakers calling for a revamped program for the COVID-19 era, and last May he wrote a piece for The Times examining that possibility. The article, headlined “85 years ago, FDR saved American writers. Could it ever happen again?,” piqued the attention of Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance). Last summer, the congressman’s office began drafting a...
Tags: Art, Congress, Words, Times, Fdr, Franklin D Roosevelt, Ted Lieu D Torrance, David Kipen, 05.06.21

Composer Gets No Play Until She Puts Her Music Out Under Male Pseudonym

A change of name it all started to click. After adopting the pseudonym Arthur Parker her pieces were getting the airplay she had struggled to achieve as a woman. – The Times (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, Times, 02.15.21, Arthur Parker

The Times’s ‘Five Minutes That Will Make You Love {Piano/Sopranos/String Quartets}’ Series? It’s Working

Says classical music editor Zachary Woolfe (who came up with the idea in the shower), “It has doubled our audience for classical music. It’s gratifying that whatever we do, people are willing to explore and be into it.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Times, Audience, ZACHARY WOOLFE, 02.03.21

Analyzing The Fallout From The New York Times’s ‘Caliphate’ Podcast

The Peabody- and Pulitzer-winning audio series lost much of its luster (and gave up its awards) when its primary subject was revealed to be a big ol’ liar fabulist. Media columnist Nicholas Quah considers how the flawed material got past editors in the first place, what consequences have been suffered by the main people involved, and the complications the Times has faced in dealing with the matter. – Vulture
Tags: Art, Media, New York Times, Times, Nicholas Quah, 01.05.21

How The Ailey Company Is Dealing With The Pandemic

Considering that it’s not an easy time for dance companies, the Times says, the Ailey is making wonderful choices for its current and future audiences. “Since Dec. 2, the company has been releasing themed programs mixing archival and newly filmed performance excerpts with taped conversations about the dances and the moment.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Times, Ailey, 12.18.20

Should A Museum Diversify By Selling Some Of Its Best Art?

“MOLAA’s collection is, to be charitable, spotty. But the bizarre claim that certain first-rate artists are “overrepresented” in the collection, which chief curator Gabriela Urtiaga offered to The Times as a rationale for trying to unload 59 works, mostly graphics, does not inspire confidence in upgrading it.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Times, Visual, MOLAA, Gabriela Urtiaga, 12.16.20

virtual walking tours of new york city, hosted by ny times architecture critic michael kimmelman

During the pandemic shutdown, there were so many offers of interesting things to do online -- cooking, crafting, indoor exercise, art classes, author readings, and on and on. I didn't do any of it. I began piano lessons with Pianote, read books, took walks, and generally (although somewhat guiltily) enjoyed myself.One online series looked interesting to me, but I kept forgetting to do it. The New York Times posted walking tours of different areas of New York City, hosted by Michael Kimmelman. Ki...
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Ben Brantley: The Exit Interview

“During quarantine, when I couldn’t feed that [reviewing] addiction, I found myself chafing at the place-holding journalism that was required. Then in a Zoom meeting with critics, The Times‘s executive editor, Dean Baquet, lingered over the question of whether arts reviewers should stay in their jobs indefinitely. And I thought, ‘That sounds like an exit cue to me.’ After that, it was a surprisingly painless decision.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Times, Ben Brantley, Dean Baquet, 10.13.20

Ben Brantley Retires As New York Times Co-Chief Theater Critic

“‘This pandemic pause … seemed to me like a good moment to slip out the door,’ Brantley said in a statement. … [He] joined the Times as its second-string theater critic in 1993, taking the chief critic job three years later. His last day on the job will be Oct. 15. The paper’s newish co-chief critic title currently is shared by Brantley and Jesse Green, who will remain on board.” – Deadline
Tags: Art, Theatre, Times, Jesse Green, Ben Brantley, Brantley, New York Times Co, 09.10.20

Revealed: Gehry Plans For Two New Concert Halls Across From Disney Hall

With fundraising for the Colburn School project stalled, Frank Gehry released to The Times images of his concert hall models for the first time. As the architect’s design demonstrates, the two halls could well make or break the promise of the $1-billion Grand. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Frank Gehry, Times, Colburn School, Disney Hall, 09.07.20

Yoko’s Joke: Signs of the Times for the Metropolitan Museum’s Impending Reopening

Either Max Hollein and Daniel Weiss, the director and president of the Metropolitan Museum, were knowing participants in Yoko Ono’s mischievous potshot at their august institution, or they fell for her prank. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Yoko Ono, Times, Metropolitan Museum, Ajblogs, Yoko, Daniel Weiss, Max Hollein, 08.26.20

How To Bring L.A. Back From Disease, Dissension, And Unrest? Build Concert Halls, Says Mark Swed

“On the surface, that no doubt sounds idiotic — economically, socially and in just about every other way,” writes the L.A. Times classical music critic. “It’s not. It is the simplest, surest, most affordable means of turning this town around. Better still, we’re already nearly there. So please, bear with me.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Times, Audience, Better, Mark Swed, 08.25.20

The Artistic Legacy Of LA’s Chicano Moratorium Against The Vietnam War

Police tear-gassed the gathering before the march began, killing L.A. Times columnist and KMEX news director Ruben Salazar (two others also died during the tear-gassing and shooting). “The Moratorium shifted creative paths for those who were present and those who heard about it on the news or from friends. It fueled an urgency to make visible the Chicano experience, one that had largely been left out of the history books — an urgency that remains resonant.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, La, Times, Visual, Ruben Salazar, KMEX, 08.23.20

Obie Award Winner Vinie Burrows Has Been Working In Theatre For More Than Seven Decades

Burrows is an actor, playwright, producer, and activist who started her career as a kid on a radio show. In 1968, she was favorably written about in The New York Times, and she says, “It put me in another tax bracket. I remember being in Algiers at a festival. Why was someone in Algiers talking about me? He knew me because he had read the Times article about me. The Times review can put you in another tax bracket, even today.” – American Theatre
Tags: Art, People, New York Times, Times, Algiers, Burrows, 07.31.20

Another Step In New York Times’ Turn Toward Hollywood

“In a move expanding the news outlet’s presence in Hollywood, The New York Times has named Caitlin Roper executive producer for scripted projects. Roper, who has been a senior editor at The New York Times Magazine since 2016, will develop Times stories for film and TV, ‘developing and producing alongside Hollywood producers using our stories as the launching point for fictional projects.'” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, New York Times, Times, New York Times Magazine, Roper, Caitlin Roper, 07.27.20

‘Serial’ Bought By New York Times, Which Signs Partnership Deal With ‘This American Life’

“As part of the Times, Serial Productions will independently commission and edit its own stories, which ‘will now be amplified by the Times,’ the company said.” (The price was reportedly $25 million.) “In addition, the Times said it had entered into an ‘ongoing creative and strategic alliance’ … that will let This American Life continue to collaborate on long-form audio stories with Serial Productions as well as partner with the Times on marketing and ad sales.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, This American Life, Times, 07.22.20, Times Serial Productions, New York Times Which Signs Partnership

VIDEO: Josh Gad Says a BOOK OF MORMON Film Would Have to 'Adjust With the Times'

Josh Gad recently appeared onPeople's Couch Surfing series to chat with host Lola Ogunnaike about his new show Central Park and more [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Times, Central Park, Josh Gad, Lola Ogunnaike, BWW News Desk

Theater, Zoom, And Coronavirus: Four Times Critics Discuss The State Of The Art In 2020

“Though we are still miles and months away from a resuscitation, who would have guessed that, in the meantime, the savior of the stage might turn out to be its perpetual enemy, the screen? … To sort out this new world, Scott Heller, the New York Times theater editor, convened a virtual conversation with Ben Brantley and Jesse Green, the chief theater critics, and Maya Phillips, the Times‘s arts critic fellow.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, New York Times, Times, Audience, Jesse Green, Ben Brantley, Scott Heller, 07.08.20, Maya Phillips

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