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Students around the world join climate strike on March 15

On Friday, March 15, tens of thousands of high school and middle school students in more than 70 countries plan to walk out of their classrooms and protest at town and city halls. Young people are uniting around the world in a coordinated demand for their leaders to take radical action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and slow down the impacts of climate change. How did the climate strikes start? The international youth climate strike movement began in August 2018 when 16-year-old environmen...
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These marbled Bluetooth speakers are made from non-recyclable plastic waste

This plastic was said to be incapable of being recycled, but U.K.-based company Gomi found a way nonetheless. Each Gomi speaker is made from about 100 non-recyclable plastic bags of multiple colors, creating a unique, individualized look. The sustainable design company won a 10,000-pound grant from the Environment Now Programme in January 2018 to kick-start the project and were funded further by the Santander Big Ideas Competition later that year. Co-founded by Brighton-based sustainable desig...
Tags: Design, Brighton, U K, Gomi, Meades, Environment Now Programme, Tom Meades Gomi

The Lantern is a portable home wrapped in a natural woven lattice

London-based firm Emulsion Architecture has designed a serene, portable home to serve as versatile lodging that can be installed in a variety of landscapes. Hosted by Land Stories, the first dwelling is The Lantern, a round structure with a translucent core, which is wrapped in ornate latticework made out of woven willow. The glamping suite is designed to be highly energy-efficient and have minimal environmental impact, leaving no lasting footprint on any of its locations. The portable home wa...
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Retro-inspired beach hut rotates to catch the sun's rays all day long

London-based JaK Studio has just unveiled a retro beach hut that rotates to follow the position of the sun. Located on the popular Eastbourne Beach, The Spy Glass is an egg-like pavilion striped in bright colors with an all-glass facade on one side and two port hole windows on the other. Once inside, visitors can enjoy beautiful 180-degree views of the beach and the promenade without moving an inch, because the structure is set on a rotating turntable. The design concept was inspired by the cl...
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Lee Simpson on Why Diverse Experiences Shape Better Designers

This is the latest installment of our Core77 Questionnaire. Previously, we talked to Ron Faris of the Nike SNKRS app.  Name: Lee SimpsonOccupation: My current role is Head of Media & Entertainment Products at ustwo, but I'm wearing many hats right now. Predominately, I'm a design lead and product strategist, which means I work closely with our clients in the media and entertainment space to bring new products and digital experiences to market.Recently, I've been more involved in business deve...
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UK Declares Itself A Leader In “Ethical” AI

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May announced her country’s goal to become a world leader in “ethical A.I.” Three months later, the U.K. unveiled its A.I. Sector Deal, a comprehensive policy that establishes a partnership between government, academia, and industry to address residents’ and businesses’ goals and concerns with respect to A.I.
Tags: Art, UK, Ideas, Theresa May, World Economic Forum, Davos Switzerland, U K, 08.02.18

Coca-Cola rewards recycling in the UK with half-priced theme park tickets

Many theme-park visitors in the U.S. are familiar with using bottles or cans of soda they’ve purchased to score a discounted entry to their favorite attractions. Now, the U.K. is joining in with “reverse vending machines” to reward visitors instantly for recycling. Merlin, owner and operator of several U.K. resort theme parks, has teamed up with Coca-Cola to boost recycling and combat litter pollution in the U.K. As part of Coca-Cola’s rewards program, visitors may now deposit their finished 50...
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United Kingdom moves to ban most of its ivory trade

United Kingdom Secretary of the Environment Michael Gove has introduced a bill to Parliament that would ban the purchase, sale, possession for sale and international trade of ivory. Though the bill contains several exceptions for ivory found in museums, musical instruments and some antiques, it would be one of the most comprehensive ivory bans of any country. The United Kingdom is the largest legal ivory exporter and the bill, if passed into law, would certainly put a dent in this lucrative tra...
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IKEA is now selling solar panels and home batteries in the UK

Elon Musk’s Tesla Powerwall better watch its back; The British arm of IKEA says it will be offering battery storage for its current range of rooftop solar panels. For homes that generate more power than they use, this will allow them to stow the excess for a cloudy day, rather than watch it dissipate through the national grid. Despite its do-it-yourself ethos, the Swedish mega-retailer won’t be cranking out the batteries itself. Instead, IKEA has teamed up with Solarcentury, the largest solar p...
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Diapers, sanitary products could provide alternative fuel source

A waste-management company has developed a new, patented process that turns sanitary products, baby diapers, incontinence pads, and other so-called "absorbent hygiene products" into power. PHS Group, which serves 90,000 households, schools, offices, and retirement homes across the United Kingdom and Ireland, says that it handles about 45,000 tons of the stuff a year. A plant in the Midlands is currently converting 15 percent of that waste into compressed bales that can be burned to provide fuel...
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Prince Charles is waging war on Britain's grey squirrels - with Nutella

Prince Charles reportedly backs a plan to sterilize Britain's grey-squirrel population, and it involves Nutella. The monarch-in-waiting is said to have met with members of the U.K. Squirrel Accord, a coalition he helped establish three years ago, to discuss ways to reduce the animal's numbers without culling. Originally from North America, the Eastern grey squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis, has been the bane of the region's native red squirrels since the late 19th century, when the Victorians first...
Tags: Design, News, Wales, Environment, Britain, Conservation, United Kingdom, Squirrels, Prince Charles, North America, Times, Great Britain, Nutella, Department for Environment Food Rural Affairs, Animal and Plant Health Agency, Red Squirrels

British supermarket chain launches trucks powered by food waste

Food waste has always been something of a bugbear with Waitrose, an upscale British grocer that stopped shoveling its leftovers into the landfill as early as 2012. It even packages some of its fusilli pasta in boxes made, in part, from recycled food scraps, which it says reduces the use of virgin tree pulp by 15 percent while lowering greenhouse-gas emissions by a fifth. But Waitrose wants to take the issue further, both literally and figuratively. The supermarket just announced that it'll be r...
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Facebook, Instagram and Users’ ‘Behavior and Emotions’ (Study)

What are the similarities and differences between how users of Facebook and Instagram feel about both social networks? Facebook IQ released a new study in which more than 5,500 users of Facebook and Instagram in six countries—Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, U.K. and U.S.—were polled on their “behavior and emotions across the two platforms.” Its findings included: Respondents were 1.3 times more likely to interact with celebrity content on Instagram than on Facebook. Millennials are more likel...
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How Postage Stamps Are The Ultimate Design Challenge

Stamps aren’t the sexiest of graphic design mediums. They call to mind nerdy kids carrying around stamp books or tweedy old guys with tweezers and a magnifying glass. They do, however, present an interesting design challenge: how do you effectively communicate a message with such a small amount of space? Many brilliant designers have taken up that challenge, as the design publisher Unit Editions makes evident with its latest title Graphic Stamps: The Miniature Beauty of Postage Stamps. Drawn fro...
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