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How To Reopen Theatres Safely? Artists Turn To Global Network

The protocols these countries have developed the past year to permit some live performances depend greatly on the magnitude of the pandemic and the efforts by government to contain it. South Korea, for example, has operated some theater almost completely uninterrupted since the coronavirus manifested itself, and Australia has been inching back to widespread theater openings since the fall. American arts workers and theatergoers alike are entitled to ask: Why not us, too? – Washington Post
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Charles Hill, Heroic Undercover Art Detective, Dead At 73

“Hill’s willingness to take major risks in order to find some of the world’s greatest stolen artworks” — most famously, Vermeer’s Lady Writing a Letter With Her Maid (in 1993) and Munch’s The Scream (in 1996) — “made him one of the most celebrated art detectives in the world.” – ARTnews
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Women Are Getting Stronger, Deeper Roles In A New Generation Of Bollywood Movies

Some of the change is due to a worldwide audience. Netflix and other streaming services “have a certain sensibility that they want to see in the kind of narratives that they are promoting on their platform. That has been a great boon for women filmmakers, women writers, women behind the camera and in front of the camera.” – The New York Times
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Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Arts Festival Watches And Waits As COVID Restrictions Come And Go

“Adelaide Fringe festival is scrambling to determine how the sudden closure of South Australia’s borders to Melbourne residents may affect dozens of its shows. The festival, the second largest open-access arts festival in the world after the Edinburgh Fringe and the largest in the southern hemisphere, is scheduled to open on 19 February and run for four weeks.” Last week, the Perth Festival lost its opening events when Western Australia imposed a sudden five-day lockdown. – The Guardian
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How to Treat Your Slides Like Billboards

There’s a lot to be said about the response billboards get when they convey clear messaging.  After all, these ads are usually displayed on a highway while a driver is concurrently listening to music or a podcast, going 70+ mph, obeying posted signs, and following navigation instructions.  With all the distractions in a driver’s world, billboards capture their attention, giving them something to think about.  It’s a wild concept, but it works.  Why?  Because of design.  We’ve realized that the d...
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Staying Current with Constantly Emerging Tech

Lately, it seems like technology is evolving faster than ever. Maybe developers have extra time due to COVID lockdowns? Regardless of why this is happening, it can certainly feel impossible to keep up. Thankfully, we’ve developed some strategies on how to stay current with emerging technology. If you find yourself constantly wondering how everyone else knows something you don’t, try these three strategies and see if they help you feel more in the loop. Rising generations have an edge Face it, ...
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Leslie Odom Jr Almost Passed On Playing Sam Cooke

Those who have seen One Night in Miami will appreciate that the actor, singer, and star of Hamilton made a different choice, especially with his movie-closing performance of “A Change Is Gonna Come,” Cooke’s big civil rights song. The actor says, “There’s a part of me that feels like these projects I take on — and I could be kidding myself — could have a larger significance. Maybe they’ll add up to say something about my life and, in turn, Black life. Maybe when you add it all up can say someth...
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Legislation For A New Federal Writers Project?

David Kipen started lobbying for a new Writers’ Project in opinion columns and letters to lawmakers. One US congressman—Rep. Ted Lieu, a California Democrat—wrote back to Kipen expressing interest in the idea, and now hopes to introduce a bill in the next Congress. The timing and exact details of the bill have yet to be finalized, but Lieu’s office says that a new project could be anchored within the Department of Labor or a cultural agency, and run as a grant program administered through exist...
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Adding Animation for Beginners

There are a wide variety of options available for use on different platforms when it comes to animation. Knowing how to use these animations effectively is the key to avoiding fatal flaws in your presentation. Employing animations incorrectly can overwhelm a presentation. Not utilizing animations at all also has its drawbacks, making the slide deck seem less polished. Over the years we have found some tried and true guidelines we thought we’d share to get you started. Easily Elevate (with...
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Could Museums (And Other Cultural Institutions) Better Use Their Investments For The Greater Good?

Through “negative screening,” institutions can exclude companies for potential investment that are not aligned with an institution’s values or show deficiencies in their environmental, social, and governance practices. Instead, the report suggests, they could opt to invest in businesses like ethical fashion or sustainable food, or even real estate projects that are affordable and target the creative economy, like artist studios. – Hyperallergic
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What Purpose Do Book Fairs Serve In Today’s Market?

Aching feet. Poor access to caffeine. But much more important, what business needs does a publishing trade show serve in the 21st century? – LitHub
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Why Mondays are Best for Goal-Setting

If you’re aiming to set goals you will keep, Monday just may be the day to do it! A psychologist study has shown that Mondays are the best day of the week for goal-setting. Now, views on Monday, the typical first day of the work week, are polarizing. Some find it refreshing, a new start to a new week. Others dread Monday, as the weekend feels so far away. Regardless of your stance on Mondays, I think we can all agree that reaching our goals is satisfying. If you love Mondays, this is an opportun...
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Amplify Your Bland Backgrounds

There’s a time and place for using flat color backgrounds. However, taking a little extra time to make a more interesting setting using unique patterns and subtle imagery can really pay off. No, we don’t mean the pre-installed PowerPoint backgrounds that were introduced in the 90’s. If you’re feeling like you don’t know where to start mixing it up, let us help with this quick tutorial on how to amplify your bland backgrounds. Image sourcing First, try going to a source for free images like uns...
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Fear is Your Friend

Fear gets a bad reputation, especially in the presentation space. Indeed, there are a great number of books, blogs and articles on how to overcome these fears. I’d like to make the argument that there is such a thing as a healthy dose of fear for presenters. In fact, I’d go as far as to say in select circumstances that fear is your friend. Fear has the ability to positively impact health, safety and change in your life. Health The effect that fear has on your nervous system is beneficial in a ...
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How is Your Perception of Time Affecting Your Presentation?

Global remote work has the world increasingly collaborating on presentations.  Understanding how cultural differences can impact work flow is more important than ever.  One element of distinction internationally is perception of time, or chronemics.  Chronemics is the role of time in communication.  I’m sure you’ve heard of “island time” where the philosophy is “they will get here soon,” with “soon” being a very relative term that could mean two minutes or two hours.  Time and communication are ...
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Cable TV Is Falling Off A Cliff

They expect about 25 million U.S. households to cancel their pay-TV subscriptions over the next five years. This is on top of the 25 million homes that have already cut the cord since 2012. At least three major media companies now expect pay-TV subscriptions to stabilize around 50 million, according to people familiar with the matter, who declined to speak on the record because their company plans are private. – CNBC
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The NEH Will Pay To Erect New Statues Of Columbus And Others

In an open slap at protesters who took down statues they considered to be celebratory of racism, colonialism, and sexism, Trump’s National Endowment for the Humanities is giving money to rebuild or repair three toppled statues. – The New York Times
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Here Are Some Soothing Movies You Could Watch Multiple Times

If you needed to this week. No reason. Just in case. For instance, Moonstruck. “The deepest, richest, most romantic kind of a movie, a full-bodied glass of red wine to be enjoyed anytime one’s faith in humanity is fraying, Moonstruck might be the most comforting film ever made.” – The Atlantic
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Keep Moving Forward

A hard fact to accept in the presentation space is that bad presentations happen to good speakers. Success is never guaranteed. The only way to fully own your mistakes is to keep moving forward. Understand that there is a way through any poor performance. While avoidance may seem like the easiest option, it will likely create crippling results long-term. Let’s dive into what it looks to fully own your deliverables by creating an actionable plan. Understand Your Inner Narrative If not dealt wit...
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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Zoom Call

Virtual meetings require a different kind of preparation. While an in-person meeting may require a simple pad of paper, a pen and a prompt arrival, the virtual aspect requires further consideration. Maybe you have found a groove that works for you and have nestled comfortably into your routine. However, if you find yourself scrambling with last minute arrangements before each call, perhaps it’s time to revisit your strategy. Let’s talk about some basic tips to ensure your baseline is set for suc...
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Understanding Negative Space

When designing a slide, negative space is one of those elements that are critical to consider. But what is negative space, and how does it impact a slide? Understanding how the elements of spatial awareness impact user experience can be challenging. Ultimately, the trick is to naturally draw the eye toward an element of choice. There are three important factors to keep in mind when designing: 1- Teach your eye to see the negative space just as much as the subject matter. Let’s first define neg...
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Reconnecting to Your “Why”

One of the founding pillars of motivation is purpose. According to Simon Sinek, “Everyone has a WHY—it is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us.” It is from this driving force we find ourselves able to connect with the world at large. Likely, this is the very reason you are giving a presentation in the first place. It may be a stepping stone on your way, or your life’s work. Reconnecting to your “why” is a great place to start when feeling motivationally stuck. Whether craftin...
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After The Philip Guston Show Postponement, Artists Grow Wary Of The National Gallery

The artists who signed a letter objecting to the postponement of a Guston show make a lot of potentially “controversial” art themselves, but “the artists are motivated by more than self-interest. They are concerned about the principle. And they are disgusted by institutional hypocrisy.” – Washington Post
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Choosing a Color Palette

Deciding on a color palette is one of the earliest steps in the creative process. It helps the presentation take shape, granting your deck visual direction. Once decided, the color palette syncs the information on the page with the design direction in a beautiful, cohesive format. Before exploring color schemes, it’s important to ask yourself these three exploratory questions: 1-Is there a specific set of brand standard colors to adhere to? If so, should those standards be strict, or can the col...
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Make Your Presentation SMART!

Chances are, if you work in a corporate setting, you have likely heard of SMART goal-setting. SMART is an acronym that helps you remember the attributes your goals should possess for maximum impact. While this works well for short and long term goals, it can also work for your presentation. Often, we have a lot of data to wade through, and deciding which data to represent, how to fit it in, where, and when can slow us down. I’ve found this SMART model to translate well to the presentation space....
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3 Easy Steps to Beating Creative Block

As presenters, we all draw on whatever creative ability we possess in order to put together our presentation. Everything you do becomes part of your messaging. From font size and type to color palettes to storytelling–your slide deck is a creative masterpiece once completed. However, how often do you find yourself without a drive to create something special and new? Creative block plagues even the most inspired makers. In fact, the more seasoned you are in your position, the more likely you are ...
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Tutorial Tuesday: Full Gradient Color Overlay

Have you ever found yourself creating a PowerPoint really wishing you had gone to art school? You are not alone! In fact, 99% of Americans do not possess professional design skills. If you’re always searching for another tool for your arsenal, you can play around with full gradient color overlays and see how those might spice up your slides. When might these be appropriate, you may ask? The most common uses for a full gradient color overlay in Powerpoint are for title slides and when using photo...
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Audience-Centered Storytelling

When preparing a presentation, we always suggest keeping your intended audience in mind. In today’s world, this is harder than ever because many presentations have been moved from in person to online. Let’s be honest, Zoom can feel impersonal and somewhat alienating to both the presenter and the audience. A great fix to bridge this gap is engaging in audience-centered storytelling. Let’s dive in to a few easy ways to implement this. Using “You” Language As we know, including your audience in y...
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Where Can You Get A Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sculpture?

The Notorious R.B.G. has crossed the world of art.
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When Did You Stop Making Art?

When did you stop making art? Was it in elementary school when you decided everyone was better at it than you, and you didn’t want to risk being embarrassed or humiliated? Or was it that time when the teacher looked at your masterpiece and told you that trees weren’t supposed to be purple, or to please color inside the lines? Or maybe it was on the day that you painted a picture of the most beautiful butterfly imaginable, only to have a significant adult ask you “What is that?” If they ...
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