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Endangered bluefin tuna sold for $3.1 billion to sushi tycoon

A recent predawn auction at Tokyo’s new fish market brought a record-breaking bid for the endangered bluefin tuna. Sushi tycoon Kiyoshi Kimura, who owns the Sushi Zanmai chain, paid $3.1 million for the enormous fish, more than double the price from five years ago. Kimura’s Kiyomura Corp has won the annual action in the past, but the high price of the tuna this year definitely surprised the sushi king. Nonetheless, Kiyomura says: “the quality of the tuna I bought is the best.” The 612-pound (27...
Tags: Japan, Design, Tokyo, Pacific, Oma, Tsukiji, Tokyo Bay, Kiyoshi Kimura, Sushi Zanmai, Kimura, Kiyomura Corp, Kiyomura, Jamie Gibbon

UK’s National Gallery to Loan Works to Japan for Olympics

London’s National Gallery will send Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and 60 other paintings on a tour of two Japanese Museums next year in celebration of the Tokyo Olympics. “By sharing the treasures from our world-leading museums and galleries, we can promote the very best of Britain to the globe,” says Jeremy Wright, the UK’s Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. […]
Tags: Art, Japan, UK, London, News, Britain, Tokyo, National Gallery, Van Gogh, Art News, Minipost, Jeremy Wright, National Gallery to Loan Works

UK’s National Gallery to Loan Works to Japan for Olympucs

London’s National Gallery will send Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and 60 other paintings on a tour of two Japanese Museums next year in celebration of the Tokyo Olympics. “By sharing the treasures from our world-leading museums and galleries, we can promote the very best of Britain to the globe,” says Jeremy Wright, the UK’s Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. […]
Tags: Art, Japan, UK, London, News, Britain, Tokyo, National Gallery, Van Gogh, Art News, Minipost, Jeremy Wright, National Gallery to Loan Works

Good Design Gets Better by The Year

It’s that time of the year, when I look back on the year gone by, and reflect on the many travels that I undertook, and what is the best that I got from to learn from them. The one that stands out the most, is my annual pilgrimage to Japan and the Good Design Awards, or G Mark. Founded in 1957, and in its 61st year, the sole purpose of the awards is to be an advocate of “good design”, and to enrich ‘life, industry and society as a whole.’ What I appreciate the most about the awards is that takes...
Tags: Japan, Design, Awards, Tokyo, Temple, Product Design, Sony AIBO, Good Design Awards, Nagatani, Aibo, G Mark, Gen Suzuki, Sony Aibo Team, Singgih S Kartono

Best of CH 2018: Travel

Destinations, drives and adventures that we still dream about Circumnavigate the world—time and again—in 365 days. That’s what our editorial team did in 2018. From revisiting old haunts in the USA’s Rust Belt to combatting sandstorms in the Gobi Desert, we approached every destination with wide eyes and curiosity. We flew, drove and hiked our way across the continents and the following stories reflect the …
Tags: Travel, Usa, Design, Hotels, Architecture, South Africa, Road Trips, Morocco, Tokyo, Iceland, Detroit, Gobi Desert, Pittsburgh, Word of Mouth, Best of CH 2018, CH Morocco

BBC Proms Traveling To Japan For First Time

“The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (BBC SSO) under chief conductor Thomas Dausgaard will perform during the six-day festival, from 30 October to 4 November, in Tokyo and Osaka. … This is part of an expansion of BBC Proms International, following successful tours of Australia and Dubai in 2016 and 2017.” — Classical Music (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, Japan, Australia, Bbc, Dubai, Tokyo, Osaka, Thomas Dausgaard, 12.18.18, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra BBC SSO, BBC Proms International

'Do Not Sit Down': Inês d'Orey's Photographic Elegy on Tokyo's Disappearing Architectural Heritage

In a fast-paced city like Tokyo, defined by rising skyscrapers, digital screens and advanced robotics around every corner, modernity seems to be a powerful driving force that expels anything old, outdated or redundant. There is a wide held belief that any house over 30 years is obsolete and indeed most buildings in the city are replaced as soon as their usefulness or contemporaneity is...
Tags: Art, Tokyo, Orey

Tokyo Streets Bookends

Wooden bookends designed to look like narrow back alleys in Tokyo, Japan. Miniature Tokyo streets bookends crafted by Japanese artist Monde. Also check out: Superhero Bookshelf
Tags: Design, Tech, Tokyo, Tokyo Japan

New Book: "Streamliner - Raymond Loewy and Image-making in the Age of American Industrial Design"

Raymond Loewy, the father of the profession of industrial design, is renowned for (among other things) designing trains in the streamlined style. But here's a fun fact: Before he was designing trains, he got his foot in the door at the Pennsylvania Railroad by designing…a trash can for Penn Station in New York City.That was in 1932, and Loewy of course went on to design trains, planes, automobiles, appliances, logos and more. If you're interested in both Loewy's life story and his many design ac...
Tags: Usa, Design, Book Reviews, America, Nasa, Tokyo, Pearl Harbor, Wall, Pat, Penn Station, John Wall, Raymond Loewy, Loewy, Stephen Bayley, New York City That, Richard Cordray

Japanese Artist Creates Bookshelf Dioramas That Magically Transport You Into Tokyo’s Back Alleys

Should you find yourself in a Japanese city, spend time not on the Starbucks- and McDonald's-lined boulevards but on the back streets that wind in all directions behind them. Or better yet, head into the back alleys branching off those streets, those half-hidden spaces that offer the most evocative glimpses of life in urban Japan by far. Only there can you find passage into the wonderfully idiosyncratic businesses tucked into the corners of the city, from bars and restaurants to coffee shops an...
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We Should Be A Lot More Angry About The Demise Of FilmStruck

And it’s only going to lead to a lot more BitTorrenting, which isn’t legal, but is available. “The site is loaded with stuff that is, quite simply, not available on disc, and not streaming anywhere else. It’s the only way you can see Ernst Lubitsch’s Cluny Brown, Michael Powell’s The Spy in Black, Yasujirô Ozu’s An Inn in Tokyo, and dozens more.”
Tags: Art, Media, Tokyo, Yasujiro Ozu, Ernst Lubitsch, Michael Powell, Cluny, 11.08.18

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Saying goodbye to Kepler, an upstate Witch Camp, Halloween in Tokyo and more in our look around the web Farewell to NASA’s Kepler Telescope Kepler—the beloved NASA telescope responsible for discovering 70% of the 3,800 confirmed “alien worlds” to date—officially met its end yesterday. After nearly a decade of exploration, the telescope ran out of fuel and can no longer transmit data or focus on transient …
Tags: South Korea, Halloween, Photography, Gender, Design, Thanksgiving, Air Travel, Nasa, Beauty, Tokyo, Airlines, Iceland, Kepler, Telescope, Linkaboutit, Link About It

Shibuya’s Impressive Halloween Celebrations

Tokyo—specifically Shibuya—is one big, well-costumed party in a new photo series by Kawasaki-based photographer Ko Sasaki. Over the past decade, Halloween celebrations have been gaining momentum in Japan, and the costumes—ranging from classic to unconventional—are wildly impressive. Visit Afar to see all the corpse brides, witches, aliens and more.
Tags: Costumes, Halloween, Photography, Japan, Design, Culture, Tokyo, Linkaboutit, Kawasaki, Shibuya, Photo Series, Ko Sasaki

Concept Cars That Never Made It: Vol. 2

Concept Cars That Never Made It is a five-part series that documents production concept automobiles from years and eras ago. Some are bewildering, while others are beautiful, and the only thing common between them is the fact that somewhere down the line, these concepts remained just figments of imagination and creative spirit, and never saw the light of day. Check out the ongoing series here.Holden Hurricane (1969) Unveiled back in 1969, the Hurricane was Australian carmaker (and a GM-owned bra...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Car, Automotive, Ford, Gm, James Bond, Fiat, Tokyo, Bmw, Citroën, Concept, Holden, North American International Auto Show, Bertone, Suzuki

Photography with Pixel 2 in Japan

Photography with Pixel 2 in Japan abduzeedo Oct 29, 2018 Francois, our chief editor, has been on a journey to Asia with his family. He's been wandering around Japan and Singapore for a more than a month living the culture and trying to capture everything with his Pixel 2 camera. I love seeing Francois photos and how much he cares about the craft of photography. This post is an example and it was originally shared on his Behance profile.  During the mon...
Tags: Google, Asia, Japan, Design, Singapore, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Pixel, Francois, West Japan

Recent Listening In Brief: Annie Chen, Woody Shaw And Dexter Gordon

Annie Chen Octet, Secret Treetop (Shanghai Audio&Video Ltd) Woody Shaw, Tokyo 1981 (Elemental Music) Dexter Gordon Quartet, Tokyo 1975 (Elemental Music)
Tags: Art, Tokyo, Ajblogs, Dexter Gordon, 10.25.18, Annie Chen Woody Shaw, Annie Chen, Octet Secret Treetop Shanghai Audio Video Ltd

Character Design: Rough World Illustration

Character Design: Rough World Illustration AoiroStudio Oct 25, 2018 Mr Misang is an illustrator from Seoul, Korea. It's a fascinating country with an interesting history. We are featuring the work from Mr Misang because of the insane illustration entitled: Rough World. Filmed by DawittGold who is director from PEACHES, and music by NAFLA and LOOPY who are famous rapper from label MKIT, Korea. I would definitely advise you to check out the video! When I...
Tags: Japan, Design, Korea, Tokyo, Seoul Korea, Misang, DawittGold, NAFLA

Pokémon Issues Trading Cards Based On Munch’s ‘The Scream’

“Featured in the lineup are Eevee, Mimikyu, Rowlett, Psyduck (my personal favorite here) and Pikachu. Grabbing all of them requires making separate purchases, including buying an expansion pack from the Pokémon Center. (How to get a Pikachu card remains a mystery for now, though.)” The line of cards is being launched on the same day that a major Munch restrospective opens at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.
Tags: Art, Tokyo, Munch, Visual, 10.15.18, Eevee Mimikyu Rowlett Psyduck

Takehisa Kosugi, Fluxus Composer-Violinist-Sound Artist, Dead At 80

“In 1960, Kosugi cofounded Group Ongaku, a Tokyo-based collective widely considered the first improvisational music ensemble formed in both the country and the world. … After allying himself with the Fluxus movement and participating in Happenings, he toured in a Volkswagen van from Rotterdam to the Taj Mahal as part of the Taj Mahal Travelers. With the group, he sketched out hallucinogenic, highly processed jams with an electric violin, radio oscillators, and his voice. … Between 1995 and 2011,...
Tags: Art, People, Tokyo, Volkswagen, Taj Mahal, Rotterdam, 10.15.18, Takehisa Kosugi, Kosugi

Starbucks unveils store built from 29 recycled shipping containers in Taiwan

Starbucks Taiwan will debut its first Asia Pacific store that is built from recycled shipping containers in the Hualien Bay Mall. The mall has yet to be opened to the public, but it is situated in a touristic area of the city that is well known for its cuisine and features breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and neighboring mountains. The store spans two stories totaling 320 square meters (approximately 3,445 square feet) and features comfortable seating areas where guests are invited to co...
Tags: Japan, Design, Taiwan, Asia Pacific, Tokyo, Starbucks, Seattle, Pacific Ocean, Kengo Kuma, Fukuoka, Kuma, Hualien, Starbucks Taiwan, Hualien Bay Mall The mall, Starbucks Greener Stores

NADA Announces Winners of 2018 International Gallery Prize

The New Art Dealers Alliance has named the winners of this year’s NADA Miami International Gallery Prize: London’s Arcadia Missa and Tokyo’s Asakusa. “The International Gallery Prize was founded to provide galleries from outside the U.S. an opportunity to participate in a NADA fair—which often happens to be their first American fair—in a way that […]
Tags: Art, London, News, Tokyo, Art News, Minipost, NADA, Asakusa, New Art Dealers Alliance, Arcadia Missa, NADA Miami International Gallery Prize

Hating trains because of "the feeling that I was running along tracks that had already been laid down."

"I could see the rails stretching in front of me — school, university, career. I could picture myself as one of those people jam-packed in a rush-hour train. I wanted to derail myself."That's the opinion of Yusaku Maezawa, who, as a student at a Tokyo high school, got fed up with the hour and a half train commute. He absconded to Santa Monica, California, skateboarded and played punk rock music 6 months, then returned to Japan to market T-shirts and CDs and enough other things to became a billio...
Tags: Art, Japan, Spacex, Law, Careers, Tokyo, The moon, Railroads, Santa Monica California, Ann Althouse, Yusaku Maezawa, Maezawa

The Middlecott Sketchbattle Experiment Brought Live Transportation Sketching Excitement to San Francisco 

The Middlecott Sketchbattle Experiment (MSBE) is an automotive design sketching competition and party, where today's and tomorrow's motor industry elite battle for recognition as the Middlecott Sketchbattle Champion. The recent San Francisco edition of the Sketchbattle consisted of two rounds of design sketching, lasting around 30-45 minutes each. Following the first round, a panel of top tier professional designers judged the sketches to determine who went through to the championship round. ...
Tags: Design, Montana, Cars, NFL, San Francisco, Events, Competition, Tokyo, Las Vegas, United, Sketching, Frank, Schwartz, Franks, SEMA, Banham

Can Volvo's 360c Electric, Autonomous Concept Car Replace First-Class Air Travel?

Most electric concept cars address environmental and sustainability issues. Autonomous concept cars speak of a future where transportation is a service. And with their new 360c electric, autonomous concept car, Volvo goes a bit further to ask: What impact will such cars have on us as individuals? Might they influence our choices in terms of what jobs to take or where to live? Where would you live if you could commute each workday in an autonomous driving, fully-functional, connected, comfor...
Tags: Design, Cars, Tokyo, Volvo, Amtrak, Kyoto, Mårten Levenstam

Travel Photography: ABDZ hosting a Photowalk in Tokyo

Travel Photography: ABDZ hosting a Photowalk in Tokyo AoiroStudio Sep 09, 2018 Hi everyone, this is François here from ABDZ. I will be traveling to Tokyo this upcoming October and would love to host an ABDZ Photowalk. Would you be interested? We can explore the different neighborhoods of Tokyo where we can explore the Tokyo Skytree, Sensō-ji, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku and more. Whatever it is raining or not, it will be a great opportunity to meet some of ...
Tags: Japan, Design, Tokyo, Asakusa, Francois, Twitter and Instagram Let, Instagram ABDZ Instagram Asakusa, Taitō Tokyo

Bamboo Green Stash Jar

This hand-cast and glazed porcelain vessel from Arhoj can be used as a vase, a glass, stash jar, toothbrush holder—whatever works. The bamboo green glaze is one of many variations, so, you could start your own collection and amass all 50 in Arhoj’s Tokyo Series. The jar is dishwasher safe but because of its delicateness, hand-washing is recommended.
Tags: Design, Tokyo, Handmade, Cups, Porcelain, Vase, Glazed, Studio Arhoj, Tokyo Series

Colorful architecture in Japan

Japanese contemporary culture is offering us very rich and diverse design solutions. Their combination of tradition and urbanization are resulting with tiny flats in buildings which are popping up like blooming flowers all over the island. Their creativity in colors and shapes is never-ending.     Because of the weird mix of their long traditional ways and the rapid progress Japan is leading in many fields, especially technology, Japan may seem like an urban jungle - a beautiful clash of sights...
Tags: Art, Japan, Design, Tokyo, Helen Keller, Mitaka, Arakawa, Madeline Gins, Shusaku Arakawa, PRIMARY-CHANNELS, COLOURlover Features, Nina Petrov, OTHER-CHANNELS

Word of Mouth: Tokyo Design and Architecture

We explore some of the Japanese capital's most exciting and alluring structures Shrines and temples hidden in lush gardens can be found right next to futuristic glass skyscrapers in Tokyo. The dense, exciting city can verge on visual overload for many, with countless colors, shapes, textures and breathtaking views filling the landscape. Of course, architecture continues to be valued at an extremely high level in …
Tags: Travel, Japan, Design, Shopping, Hotels, Architecture, Museums, Tokyo, Yayoi Kusama, Word of Mouth, Mori Art Museum

Tokyo Nights II: Pursuing Rain & Neons

Tokyo Nights II: Pursuing Rain & Neons AoiroStudio Aug 27, 2018 I always have been admiring the work of Liam Wong, his choice of colours are quite unique and inspiring. He is also responsible for a shift in what photographers would strive to shoot when visiting Tokyo, Japan especially on how they will edit the photos. As a kid of the 80s, I have been growing up with movie references like Blade Runner, Black Rain and the recent Blade Runner 2049. Tokyo ...
Tags: Design, Instagram, Tokyo, Tokyo Japan, Liam Wong, Blade Runner Black Rain

POPEYE Magazine Issue #857

Japan’s POPEYE magazine—a clever cultural aggregate—does a great job at encapsulating city life and travel through the lens of street culture. The September 2018 issue focuses on burgers and fast food—featuring several spots in Tokyo, a vending machine in the countryside of Eastern Japan, a burger stand in Hawaii, and much more.
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