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UK Politicians Are Increasingly Fighting The Culture Wars

As in the US, UK politicians are wading in to debates about statues, history, and the culture that defines the country. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, US UK, 06.09.21

Are Board Members Of UK Cultural Institutions Being Punished For Disagreeing With The Government?

The science author and historian Sarah Dry withdrew as a trustee of the Science Museum Group in March after she was asked to support the government’s position on contested heritage. Meanwhile, the re-appointment of the Bangladeshi-British academic Aminul Hoque as trustee at Royal Museums Greenwich was vetoed by the government earlier this year, prompting Charles Dunstone, the chair of the museum board, to resign. Hoque was reportedly rejected because of his focus on “decolonisation”. – The Art ...
Tags: Art, UK, Charles Dunstone, Issues, Science Museum Group, Hoque, Royal Museums Greenwich, Sarah Dry, Aminul Hoque, 06.07.21

Art Board Members Of UK Cultural Institutions Being Punished For Disagreeing With The Government?

The science author and historian Sarah Dry withdrew as a trustee of the Science Museum Group in March after she was asked to support the government’s position on contested heritage. Meanwhile, the re-appointment of the Bangladeshi-British academic Aminul Hoque as trustee at Royal Museums Greenwich was vetoed by the government earlier this year, prompting Charles Dunstone, the chair of the museum board, to resign. Hoque was reportedly rejected because of his focus on “decolonisation”. – The Art ...
Tags: Art, UK, Charles Dunstone, Issues, Science Museum Group, Hoque, Royal Museums Greenwich, Sarah Dry, Aminul Hoque, 06.07.21

Mohamed Bourouissa on France’s identity crisis: ‘We’ve got catching up to do!’

The French Algerian artist uses photography, rap music and the frequencies of trees in his quest to shine a light on marginalised communities. Now he’s preparing for his first solo UK showIn early 2020, when Dave was making British history by triumphing at both the Brits and Mercury music prizes, the equivalent awards in France were making headlines for all the wrong reasons. That year’s Victoires de la Musique featured no headline prizes for a black or Arab rapper. “Domestic rap has become the ...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Music, UK, France, Africa, Race, Society, World news, Dave, Culture, Middle East and North Africa, Art and design, Hip-hop, Installation

The Independence Of UK Museums May Be In Danger

The government appears to be meddling in free speech on university campuses – and now in national museum decisions. “This came to a head recently when it refused to reappoint Aminul Hoque, a distinguished academic at Goldsmiths, who had been on the board of the Royal Museums Greenwich since 2016. Because his work focused on issues of decolonisation, the government decided they didn’t want him as a trustee. His term of office was not renewed, and the chair of trustees resigned in protest at what...
Tags: Art, UK, Visual, Goldsmiths, Royal Museums Greenwich, 05.26.21, Aminul Hoque

Ai Weiwei accuses curators of rejecting artwork over Julian Assange content

Artist claims piece was rejected from exhibition for addressing imprisonment of the WikiLeaks founderAi Weiwei has accused the organisers of a large UK art exhibition of rejecting his artwork for the show because the piece addressed the imprisonment of the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.The Chinese dissident artist and activist said the piece for The Great Big Art Exhibition featured an image of the treadmill which Assange used while seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy. Continue reading.....
Tags: Art, UK, Media, UK News, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Ai Weiwei, Assange, WikiLeaks founderAi Weiwei

Arts Groups To UK: Thanks For Offering Us Relief Funding — Now Could You Please Actually Send It?

“Hundreds of arts organisations that received grants in the Culture Recovery Fund’s second round are still waiting for money to be paid out, causing damaging cashflow problems and delaying projects, … despite the second round of CRF being specifically designed to support companies during April to June.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, CRF, 05.28.21

French Quarantine Rules May Prevent Britons From Attending Cannes

The problem is a new variant: “After delays caused by Covid, the festival confirmed it would take place in early July, but France has announced a seven-day isolation period for visitors from the UK in response to rising concerns over the Covid variant B.1.617.2, first detected in India. The move is likely to affect thousands, both among the press corps and industry delegates, and large numbers of unregistered attendees.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, Media, France, India, Cannes, 05.27.21

How Will Amazon Exploit Bond, Other MGM Classics?

Amazon desperately needed content, but will the Bond plan work? “Bond is a treasure trove, unexploited beyond the 25 feature films focusing on its star, which Amazon would dearly love to develop into a Marvel- or Star Wars-like ‘universe” ‘The only problem is that Bond is partly owned by Eon Productions in the UK, which is run by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, who exercise strict control over how the character is used – even down to choosing the actor who plays him.” – The Guardian (UK)...
Tags: Amazon, Art, UK, Media, Barbara Broccoli, Bond, Eon Productions, Michael G Wilson, 05.29.21

Nearly Half Of UK Musicians Consider Leaving Country Because Of Brexit

“More than 40% of musicians polled about their work in the European Union said they would consider relocating to Europe to continue accessing jobs, with a fifth contemplating changing career entirely. Musicians warned that the red tape and additional costs of touring and working in Europe after Brexit would have substantial impacts on their careers.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, UK, European Union, Brexit, 05.24.21

What’s The Thinking Between The UK’s Proposed Cuts In Arts Education?

The government’s recent proposal to cut funding for arts higher education by 50%, covering music, dance, drama and performing arts, art and design, media studies, and archaeology, appears somewhat contradictory. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, 05.18.21

Don’t Count Print Newspapers Out Yet

Well, not quite yet, anyway. “When futurologist Ross Dawson published his ‘newspaper extinction timeline’ in 2010, he predicted that newspapers would cease to exist in the UK in 2019, in Canada and Norway in 2020 and in Australia in 2022. Wrong, wrong and, barring some unforeseen Australian cataclysm in the next six months, wrong again.” – Irish Times
Tags: Art, UK, Media, Australia, Canada, Norway, Ross Dawson, 05.22.21

Italy Wins EuroVision

Congrats to Italy’s Måneskin. But yikes to the UK (which, technically, is no longer in Europe anyway?). “The UK’s James Newman came last, getting zero points from both the jury and the public. – BBC
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, UK, Italy, James Newman, 05.23.21

How Glyndebourne Didn’t Miss A Step

Throughout the pandemic Glyndebourne has been notably agile, putting on outdoor performances last summer and leading the brief UK return to theatres in the autumn. Now, for summer 2021, the only real casualty of the originally planned season is a revival of Barbe & Doucet’s staging of Mozart’s Magic Flute, which, with its huge drop sets and puppets, would have required too many people working too closely together behind the scenes. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, UK, Glyndebourne, Mozart, 05.17.21, Barbe Doucet

UK Culture Minister: I Won’t Allow Our History To Be Cancelled

“Confident nations face up to their history. They don’t airbrush it. Instead, they protect their heritage and use it to educate the public about the past. They “retain and explain,” rather than “remove or ignore”. They don’t do what Liverpool University did and remove because of his family’s links to slavery.” – The Telegraph (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, Liverpool University, 05.15.21

2021 Land Rover Defender Corroded

2021 Land Rover Defender owners, are you unhappy with your SUV’s finish? Heritage Customs will give you corroded parts with real rust. Based in the Netherlands, designer Niels van Roij co-founded Heritage Customs. While aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, zinc, and gold finishes are available, it was rust that caught our attention. Through his automotive design […] The post 2021 Land Rover Defender Corroded appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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‘We won’t be bouncing back’ – the unsettling truth about the big reopening

Next week, after 14 months of closure and despair, the arts are reawakening. But the damage caused by Covid runs deep – and recovery is by no means assured“If we had to close down again,” says Andrew Lloyd Webber, “we couldn’t survive.” Webber is staging his new musical Cinderella, with book by Oscar-winner Emerald Fennell, in a full-capacity theatre in July, having already delayed its premiere twice. He has mortgaged his house in London and will be selling one of his seven theatres. “It cost £1...
Tags: Books, Music, UK, England, London, Scotland, Theatre, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Museums, Stage, Festivals, Classical Music, Economic recovery, Exhibitions

Black Obsidian Sound System (BOSS) — a collective of "queer, trans and non-binary Black and people of colour involved in art, sound and radical activism" — critiques the art industry that nominated it for the Turner Prize.

The London Times reports in "Turner Prize nominee paints Tate and awards culture as villains":  It said the art industry failed to financially reward collectives, had an “in-built reverence” towards individuals, and regarded “black, brown working class, disabled and queer bodies [as] desirable, quickly dispensable, but never sustainably cared for.”... In a statement released this week BOSS said that while arts institutions were “enamoured by collective and social practices” they were not “proper...
Tags: Art, UK, Law, Awards, Language, Turner prize, Tate, London Times, Ann Althouse

Performance Venues And Museums In UK May Reopen Next Monday (Though Many Will Not)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the lifting of a series of pandemic-related restrictions as of May 17; the new measures include the reopening of theatres, cinemas, concert halls, museums, and similar venues. However, social distancing requirements and capacity limits will still be in place, and many theatres say they can’t afford to reopen to only half-full houses. – BBC
Tags: Art, UK, Boris Johnson, Issues, Audience, 05.10.21

Puppet of refugee girl to ‘walk’ across Europe along 12-week arts festival trail

Three teams of four puppeteers will accompany Little Amal from Turkey to Manchester to celebrate refugeesA giant puppet of a nine-year-old Syrian refugee girl is to “walk” from Turkey to the UK through villages, towns and cities for one of the most ambitious and complex public artworks ever attempted.The Walk project was meant to have taken place between April and July but was delayed by the pandemic. Now the 5,000 mile (8,000km) journey of Little Amal, from Gaziantep, near the Turkish-Syrian bo...
Tags: Art, Europe, UK, Theatre, UK News, World news, Turkey, Culture, Art and design, Stage, Manchester, Festivals, Refugees, Puppetry, Gaziantep, Little Amal

UK Government Slashes Funding For “Creative Subjects” In Universities

The government has said subjects like music, dance, drama and performing arts, art and design, media studies and archaeology are “not among its strategic priorities”, according to the Office for Students, which distributes government funding to universities. – BBC
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, Office for Students, 05.09.21

UK Will Fast-Track Visas For Anyone Who’s Won An Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe Etc.

The U.K. Home Office revealed on Wednesday that people who have won any of these awards will be able to skip the endorsements previously required as part of the Global Talent visa category — available to anyone in the fields of academia or research, arts and culture or digital technology — from Wednesday, May 5. – Variety
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, U K Home Office, 05.05.21, Oscar Grammy Golden Globe Etc

UK Threatens To Cut Funds For University-Level Arts Education By 50%

“Under proposals put forward earlier this year by Gavin Williamson, the education secretary, funding from the Office for Students — the independent regulator of higher education — would be cut by half for students of art and design, music, dance, drama and performing arts, media studies and archaeology during the 2021-22 academic year.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, Gavin Williamson, Office for Students, 05.05.21, University Level Arts Education By 50

UK’s Cinema Chains Are Reopening, Despite Shortage Of New Films To Show

“The UK’s biggest cinema chain, [Odeon,] which is sweetening its £9.99 monthly all-you-watch subscription scheme to get punters back indoors as summer nears, will welcome back film fans to most of the 112 sites it operates across the UK [on 17 May]. … Cineworld and Vue, the second and third biggest UK operators, are also set to reopen their cinemas, as are the Curzon and Everyman chains.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, UK, Media, Curzon, 05.04.21

Backstage Union Warns That Met Opera Will Not Reopen In 2021

In a statement issued by its president, IATSE Local One stressed that the current situation is a lockout rather than a strike and that the Metropolitan Opera, rather than giving its craftspeople work, has outsourced fabrication of sets, costumes and the like for three future productions to the West Coast and the UK. – OperaWire
Tags: Art, Music, UK, West Coast, Metropolitan Opera, 04.28.21, Backstage Union, IATSE Local One

Music Festivals In The UK Say They’ll Have To Cancel Without Government Help

The main problem is an inability to get coronavirus cancellation insurance (perhaps understandable at this point). – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, UK, 04.30.21

UK Artists Demand Action On Post-Brexit Touring Crisis

“We are extremely concerned by the lack of progress which has been achieved over the last three months to unravel the mountain of costly bureaucracy and red tape which now faces the creative industries,” the letter said. “With scheduling already under way for creative work later this year, you have a limited window of opportunity to resolve this crisis which is threatening our industry.” – BBC
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, 04.29.21

Theatre Festivals Are Reopening In The UK. But What Should Their Role Be?

Many will grapple with an uncertain theatre landscape and uncertainty over how audiences might behave as society opens up. And this is at a time when cities have been devastated by the pandemic, and many are still reeling from the loss to life and livelihoods. –
Tags: Art, UK, Theatre, 04.28.21

Big Bump In UK Book Sales In 2020

UK consumer book sales climbed 7% to £2.1bn last year as people “rediscovered their love of reading” in lockdown, the industry body says. – BBC
Tags: Art, UK, Words, Audience, 04.27.21

Scalpers Have Been Buying Up UK Festival Tickets And Massively Hiking Prices

A Guardian investigation found that dozens of professional touts have snapped up tickets for eagerly awaited festivals and are demanding massively inflated prices from fans desperate to see artists such as Stormzy, Nile Rodgers and Fatboy Slim. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, UK, 04.25.21, Stormzy Nile Rodgers

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