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UK’s National Portrait Gallery Turns Down £1 Million Of Sackler Money

“London’s National Portrait Gallery has decided against accepting a £1m grant from the Sackler Trust, following growing controversy over the damaging medical impact of OxyContin, a drug produced by the family’s pharmaceutical company.” – The Art Newspaper
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A New Mosque In The UK Connects To The Natural World

The new mosque, designed by the architects who created the London Eye, isn’t the typical style of mosque in Britain, where the driving force has usually been somewhat utilitarian. This one “is the most determined attempt yet to build in a way that is of its own place and time,” says architecture critic Rowan Moore. – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, London, Britain, Visual, Rowan Moore, 03.17.19

Air pollution is killing Europeans at an alarming rate

New research reveals that 800,000 people die prematurely from air pollution in Europe each year. A previous study also confirms that dirty air kills 8.8 million people per year globally. The study, published in the European Heart Journal, urges Europe to phase out fossil fuels. Scientists used three sets of data to reach their conclusions: population density and age, exposure to air pollution and the health impacts of foul air. While the lungs are the initial body part to suffer, once pollutant...
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How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

This article was contributed by Ellan Dineen. Research shows that the voice commerce sector was worth $1.8 billion in the US and $200 million in the UK during 2017. There’s no doubt that developments in technology and the rise of voice assisted devices around the world is changing the way content is managed and how users utilize the Internet. Voice search technology has a lot of advantages and understanding this technology can really give you an edge. This is especially true when it comes to mak...
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Toronto Symphony Offers Its First Concert Geared For Neurodiverse Audiences

The TSO is calling this and future concerts of this type “Relaxed Performances,” the term already in use for similar events in the UK. With specially designed changes to the concert format, accompanying materials, and the concert hall, “Relaxed Performances are designed specifically for people living with autism spectrum disorders, sensory and communication disorders, learning disabilities, or anyone who wants a more casual concert experience.” – Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Tags: Art, UK, Uncategorized, Toronto, SJM, 03.11.19

UK Committee on Climate change calls for ban on gas stoves, furnaces by 2025

CCC report notes that UK homes are "unfit for the challenges of climate change." The message in it is universal.
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Why English Won’t Be Replaced As The World’s Lingua Franca Anytime Soon

The reason is inertia, basically: “[English] got there first, and there is no major expansion of globalization to shift the balance to another language. Today there are far more non-native English speakers than native speakers, and this means that English isn’t about the USA or the UK, but instead about its international use across cultures.” – Quartz (Quora)
Tags: Art, Usa, UK, World, Words, Lingua Franca, 03.07.19

UK’s National Lottery Heritage Fund Has New Loan Program For Buying And Restoring Historic Buildings

“The £7m Heritage Impact Fund will provide charities, social enterprises and community businesses – which could include venue operators – with loans to help them deliver ‘positive economic and social impact’ through the re-use of heritage buildings. But the Theatres Trust … has expressed concerns about the viability of the fund for the theatre industry in particular.” – Arts Professional
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, 03.08.19

Sushi Tape

Creative masking tape designed to look like realistic Japanese sushi rolls. Decorative sushi tape designed by Rosie Upright for SUCK UK. [order] Also check out: LEGO Tape and Sushi Socks
Tags: UK, Design, Inspiration, Rosie Upright

Artist Spends Her Days Creating Stuffed Toys With Artificial Human Teeth

Mrs McGettrick is a UK based artist that spends her days creating stuffed toys with artificial human teeth. Hobby that started as a joke in 2010, is now a successful full-time business venture with her own store on Amazon. Why do people buy these monstrous creatures? We have no idea… More: Amazon h/t: Source
Tags: Amazon, Toys, UK, Design, Human, Teeth, Stuffed

Bill Murray Explains How a 19th-Century Painting Saved His Life

You don't understand prewar 20th-century America unless you understand a particular 19th-century French painting: Jules Breton's The Song of the Lark. "In this evocative work, a young peasant woman stands silently in the flat fields of the artist's native Normandy as the sun rises, listening to the song of a distant lark," says a post from the Art Institute of Chicago. Apart from being selected as America's favorite painting in 1934, it was also Eleanor Roosevelt's favorite work of art, ...
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In The UK Translated Fiction Outsells English Fiction. It’s All About Collaboration

Of course, translating isn’t only the business of people who get paid to do it. Around 300 languages are used daily in London, and New York may be home to as many as 800, according to the Endangered Language Alliance. Yet any talk of translating literature—rather than shopping lists or doctors’ orders—is oddly esoteric. – Prospect
Tags: Art, UK, New York, London, Words, 03.07.19, Endangered Language Alliance Yet

“The Endless Beyond”: Superb Fantasy And Creative Inspirations By Adrian Chesterman

Born in London of Scottish descent, Adrian Chesterman, British painter and illustrator, was educated at the William Harvey School in Kent. It was here that he first discovered his burning passion for the visual arts. More: Adrian Chesterman Adrian Chesterman studied fine art at Norwich School of Art and illustration at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, London. Since leaving the R.C.A. Source
Tags: Books, UK, Design, London, Covers, Kent, Illustrator, Inspirations, Royal College of Art, Norwich School of Art, Kensington London, Adrian Chesterman, William Harvey School, Adrian Chesterman Adrian Chesterman

Creepy 1970s-Era Posters From An Imaginary English Town

Scarfolk is a an imaginary town in North West England that did not progress beyond 1979. Instead, the entire decade of the 1970s loops ad infinitum. Featured below are some of their awkward posters. More: Scarfolk, Shop h/t: Source
Tags: UK, Creepy, Design, Posters, Retro, Inspirations, 1970s, north west England, Scarfolk, Scarfolk Shop

Arts Degrees Cost UK Taxpayer 30% More Than Engineering Degrees, Says Study

“Including drama and music, creative arts degrees are studied by approximately 37,000 young people in England each year. Taxpayers provide more to students who study these courses because they typically earn less than other degrees and therefore pay back less of their loans. The [Institute for Fiscal Studies’] report claims because of this, taxpayers spend about 30% more on arts degrees than on the equivalent engineering courses.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, UK, England, Institute for Fiscal Studies, Issues, 03.07.19

Fiction Translated Into English Is Selling Better Than Ever In UK

“According to research commissioned by the Man Booker International (MBI) prize from Nielsen Book, overall sales of translated fiction in the UK were up last year by 5.5%, with more than 2.6m books sold, worth £20.7m – the highest level since Nielsen began to track sales in 2001.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, UK, Words, Nielsen, 03.06.19, Man Booker International MBI

UK’s Society Of Authors Threatens To Sue Internet Archive Over Digital Lending Library

The Internet Archive began digitising books in 2005, because “not everyone has access to a public or academic library with a good collection, so to provide universal access we need to provide digital versions of books”. Today the archive scans 1,000 books a day in 28 locations around the world, through its book scanning and book drive programmes – with the “ultimate goal of [making] all the published works of humankind available to everyone in the world”. Users can borrow up to five books at a ...
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Divorced Dad Who Gave Up On Real Women Now Lives With 12 Life-Size Dolls… And His Daughter Helps With Their Make-Up And Clothes

Olivia West / The Sun Not each daughter can be thrilled if their dad crammed his home with glamorous life-size female dolls – but Rhiannon Bevan says it “warms her heart” to see her father so completely satisfied. Her double divorcee dad Dean buys his 12 buddies bras, celebrates their birthdays, does their make-up, clothes them and shares a bed with one. Rhiannon was shocked when he started his... Source
Tags: UK, Design, Technology, Life, Dolls, Real, Rhiannon, Dad Dean, Life-Size, Rhiannon Bevan

Why It’s Important To Be Bored (At Least Occasionally)

UK psychologist and author Sandi Mann explores how embracing boredom and letting our minds wander can get us to step off the ever-accelerating hedonic treadmill, and might even encourage creativity. – Aeon
Tags: Art, UK, Ideas, Sandi Mann, 03.04.19

UK Panel Rules National Gallery’s Laid-Off Educators Should Have Rights As Workers, Not Freelancers

Mind you, the tribunal didn’t find that the 27 plaintiffs were unfairly sacked; neither did it say they should have all the rights of Gallery employees (not the same thing as “workers” under English employment law). But the ruling did say that the group, mostly lecturers and docents, must “enjoy benefits such as minimum wage, holiday pay, and protection from dismissal, which self-employed contractors do not” — a finding with major implications for how freelancers are treated in Britain. – Hyper...
Tags: Art, UK, Visual, SJ, 03.01.19

These Whimsical Rolls Of Tape Look Just Like Sushi

British illustrator Rosie Upright in partnership with Suck UK, has created a whimsical set of four rolls of decorative masking tape in various sushi designs. These designs are so realistic that they could be easily mistaken as edible, so make sure to check twice before reaching for the wasabi. “A set of four playful paper tapes designed to look just like everyone’s favourite Japanese... Source
Tags: UK, Design, Sushi, Rolls, Tape, Rosie Upright

UK Museums, Galleries Rushing To Ship Art Before Brexit Deadline

British institutions and galleries are rushing to ship works to and from the European Union (EU) before the Brexit deadline of 29 March as uncertainty mounts over the free movement of goods in the event of a no-deal scenario. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, UK, Visual, European Union EU, 03.04.19

Ryan Adams’ Tour Canceled After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The singer, perhaps most famous for being married to (and now famous for his alleged abuse of) Mandy Moore, or for re-creating a Taylor Swift album, faced requests for refunds from so many fans that his UK and Ireland tour got canceled, but only after those requests were initially denied. – Variety
Tags: Art, Music, UK, Ireland, Mandy Moore, Ryan Adams, 03.01.19

Poor air quality found at over 2,000 sites across the UK

A new study shows that close to 2,000 sites across the U.K. have poor air quality due to excess pollution. The cities most affected by high levels of toxic gas were in Wales, England and Northern Ireland, all of which were tested well beyond what is considered safe. One of the main culprits behind the alarming numbers is nitrogen dioxide, a gas that is considered one of the most harmful of urban pollutants. Kensington, Chelsea, Leeds and Doncaster all tested high in nitrogen dioxide in 2017. Th...
Tags: UK, Design, London, Northern Ireland, Doncaster, Bangkok, Simon Bowens, Wales England, Kensington Chelsea Leeds

A smart poster that knows the weather

In recent years, we have become increasingly surrounded by tech, and the often intrusive and attention-sapping devices can begin to take control of our lives. This realization led to the creation of the Typified Weather Poster, a beautifully designed product that clearly reflects the day’s changing weather.As opposed to a conventional display, the Typified Weather Poster uses a combination of Paper and Smart Ink to communicate the information; a tiny computer that is concealed within the produ...
Tags: Deals, Weather, UK, Design, Technology, World Health Organization, Product Design, Smart Ink, Oli Woods, Weather Poster, Oli WoodsClick, Australia Canada America

WOMAD Is Having Trouble Booking Artists, Who Are Spooked By Brexit

Last year, the headache for this world music festival was that performers were either denied UK visas or found the process of trying to get them too tortuous to deal with. This year, organizers say, in addition to that problem, artists are afraid they’ll get to the EU but won’t be allowed to cross the Channel. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, UK, Eu, 02.28.19

Behold The Drawings of Franz Kafka (1907-1917)

Runner 1907-1908 UK-born, Chicago-based artist Philip Hartigan has posted a brief video piece about Franz Kafka’s drawings. Kafka, of course, wrote a body of work, mostly never published during his lifetime, that captured the absurdity and the loneliness of the newly emerging modern world: In The Metamorphosis, Gregor transforms overnight into a giant cockroach; in The Trial, Josef K. is charged with an undefined crime by a maddeningly inaccessible court. In story after story, Kafka showed his...
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UK’s National Theatre Will Hold Special Casting Day For Trans Actors

“The event, the first of its kind held by the NT, will take place on April 15 in London, and is aimed at ‘professional actors who identify as transgender, trans*, genderqueer, non-binary, gender fluid and intersex’. … The Old Vic’s casting team will be attending alongside the casting department from the NT, and other industry creatives.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, UK, London, Theatre, Vic, SJ, 02.27.19

A Refugee Theatre Company Can’t Travel To Malta From The UK After Airline Employees Decide The Actors Look ‘Suspicious’

The co-artistic director says that “the cast members’ travel documents were scrutinised for three hours, with the group returning the next day to be told that one of the actors, Syed Haleem Najibi, would be unable to travel as the officials claimed they had never heard of the Home Office Certificate of Travel that he was carrying.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, Theatre, Malta, 02.22.19, Syed Haleem Najibi, Home Office Certificate of Travel

British Collection of Sculpture to be Catalogued Online

The full collection of sculpture in the holdings of the British Nation will be catalogued online, the Guardian reports. “The variety, the range, is just stunning and what is extraordinary is that it is going to be so much more global,” says Andrew Ellis, director of Art UK, the non-profit in charge of the project. “Paintings are predominantly […]
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