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Radha Mistry's Job at Autodesk is to Explore and Provoke Possible Futures

For this year's Core77 Design Awards, we're conducting in-depth interviews with some of our 2020 jury captains to get in a glimpse into their creative minds and to hear more about what they'll be looking for in this year's awards submissions. You could say the general purpose of an organization's collective body is to ask the question, "what's next?" In other words, any one person's job at a company is to help contribute to moving it forward and make it a success. But not everyone can say they...
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Why should the Scottish woodlands be protected?

Although Scotland is more heavily forested than England or Wales, much of its woodlands have been lost to logging, urban sprawl and climate change. Initiatives to reverse deforestation have been underway to contribute more trees, protect woodlands and ensure the ecology, sustainability and longevity of Scotland’s forest resources. Why has reforestation become important in recent years? Last summer, a YouGov poll found that the environment is now viewed as the third most critical public issue, g...
Tags: Europe, UK, England, Design, Wales, Climate Change, Scotland, Environment, Trees, Earth, Bbc, Features, Atlantic, Britain, Conservation, United Kingdom

UK Tamps Down Free Movement of Artists in New Immigration Rules

A piece in The Stage notes the potentially “devastating” new criteria for artists looking to travel to the UK for work, including artists and touring musicians.  “In our sector, high skill levels do not always equate to high salaries,” reads a statement from the Creative Industries Federation on the decision. “There must be recognition of sector-specific means of assessment including […]
Tags: Art, UK, News, Art News, Minipost, Creative Industries Federation

A protected outdoor dog feeder that safeguards your pet against Lungworm!

Did you know that your dog is at the risk of contracting Lungworm, especially if you live in the UK or Ireland? Me neither! Basically, Lungworm is a parasitic infection usually picked up from snails and slugs and can prove to be fatal for your dogs. We often tend to keep outdoor feeders for our pets in our backyards and gardens, without realizing that snails/slugs may use the bowl to feed and produce. If your dog, by chance, eats the snail or lick its trail, he can get infected with Lungworm! An...
Tags: UK, Design, Pets, Outdoor, Ireland, Product Design, Martin, Bark, Lungworm, Karl Martin, Pet Product, Dog Feeder, Outdoor Dog Feeder, Pet Design

UK Venue Demands Theatre Companies Guarantee Their Shows Won’t Offend Patrons Or Face Fine

“The management may demand in respect to its right to object to any song, speech, dialogue, business, costume or gesture that forms part of the production, that may offend the ticket buyer; which the management may represent. If withdrawal or alteration is not so made, the management reserves the right to refund ticket money at its discretion and to deduct the amount refunded from the settlement figure.”
Tags: Art, UK, Theatre, 02.20.20

Global Roundup 2/21 - BE MORE CHILL in the UK, HAMILTON in LA and More!

BroadwayWorld presents a comprehensive weekly roundup of regional stories around our Broadway World, which include videos, editor spotlights, regional reviews and more. This week, we feature Be More Chill in London, Hamilton in LA and More [Author: BWW Special]
Tags: UK, La, Theatre, Broadway World, London Hamilton, BWW Special

Pop-Up Book Celebrating the Design of Immersive Sega Arcade Game Cabinets from the 1980s

In the videogame arcades of the '80s, the rank-and-file games were pushed up against the wall. But in the middle of the room were the special ones--larger, immersive cabinets that you climbed into, paying 50 cents rather than 25 for the privilege. For an extra quarter you got to sit in a cockpit, in a driver's seat or on a superbike.In the early 1980s, Yu Suzuki, a young videogame developer working at SEGA developed a series of groundbreaking arcade games – physically impressive, custom-built ca...
Tags: UK, Design, Sega, Object Culture, Yu Suzuki, Darren Wall

‘Brace’ is a discreet compression-wearable that helps teenagers with expanded rib-cages

The unseen problem that most medical designs often fail to consider is social stigma. Stigma is why some people don’t like using their asthma inhaler in public, or why some kids often take their dental retainers off when they’re among friends. Stigma can often cause an effective medical design to fail because their patients seem reticent or feel awkward.The Brace was designed to eliminate the stigma around wearing chest-braces. Designed for children with pectus carinatum, also known as pigeon ch...
Tags: UK, Design, Medical, Awards, Product Design, Brace, PDR, iF Design Award, iF Design 2020, Pectus Carinatum, Pigeon Chest

EU Will Demand UK Return Parthenon Marbles To Greece As Part Of Brexit Deal

The European Union will demand that Britain gives a collection of ancient marble sculptures back to Greece as part of a post-Brexit trade deal. Greece has long argued that the Parthenon Marbles — also called the Elgin Marbles — were unlawfully removed from the Parthenon temple in Athens in the early 19th century by the British diplomat Lord Elgin. – Business Insider
Tags: Art, UK, Greece, Eu, European Union, Britain, Athens, Parthenon, Visual, 02.19.20

Call for Entries: £25,000 John Moores Painting Prize 2020 + NEW Prize

The John Moores Painting Prize is a PAINTING competition  This week it opened for entries for the 2021 exhibition The deadline for an entry is 24 March 2020 It's open to all UK-based artists... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, UK, John Moores, Making A Mark

Meet Oliver Dowden, The UK’s New Culture Secretary

He has a history of handling thorny issues like cybercrime and data privacy. As a Parliamentary Secretary in Theresa May’s cabinet office, Dowden was the Minister for Implementation of the Government’s technology strategy.  Though the new BBC licence fee and rolling out gigabit broadband will be pressing tasks, Dowden’s expertise and interest in digital matters could be good news for the creative industries. – Arts Professional
Tags: Art, UK, Bbc, People, Theresa May, Dowden, 02.14.20, Oliver Dowden

Greece Pushes for Return of Elgin Marbles in EU-UK Trade Deal

As the UK negotiates its new trade deal with the EU, the Art News notes that a clause inserted in the deal by Greece appears to require the return of the Elgin Marbles. “It is the mentality that has changed, the fact that Britain is distancing itself from the European family, it is 200 years since the […]
Tags: Art, UK, News, Greece, Britain, Art News, Minipost, EU UK Trade Deal, EU the Art News

Best shows to see in London in 2020

Putting on the world’s greatest shows since Shakespeare made his mark in the 1500s, London is right up there with Broadway as the most iconic place in the world to watch theater. If you’ve made your way through the long list of West End giants like The Lion King and Mamma Mia, don’t worry — you’re not done just yet. From the dark, heart-wrenching melodrama to the all-singing, all-dancing musicals, here’s our pick of London’s hottest new shows for 2020. 1. Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare’s Globe...
Tags: Travel, Elsa, Jessica Chastain, UK, New York, Hollywood, London, Theatre, Disney, Bbc, Julia Roberts, Jake Gyllenhaal, New York Times, Stephen Sondheim, Yann Martel, Broadway

Will UK Have To Return Elgin Marbles To Greece To Get Post-Brexit EU Trade Deal?

“That’s the message embedded within a clause recently added to the E.U.’s negotiating mandate, which says the British government should ‘address issues relating to the return or restitution of unlawfully removed cultural objects to their countries of origin.'” – ARTnews
Tags: Art, UK, Greece, Visual, EU Trade Deal, 02.18.20

Pricing a Pastel and Pastel Society Annual Exhibition Metrics

The annual exhibition by the Pastel Society is the largest exhibition of artwork in pastels and other dry media in the UK every year. The Pastel Society Private View I reviewed the exhibition... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, UK, Pastel Society, Making A Mark, Pastel Society Annual Exhibition Metrics

Two Men Broke Into A London Bookshop Intending To Rob It, But Then They Found The Prosecco

They found no cash, but there was alcohol. “Front and back windows at Gay’s the Word, which became the UK’s first gay bookshop when it was opened in 1979 and which featured in the film Pride, were smashed last Sunday. But after ransacking the shop and drinking a bottle of tequila left on the premises after a member of staff’s birthday, the burglars were caught by police in the store’s kitchen drinking prosecco.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, London, Words, 02.14.20

Who's Got the Best-Looking Electric Delivery Van Design: Amazon, FedEx or UPS?

At this point Amazon, FedEx and UPS have all put in orders for electric delivery vans. FedEx was actually the first to make the news, ordering 1,000 vehicles from Chinese manufacturer Chanje back in 2018:Stylistically it's a mess, particularly that front end, where it looks like the designers were halfheartedly trying to rip off the worst part of a Nissan Frontier:Last month UPS announced they were getting into the electric game too, ordering 10,000 no-gas vans from the UK's Arrival, whose desig...
Tags: Amazon, UK, Design, Cars, UPS, Nissan, Chanje, Rivian, Amazon FedEx

UK Ticket Scammers Found Guilty of Fraudulent Trading

Two scammers responsible for scalping tickets to music and theatre events to the tune of 10.8 million, were found guilty of fraudulent trading and possessing an article for fraud this week. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: UK, Theatre, BWW News Desk

UK’s Broadcasting Authority Gets Responsibility For Policing Web And Social Media

It will be the job of Ofcom to “ensur[e] that firms such as Twitter and Facebook comply with a new legal ‘duty of care’ requiring them to protect their users from illegal material. … Under the government’s original proposals, outlined in last year’s online harms white paper, a website that does not fulfil that duty of care would face a fine, its senior managers could be held criminally liable or the regulator could demand access to the site be blocked entirely.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Facebook, UK, Media, Ofcom, Broadcasting Authority, 02.11.20

WAITRESS Announces Dates For First Ever UK and Ireland Tour

The first ever UK and Ireland tour of the smash hit Broadway and West End musical Waitress opens at the Bord Gis Energy Theatre on 14th November 2020. Further venue and on-sale details can be found below. Full casting to be announced soon. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: UK, Theatre, Ireland, Broadway, Bord Gis Energy Theatre, BWW News Desk

Please, I'm Begging You, Take My Plastic Bags

In my apartment, there is a small mountain of plastic bags that my roommates and I continue to reluctantly build upon. Desperate to deal with these wasted bags, I am regularly trying to find different opportunities to reuse them. Of course, I alone will never find ways to reuse all of them. So my mountain of plastic guilt grows ever higher. This might be a familiar feeling for many who are justifiably concerned about the amount of plastic gumming up the gears of the earth. A heap of plastic bags...
Tags: UK, Design, Environmental, Materials, Systems, East London, Sustainable Design, Onni Aho

70’s Style And Soul: Amazing Candid Photographs Taken In Soul Clubs In Memphis And New York, 1973

David Reed/Getty Images These candid photographs, taken in Soul clubs in Memphis and New York, are the work of photographer David Reed. Still working today, Reed was first commissioned by the UK’s Sunday Times Magazine in 1969, and worked for them continuously until 1990. h/t:, retronaut David Reed/Getty Images Reed was also a regular contributor both to Nova Magazine... Source
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Music, UK, New York, Design, Retro, Memphis, 1970s, Reed, David Reed, Sunday Times Magazine, David Reed Getty Images Reed

A setback for CLT in the UK thanks to building code changes

After a tragic fire caused by plastics, the British building code banned wood in exterior walls. This is a step in the wrong direction.
Tags: UK, Design, News, CLT

Post-Brexit UK Will Deport All Foreign Workers Making Less Than £17,000/Year. Artists Are Worried

From 6 April all skilled workers from outside the EU who have been living here for less than 10 years will need to earn at least £35,000 a year to settle permanently in the UK. Some jobs, such as nurses, are exempt but Alyson Frazier’s is not. Frazier – who has a first class MA from the Royal Academy of Music and is the co-founder of Play for Progress, a therapeutic music programme for refugee children – only earns £17,000 a year. Unless she gets a higher-paid job, she will be deported i...
Tags: Art, UK, Eu, Issues, Frazier, Royal Academy of Music, 02.09.20, Alyson Frazier

An Art Critic ‘Accidentally’ Destroys A Piece She Doesn’t Like At A Mexico City Art Fair

The critic, Avelina Lésper, shattered the installation by Mexican artist Gabriel Rico with an empty soda can. – The Guardian (UK) (AP)
Tags: Art, UK, Mexico, Visual, Avelina Lésper, Gabriel Rico, 02.10.20

Author Says The UK Educational System Is Dreary, Needs More Laughter

Michael Rosen blames the Reformation – truly. That time period was “when they thought the only way you could be virtuous was to be modest and serious, so humour was pushed aside, seen as frivolous … even dangerous. And that seeps through into education today, so there’s a slight fear of subversiveness or laughter, as well as a dismissal of it. And for some of us, humour is a means of survival.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, Words, Michael Rosen, Audience, 02.06.20

VIDEO: Watch Rachel Tucker Sing 'Woman' From THE PIRATE QUEEN

On Thursday, 6February, BroadwayWorld UK attendeda specialrehearsal press performance for the upcoming charity concert production of Boublil and Schnberg's The Pirate Queen,which plays at the London Coliseum on 23 February, with the proceeds going to Leukaemia UK. [Author: BroadwayWorld UK TV]
Tags: UK, Theatre, London Coliseum, Rachel Tucker, Boublil, Schnberg, BroadwayWorld UK TV

Artistic lineage: Chronicling The Legacy Of Khorshed and Kekoo Gandhy.

The London filmmaker on chronicling the legacy of Khorshed and Kekoo Gandhy. As a young woman, Behroze Gandhy tried hard to maintain a distance from her artistic lineage. “Growing up, I didn’t want anything to do with art, my parents [Bombay’s original art couple Kekoo and Khorshed Gandhy] or their gallery,” says the London-based filmmaker. “I felt I should get away from it and make my own mark… but after a point, I couldn’t escape the goodwill my parents had, and the doors it opened for me.” I...
Tags: Art, UK, London, Life, Bombay, Bengal, British Film Institute, Dara, Rushdie, Salman Rushdie, Bandra, Shireen, Mumbai Mirror, Khorshed, Reema Gehi, Kekee Manzil

As Vienna Shifts Away From Car Mobility, A Car-Free IKEA Appears

It is difficult to imagine an IKEA designed to be accessed by foot. If you live in the US, your image of an IKEA may be like my Midwestern expectations of the furniture superstore: a massive, cubic building, set in the middle of a even larger parking lot, somewhere off of the highway, probably a 30-45 minute drive from the nearest big city. In Europe, however, things are a bit different and for the Austrian capital Vienna, most people living in the center city don't own a car. Which is why IKEA ...
Tags: Europe, UK, Design, US, Earth, Urbanism, Architecture, Vienna, Ikea, Sustainable Design, Querkraft Architekten, IKEA Vienna Westbahnhof

AO Auction Recap – London: Impressionist, Modern and Surrealist Sales, February 4th-5th, 2020

Tamara de Lempicka, Portrait de Marjorie Ferry (1932), final price: £16,280,000, via Christie’s With the UK now into its first days of Brexit, attention turned to London this week for a string of Impressionist, Modern and Surrealist Sales that looked to take the first test of the market.  Considering the results this week, a path forward seems uneasy […]
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