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Call Me Madam - Bright, Bouncy, and at times creaky

Reviewed by Judd Hollander Given the state of things in the world today, one would think the time would be prefect for a revival of the 1950 Broadway musical, Call Me Madam. The show currently being given a such treatment as part of the Encores! series at New York City Center . With a score by Irving Berlin, a book by Howard Lindsay & Russel Crouse, and starring Ethel Merman, this gentle political satire originally ending up running for a total of 644 performances. In ...
Tags: Congress, Berlin, New York City, Theatre, Washington Dc, Maria, Cosmo, Kenneth, Berman, Sally, Ike, U S, Lauren Worsham, Ethel Merman, Irving Berlin, Ben Davis

Lawmakers are pushing gadget manufacturers with the Right to Repair movement

The amount of electronics that we are throwing away each year is growing at an exponential rate, and this toxic trash is hazardous to both people and the planet. What are we supposed to do when our smartphones or other gadgets stop working? According to lawmakers in the United States and Europe, there is one option that should be available instead of getting rid of them— fixing them. Lawmakers in at least 18 states— and the European Parliament— believe that manufacturers should make it a priori...
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frog's Global Team Predicts 10 Impactful Tech Trends of 2019

To kick off the (almost) New Year, frog's team has put together a comprehensive list of 10 tech trends we can expect to have a noticeable impact in 2019, ranging from a growth in the need for human-centered design to a shift in desire for connected fitness devices: All Illustrations by Amrita Marino The Paradox of Trust What will govern the growth of AI isn't the technology, but human's unwillingness to trust it—at least for now. At the crux of this issue is something called the "paradox of ...
Tags: Design, Brands, Tech, Sam, Pew Research Center, U S, Jonathan Kim, Design News, Inbal Etgar, Kat Davis, Sheldon Pacotti, Amrita Marino, Oonie Chase Executive Creative, Karin Giefer, Seth Synder, Patrick Kalaher

California becomes the first state to ban animal-tested cosmetics

A new California law banning the sale of animal-tested cosmetics is the first of its kind in the U.S. The California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act was signed by California Governor Jerry Brown on Friday soon after its inception by colleague and Senator Cathleen Galgiani. The regulations will go into effect Jan. 1, 2020, restricting manufacturers wishing to “import for profit, sell or offer for sale” all cosmetics produced with animal testing. Violators will incur a base fine of $5,000, plus $1,000...
Tags: Design, News, Congress, California, China, Animals, Environment, Eu, Norway, Jerry Brown, Huffington Post, Humane Society, U S Food and Drug Administration, Animal Testing, LA City Council, U S Humane Society

Trump fails to evade climate change lawsuit filed by 21 youths

21 youths are taking on the United States government over climate change in the lawsuit Juliana v. U.S. – and so far President Donald Trump has failed at attempts to dodge them. The plaintiffs just won a victory: the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the case can indeed move towards a trial, Bloomberg reported. 21-year-old plaintiff Kiran Oommen said in a statement, “The question of the last few years has not been ‘do we have a case’ but rather ‘how far will the federal government go to prev...
Tags: Design, Barack Obama, Bloomberg, United States, Donald Trump, Trump, U S, Jacob, Ninth Circuit, Juliana, Gage Skidmore, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, U S District Court for the District of Oregon, Julia Olson, Bloomberg Image, Kiran Oommen

A Great Example of How Better Data Visualization Can Improve Our Perception of Reality

As the systems around us become more complex, the need for talented data visualizers grows more important. By breaking complicated things down into visuals that we can more easily grasp, these people influence both our perception and our understanding. When this is not done properly, our perception of the information being displayed can lead to an incorrect understanding of how things are.A great example of this is this map of the 2016 popular vote, where you can see how each county in the count...
Tags: Design, Germany, America, Oklahoma, Times, Vox, U S, Visual Communication, UK Australia, Randall Munroe, Munroe

Marian Cannon Schlesinger, Author And Eyewitness To History, Dies At 105

Schlesinger, who was saw the Kennedy White House up close during her husband Arthur's time as JFK's "resident intellectual," was 8 when women got the vote in the U.S. - and she immediately canvassed, with her mother, for a woman mayoral candidate. She published a memoir in 2011, when she was merely 99.
Tags: Art, People, Jfk, Arthur, U S, Schlesinger, 10.17.17, Marian Cannon Schlesinger, Kennedy White House

Original Cast to Dance Matthew Bourne's THE RED SHOES Across the U.S.

New Adventures has announced North American tour dates and casting for Matthew Bourne's double Olivier Award-winning production of THE RED SHOES. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Matthew Bourne, U S, BWW News Desk

World officials entreat Trump to stay in Paris agreement

President Donald Trump’s policies don’t just impact the United States. As climate change grows increasingly dangerous, executive orders on the Clean Power Plan and fossil fuel development in a top greenhouse gas-producing country have consequences for other countries as well. The Guardian spoke with world leaders, some of whom were involved in the 2015 Paris climate deal, who agree it would be disastrous if Trump were to pull America out of the historic agreement. Trump threatened to pull out ...
Tags: Design, White House, China, America, Barack Obama, ExxonMobil, United States, Paris, United Nations, The Guardian, Uruguay, Donald Trump, George W Bush, Kyoto, Trump, Reuters

Beer made from recycled bread is coming to the U.S.

A brewery in London is taking a bite out of food waste. Launched last year, Toast makes its beers from surplus fresh bread, including the heel ends of loaves, that would otherwise feed the landfill. Toast combines the bread with malted barley, hops, yeast, and water to craft its lagers, which are sold to raise money for charity. A full 100 percent of its profits, in fact, goes to Feedback, a nonprofit working to end wasted food across the globe. It is the rare bakery that doesn’t have a ton o...
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Behind the Powerful Political Art at the Whitney Biennial

“We're in a moment where funding for the arts is in danger"
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Download Influential Avant-Garde Magazines from the Early 20th Century: Dadaism, Surrealism, Futurism & More

“I’m tired of politics, I just want to talk about my art,” I sometimes hear artists—and musicians, actors, writers, etc.—say. And I sometimes see their fans say, “you should shut up about politics and just talk about your art.” Given the current onslaught of political news, commentary, scandal, and alarm, these are both understandable sentiments. But anyone who thinks that art and politics once occupied separate spheres harbors a historically naïve belief. The arts have always been political,...
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