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Clean, On Time and Rat-Free: 9 International Transit Systems With Lessons for New York

From Tokyo to Zurich, readers told us how New York’s subway compares with the public transportation in their cities (spoiler alert: not well).
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Tokyo Streets Bookends

Wooden bookends designed to look like narrow back alleys in Tokyo, Japan. Miniature Tokyo streets bookends crafted by Japanese artist Monde. Also check out: Superhero Bookshelf
Tags: Design, Tech, Tokyo, Tokyo Japan

Forest of Numbers

National Art Center in Tokyo, Japan decorated with 60,000 numbers and 100 colors suspended in the air. “Forest of Numbers” beautiful art installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux. Also check out: Painted Abandoned Factory
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Tokyo Japan, Emmanuelle Moureaux

Brand Identity for Sushi Junction by Lee Ching Tat

Brand Identity for Sushi Junction by Lee Ching Tat AoiroStudio Oct 17, 2018 Mortise Design is a brand designer & illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. He recently shared a brand identity for Sushi Junction, it's a colorful design mixed with Japanese & Chinese cuisine. It's really a common thing in Japan seeing many brands taking on their packaging designs to attract customers with limited time and always-on-the-go. What's interesting about Sushi Junction,...
Tags: Japan, Design, India, Gurgaon, Tokyo Japan, Brand Identity for Sushi Junction, Lee Ching Tat, Lee Ching Tat AoiroStudio, Malviya Nagar South Delhi

Rei Kawakubo Revealed (Sort Of)

Forty years ago, the Comme des Garçons designer began creating subversive, gender-bending clothes for men at a time when no one else was. She still is.
Tags: Art, Japan, News, Fashion Shows, Rei, Rei Kawakubo, Fashion and apparel, Comme des Garcons, Tokyo (Japan, Kawakubo, Suits (Apparel, Coats and Jackets

Tokyo Nights II: Pursuing Rain & Neons

Tokyo Nights II: Pursuing Rain & Neons AoiroStudio Aug 27, 2018 I always have been admiring the work of Liam Wong, his choice of colours are quite unique and inspiring. He is also responsible for a shift in what photographers would strive to shoot when visiting Tokyo, Japan especially on how they will edit the photos. As a kid of the 80s, I have been growing up with movie references like Blade Runner, Black Rain and the recent Blade Runner 2049. Tokyo ...
Tags: Design, Instagram, Tokyo, Tokyo Japan, Liam Wong, Blade Runner Black Rain

Bold + Brilliant Surrealism by Kota Yamaji

Bold + Brilliant Surrealism by Kota Yamaji GisMullr Aug 20, 2018 If you like surrealism, bold colors and creativity, this post is for you! Scrolling about Behance I was completely awestruck by the work of Kota Yamaji. The colors and aesthetic of his pieces totally caught my attention. The bright colors and bold style made his work nearly pop out of the screen. After checking out his gallery for more pieces I was even more drawn to Yamaji's interesting ...
Tags: Design, Tokyo, Tokyo Japan, Kota Yamaji, Kota Yamaji GisMullr, Yamaji

Reviving a Centuries-Old Japanese Confectionery Art

Amezaiku, a candy-making technique that calls for sculpting molten sugar syrup, nearly went extinct. Now, it’s seeing new life among a dedicated group of Tokyo craftsmen.
Tags: Art, Japan, News, Tokyo, Candy, Tokyo (Japan

Exploring teamLab Borderless: a digital art museum in Tokyo, Japan

Exploring teamLab Borderless: a digital art museum in Tokyo, Japan AoiroStudio Jul 17, 2018 I am personally quite excited to share this exhibition currently happening right now at the Mori Building, more precisely in Roppongi, Minato. In this exhibit and as I quote: "MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless present a borderless world that visitors can explore freely without following routes". Just to give an idea, you will experience about ...
Tags: Design, Digital, Tokyo Japan, Mori Building

Danchi Dreams Photographic Series by Cody Ellingham

Danchi Dreams Photographic Series by Cody Ellingham AoiroStudio Apr 13, 2018 Just to keep going from our Friday Feature, let's take a closer look at this photographic series by Cody Ellingham, a photographer and art direction based in Tokyo, Japan. He released this photographic series entitled: Danchi Dreams and you just gotta love the atmosphere! Tokyo is such a busy city but it gets pretty quiet at night and almost horror-like. I love how Cody used t...
Tags: Japan, Design, Tokyo, Tokyo Japan, Cody, Roppongi, Cody Ellingham, Atelier Takiguchi

MIT's mind-reading AlterEgo headset can hear what you're thinking

Have you ever wished you could simply think a command and your computer would respond? That’s the future envisioned by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers who created AlterEgo, a wearable system that allows you to converse with a computer without using your voice or movement. According to a video on the project from MIT Media Lab, the ultimate goal of AlterEgo is “to combine humans and computers.” A computing system and wearable device comprise AlterEgo, a futuristic projec...
Tags: Elon Musk, Design, Mit, MIT Media Lab, Tokyo Japan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Association for Computing Machinery, Kapur, Maes, Arnav Kapur, Fluid Interfaces, MIT Electrodes, Pattie Maes, MIT News Kapur, Shreyas Kapur

House Made of Stacked Boxes

Modern house located in a quiet residential area of Tokyo, Japan constructed out of steel boxes stacked in unique pattern. Transparent glass and steel panels inserted into openings between stacked boxes provide plenty of natural light. Innovative stacked boxes house designed by Japanese company Tekuto. Also check out: Transparent House and Slide House
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Photography Series: Neon Dreams

Tokyo Photography Series: Neon Dreams AoiroStudio Oct 13, 2017 We are still in our vivid "Blade-Runner-esque" celebration on ABDZ. Let's explore the streets of Tokyo, Japan with Matthieu Bühler who is a graphic designer & photographer currently living there. The photo series is entitled: Neon Dreams, shall we take a little glimpse? It's definitely a style of editing that is getting more and more popular especially with the release of the latest Blade R...
Tags: Design, Tokyo, Tokyo Japan, Matthieu, Matthieu Bühler

Yayoi Kusama, Queen of Polka Dots, Opens Museum in Tokyo

“Since I was 10 years old I have been painting every day,” she said in an interview. “I still see polka dots everywhere.”
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Tokyo, Yayoi Kusama, Kusama, Yayoi, Tokyo (Japan

Weekly Roundup: Apple How-To Videos with iPhone 7, elegant Facebook Messenger on Desktop and More

Weekly Roundup: Apple How-To Videos with iPhone 7, elegant Facebook Messenger on Desktop and More AoiroStudio May 14, 2017 We all had a long week of work, school and maybe vacation (some of us) and after spending some time relaxing with family, friends; we'll mostly spend be ready to tackle a new week. Before you do, it's time for the Weekly Roundup where we curated our some of the interesting things that happened on the Web either it is news, a new to...
Tags: Apple, Design, Microsoft, Facebook Messenger, Caribbean, Hanoi, Abduzeedo, Tokyo Japan, Vivien, Evgeniya Righini Brand, Living Interface for Discovery Channel Japan, Biksence Nguyen, Product Hunt Carefully, Caprine, Clinique Vestimentaire Clinic Clothing

Inspiring Motion Work of the Animation Studio Onesal

Inspiring Motion Work of the Animation Studio Onesal abduzeedo May 10, 2017 We tend to focus our posts on individual contributors but it is important to also talk about the companies and studios that most of these amazing motion designers might work. Today we are featuring the animation studio Onesal Studio. They are based in Tokyo, Japan and shared their demo reel or showcase video on their Behance profile. There's so many cool projects like the Livi...
Tags: Design, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Tokyo Japan, Hirano, Living Interface for Discovery Channel Japan, Onesal Studio, Animation Studio, Onesal, Onesal Illustration

Palmo iPhone Case wins Red Dot for high quality design – The only winner as a phone case in 2017

Tokyo, Japan – April 3rd, 2017. The jury has reached its decision: After several days of assessing more than 5,500 products from 54 different countries, Palmo iPhone Case received the distinction “Red Dot”. With Palmo, ECBB Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan), a leading manufacturer and designer office of high quality made-in-Japan gadget accessories, has created an...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Ipad, Japan, Design, Seo, Case, Asia Pacific, Tokyo, Cover, Ergonomic, Minimal, Tokyo Japan, Bumper, Red Dot, Palmo

6 delightful tiny library designs from around the world

Children and adults can now check out books for free from tiny libraries in over 50,000 neighborhoods in 70 different countries. Some libraries are built with sustainable materials, some consider height differences between kids and grownups, while others are just plain fun. The organization behind these free exchanges, Little Free Library, recently held a Little Free Library Design Competition that drew an astonishing 300 designs from 40 countries. Check out the winners after the jump. Frien...
Tags: Design, Ireland, Ohio, Thompson, Inhabitat, San Francisco California, London England, COLUMBUS Ohio, Tokyo Japan, Asheville North Carolina, Little Free Library, Lahti Finland, Chronicle Books, Seth Thompson, Lea Randebrock, Bartosz Bochynski

Game Design: Narita Boy -The retro futuristic pixel game

Game Design: Narita Boy -The retro futuristic pixel game abduzeedo Feb 23, 2017 Narita Boy -The retro futuristic pixel game is a Kickstarter project for a pixel art game created by Studio Koba. I found out about this game design project while visiting the Behance profile of Eduardo "edujante" Fornieles, a freelance concept artist and founder of studio Koba currently based in Tokyo, Japan. For me, as a fan and addicted to everything 80s, this game is a ...
Tags: Design, Narita, Tokyo Japan, Eduardo, Koba, Narita Boy

Kit Kat Sushi

Limited edition Kit Kat candy bars designed to look like cute Japanese sushi. Kit Kat stores in Tokyo, Japan will sell Kit Kat Sushi on white chocolate rice. Raspberry, pumpkin and melon Kit Kat Sushi available February 2-4, 2017. Tuna Kit Kat Sushi Egg Kit Kat Sushi Sea Urchin Kit Kat Sushi Also check out: […]
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Kit Kat, Tokyo Japan

The new Nissan Crossing experience center in...

The new Nissan Crossing experience center in Tokyo, Japan - designed by Eight Inc. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Nissan, Submitted, Tokyo Japan, Eight Inc

Motion Design/Typography - Skatepark

Motion Design/Typography - Skatepark abduzeedo Jan 19, 2017 Skatepark font as the name suggest is a typography but also motion design project shared by Keisuke Terashima. Throughout these 10 years of Abduzeedo we have seen many very creative projects where the designer explores different ideas for a family face, however, this one that Keisuke put together has to be one of the coolest. Perhaps, because I am a fan of skateboarding, but the idea of mixing...
Tags: Design, Tokyo Japan, Keisuke

90 Of The World’s Best Press Photographs Of The Year 2016

People dressed as Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise of films pose on the Millennium Bridge to promote the latest release in the series, “Rogue One”, on December 15, 2016 in London, England. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is the first of three standalone spin-off films and is due for released in the UK today. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images) Cars drive under a rainbow near Bad Langensalza, Germany, Wednesday, November 2, 2016. (Photo by Jens Meyer/AP Photo) Flames whipped by strong...
Tags: Apple, Asia, Photography, Florida, UK, Isis, Design, Greece, Putin, Vladimir Putin, Australia, California, Washington Post, Washington, Mexico, France

The Best 100+ Reuters Photographs Of The Year 2016

Dairy cows nuzzle a barn cat as they wait to be milked at a farm in Granby, Quebec July 26, 2016. (Photo by Christinne Muschi/Reuters) A sloth holds on to the post of a traffic barrier on a highway, in this handout photo provided by Ecuador’s Transit Commission, in Quevedo, Ecuador. Transit police officers, who were patrolling the new highway found the sloth after it had apparently tried to cross the street and returned the animal to its natural habitat after a veterinarian found it to be in...
Tags: Photography, Japan, Usa, New York, Design, London, Sweden, California, Washington, China, Germany, Angela Merkel, Berlin, India, New York City, Tel Aviv

Land Art Generator Initiative Santa Monica winners address California's energy needs and drought

[caption id="attachment_872861" align="alignnone" width="1580"] John Eric Chung, Pablo La Roche, Danxi Zou, Jingyan Zhang, and Tianyi Deng (CallisonRTKL), a submission to the 2016 Land Art Generator Initiative design competition for Santa Monica[/caption] Teams from all around the world competed in the competition, and the first place winners are based in Tokyo, Japan. Christopher Sjoberg and Ryo Saito designed the Regatta H2O, ethereal sailboat-like installations that capture energy through "a...
Tags: Design, California, Environment, Renewable Energy, Features, Gallery, Wind Power, Wind Energy, Solar Power, Clean Tech, Public Art, Desalination, Art Installation, Nature / Environment, Green Design Competitions, Water Issues

How Beautiful Our World Would Look From Above If You Were A Bird

The Arlit uranium mine is located in Arlit, Niger. French nuclear power generation, as well as the French nuclear weapons programme, are both dependent on the uranium that is extracted from the mine – more than 3,400 tonnes per year. (Photo by Benjamin Grant/Penguin Random House) More info: Benjamin Grant, Instagram Hagadera, seen here on the right, is the largest section of the Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya and is home to 100,000 refugees. To cope with the growing number of displace...
Tags: Europe, Photography, Design, Saudi Arabia, China, Singapore, US, Iran, Paris, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Manhattan, Cambodia, Kenya, Un, Random House

Digging Through the Archives

At long last, my archives are back. Most of them at least. Some of you may recall that back in early 2014, I had the great misfortune of the web host I was using pulling the rug from under me, which meant that my entire website — which dated back to 2002 — suddenly disappeared. And I didn’t have proper backups. Eventually I did find some SQL database backups from 2011, which meant that I could probably eventually try to reconstruct the site, and then do some digging through the Wayback Machine f...
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This Week Explore a New Twist On a Corbusier Masterpiece, Kickstarter's Fun Fest and Two Very Different Coffee Competitions

Jumpstart your week with our insider's guide to events in the design world. From must-see exhibitions to insightful lectures and the competitions you need to know about—here's the best of what's going on, right now. Monday Felice Varini's Open Air takes place at MAMO, the renovated rooftop of Corbusier's apartment building masterpiece, Cité Radieuse. Varini has painted a series of patterns onto MAMO's concrete surfaces which, when viewed from certain angles, form recognizable geometric shap...
Tags: New York, Design, Italy, Ontario, New York New York, Tokyo Japan, Marseille France, Argenta, This Week in Design, Corbusier

Seventeen Corbusier Buildings Added to UNESCO World Heritage Site List

Seventeen buildings by Le Corbusier have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites this week, with the organization calling his work a “testimonial to the invention of a new architectural language that made a break with the past.”  The Complexe du Capitole in Chandigarh in India; the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo, Japan; and the […]
Tags: Art, News, India, Unesco, Unesco World Heritage Sites, Art News, Minipost, Tokyo Japan, Chandigarh, Le Corbusier

Ground-1 Tokyo

I've always been fascinated by the nature of the underground installations, many elements come to mind about its architecture, light settings, subway, daylight regression and basically the whole atmosphere. A place where it got me even more fascinated was the underground life while I was in Tokyo, Japan. It feels like you're in a different World, you noticed a lot of people surfing on their mobile devices and sleeping (a LOT). Every angle tells a different story and feels st...
Tags: Design, Tokyo, Tokyo Japan, Munich Germany, Behance

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