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Donald Trump Meeting Mao Zedong Could Be The Salvation Of Cantonese Opera

Wait, what? Yes, a new work in the traditional Cantonese opera format shows a young Donald Trump meeting the Chairman on a trip to China in 1972. The hope is that this piece, titled Trump on Show, could show younger Hong Kong audiences that their traditional music-theater isn’t just a historical curiosity. – Quartz
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Music, China, Donald Trump, Trump, Mao Zedong, 04.06.19

“Make Your Pet’s Chew Toy Great Again”: Trump Dog Chew Toy Is Getting Popular

When it comes to making fun of Trump, people get really creative. We’ve previously featured Donald Trump Piñatas, but now people are feeding the president to their dogs… Donald is stylin’ with his golden tan, quaffed plush hair, and flashy garb. His well-heeled foot will inevitably end up in your dog’s mouth. This squeaker toy also features a bottom gusset and top-stitching at the... Source
Tags: Toys, Design, Dogs, Animals, Trump, Donald, Piñata

Andres Serrano Lets Objects Do the Talking

Thirty years after his infamous image of a plastic crucifix sparked the first skirmish in the culture wars, the artist-provocateur trains his focus on “The Game: All Things Trump.”
Tags: Art, News, Gallery, Jack, Trump, Robert, Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, MAPPLETHORPE, National Endowment for the Arts, United States Politics and Government, Donald J, Andres Serrano, Central Park Jogger Case (1989, Shainman

Atlantic City: 'Trump turned this place into a ghost town'

When Trump won the election, photographer Brian Rose made straight for the gambling town – to show the reality behind his billionaire boasts. The broken city he captured speaks volumes about today’s AmericaWhen Donald Trump opened the towering Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City in March 1990, he declared it “the eighth wonder of the world” and joined in the celebrations at a launch ceremony filled with portly actors dressed as genies brandishing tacky golden lamps. Even though it was purcha...
Tags: Art, Books, Business, Photography, Gambling, Economics, Communities, Society, World news, US news, Cities, Culture, Architecture, Art and design, Social exclusion, New Jersey

President Trump attacks wind turbines, claims the noise causes cancer

Speaking at an event for the National Republican Congressional Committee, President Trump took a shot at wind power as he continues his war against renewable energy. In a surprising statement, Trump claimed that having a wind turbine near your home will devalue the property and cause cancer. “If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 percent in value,” Trump told his fellow Republicans. “And they say the noise causes cancer. You tell me that ...
Tags: Design, Scotland, United States, Republican Party, Trump, National Republican Congressional Committee

This talented courtroom artist has drawn the trials of John Gotti, Martha Stewart, and Donald Trump

Starting in 1974, illustrator Marilyn Church has spent her workdays in court. Church is a courtroom artist who masterfully captures the intensity, drama, and strangeness of high profile proceedings involving John Gotti, Martha Stewart, OJ Simpson, David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz, and even Donald Trump. From an interview with Church in Topic: How and when did you begin working as a courtroom artist? It was 1974. I had been doing fashion illustration, which is really based on drawing gestures ...
Tags: Art, Post, Legal, News, NFL, Courts, Donald Trump, Trump, Ivana, USFL, Marilyn Church, Courtrooms, John Gotti Martha Stewart

Is Donald Trump Really A Great Novelist?

Richard North Patterson: “The aim of the novelist is to enlist others in his fantasies, immersing them in an alternative reality so emotionally compelling that they willingly suspend disbelief. Trump has dangerously conflated this sort of storytelling with real-life presidential leadership, casting himself in the role of the archetypal savior-hero, battling the forces of evil. He’s our first novelist in chief.” – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Words, Donald Trump, Trump, Richard North Patterson, 03.31.19

The Literary Agency That’s Made A Business Out Of Trump Administration Tell-All Memoirs

Ever since Keith Urbahn and Matt Latimer persuaded James Comey to write what became A Higher Loyalty, edited the manuscript, and worked a skillful media campaign around it, their agency, Javelin, “[has] become a popular destination for Trump administration officials, especially those contemplating an exit — ‘and they all are, by the way,’ Urbahn [said]. … Their central insight is that that hoary old fixture of Washington self-promotion, the tell-all, may be the ideal solution to the very new pr...
Tags: Art, Washington, Words, James Comey, Trump, Matt Latimer, Keith Urbahn, Urbahn, 03.26.19, Trump Administration Tell All Memoirs

Energy-efficient light bulb production could take a major hit

The production of energy-efficient light bulbs could be hurt by a new proposal. The Trump administration is looking to get rid of Obama-era laws that encouraged companies to make energy-efficient bulbs. If the regulations are rolled back, experts warn that less-efficient bulbs will increase energy bills and lead to additional pollution. The bulbs in question were not originally included in President George W. Bush’s 2007 law, which pushed for more LED bulbs. These products include decorative gl...
Tags: Design, News, Obama, Energy Efficiency, LED lighting, Npr, George W Bush, Department Of Energy, Green Lighting, Trump, Energy Department, Save Energy, Trump Administration, Hartke, Energy Efficient Light Bulbs, Jason Hartke

Donald Trump Piñatas Are Gaining Popularity

Few years ago Donald Trump piñatas began appearing in the windows of Mexican candy shops. Now they have taken over Amazon and are becoming wildly popular in Central and North America. Scroll down to see some of the funniest examples! More: Amazon h/t: Source
Tags: Amazon, Design, North America, Donald Trump, Mexican, Trump, Donald, Piñata

Should Batsheva Dance Company Be Held Responsible For Bibi Netanyahu’s Policies?

Protests against the Israeli government’s policies toward the West Bank and Gaza have become almost routine outside (and occasionally inside) Batsheva’s performances abroad. “But why target a dance company? What does Batsheva have to do with Israel’s geopolitical conflicts?” Brian Schaefer wonders if that isn’t like protesting Trump’s policies at a U.S. company’s tour dates. – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Israel, Dance, Gaza, West Bank, Trump, Bibi Netanyahu, Batsheva, Brian Schaefer, 03.26.19

Coal prices continue to rise, becoming more costly than solar and wind alternatives

Coal prices are on the rise in the United States. The vast majority of coal production now costs more than wind and solar energy. Unless the price of coal production drops quickly, experts believe the fossil fuel will be replaced in the near future. “Even without major policy shift, we will continue to see coal retire pretty rapidly,” said Mike O’Boyle, who authored for Energy Innovation on the rising costs of coal. “Our analysis shows that we can move a lot faster to replace coal with wind a...
Tags: Design, United States, Finland, Trump, Energy Information Agency EIA, Mike O Boyle

Is it foolish to think this painting of union workers killing strikebreakers expresses something about homosexuality?

I'm reading ""Modern Art Critic Assumes 1939 Painting Is All About Homophobia. It's About Murderous Union Thugs."/Paul Cadmus's Herrin Massacre is 'The Painting Our Art Critic Can't Stop Thinking About.' If only he'd thought harder" by Robby Soave (in Reason).The Herrin massacre had nothing to do with homophobia; it was a labor dispute that ended with union workers massacring a bunch of people who had been hired to replace them....This is a fascinating chapter in the history of American labor, a...
Tags: Art, Law, Labor, America, Homosexuality, Illinois, Trump, Jerry Saltz, Herrin, Saltz, Paul Cadmus, Ambiguity, Ann Althouse, Misreadings, Robby Soave, Soave

Risky geoengineering research deemed safe, blocked by US

New study conducted by Harvard, MIT and Princeton claims that releasing sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to cool the climate could be safe, only if gas injections are limited to only cooling temperatures by half of what is needed to stop global warming. About two weeks later, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia blocked a United Nations proposal to commission further research on the emerging technology— called geoengineering— a move that both supporters and opponents of the technology see as blatant pro...
Tags: Asia, Politics, Design, Technology, Climate Change, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Environment, US, Harvard, Paris, Innovation, United Nations, Brazil, The Guardian, Temperature

Crucial animal protection laws for the sage grouse being eliminated by the White House

The White House is eliminating crucial animal protection laws for the sage grouse. The protections, originally put in place by President Barack Obama, are being rolled back to open millions of acres of land for gas and oil development. Conservationists warn the move could land the sage grouse back on the endangered species list. The Donald Trump administration’s new plan targets 8.7 million acres of Sagebrush Focal Areas, an important habitat for the sage grouse and hundreds of other wildlife. ...
Tags: Politics, New York, Design, News, Abc, Washington, White House, Animals, America, Barack Obama, Endangered Species, Interior Department, Donald Trump, Trump, Dakotas, Bernhardt

Trump Budget Pushes for Cuts to NEA

For the third time, President Trump’s proposed annual budget has pushed to cut funding to the NEA. “The Administration believes audiences and aficionados are better than the Government at deciding what art is good or important,” the budget states. Read more at Art Newspape
Tags: Art, News, Nea, Art News, Minipost, Trump, Trump Budget

Culture Closures: Trump’s FY2020 Budget Proposal Would Axe NEA, NEH, IMLS

Is it mere coincidence that First Lady Melania Trump tweeted a shoutout to the National Endowment for the Arts on the same day that her husband released a FY2020 budget proposal that would eliminate the NEA and NEH? – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Nea, Ajblogs, Trump, Melania Trump, National Endowment for the Arts, 03.18.19

Beto O'Rourke's hacker name was "Psychedelic Warlord," so that must mean he's done hallucinogenic drugs — right? — and is that something that's okay in a presidential candidate?

Scott Adams addresses the question whether Beto has done hallucinogens:Scott's first pass at the question is another question: "Have you seen Beto?" He giggles while waiting for the question to soak in. He says anyone who's taken hallucinogens (which Scott has) will have an "easier time" with the question.Eventually he gives his answer: He'd place a "large bet" on "yes."He's quick to add that it's not a criticism. "In fact, I might even prefer it." This preference interweaves with his reason for...
Tags: Art, Law, United States, Kim Jong-un, Propaganda, Kim, George Bernard Shaw, BETO, Trump, Lsd, Scott, Scott Adams, Kim Jong, Shaw, Robert F Kennedy, RFK

Disney Takes Back A Director It Fired For Twitter Jokes

James Gunn’s firing from the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was controversial because Disney fired him when “two far-right provocateurs, Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, threw a spotlight on the [offensive tweets] — written between 2009 and 2012 — after Mr. Gunn harshly criticized President Trump online.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, James Gunn, Trump, Gunn, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, 03.15.19

Capitol Police arrest man projecting 'Discrimination is Wrong' on Rayburn House Office Building

WUSA9's Mike Valerio reports that Capitol Police in Washington, D.C. have arrested a man who was projecting the words 'Discrimination is Wrong' on the exterior wall of the Rayburn House Office building. The man who was arrested is said to have been working with or for multimedia artist Robin Bell of Bell Visuals. • Man was working for artist @bellvisuals • His team is famous for projecting images on Trump Hotel • Police confiscated their equipment last night UPDATE — Artist known for anti-...
Tags: Art, Post, Politics, News, Protest, Washington, Dc, Capitol Police, Trump, Trump hotel, Rayburn House Office Building, US Capitol Police, Rayburn House, Robin Bell, Mike Valerio, Rayburn House Office

Trump administration wants to remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list

Government officials in the U.S. are looking to remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list. The move, proposed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, would allow states in the Lower 48 to lawfully hunt populations of the gray wolf. “Recovery of the gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is one of our nation’s great conservation successes,” a spokesperson for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shared. According to NPR, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is publishing the pro...
Tags: Design, News, Animals, United States, Endangered Species, Npr, Rockies, Federal Register, Endangered Species Act, Trump, Clark, Wildlife Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Gray Wolf, Trump Administration, Jamie Rappaport Clark

Is Satire Possible In The Age Of Trump?

How can satire be heard in a climate like this? By becoming louder and crasser. Subtle jabs are increasingly replaced by sledgehammer blows, clever insinuations by clumsy insults. Couple that with the fact that the practitioners of satire, or what passes for it these days, have proliferated greatly. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Issues, Trump, 03.08.19

Andrew Wheeler confirmed as new EPA administrator

Andrew Wheeler is taking over the reigns as the new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Wheeler, who used to work as a lobbyist for the coal industry, became the 15th EPA administrator after a Senate vote confirmed his appointment. Shortly after the vote, Wheeler took to Twitter to post his thoughts on becoming the new EPA administrator. Wheeler thanked several politicians for helping him obtain the appointment and vowed to move forward with President Donald Trump’s agen...
Tags: Politics, Design, News, Obama, Senate, West Virginia, Maine, Wheeler, Epa, Donald Trump, Environmental Protection Agency, Boeing, Scott Pruitt, Susan Collins, Collins, Trump

How Fox News Became The Propaganda Arm Of The Trump White House

Strange as it may seem today, there was a point at which the network was very skeptical of Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency. Now Fox News personalities appear with Trump at political events and give him policy advice, both on and off the air. Jane Mayer does a deep dive into how the change happened, who tried to keep it at bay (Roger Ailes!), and who chose not to stop it. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Media, Fox News, Donald Trump, Trump, Jane Mayer, Roger Ailes, Trump White House, 03.11.19

U Of Chicago President Says Trump’s Threats To Universities Over Limiting Speech Is A “Grave Error”

“I believe that any action by the executive branch that interferes with the ability of higher-education institutions to address this problem themselves is misguided and in fact sets a very problematic precedent,” Robert J. Zimmer wrote. – Chronicle of Higher Education
Tags: Art, Chicago, Issues, Trump, Robert J Zimmer

Things Can Go Badly Awry When A President Inspires Satirical Art

That is to say, when the current U.S. president, and his family, are satirized or otherwise memorialized in art, it’s often not very good art. “A lot has appeared over the past few years — Mr. Trump as an animatronic fortuneteller, a portrait of Mr. Trump made from pornographic images, a presidential double locked in a jail cell (in a Trump hotel) — but little of it has been memorable. I’m grateful that artists are responding creatively to the current moment, but why do so many of their efforts...
Tags: Art, Visual, Trump, 02.22.19

6 eco-friendly ways to incorporate hemp into your daily routine

After decades of “reefer madness”, the misinformation about Cannabis is finally starting to disappear, and the truth is coming out about the many benefits of the magical plant. However, many still don’t know the difference between cannabis, marijuana and hemp, and continue to believe they are one and the same — but, they are not. So, what are the many uses of hemp? Read on to find out. In a nutshell, cannabis is a family of plants that have two major classifications: Cannabis Indica and Cannabi...
Tags: Design, Clothing, Environment, Features, United States, Pesticides, Porsche, Fiber, Paper, Hemp, Plant, Green Products, Omega, Eco-friendly, Trump, Natural Products

Court allows Trump's border wall to violate several conservation acts

Donald Trump is moving forward with the construction of his controversial border wall, even if it means sidestepping important environmental laws. A federal judge ruled in favor of Trump’s wall construction along California’s southern border, a project that is expected to violate several conservation acts. The federal court ruled that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has the power to wave environmental laws in the construction of the border wall, including the National Environmental Po...
Tags: Politics, Texas, Design, News, California, White House, Animals, Environment, Dhs, Conservation, Donald Trump, San Diego County, Endangered, Environmental Destruction, Trump, Department of Homeland Security DHS

Jennifer Rubell Performance Piece Criticized by its Subject, Ivanka Trump

A performance piece in DC by Jennifer Rubell, which features a performer dressed as Ivanka Trump endlessly vacuuming an expanse of floor, has drawn the ire of the first daughter.  “Women can choose to knock each other down or build each other up,” Trump said online. “I choose the latter.” Read more at Art News
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jennifer Rubell

EPA criminal enforcement crumbling under Trump

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) criminal enforcement numbers have take a major hit over the past few years. A new study conducted by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) found that the agency had the lowest criminal case numbers since the late 1980s. Last year, the EPA only filed 166 criminal referrals. These referrals are sent to the Department of Justice for prosecution, and those numbers were adjusted to account for the latest government shutdown. As a referen...
Tags: Politics, Design, Crime, News, Pollution, Epa, Department Of Justice, Environmental Protection Agency, Trump, Joshua Tree, Trump Administration, President Trump, Criminal Enforcement, Kyla Bennett

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