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How Can A Full Orchestra Place Itself Onstage Safely While COVID’s Still Here? Tokyo Scientists And Musicians Have Been Figuring That Out

Conductor Kazushi Ono and the players of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra spent two days at the Bunka Kaikan concert hall in mid-June with researchers from a university and medical school in the Japanese capital. They experimented with various seating schemes, measuring aerosol spray from the musicians’ faces and working out how to balance hearing each other with keeping each other safe. Ono writes about the results. – Maestro Arts
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Japanese Designer Creates Free Template for an Anti-Virus Face Shield: Download, and Then Use a Printer, Paper & Scissors

A few years ago we featured the Japanese art of chind?gu, or the invention of amusingly "useless" inventions. The chind?gu canon includes such simultaneously sensible and nonsensical objects as miniature toecap umbrellas (to keep one's shoes dry in the rain) and chopsticks fitted with miniature fans (to cool down ramen noodles before consumption). Today we present a Japanese invention that may at first glance look chind?gu-like, but would never qualify due to its simplicity and sheer useful...
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Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli Releases Free Backgrounds for Virtual Meetings: Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away & More

To a degree that surpasses any other studio in animation history, Studio Ghibli has created a reality of its own. All of its fans around the world appreciate the artistry of its films, directed by such luminaries of Japanese animation as Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, and many appreciate it so fervently that they'd prefer to occupy any of Ghibli's worlds to this one. The studio has responded to their desires by not just continuing to produce motion pictures — the "retired" Miyazaki is now at...
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2020 Summer Olympics Likely to Be Rescheduled

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are likely to be rescheduled, according to Deadline. The comes after Canada and Australia both have pulled out of the 2020 Summer Games. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Les matières brutes de Maxime Bellaunay

« A flanc de falaise », « Horizon »… Avec des noms aussi évocateurs, on ne peut qu’imaginer la substance du travail de Maxime Bellaunay. C’est de son projet de diplôme des Métiers d’Art qu’est née cette série de luminaires, mettant en scène des matériaux typiques et savoir-faire artisanaux de différentes régions. Du marbre de Toscane, du granit du Tarn ou encore de la roche volcanique d’Auvergne, ces pièces uniques nous invitent à un voyage authentique et presque contemplatif. ...
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Hikaru Fujii and Chikako Yamashiro Win Tokyo Contemporary Art Award

Hikaru Fujii and Chikako Yamashiro have won the second Tokyo Contemporary Art Award, a $30,000 prize that also includes an exhibition of the artists’ work at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in 2022. Read more at Artforum  
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Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Quarantined in Tokyo

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers are currently being held in quarantine in Japan, after part of a traveling exhibition of works was held due to museum closures in the country. “We are consulting closely with our partners … we hope that the exhibition will be able to open on 17 March 2020, or as soon as possible after that,” a statement from […]
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Tackling sustainability in sporting events

At the recent Super Bowl, the NFL focused on sustainability more than in past years with its Ocean to Everglades (O2E) initiative throughout South Florida. Efforts included education on invasive species, beach cleanups, food recovery and recycling initiatives. These conservation efforts are part of a larger trend internationally to shrink the carbon footprints of major sporting events. “Sports is one of the few avenues which can unite people of all different races, creeds and social status,” Mat...
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Stafford Arima Will Direct ALLEGIANCE in Japan Next Year

BroadwayWorld has learned original Broadway director Stafford Arima will direct a production of ALLEGIANCE, the musical which starred Lea Salonga and George Takei on Broadway when the production comes to Tokyo next year. The musical, which will be making it's international premiere, tells the story of Japanese Americans facing internment during World War II. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD Premieres in Tokyo in Summer 2022

The internationally acclaimed, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, will make its Japanese premiere in the summer of 2022. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Amidst Toilet Smashing Trend in Japan, Officials Reject Stainless Steel for Hilarious Reasons and Opt for Cast Iron Toilets

Japan is a super-safe, orderly country, but petty theft and a form of littering are surprisingly common there. When I lived in Saitama, a safe suburb outside of Tokyo, my bicycle was stolen from in front of my building--twice. And in Tokyo proper, I observed that passersby would often throw trash into the baskets attached to the front of a parked bicycle. Totally rude! But you'd see bike after parked bike with their baskets filled to overflowing with discarded bottles, wrappers and tissues.And a...
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Free Coloring Books from World-Class Libraries & Museums: Download & Color Hundreds of Free Images

There are many roads to wellness. Meditation, yoga, exercise, and healthy diet are all effective therapies for bringing down stress levels. But we shouldn’t discount an activity we once used to while hours away as children, and that adults by the millions have taken to in recent years. Coloring takes us out of ourselves, say experts like Doctor of Psychiatry Scott M. Bea, “it's very much like a meditative exercise.” It relaxes our brain by focusing our attention and pushing distracting and dist...
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The Met Puts 650+ Japanese Illustrated Books Online: Marvel at Hokusai’s One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji and More

There are certain Japanese woodblock prints many of us can picture in our minds: Hokusai Katsushika's The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Utagawa Hiroshige's Sudden Shower over Shin-?hashi bridge and Atake, Kitagawa Utamaro's Three Beauties of the Present Day. Even when we find vast archives of such works, known as ukiyo-e or "pictures of the floating world," we tend to appreciate the works themselves one piece at a time; we imagine them on walls, not in books. But it was in books that much of the wor...
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Upcoming "Windowology: New Architectural Views from Japan" Exhibition in London

When it comes to user experience, the opaque cladding of a house offers binary results: It either keeps the weather out or it doesn't. However, the portals that pierce the cladding can be said to properly involve UI and UX. They admit light to places where you need or want it. Their placement provides crucial and/or aesthetically-pleasing views of the surroundings. Opening and closing them alters airflow and temperature, and they must be easy to manipulate while robust enough that they maintain...
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Watch as this large crystal-like installation turns Tokyo’s landscape into kaleidoscopic art

Looking almost like a ripple in time and space, Vincent Leroy’s Illusion Lens bends light in a way that makes you double-take. The illusory installation, which has found its way on the terrace of a building in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills, is a geodesic structure, comprising multiple fresnel lenses (flat lenses with multiple spherical rings).Sitting at the very center of a helipad on Mori Tower, in one of Tokyo’s most affluent districts, the Illusion Lens bends looks like a literal jewel, as it bend...
Tags: Design, Outdoor, Installation, Tokyo, Product Design, Vincent, Installations, Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower, Vincent Leroy, Illusion Lens

Japanese Product Designs that showcase why they are the ultimate design inspiration

The Japanese style of design has taken over the world by storm, ever since it was discovered by the rest of us! There’s something surreal and relaxing about Japanese-inspired products and architecture, that just makes us want to introduce some minimalism into our lives. Whether it comes to the architecture of homes, furniture, kitchen appliances or even shoes we’ve got you covered with a collection of innovative Japanese designs!Product designer Yoh Komiyama collaborated with Tokyo-based Rinn to...
Tags: Kitchen, Japan, Design, Architecture, Tokyo, Mitsubishi, Lighting, Product Design, Kengo Kuma, Kai Takeshima, CNC, Kuma, Dabo, Minimalism, Rinn, INAX

This luxuriously minimal wooden tree is designed to meet your cat and your needs!

Are you a cat person? Well, I am, and if you are a cat person or a cat owner like me, you know the amount of attention and care that goes into looking after them. They’re fussy and prissy, worthy of all the luxuries the world has to offer! But what about the pet-owners? While our cats hold the center of our attention, we don’t want to compromise the aesthetic value of our homes as well. To please our feline friends and their owners, product designer Yoh Komiyama collaborated with Tokyo-based Rin...
Tags: Japan, Design, Greece, Tokyo, Wood, Product Design, Rinn, Hida, Yoh Komiyama, Neko Cat Tree, Pet Product

Bicycles with Airless Tires to Debut at Tokyo Olympics

Non-pneumatic, airless tires have been a long time coming, but have yet to crack the consumer market. Bridgestone may change that, or at least get them into the public consciousness; as tire sponsor of this summer's Tokyo Olympics, the company will provide a fleet of bicycles (presumably in Olympic Village, the details are unclear) kitted out with their non-pneumatic tires.So when will they go from bicycles to consumer cars? Jon Kimpel, Bridgestone's Executive Director for New Mobility Solution ...
Tags: Design, Bikes, Tokyo, BRIDGESTONE, Statista, Kimpel, Jon Kimpel Bridgestone, Automotive News This technology

Night And Day: Striking Street Photography In Japan By James Takumi Shyegun

Stunning street scenes by James Takumi Shyegun, a talented photographer, videographer, and model from Tokyo, Japan. Takumi focuses mainly on urban, architecture, and street photography. More: Takumi Shyegun, Instagram h/t: Source
Tags: Photography, Japan, Design, Cyberpunk, Tokyo, Neon, Tokyo Japan, Takumi, James Takumi Shyegun, Takumi Shyegun Instagram

Check Out the Cardboard Beds Tokyo 2020 Athletes Will Sleep On

The Athletes Village at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be furnished with 18,000 single bed frames made out of cardboard. They're made by Japanese mattress company Airweave and can withstand a load up to 440 pounds. The lightweight frames can easily be moved around and will be topped off with a three-layer mattress that athletes can customize to achieve their preferred firmness. The initiative is part of the committee's goal to "reuse or recycle 99% of procured items and goods." The beds will be ...
Tags: Design, Sports, Tokyo, Sustainable Design, Furniture Design, Airweave

Cardboard Beds for Tokyo 2020

Olympic athletes will sleep on eco-friendly recyclable cardboard beds during 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Airweave will provide 18,000 beds for Olympics and 8,000 for Paralympics. Cardboard bed frames will be turned into paper products after the games. Also check out: Paper Olympics
Tags: Design, Tech, Tokyo

These beds for Tokyo 2020 Olympic athletes are made from robust, eco-friendly, engineered cardboard

You wouldn’t normally equate cardboard boxes and beds with the world’s most famous sporting event, but trust Tokyo to do things a little differently. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics has, ever since the beginning, advocated keeping a low carbon footprint for the global event by reusing as many resources as possible. They’ve forged their Olympic medals from rare-earth materials sourced from e-waste, and even made torches out of metal used in temporary housing units that were created as shelter for the vic...
Tags: Design, News, Furniture, Olympics, Tokyo, Paralympics, Product Design, Beds, Great East Japan, Tokyo 2020, Green/Sustainable, Airweave, High Resistant Cardboard

RIP Syd Mead: Revisit the Life and & Art of the Designer Behind Blade Runner, Alien & More

Has any year ever sounded more futuristic than 2020, the one we all live in as of today? 2019 came close, mostly because it was the year in which Blade Runner took place. Though initially a flop, Ridley Scott's cinematic adaptation of Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? soon became a contender for the most influential vision of the future ever put on screen. This owes not just to the directorial skill of Scott himself, but also of the many collaborators who set th...
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Singaporean Artist Depicts How Strange She Feels In Japan

Being silent on a train or not seeing a trashcan anywhere are just some of the things you can only experience in Japan. After spending some time there, the Singaporean artist Evangeline Neo decided to demonstrate the differences between the Japanese culture and her homeland. More: Evangeline Neo, Instagram, Facebook h/t: playjunkie “I studied in Tokyo during 2010-2014 and noticed a lot of cultural... Source
Tags: Comics, Japan, Design, Singapore, Culture, Tokyo, Inspirations, Evangeline Neo, Evangeline Neo Instagram Facebook

Best of CH 2019: Most Popular Stories

From future-forward innovations to entertainment tinged with nostalgia, our most-viewed articles this year 365 days a year, we publish stories covering a plethora of subject matter. From reportage in faraway destinations, a newly opened art show or restaurant, innovations in tech and design, there’s something on COOL HUNTING for nearly every appetite. As such, perusing our site data to reveal the year’s most-read stories proves …
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The Most Unusual Vehicle Designs of 2019

We saw plenty of strange vehicles this year, both designed and DIY'd.Rachel Kohout figured out how to build a height-changing bicycle, and shows you how to build your own.More nuttiness on two wheels: This police motorcycle can transform into a towing vehicle.Weirdness on four wheels: We took a look at AeroMods, or DIY aerodynamic improvements to cars made by hypermilers.How about no wheels at all? Check out Hyundai's walking car concept.Or Nissan's snow-conquering .Meanwhile the Russians came ...
Tags: Design, China, Cars, Porsche, Ford, Fiat, Tokyo, Nissan, Hyundai, Year In Review, Syd Mead, Narita Express, Rachel Kohout, Marouane Bembli, Volkswagen Outbox Cargo, Kenji Ekuan

Cool Architectural Interior Feature: This Kind of Looks Like a Fine Dining Restaurant on the Death Star

What is it: A dining platform inside Japan's largest museum, the National Arts Center Tokyo (NACT)Where is it: Japan, Tokyo, Roppongi districtWhen was it designed: 2006Who designed it: Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates, in collaboration with architectural design firm Nihon Sekkei, Inc.Why it was designed: To serve as a soaring, dramatic dining space in line with the museum's theme of being "empty;" the museum is informally referred to as the Empty Museum, partially because its seven gargantu...
Tags: Japan, Design, Architecture, Tokyo, Death Star, Kurokawa, National Arts Center Tokyo NACT, Japan Tokyo Roppongi, Kisho Kurokawa Architect Associates, Nihon Sekkei Inc, NACT, Nihon Sekkai

‘Star Wars’ Saga As Kabuki, Literally

“Star Wars Kabuki-Rennosuke and The Three Light Sabers, which are being staged in Tokyo, will combine plots from each of the franchise’s latest trilogy, substituting plots drawn from the days of feudal clan rivalry with drama from a galaxy far, far away. Ichikawa Ebizo XI, Japan’s pre-eminent kabuki actor, will take to the stage as Kylo Ren … in front of 50 winners of an online lottery.” (The performance will be live-streamed for the rest of us.) – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, Tokyo, Kylo Ren, 11.27.19, Ichikawa Ebizo XI Japan

Life, Death And Dreams: The Beautiful And Fashionable Art Of Shikimi

A Tokyo-based illustrator with a broad fan base, Shikimi combines a refined sensibility for fashion and design, an ability to create striking compositions, and an an eye for detail and aesthetic balance, resulting in exquisite and detailed tableaus centered on characters. More: Shikimi, Twitter h/t: grapee The patterns in the beautiful clothing and the objects chosen in each composition are often... Source
Tags: Fashion, Japan, Design, Tokyo, Anime, Illustrations, Inspirations, Shikimi

Mercedes Benz presents a luxury electric car

Mercedes-Benz is an easily identifiable name that has always equated to superior design elements and an opulent driving experience. Those phrases aren’t typically associated with words like sustainability and electric car, but Mercedes-Benz recently revealed the Vision EQS concept car as an example of how luxury and sustainability can intertwine. The sleek, futuristic design of the Vision EQS show car had everyone talking at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt and the Tokyo Motor Show this...
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