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Paris: A list of free and discounted museums

Paris is so saturated with museums, monuments and historical landmarks that it’s difficult to know where to begin planning. But once you’ve booked your airfare and secured a good price on a Paris hotel, it’s time to start thinking about the fun stuff. For those looking to save some euros, one place to begin your research is by looking at Paris’ free museums and attractions (or those with reduced admission). It is possible, after all, to take in a lot of the city’s culture without forking over to...
Tags: Paris, Sightseeing in Paris, Art, Attractions, Budget, Centre-pompidou, Churches, Culture, Dailycheapo, Discounts, France, Free Things To Do, Louvre, Museum Pass, Museums, Notre Dame

This robot will park your car for you as you rush to the airport

We may not be near having artificial intelligence drive our cars, but we’re living in an age where robots and AI will park our cars for us. An airport in Lyon, France is debuting a robot designed by Stanley Robotics, which will latch onto your car and park it for you as you rush to board your flight. Given that parking your car on a tight schedule can often result in a loss of precious minutes, the Lyon Airport is relying on an army of car-parking bots that gently carry your car to the nearest v...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Design, France, Car, Automotive, Airport, Robot, Lyon, Product Design, Lyon France, Lyon Airport, Self-parking, Robots/Drones, Stanley Robotics, Lyon Saint Exupéry

Word of Mouth: Portland, Oregon

The quintessential PNW city has grown up but its kept its inventive charm Portland‘s culture of individualism has fostered some of the country’s best bars and restaurants, as well as experimental and ambitious shops. The PNW city—surrounded by the beauty of Mount Hood and spliced through with the splendors along the Willamette River—has a longstanding history of harvesting fresh produce and accessing fresh seafood. Even …
Tags: Travel, Design, Oregon, Pizza, Portland, Whiskey, Seafood, Food And Drink, Portland Oregon, Mount Hood, PNW, Willamette River, Word of Mouth, Erizo, Sour Beer

MUJI X Sensible 4’s Self-Driving Bus premiered in Finland. We got a chance to sit in it!

It’s only natural that the world’s first fully autonomous self-driving bus would come out of Finland. Finland, believe it or not, is often considered to be the ‘Silicon Country’ that gave the world Nokia and pretty much set the very blueprint for mobile communications. Nokia was founded in Finland, and for over two grand decades before Apple launched the iPhone, Nokia was the standard to beat. In fact, there’s a high likelihood that your first phone was a Nokia (I know mine was). Post-2010 whe...
Tags: Travel, Apple, Transportation, Japan, Design, Technology, News, Microsoft, Nokia, Automotive, Finland, Popular, Editorial, Helsinki, Product Design, Muji

Designer Conceived A Bottle That Indicates For Each Town Where To Find A Drinking Water

Despite the historical presence of public water fountains in most of the large cities of the world, city inhabitants still hesitate to drink that “street water” and prefer to buy a plastic bottle, which is pollutive. However, these fountains are tested and their quality very high because of health norms. In Paris, Wallace fountains are icons of the urban landscape. Source
Tags: Travel, Design, World, Cities, Ecology, Bottle, Paris Wallace, Emanuele Pizzolorusso

Word of Mouth: Hobart

Modern art, pub grub, fine dining and more in the tiny island state Whether you’re visiting Tasmania for Dark MOFO or simply to see what life’s like at the other end of the world, there’s a lot to do on this little Australian island. Hobart, the state’s capital, has a rich history despite a sometimes forgotten past and the undoubtedly inaccurate reputation that the destination …
Tags: Travel, Design, Australia, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Accommodation, Museums, Wine, Tasmania, Hobart, Dining

Kirkcubright Galleries

Kirkcubright Galleries opened in June 2018. I was keen to visit, as Kirkcubright has a reputation as an artists’ town. I liked the wrought iron work on the gate in front of the the main entrance door. My first impression positive. The staircase was beautiful and there was a feeling of light and space. The […]
Tags: Travel, Art, Scotland, Museums & Galleries In Europe, Kirkcubright

Four Passionate Italian Women Artists

Win a pre-publication bound galley of LA PASSIONE from Goodreads! Click to enter the raffle. The giveaway ends March 13. Italy’s dazzling pantheon of artistic geniuses seems a man’s world. Yet as I discovered in researching my upcoming book, a few women with singular passion defied all obstacles and created important works of art. As a way of celebrating International Women’s Day, here are four artists whose stories I recount in LA PASSIONE: How Italy Seduced the World: Plautilla Nelli (1524-...
Tags: Travel, Art, Books, England, Education, Spain, Culture, Italy, Florence, Greenwich, Christ, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Caravaggio, ROSSI

Airbus + LAYER Envision Better Economy Class Flying

For frequent flyers, or anyone who’s sat on a long-haul, it may seem like no effort has gone into improving economy class travel. That’s part of the reason why collaborative efforts between Airbus and London-based design firm LAYER feel very necessary. Together, they’ve proposed a paired app and seating concept. The former, called “Move,” encourages travelers to get up and walk around the cabin every …
Tags: Travel, Apps, Design, London, Tech, Flying, Airbus, Flights, Linkaboutit, Economy Class, Layer

Immersive Van Gogh show opens in Paris – in pictures

Digital art museum L’Atelier des Lumières brings Vincent van Gogh’s paintings to life, projecting them on the walls of a former foundry to the accompaniment of a poignant playlist Continue reading...
Tags: Travel, Art, Europe, France, Culture, Art and design, Museums, Paris, Cultural Trips, Van Gogh, Europe Holidays, France Holidays, Paris Holidays, Vincent Van Gogh, L'Atelier des Lumières

The Macchina Volantis can drive on roads and fly in the skies!

It is, at some point of time, every urban commuter’s dream while stuck in a traffic jam, to just lift off and conveniently fly to your destination, right above all the cars, bikes, and buses stuck in eternal gridlock. That literally makes the Macchina Volantis the thing that dreams are made of. Designed by ‘serial-problem-fixer’ Stephen Fries, the Volantis is part car, part EVTOL. With seating for 5 people, winged flight mode, and a diesel range extender, this thing promises to fly at three time...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Design, Car, Automotive, Macchina, Volantis, Evtol, Stephen Fries, Stephen Fries the Volantis

Basecamp Explorer’s Sustainable Tourism in Kenya’s Maasai Mara

Several low-impact camps in a national reserve of impeccable beauty Just over 20 years ago, Svein Wilhelmsen visited Kenya’s Maasai Mara and met Ole Taek, a Maasai Chief. As the story goes, the two men spoke late into the night, and Taek shared his fears about the future of his land, the future of the ecosystem and in turn the Maasai people themselves. Struck by …
Tags: Travel, Design, Africa, Kenya, Safaris, Maasai Mara, Safari Camps, Basecamp, Nairobi, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Basecamp Group, Mara Naboisho Conservancy, Svein Wilhelmsen, Ole Taek, Taek

Winter Wonderland at Wyoming’s Caldera House

Adventure outside and luxury inside, with experiences tailored to each guest For many adults living in a big city, snow becomes less of an enjoyable treat and more of a situation to navigate. During a recent visit to Jackson Hole‘s Caldera House, one of the newest luxury lodges there, we were reminded of why we should try to embrace the playful joy that a winter …
Tags: Travel, Design, Hotels, Accommodation, Wyoming, Skiing, Snowboarding, Jackson Hole, Backcountry, Lodges, Caldera House

what i'm reading: solitary raven: the essential writings of bill reid

I'm supposed to be writing about the Jackie Robinson biography, which I finished weeks ago, but so far I haven't been motivated to do so. I finished another Wallander mystery -- my "in between" book -- but the next bio on my list, the new one about Frederick Douglass, hasn't come in yet. So I looked for something on my own bookshelf that I've been meaning to read, and found this: Solitary Raven: The Essential Writings of Bill Reid. It is fascinating, and by coincidence, feels very relevant.We v...
Tags: Travel, Art, London, Americas, Toronto, History, Canada, Indigenous Peoples, Vancouver, North America, Cbc, Picasso, Jackie Robinson, Robert Bringhurst, Reid, Haida Gwaii

Why carry your suitcase when your suitcase could carry you?

Admitted it’ll take a while for ‘riding suitcases’ to become a norm of sorts, but the Quadra is ideal for people who can’t lug their luggage around with them. Whether it’s a traveler with fatigue, a flyer who’s running late for a flight, or perhaps the noblest scenario, an elderly traveler or a traveler with special needs, the Quadra could be just the thing to help you and your luggage get from point A to B.The Quadra, instead of being dragged or pulled, ends up driving you around the place. A s...
Tags: Travel, Design, Automotive, Bags, Suitcase, Scooter, Product Design, Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, Quadra, Red Dot Concept 2018, Kinson Chan, Rice Mak

Word of Mouth: Malmö

We explore the seaside city through the lens of the creative minds at MoMA Design Store Across the water from another MoMA Design Store favorite, Copenhagen, lies Malmö. The third-largest city in Sweden, it’s less known than its sibling Stockholm, but since the construction of the striking Øresund Bridge, it has undergone huge growth. For design enthusiasts in particular, it continues to be a dynamic and exciting place to …
Tags: Travel, Sponsored, Design, Sweden, Shopping, Restaurants, Museums, Cafes, Copenhagen, Dining, Shops, Galleries, Stockholm, Malmo, Moma, MoMA Design Store

Discover the KattenKabinet: Amsterdam’s Museum Devoted to Works of Art Featuring Cats

Image by T_Marjorie, via Flickr Commons There’s been quite a bit of barking in the media lately to herald the reopening of the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog, relocating from St. Louis to New York City’s Park Avenue. What’s a cat person to do? Perhaps decompress within Amsterdam’s KattenKabinet… In contrast to the Museum of the Dog’s glitzy, glass-fronted HQ, the Cat Cabinet maintains a fairly low profile inside a 17th-century canal house. (Several visitors have noted in their Trip Advi...
Tags: Travel, Google, Art, College, New York City, America, Bbc, Nature, Malaysia, Amsterdam, Rembrandt, St Louis, Morgan, Edward Gorey, Ken, Minsk


I don’t know where or when it started, but many umbrellas overhead, usually in an alley or gallery, is a big decorating thing now all over the world. Instagram suddenly had photos of le Village Royal, here in Paris so I got myself there as soon as possible. I joined many photographers and, I think, Instagramers. Here’s the entrance into the passage. As you can see, they go on quite a way. There were some sculptures there as well by a Belgian artist. There was a cute li...
Tags: Travel, Photos, Art, Instagram, Paris, Umbrellas, Decoration, Sculptures, le Village Royal, Village Royal

Road Trip: Perth to Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia

On the hunt for wine, untamed landscapes, and the perfect surf break down under Many people who visit Australia stick to the continent’s well-worn East Coast—from Melbourne to Sydney, the Gold Coast or up to the Great Barrier Reef. But there’s tremendous value all over the country—and one of those less-traveled places is Western Australia. If your time and budget permit, we suggest flying to Perth (the state’s capital) and …
Tags: Travel, Design, Australia, Restaurants, Bars, Road Trips, Sydney, Wine, Melbourne, Dining, Perth, East Coast, Western Australia, Gold Coast, Wineries, Cape Leeuwin Western Australia

The Median Ambulance cuts through highway traffic by riding on the road divider

How does an ambulance reach a victim in a road/highway accident when there are more than a dozen cars stuck in a traffic jam between the ambulance and the site of the accident? Up until now the only solution was to drive in the opposite lane, weaving through oncoming traffic to get to the victim. A band of Korean designers created the Median AMB, a special ambulance that can directly reach the point of the accident without getting affected by the traffic congestion created by the accident. The M...
Tags: Travel, Design, Safety, Medical, Automotive, Amb, Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, Red Dot Concept 2018, Hong Seonghwan, Lee Hyungtaek, Lee Taekkyung, Median Amb, Song Yoojin

Layer Design and Airbus bring the ‘class’ back to economy class

The bane of air-travel, aside from noisy children and overpriced peanuts of course, is the fact that you’re stuck in an uncomfortable chair with practically no cushioning and hardly any leg-room. The economy class of an airplane is designed to be just that… economical. It sacrifices comfort, the need of personal space, and probably even its share of functionality just to make sure it can host as many passengers on the plane. We justify this mild discomfort because “it’s only for a few hours, rig...
Tags: Travel, Design, Flight, Airbus, Move, Product Design, Seating, Benjamin Hubert, Hubert, Economy Class, Layer Design, Layer, Airbus Benjamin Hubert

You don’t need a licence to drive the Citroën Ami One

Citroën seems to have it the nail on the head by calling its Ami One a ‘disruptive all-electric object’, and not a car. Barely 2.5 meters long, the Ami One stems from an idea that traveling is an activity, and a car should only be as permanent as the need of that activity. The video above makes a pretty bold claim by saying that YOU choose how long you want (to rent) your car. Five minutes, five hours, five days…months , or even five years. This sounds like a gimmick, but think about the fact ...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Design, Future, Car, Automotive, Citroën, Ami One

Topas ecolodge aims to be a model of sustainability

From conception, the goal of the Topas Ecolodge in Vietnam has been to encapsulate sustainable practices at every turn. They also carry a heavy burden of social responsibility by focusing on providing local jobs and sourcing materials from the surrounding areas whenever possible. Nestled into a mountainous region in North Vietnam, they aim to assist the five local hill-tribes that remain largely untouched by the modern world. The vast majority of the 100 employees live in surrounding villages o...
Tags: Travel, Energy, Design, Village, Recycling, Vietnam, Sustainable, Bolivia, Eco-friendly, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Eco-travel, Destination, Rustic, Eco Tourism, North Vietnam

Word of Mouth: Mexican Food in Los Angeles 

Tradition, family values, memories and experimentation collide for some of the most exciting dishes To learn about the complexities of Mexican cuisine, starting anywhere in Mexico will—of course—lead to incredible discoveries of distinct dishes and the equally remarkable people making them. Regional cooking in Mexico is as diverse as the beautiful ingredients from seafood in Baja to moles in Oaxaca. With the large Mexican and …
Tags: Travel, Food, Design, California, Mexico, Restaurants, Los Angeles, Seafood, Baja, Dining, Oaxaca, Mexican Food, Mexican Restaurants

Call for Guest Writers Considerations Now Being Accepted

Want to be part of the Italian American Girl social media journey?  We are seeking guest writers/ guests for upcoming features on the site, and other social media platforms.  If you have a great story, brand, book, event pertaining to the Italian American journey, please send your submission for consideration to margaret at italian american girl dot comCiao~Margaret [Author: [email protected] (Margaret Fontana)]
Tags: Travel, Art, Celebrity, Book, Culinary, Writers, Influencers, Guest Blogger, Margaret, margaret Fontana, Italian American Writers

Revealed America’s Big Three National Park Flying Safari

Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon in a week When traveling with Revealed America, or even reading about their extensive tours, it makes sense that the tour company was established just after founder Marty Behr traveled America’s National Parks for more than two years. Behr, today Revealed America’s Chief Development Officer, had already retired from a life in the adventure tourism industry, but hearing of challenges to …
Tags: Travel, Outdoors, Design, Hiking, America, National Parks, Grand Canyon, Behr, Hikes, Yellowstone Yosemite, Reveal America, Marty Behr

Word of Mouth: Athens Culture + Shopping

Vintage clothing, records, art and more in our guide to adventures in the Greek city The references to Greek heritage in the Western world are endless. But zooming in on Athens culture reveals a diverse and talented group of artists, designers, shop owners and gallerists. Enlisting the help of CH friends Kiya and Demitra Babzani (experts of the area and the owners Self Edge), we have …
Tags: Travel, Design, Greece, Shopping, Museums, Athens, Retail, Shops, Galleries, Kiya, Self Edge, Demitra Babzani

things i heard at the library: an occasional series: #30

At the Port Hardy Library, we've been hosting visits from the local First Nations school, from the the Gwa'sala-Nakwaxda'xw Nations. (That is pronounced GWA-sala Nak-wah-da.) The children have been absolutely lovely, and although my contact with them is brief, I'm enjoying it so much.It's especially wonderful to have the tweens and teens in the library, which is a change for our library. We've been working on digital literacy, which I've made into a bingo game. (Librarians will turn anything int...
Tags: Travel, Art, First Nations, Indigenous Peoples, Vancouver Island, Port Hardy, GWA, Laura K, Becoming A Librarian, Gila, Port Hardy Library, Gwa sala Nakwaxda, Gwa sala Nakwaxda xw School, New York City The Door

Word of Mouth: New and Noteworthy Tel Aviv Hotels

Some of the most spectacular accommodations in Israel's Mediterranean city From Bauhaus to Brutalist, Ottoman to Crusader, a selection of design-led hotels have been springing up in refurbished and architecturally preserved edifices across bustling Tel Aviv. In all, there’s acute attention to detail behind such developments in Israel. With what feels like a year-long summer, Tel Aviv has been an experimental spot for new hotels that …
Tags: Travel, Design, Hotels, Israel, Tel Aviv, Mediterranean, Tel Aviv Hotels, Word of Mouth, Brown Hotels

Part II: Stephen Kerner- Artist

Many thanks to Stephen and Connie Kerner at Kerner Arts for allowing us to shoot our new spring styles in their home in Woodstock, New York. Stephen is a world-renowned artist whose work is on display at the Smithsonian, LACMA, SFMOMA and many others. He introduces us to his art here in this video (look for two more videos over the weekend). In the meantime, you can learn more about Stephen and his work at
Tags: Travel, Art, Curiosities, Stephen, Stephen Kerner, Connie Kerner, Kerner Arts, Woodstock New York Stephen, Smithsonian LACMA SFMOMA

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