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London’s Philharmonia Orchestra Names Successor To Esa-Pekka Salonen

Santtu-Matias Rouvali, 33, begins his 10-weeks-a-year, five-year contract term at the start of the 2021-22 season. He is also chief conductor of the Gothenburg Symphony (which is the official national orchestra of Sweden), where he just extended his term for four years), and the Tampere Philharmonic in Finland’s second city, where “the Rouvali effect” has seen extra concerts scheduled to meet audience demand. – The Times (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, London, Sweden, Finland, Times, Esa Pekka Salonen, Philharmonia Orchestra, Gothenburg Symphony, Rouvali, Santtu Matias Rouvali, 05.22.19, Tampere Philharmonic

Summer Books Preview: A Season to Catch Up on Reading

The Times’s critics on what they look forward to diving into this summer.
Tags: Art, Television, Movies, News, Dancing, Classical Music, Times, Books and Literature, Culture (Arts, Writing and Writers, Poetry and Poets, Documentary Films and Programs, Summer (Season

Howard Stern Explains How He Turned Into Terry Gross

Three years ago, the Times ran a feature about how the erstwhile King of All Media had moved on from the crazy, raunchy stuff that made him rich and famous and become an intelligent, sensitive, and generally admirable interviewer. Here, in an extended Q&A, he tells David Marchese just how it happened. (includes straight talk about Donald Trump, a longtime friend and frequent guest of yore) – The New York Times Magazine
Tags: Art, People, Howard Stern, Times, Donald Trump, Terry Gross, David Marchese, 05.09.19

Howard Stern Explains How He Turned Into Terri Gross

Three years ago, the Times ran a feature about how the erstwhile King of All Media had moved on from the crazy, raunchy stuff that made him rich and famous and become an intelligent, sensitive, and generally admirable interviewer. Here, in an extended Q&A, he tells David Marchese just how it happened. (includes straight talk about Donald Trump, a longtime friend and frequent guest of yore) – The New York Times Magazine
Tags: Art, People, Howard Stern, Times, Donald Trump, David Marchese, 05.09.19

It’s The Avengers’ World Now; We Just Live In It (A Roundtable)

“We asked five people who cover pop culture for The Times — Manohla Dargis and A.O. Scott, chief film critics; Wesley Morris, critic at large; Kyle Buchanan, pop culture reporter; and Aisha Harris, assistant TV editor — about the [Marvel Cinematic Universe] legacy and how it’s changed Hollywood and us. Here are excerpts from the conversation.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Times, Avengers, Wesley Morris, Scott, Manohla Dargis, Kyle Buchanan, Aisha Harris, 05.01.19

Over 6,000 employees demand Amazon take climate change seriously

This month, more than 6,000 employees signed onto a letter demanding Amazon distance itself from big oil companies and develop a more aggressive timeline to reduce its carbon footprint. Without acknowledging the letter’s demands, Amazon spokespersons pointed to a recent blog post promising that the company would release its carbon footprint data in 2019 and a vague plan to reach 100 percent renewable energy at data centers by an unspecified date. Amazon, one of the most profitable companies in ...
Tags: Amazon, Design, New York Times, Bp, Times, New York Times Image, Dutch Royal Shell, Rajit Iftikhar

Jorge Luis Borges Draws a Self-Portrait After Going Blind

Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986), one of the great writers to come out of Argentina, went blind when he was  only 55 years old. As unsettling as it must have been, it wasn't particularly a surprise. He once told The New York Times, "I knew I would go blind, because my father, my paternal grandmother, my great-grandfather, they had all gone blind." In the years following that life-changing moment, Borges never learned braille and could no longer read. But he did continue to write; he served as the ...
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A Former Prima Ballerina Says Men Are Just ‘Better’ At Ballet Now

Darcy Bussell says that men used to be in ballet simply to be women’s “extraordinary crutch,” but that now, “women were struggling to keep up with the technical and physical abilities of male ballet dancers.” Fighting words? – The Times (UK)
Tags: Art, Dance, Times, Darcy Bussell, 04.01.19, Ballet Now

Following the Money, a Grand Old Art Fair Moves With the Times

Tefaf Maastricht is Europe’s largest marketplace for old-master paintings and antiques. The problem is that most collectors nowadays want contemporary art.
Tags: Art, Europe, News, Times, Antiques, Wright, European Fine Art Fair, Joseph (1734-97, TEFAF (The European Fine Art Fair Stichting, Canaletto (1697-1768

Art Institute Of Seattle Faces Closure

That’s unless someone buys the troubled institution. “According to a Seattle Times report from last October, in 2017 a faith-based nonprofit called Dream Center Foundation bought the Art Institutes franchise, as well as South University and Argosy University. The company then started closing Art Institutes all around the country. Of 31 total AIs, only 18 remain. Going into this fall, the Times reports, the Seattle campus had laid off all but 3 full-time professors.” – The Stranger
Tags: Art, Times, Seattle, Visual, Seattle Times, Argosy University, Art Institutes, Dream Center Foundation, South University, 02.27.19, Art Institute Of Seattle Faces Closure

Weela makes working out at home a breeze

Back in the days, working out at home was all about the Jane Fonda videos and fancy leotards. Times have changed, and with fitness being the core of smart-devices, it’s only natural to have complimentary gym equipment and apps at our disposal. The Weela Pro Gym and Personal Trainer App is a step in this direction. It is basically an efficient home-training equipment that comes with about a hundred workout programs to choose from.I’ve tried home-training for several years and the one thing that...
Tags: Deals, Design, Times, Jane Fonda, Product Design, Home Gym, Fitness/Sports, Miikka Kurunlahti, Tuomas Lehto, Weela, Miikka Kurunlahti Tuomas LehtoClick

10 Best Serif Fonts for Clean & Elegant Logo Design

For many designers, when it comes to designing a clean and elegant logo for a company, using a Serif font in their designs helps to add a little bit of flair & sophistication to the brand. A serif font is easily identified by the “little feet” that appear at the ends of the letters being used. Doing a search for Serif fonts can lead you down the proverbial rabbit hole with all of the options there are to choose from. To offer a bit of help, we wanted to focus on ten of our favorite Serif fonts y...
Tags: Design, France, Typography, Best, Fonts, Times, Itc, Logo Design, Windsor, Cooper, Blacker, Serif, Linotype, Aldous Huxley, Recoleta, Hermann

Stage Manager Sues Royal Opera House For £200,000 Over Falling Curtain

“Gary Crofts, 68, claims that he has been plagued by depression and anxiety since a half-tonne section of stage curtain fell down near him without warning. The incident happened during a 2016 production of Kenneth MacMillan’s ballet, Anastasia.” – The Times (UK)
Tags: Art, Royal Opera House, Times, Issues, Kenneth Macmillan, 02.06.19, Gary Crofts

Sign of the Times: Harley Davidson Unveils Electric…Scooters and Bicycles

The press has been abuzz for a while with news of Harley-Davidson's forthcoming Livewire (above), the company's first foray into electric motorcycles. But what no one saw coming was the other two concepts they unveiled this week: An as-yet-unnamed electric bike… …and this electric scooter-looking thingy: ENGINEERED FOR THE CITYThese lightweight electric concepts are designed for an urban future by being generally easy to ride - no clutch, no shifting, lightweight, and with the goal ...
Tags: Design, Bikes, Times, Harley Davidson, Harley Davidson Unveils Electric

Too Big, Too Well-Funded And Too Scared: A BBC World Service Veteran On Why The Network Is Becoming Sclerotic

Owen Bennett-Jones writes that the network is now so top-heavy with senior managers who are terrified of negative public attention that it takes months to get a project approved — and that reporters who have serious stories to break are sometimes reduced to leaking them to The Guardian or The Times because their managers will only feel comfortable broadcasting those stories if they’ve seen them in print. — London Review of Books
Tags: Art, London, Media, Times, BBC World Service, Owen Bennett Jones, 12.20.18

Understanding The Times: Why We Cover High Fashion

The Times’s fashion director and chief fashion critic reflects on what makes haute couture relevant.
Tags: Design, News, Times, Fashion and apparel, News and News Media, Couture (Fashion

The Best Art Books of 2018

The Times’s art critics select some of their favorite art books and books related to art of the year.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Architecture, Bill, Prince, Times, Richard, Irving, Gabriel, Rachel, Lawson, Bruce, Denise, Kathy, Christopher

The One-Man Studio Who Created Some Of The Best Children’s Story Records Ever Made

Jim Copp, an erstwhile jazz performer and L.A. Times society columnist, wrote and narrated the stories, sang the songs, played the instruments, created the sound effects, and layered the tracks (dozens of them) on nine different records between 1958 and 1971. And they still hold up today, even for grown-ups. — The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Words, Times, 12.12.18, Jim Copp

Dinner Theater In The 21st Century: Upscale, ‘Immersive’, And Actually Related To The Play

Back in 1973, the Times described the then-popular phenomenon as “restaurants that feature live theater.” Now it’s the other way around, writes Elisabeth Vincentelli: “The productions I caught this fall at least tried to make food an integral part of a show’s aesthetic and thematic universe. In turning New York venues into giant food courts, some even succeeded.” — The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York, Theatre, Times, Audience, Elisabeth Vincentelli, 12.12.18

Anonymous Location Data Pinpoints People

You already know that your smartphone apps gather your location data and sell it. We’ve also all been told it’s anonymous—but as the New York Times reports, it’s so personal that while there’s no name attached, there is a life under a microscope for all to see. The Times reviewed data from over a million phones in the New York area. Their takeaways, conveyed beautifully …
Tags: Apps, New York, Design, Privacy, Tech, Data, New York Times, Location, Times, Geolocation, Linkaboutit

Victoria, BC Performing Arts Groups Scramble After Theatre’s Huge Rent Increases

The symphony has been told its rent, currently $1,850 per day, will go to $2,500 Sunday to Wednesday, $3,500 on Thursdays and $4,000 on Friday or Saturday. Those rates now apply to rehearsal days — currently $800 — too. – The Times-Colonist (Victoria, Canada)
Tags: Art, Times, Issues

As Soft and as Pink as a Nursery -- 13 Really Sexist Musicals

In this moment in our cultural history, in which we're finally calling out expressions of sexism, racism, and other bias, it's worth looking closer at the shows we produce. Maybe the Era of Trump has made it necessary.A while back, I wrote a blog post about musicals that are much darker than most people think. Now we're having debates about problematic content in older musicals, and whether or not some older shows should be largely retired.Sometimes people tell me -- apologetically, but not rea...
Tags: Musicals, Sexism, Theatre, America, Broadway, Adelaide, Alps, Theater, Annie, Jfk, Pink, Kate, Shakespeare, Times, Pacific, Andrew Lloyd Webber

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, Longtime New York Times Book Critic, Dead At 84

“In one of journalism’s most challenging jobs, Mr. Lehmann-Haupt was The Times‘s senior daily book critic from 1969 to 1995 … Readers and colleagues called him a judicious, authoritative voice on fiction and a seemingly boundless array of history, biography, current events and other topics, with forays into Persian archaeology and fly fishing.”
Tags: Art, People, Times, Lehmann Haupt, Christopher Lehmann Haupt, 11.07.18

Calling A Book “Difficult” Isn’t (Always) A Bad Thing

The question isn’t how difficult a book is, but why it’s difficult. What is it doing with its difficulty? What is it asking of the reader? Does that difficulty reward the reader’s investment of time? You’re entitled, as James Marriott did in the Times, to conclude that in this case the view from the top of Snowdon wasn’t worth the hike. But complaining about the hike per se is to give up on the idea that there might be any case for art that rewards an investment of energy and attention from its ...
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, Words, Times, Snowdon, James Marriott

Julia Turner to Become Arts Editor at LA Times

Julia Turner will become the Arts Editor at the LA Times. “Los Angeles is where entertainment, culture and technology intersect in interesting and exciting ways,” says Times Executive Editor Norman Pearlstine. “Julia is a versatile and experienced editor who will work with our journalists to capture, criticize and have a conversation about everything from literature to […]
Tags: Art, News, Los Angeles, Times, Art News, Minipost, Julia, LA Times, Julia Turner, Norman Pearlstine

When Theatre Wounds At Least As Much As It Heals

Playwright Quiara Alegría Hudes: “Even positive reviews yank my art from my hands and serve up my heart like a well-dressed ham. Even rave reviews have deposited me, post-celebration, in a disorienting depression where I feel my mouth has been slapped with duct-tape. People call and congratulate me not on the work but on the Times review. Against my affirmations and meditations, I become once again the little girl seeking approval when I have worked so hard to reject that frame.”
Tags: Art, Theatre, Times, Quiara Alegria Hudes, 09.27.18

Summer Camp for Creatives

SUMMER CAMP is a one-day event geared toward adult artists, creatives, and the general public to mingle, network, create, and celebrate the magic of summer time in the city! Dates and Times: -Saturday September 8, 12:30-9:30 pm, suggested lunch break 3-4 pm Lineup: in the gallery: Pop up exhibition: “Along...Read more »
Tags: Art, Calendar, Times

NY Times Critics Try To Make Peace With The Jukebox Musical

“Ben Brantley and Jesse Green, the Times‘s chief theater critics, joined the critic Elisabeth Vincentelli to answer the big questions: Why are the bad ones so bad? Why are the good ones better? And are there good ones? Scott Heller, the theater editor, played referee. Here are edited excerpts from the conversation, set to the music of Abba, the Go-Go’s, Donna Summer, Bob Dylan and more.”
Tags: Art, Theatre, Times, Ny Times, Jesse Green, Ben Brantley, Elisabeth Vincentelli, 08.29.18, Scott Heller, Donna Summer Bob Dylan

New York Times And Guardian Theatre Critics Get Together And Compare Their Greatest-Play Lists

Earlier this summer, the Times critics got together and hashed out their choices for the 25 best plays of the last 25 years; a month later, Guardian senior critic Michael Billington assembled his own list of Britain’s best scripts from the last decade. And on “one very sticky afternoon last month,” Brantley invited Billington over to his (un-air-conditioned) temporary London flat for a chat.
Tags: Art, London, Theatre, Britain, New York Times, Times, Michael Billington, Billington, Brantley, 08.17.18

Unseen Sketches For ‘Monty Python And The Holy Grail’ Surface

“Boxes of material deposited at the British Library and seen by The Times contain dozens of unused script ideas, including two sketches written for Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” (The early scripts had far more material than could fit in a feature film.) “One is about a Wild West bookshop and another features an amorous Pink Knight.” (includes transcripts of sketches)
Tags: Art, Media, Monty Python, Times, British Library, 07.31.18

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