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Anish Kapoor: 'If I was a young Muslim, would I feel angry enough to join Isis? I would at least think about it'

Britain has gone through the looking glass and the artist’s new show follows it into the abyss. He talks about the upsurge in racism, fighting for Shamima Begum – and his clash with France’s presidentAt 7.30 on the morning after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Anish Kapoor left his London flat for an appointment with his analyst. On the street, he heard two men talking. “Bet he doesn’t even speak English,” said one. “I turned around and they were talking about me. I was so furious.”Si...
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Anish Kapoor: 'If I was an angry young Muslim, I would think about joining Isis'

Britain has gone through the looking glass and the artist’s new show follows it into the abyss. He talks about the upsurge in racism, fighting for Shamima Begum – and his clash with France’s presidentAt 7.30 on the morning after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Anish Kapoor left his London flat for an appointment with his analyst. On the street, he heard two men talking. “Bet he doesn’t even speak English,” said one. “I turned around and they were talking about me. I was so furious.”Si...
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Kathleen Turner (Yes, That Kathleen Taylor) And What She Learned Making Her Opera Debut

Once she understood the training that goes into distinguishing such voices, she began to fully appreciate the difference in acting styles from what the audience might expect in a non-musical. Opera’s bend towards high drama can only be conveyed through vocal ability, which deprioritizes Turner’s acting preference of a more natural technique. – The Observer
Tags: Art, Music, Turner, Kathleen Turner, Kathleen Taylor, 02.27.19

The Cleveland Museum of Art Digitizes Its Collection, Putting 30,000 Works Online and Into the Public Domain

The lines of the descent from the plutocratic wealth and autocratic power of the late 19th century to the worst atrocities of the early 20th might seem apparent to some people. So too can we trace from the Gilded Age an institutional system of monuments to art, culture, and higher learning unique to modern times. Whether by virtue of greed, guilt, or noblesse oblige, or some of all of the above, wealthy industrialists sought to show—as Andrew Carnegie wrote in his “Gospel of Wealth”—that...
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UK Government Puts Export Bar on JMW Turner Painting

The UK government has blocked the export of a JMW Turner painting while a buyer is sought to keep it in the UK, the Guardian reports. “Turner is one of Britain’s greatest ever artists, whose studies of British life still resonate with the public today, says arts minister Michael Ellis. “It has so much significance […]
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The future of EDC is slim and sleek too

Face it, we’ve got slim TVs, slim phones, slim tablets, slim laptops, all because processors are getting more and more compact, and microchips are now at a thickness that can only be measured in nanometers. That trend is bound to spill over into the rest of our lives too, right? Imagine the dissonance of having to carry a phone that’s 7mm thick, and then an absolutely overloaded wallet that’s practically near 2 centimeters in thickness.Truly a wallet of the 21st century, the Turner Wallet from...
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Julia Turner Named New Arts Editor At The LA Times

Turner has been the editor-in-chief of Slate since 2014 and will relocate from New York. She joined Slate in 2003, working first as a reporter and critic on the culture team covering media, television and design, and eventually becoming culture editor, and then deputy editor. For a decade, she’s been one of the co-hosts of Slate’s critically acclaimed “Culture Gabfest” podcast, which she’ll continue co-hosting from Los Angeles.
Tags: Art, New York, People, Turner, LA Times, Julia Turner, 10.04.18

Drone operators disturbing wildlife incur fines and jail time in Scotland

The number of cases in Scotland involving drone interference with animals on nature reserves has increased, causing police and wildlife experts to become “increasingly concerned” for the welfare of the protected animals. While nature reserve managers and wildlife specialists are encouraging outsiders to watch and enjoy the environment and animals in the sanctuaries, mounting numbers of injuries caused to the creatures by drones are leading Scottish lawmakers to impose fines on or even arrest in...
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How to Paint Like Kandinsky, Picasso, Warhol & More: A Video Series from the Tate

Learn How to Print like Warhol… in five minutes? That sounds like fun! My Saturday’s pretty open… Unfortunately, The Tate’s How To series is a bit of a misnomer. This is not the anyone-can-do-it approach of PBS legend Bob Ross and his Happy Little Trees… Yes, the short video demonstrations come with supply lists and step-by-step instructions, but without an existing fine arts background, you may feel more than a little bit daunted, pining for the sort of kid-friendly modifications that h...
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La Shirl Turner Says the Key to Designing a Timeless Car Lies In Color and Materials

For this year's Core77 Design Awards, we're conducting in-depth interviews with each of our jury captains to get in a glimpse into their creative minds and hear more about what they'll be looking for in this year's awards submissions. La Shirl Turner's work revolves around the details of automobiles that don't always receive as much glory but are arguably some of the most important facets of them. As the Head of the Exterior and Interior Color and Materials at Fiat Chrysler, or FCA for short, Tu...
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Eye Candy for Today: Turner’s Bridge in Middle Distance

The Bridge in Middle Distance, Charles Mallord William Turner and Charles Turner Etching, aquatint and mezzotint, roughly 7 x 11 inches (18 x 28 cm). Link is to zoomable version on the Google Art Project; original is in the National Gallery of Art, DC, which has both zoomable and downloadable versions. As he frequently did, British artist Joseph Mallord William Turner worked with master printmaker Charles Turner (no relation) to produce this beautiful lanscape print. In this case, JMW Turner d...
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Eye Candy for Today: Turner’s Dort Packet-Boat

Dortdrecht: The Dort Packet-Boat from Rotterdam Becalmed, J.M.W. Turner In the collection of the Yale Center for British Art, which has both a zoomable and downloadable image on their site. There is also a zoomable image on Google Art Project, and a downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons. This was painted in 1818, just a few years before Turner’s work would take on the fiery glowing light for which he is best known. There is obvious influence here, both in approach and subject matter, to one o...
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Trevor Paglen: art in the age of mass surveillance

The artist tells how his work provides a map of the digital world’s hidden landscapes and forbidden placesTrevor Paglen describes himself as a landscape artist, but he is no John Constable. The landscapes Paglen frames extend to the bottom of the ocean and beyond the blurred edges of the Earth’s atmosphere. For the last two decades, the artist, a cheerful and fervent man of 43, has been on a mission to photograph the unseen political geography of our times. His art tries to capture places that a...
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Has The Turner Prize Come Of Age By Lifting Its Age Restrictions?

Now that it's no longer burdened by the weight of making young artists' careers, the Turner show of the four shortlisted artists does a better job representing art in Britain and being accessible to audiences.
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Tony Nominee Lily Rabe Signs On to TNT Drama DEADLIER THAN THE MALE

Lily Rabe will lead the cast of TNT's upcoming pilot DEADLIER THAN THE MALE. The two-time Tony nominee will star opposite BLOODLINE alum Enrique Murciano in the drama pilot to be produced by Bruna Papandrea's Made Up Stories and Turner's Studio T. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, TNT, Bruna Papandrea, Turner, Tony, Lily Rabe, TV News Desk, Enrique Murciano, Tony Nominee Lily Rabe Signs On

"Art should challenge us...."/"Why is that?... Are we 'challenged' by Constable and Turner? The Chartres Cathedral? The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?"/"Absolutely!"

From the comments to the post about the dismantled "Scaffold" at the Walker Art Center. The one in the middle is Michael. The first and third comments are from me. I'm the one who loudly proclaims "Absolutely!," even as Michael says:Where was this cliche [that art should challenge us] born? Marcel Duchamp?... This idea of art is a modern thing and a concept that has as its fruit an unlimited amount of crap produced for people paying up to be "challenged." A few notes and pictures:1. The Chartres...
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HAMILTON Star Daveed Diggs to Lead TNT's SNOWPIERCER Remake

Turner's TNThas castDaveed Diggs, who earned a Tony for the Broadway hitHAMILTON, to star in the network's drama pilotSNOWPOERCER, which will be directed byDoctor StrangehelmerScott Derrickson. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Turner, Tony, Diggs, TV News Desk, HAMILTON Star Daveed Diggs, StrangehelmerScott Derrickson

Early Warning: TV Stocks In Broad Decline - Is What Happened To Newspapers Starting To Happen To TV?

"It wasn't clear what was fueling the selling. Some tied the declines to the launch of Hulu's live package, which could put pressure on ratings and traditional pay-TV subscription. Another negative was Time Warner reporting that its Turner unit's ad sales fell 2%, possibly signaling a weak ad market and a slower than expected upfront. […]
Tags: Art, Media, Time Warner, Hulu, Turner, 05.03.17

Langlands & Bell: the artists storming Silicon Valley's fortresses

With their eerily pristine models of Apple and Facebook’s offices, Turner-nominated artist duo Langlands & Bell expose the ‘fantasy of total control’ that is Silicon Valley architectureEerie white forms appear to float off the walls of a gallery on Pall Mall, hovering in front of lurid blocks of colour like the preserved cadavers of some alien race displayed in a future museum of natural history. There are amoebic creatures with bulbous appendages, others with angular faceted shells; some seem t...
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Mat Collishaw restages 1839 photography show in virtual reality

Artist says VR will change our outlook as he prepares Somerset House display based on Henry Fox Talbot’s seminal exhibitionArt galleries have long specialised in transporting visitors to another world, allowing them to dive into Hockney’s swimming pool, hear the clamour of war in Picasso’s Guernica or feel the spray of the sea from a Turner scene – all within the confines of four white walls.But a new dimension is making its way into museums and galleries across the UK, one that extends the phys...
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Kinesiology & Health | University of Wyoming

Turner was born in Cape Town on 25 September 1941. He grew up in Stellenbosch and completed an Honours degree in philosophy at the University of Cape Town in 1963. He
Tags: Health, Design, Cape Town, Turner, University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch

Turner's German masterpiece to be auctioned in London

Ehrenbreitstein is one of only six major paintings by the artist still in private hands and has an estimate of £15m-£25mOne of the finest paintings by JMW Turner still in private hands is to be auctioned in London.Ehrenbreitstein, showing a magnificent ruined fortress perched on a cliff overlooking a tranquil valley, was considered something of a showstopper when first exhibited at the Royal Academy in London in 1835. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, London, Germany, Painting, UK News, World news, Culture, Art and design, The art market, Turner, Jmw Turner, Royal Academy, Ehrenbreitstein, London Ehrenbreitstein

HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner adopted by FACT

HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner Starting from 22 March 2017, the durational art project HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner will be adopted by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool, UK. A flag emblazoned with the words “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US” will be continuously live-streamed from the arts organisation to for four […] The post HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner adopted by FACT appeared first on
Tags: Art, News, Top, US, Fact, Turner, Labeouf, LaBeouf Rönkkö, LaBeouf Rönkkö Turner, Liverpool UK, Creative Technology, Rönkkö, HEWILLNOTDIVIDE US, HEWILLNOTDIVIDE US LaBeouf Rönkkö Turner Starting

How the Turner prize has moved towards gender parity – in data

This year’s winner is only the seventh woman to win Britain’s top art prize in its 32-year history, but an overview of all past winners and judges suggests that imbalance is changingWhen Helen Marten claimed the prestigious Turner prize this week, she became only the seventh individual female winner of the prize. But a review of more than 30 years of Turner prize data indicates that the tide is turning. Related: Helen Marten: an artist who thinks differently from the rest of us Continue readi...
Tags: Art, Gender, World news, Culture, Britain, Art and design, Awards and prizes, Turner, Turner prize, Helen Marten

Dead Poets Society - A Moving Experience

Reviewed by JUDD HOLLANDER It's a tough job to transfer an acclaimed movie to the stage, but playwright Tom Schulman gets it right with the stage version of Dead Poets Society, based on his 1989 film of the same name. With its core themes on the dangers of conformity, the work, now at Classic Stage Company, feels both current and timeless. The story takes place in 1959 at the Weldon Academy A New England all-male prep school where the core values are tradition, honor, discipline and excellenc...
Tags: Robin Williams, Theatre, Nolan, ANN, Turner, Neil, Keating, John Doyle, Touchstone Pictures, Weldon, Classic Stage Company, Schulman, Sudeikis, Judd Hollander, Japhy Weideman, John C Hume

Make No Mistake: The Rise Of The Small – And Phone-Sized – Screen Is Driving AT&T To Try For Time Warner

“Instead of relying so heavily on traditional pay-TV operators, Time Warner’s content would get pushed out through AT&T’s mobile network. CNN videos or Turner e-sports would have more exposure to mobile users, enabling Time Warner to capture a bigger slice of the fast-growing mobile advertising pie.”
Tags: Art, Media, Time Warner, Cnn, Turner, AT T

Materials Matter: How Consumer Expectations and Sustainability are Shaping Medical Device Design for the Future

The medical device space is a slow-moving behemoth bogged down by regulation and in need of disruptive ideas and design innovation. In recent years, we've seen a number of interesting ideas emerge in the space from designing handwashing to the ways that rapid prototyping has transformed prosthetics. As the medical industry braces for radical change, the way people administer and receive medical care will also shift, demanding different products and systems. Core77 recently spoke with Bresslergro...
Tags: Design, Medical, Materials, Fda, Turner, Eastman Innovation Lab, Eastman, Bresslergroup

Photo Flash: First Look at Kathleen Turner in THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING at Arena Stage

Joan Didion's one-woman drama THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING, adapted from her 2005 bestselling memoir of the same title, just opened atArena Stage. The production stars Academy Award and Tony Award nomineeKathleen Turneras Didion and is directed byGaye TaylorUpchurch. The show runs now through Nov 20, 2016 atArena Stage, and BroadwayWorld has a first look at Turner in action below [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Joan Didion, Turner, Kathleen Turner, BroadwayWorld, BWW News Desk

Exit Lines: “Cats” Returns

I took my eight-year-old daughter to see Cats the other night. It was the first time she’d seen it. Mine, too. How could this be? After all, I’d seen Les Miz, Phantom, and Miss Saigon, the three other British imports that propped up Broadway in its darkest, most audience-depleted hours thirty-odd years ago. I recall my parents asking me and my younger sister if we wanted to go. Our response was something like: Only if we were eight years old. So… Cats was her second Broadway show, after Aladd...
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David Hockney among friends: a triumphant return to portraiture

In the wake of a personal tragedy, Hockney embarked on a new project: to capture his wide social circle in defiantly exuberant tonesDavid Hockney once said that art comes in three kinds – landscapes, portraits and still-lifes. This mischievous pronouncement was directed with a wry smile at the high priests of the contemporary art world, where the smart money is on conceptual art, installation, performance, video, and digital art. In a career spanning more than six decades, Hockney has experiment...
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