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The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis – Managing Director

Organization The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis (The Rep) debuted in 1966, originally in partnership with Webster University at the Loretto-Hilton Center for the Performing Arts. Since that time, The Rep has become a prominent arts organization in St. Louis and has received national recognition for its artistic work with its mainstage productions and the Imaginary Theater Company for youth. The Rep seeks to present a wide array of theatrical styles and periods within their programming and vi...
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Rocketium raises $3.2M to help creative teams create massive marketing campaigns

In between A/B testing, customizing targeted ads and formatting for different digital platforms, some design teams are tasked with campaigns that include thousands of images, videos and other visual content. Based in Bangalore, Rocketium automates much of the process, allowing teams to scale-up campaigns while reducing their workload. The company announced it has raised $3.2 million led by Emergent Ventures to launch in the United States and expand in other markets. Rocketium’s clients include U...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Design, India, Marketing, Tech, United States, Canva, Blume Ventures, Ankur Jain, Marketing Automation, Rocketium, Emergent Ventures, Urban Company, Bangalore Rocketium

Vice President of Advancement

Classification: Full-Time Exempt Description: In the past three years South Arts has tripled its budget ($3M – $9M). We want to continue this momentum and anticipate significantly increasing the program budget within the next 3 – 5 years. South Arts is seeking a dynamic individual with a proven track record that can accomplish that goal. This position reports to the President & CEO, is part of the executive management team, and will be expected to be a major contributor of vision and lea...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Atlanta, United States, Tennessee, South, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Margaret, National Endowment for the Arts, MS Office, South Arts, Cargill Philanthropies These, Knowledge Best

Director of Development

New Music USA is seeking a creative, energetic, and strategic Director of Development who will lead the renewal and growth of contributed revenue from individuals and institutions in an exciting phase of our organization’s development. The Director of Development will be a member of the senior leadership team and work closely with the CEO, board, and communications teams to coordinate and execute long-term fundraising initiatives around New Music USA’s transformative activities. Job ...
Tags: Art, New York, Jobs, La, US, Development, United States, New Music USA, Los Angeles New Music USA, NYC Core, ET About New Music USA New Music USA, NYC Individual Giving • Develop

Director of Finance and Administration

New Music USA is seeking an experienced, motivated, and highly organized financial professional to join our growing team. This position offers the opportunity to take part in an exciting phase of the organization’s development, working on reviewing and renewing organizational systems and policies and energizing the staff around collaborative planning and administration. The Director of Finance and Administration will be a member of the senior leadership team and work closely with the CEO and boa...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Finance, New York City, US, United States, Cma, Finance Committee Chair, Finance and Administration, New Music USA, FASB, Director of Finance, Director of Finance and Administration, ET About New Music USA New Music USA, Finance and Administration Position New Music USA, Administration Research

HBO Streaming Sees Big Surge In Subscribers

With its 2.8 million Q2 2021 subscribers, HBO Max now has 47 million subscribers in the United States, and a total of 67 million subscribers worldwide. That’s not bad at all considering HBO Max is just over a year old. – Fast Company
Tags: Art, Hbo, Media, United States, Audience, HBO Max, 07.21.21

The real ROI of making your products more accessible

Cat Noone Contributor Share on Twitter Cat Noone is a product designer, co-founder and CEO of Stark — a startup with a mission to make the world’s software accessible. Her focus is on bringing to life products and technology that maximize access to the world’s latest innovations. More posts by this contributor Flawed data is putting people with disabilities at risk New predictions indicate that tech c...
Tags: Column, Design, Microsoft, Developer, Opinion, Tech, Accessibility, Canada, United States, Ibm, Web Accessibility, Twitter Cat Noone

How The United States Took Shakespeare To Heart

Very, very firmly, that’s how — and that goes back nearly to the beginning of the republic. Brooke Gladstone interviews Shakespeare scholar James Shapiro. (audio) – On the Media On the Media
Tags: Art, Theatre, United States, Shakespeare, James Shapiro, Brooke Gladstone

‘Writer Directory’ Offers More Than Information

Few books have come my way as generous and wise about writers and writing as this one. The title Writer Directory: A Book of Encounters takes as its model the phonebooks of long ago. But forget that. Remember this: The author, A. Robert Lee, is a British-born, globe-trotting, retired professor now living in Spain, whose heavy academic laurels disguise a common touch so light that reading him feels as charmed as floating on air. EyeCorner Press, 2019 His encounters with more than two ...
Tags: Art, UK, England, New York, Mexico, Berlin, America, San Francisco, Spain, University, Austria, United States, Ronald Reagan, Paris, Jimmy Carter, Oxford

Toradze’s Piano Stories

Behrouz Jamali has created the kind of film I had always hoped to see about Alexander Toradze.  I permits Toradze to speak for an hour without abridgement or abbreviation. It abjures soundbites.  I believe it should be seen by all devotees of the piano, and to fledgling pianists at music schools and conservatories. Born in Tbilisi in 1952, Toradze graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, toured the West as a Soviet artist, defected to the United States in 1983, and has since taught an...
Tags: Art, US, David, West, United States, Moscow, Beethoven, Miami, Portland Oregon, Tbilisi, Ajblogs, Ella Fitzgerald, Prokofiev, Oscar Peterson, Valery Gergiev, Gergiev

As It Said It Would, Academy Of Motion Pictures Expands And Diversifies Its Membership

Statistically, the 2021 class is comprised of 46 percent women, 39 percent underrepresented ethnic/racial communities, and 53 international members from 49 countries outside of the United States. – IndieWire
Tags: Art, Media, United States, 07.01.21, Would Academy Of Motion Pictures

Hiroshige, Master of Japanese Woodblock Prints, Creates a Guide to Making Shadow Puppets for Children (1842)

Even if the name Utagawa Hiroshige doesn’t ring a bell, “Hiroshige” by itself probably does. And on the off chance that you’ve never heard so much as his mononym, you’ve still almost certainly glimpsed one of his portrayals of Tokyo — or rather, one of his portrayals of Edo, as the Japanese capital, his hometown, was known during his lifetime. Hiroshige lived in the 19th century, the end of the classical period of ukiyo-e, the art of woodblock-printed “pictures of the floating world.” In that...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Japan, College, History, United States, Tokyo, Seoul, Gretel, Jim Henson, Edo, Utagawa Hiroshige, Colin Marshall, Lotte Reiniger, Hiroshige, 21st Century Los Angeles

Have you noticed all the anti-4th-of-July articles?

Here's one I'm just catching up on: "Maybe it’s time to admit that the Statue of Liberty has never quite measured up" (WaPo). It's time! Why is it time? Is there a "Time's Up" movement that's sweeping up all the manifestations of love for America? No more enjoyment of the comfortable attributes of everyday patriotism!Here's an excerpt from the column, which is by WaPo's art and architecture critic Philip Kennicott. The ironies and blind spots pile up. Liberty was depicted as a woman, at a time w...
Tags: Art, Guns, Supreme Court, Law, France, Punctuation, Time, America, Reagan, United States, Breasts, Patriotism, Marianne, WaPo, Bowers, Hardwick

Sky ladder.

I'm reading "CHINA REVEALS PLANS TO COLONISE SPACE WITH A MARS BASE, CARGO FLEETS, ALIEN CITIES, AND A ‘SKY LADDER’" (Independent):The notion of a “sky ladder” or corresponding space elevator has been considered by humans since 1895, when it leapt from the brain of Russian space pioneer Konstantin Tsiolkovsky... Engineers would first assemble an enormous space station, and then drop cables down to the Earth that would be fixed on the equator – as it would be impossible to build in the United Sta...
Tags: Art, Europe, Technology, Movies, Law, Obama, China, United States, Fireworks, Mao, Cai, Artnet, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Ann Althouse, Cai Guo Qiang Sky Ladder

"At that time my lord Marduk told me in regard to E-temen-anki, the ziqqurrat of Babylon, which before my day was (already) very weak and badly buckled, to ground its bottom..."

"... on the breast of the netherworld, to make its top vie with the heavens.... I had them shape mud bricks without number and mould baked bricks like countless raindrops. I had the River Arahtu bear asphalt and bitumen like a mighty flood. Through the sagacity of Ea, through the intelligence of Marduk, through the wisdom of Nabû and Nissaba, by means of the vast mind that the god who created me let me possess, I deliberated with my great intellect, I commissioned the wisest experts and the surv...
Tags: Art, Florida, Movies, Law, Wikipedia, Disaster, History, Rome, Architecture, United States, Metropolis, Frank Gehry, Marduk, Babylon, Nabu, Bruegel

Renegade Storytellers: How to Prepare for the Future

Podcasts have given a voice to many interesting hosts as of late.  As they grow in popularity, so does the opportunity to utilize them as an additional tool in your arsenal.  An unlikely pair of storytellers recently teamed up to build a podcast together called Renegades: Born in the USA. Musician Bruce Springsteen and POTUS Barack Obama chat about all things life, love and liberty. Embrace Relatability Toward the end of the first episode, Barack outlined his narrative on the presidential camp...
Tags: Usa, Bruce Springsteen, Design, Podcasts, Obama, Inspiration, America, Barack Obama, United States, Storytelling, Presentation, Barack, Speaking, Presentation Design, Storyteller, Storytellers

Here’s What It Takes To Move A 60,000-Pound Fresco By Diego Rivera

“After a four-year, multimillion-dollar undertaking involving mechanical engineers, architects, art historians, fresco experts, art handlers and riggers from the United States and Mexico, the 30-ton, 74-foot-wide-by-22-foot mural” — titled Pan-American Unity, painted in 1940 and installed at City College of San Francisco in 1961 — “has been carefully extracted and moved across town to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where it will go on display on June 28.” Carol Pogash reports on how it was...
Tags: Art, Mexico, San Francisco, United States, Visual, Diego Rivera, City College, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Carol Pogash, 06.22.21

PlayPenn – Artistic Director

Since its inception in 2004, PlayPenn has been nationally recognized for its dedication to the development of new plays and playwrights in the heart of Philadelphia. OrganizationSince its inception in 2004, PlayPenn has been nationally recognized for its dedication to the development of new plays and playwrights in the heart of Philadelphia. The organization was founded on bringing in writers whose work had potential for production and provided those writers with the resources to be successfu...
Tags: Art, Jobs, United States, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Recruit, Board, National Endowment, Pennsylvania Hospital, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, BIPOC, PlayPenn, Philadelphia Playwrights Lab, Nancy Boykin, Pennsylvania Ballet Opera Philadelphia, Curtis Institute of Music Greater Philadelphia

Capitol Center for the Arts – Executive Director

Located in the state capital of Concord, the Capitol Center for the Arts (CCA) has grown to become New Hampshire’s premier center for the performing arts. OrganizationLocated in the state capital of Concord, the Capitol Center for the Arts (CCA) has grown to become New Hampshire’s premier center for the performing arts. Opened in 1927 and initially known as the Capitol Theatre, CCA believes in the power of arts experiences to shape lives and strengthen community bonds. To that end, CCA’s miss...
Tags: Art, Jobs, United States, New Hampshire, Manchester, Ira, New England, Concord, Capitol Center, White Mountains, CCA, Jeanne Shaheen, NHTI, Merrimack River, Ron Reed, University of New Hampshire School of Law

Welcome to the United Fonts of America

Here's one pandemic project we approve of: a map of the United Fonts of America.The question was simple: How many fonts are named after places in the U.S.?Finding them became an obsession for Andy Murdock. At 222, he stopped looking. The Neon Museum (a.k.a. Neon Boneyard) in downtown Las Vegas, a monument to the siren call of typography. Credit: Dale Cruse, CC BY 2.0Who isn't fond of fonts? Even if we don't know their names, we associate specific letter types w...
Tags: Maps, New York, Texas, Design, California, Washington, Typography, America, Georgia, Chicago, United States, Wyoming, Innovation, Michigan, Las Vegas, Great Lakes

Director, College Center – Beautiful NW Montana

The Paul D. Wachholz College Center, scheduled to open in spring 2022, is located on the main campus of Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, Montana. As the premier performing arts facility serving western Montana, the College Center features a 50,000 square foot facility to include a large performance and lecture hall, a multi-purpose activity complex with two basketball courts, an outdoor amphitheater, and a reception hall with an exhibition gallery. JOB TITLE:Director, College C...
Tags: Google, Art, Jobs, College, Montana, United States, Kalispell, Flathead Valley, Northwest Montana, Kalispell Montana, National Service, Flathead Valley Community College, AmeriCorps Peace Corps, Paul D Wachholz College Center, College Center, MT Public Employees Retirement System and Employer

Manager, Institutional Giving

The Manager of Institutional Giving is an essential member of our staff who works closely with the Development Director, CEO, program staff, and Board. The position provides a unique opportunity to gain experience strategizing and implementing contributed revenue approaches from a range of sources. Job Title: Manager, Institutional GivingClassification: Full TimeReports to: Director of DevelopmentSalary: $60-70k dependent upon experience; 100% employer-paid health insurance and paid vacation...
Tags: Art, Jobs, US, United States, New Music USA, NewMusicBox, BIPOC, Ricky Tyler [email protected]

Los Angeles Is The United States’ Largest City-State

Or else it’s something else. But it’s no mere city. “Los Angeles fits the city-state frame well, certainly better than it does a lot of other possibilities—if we update the model a bit. In 2010, Forbes suggested that if the criteria for a place to be considered a city-state were modernized for the 21st century, certain global capitals might qualify thanks to a few key features: a big port to sustain trade; investors from overseas; money laundering; international museums worth visiting; multiple...
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Ideas, United States, Forbes, 05.31.21

The Art of Balancing Stones: How Artists Use Simple Materials to Make Impossible Sculptures in Nature

Not so long ago, a wave of long-form entreaties rolled through social media insisting that we stop building rock cairns. Like many who scrolled past them, I couldn’t quite imagine the offending structures they meant, let alone recall constructing one myself. The cairns in question turned out, mundanely, to be those little stacks of flat rocks seen in parks, alongside trails and streams. They’re as common in South Korea, where I live, as they seem to be in the United States. Both countrie...
Tags: Art, Facebook, South Korea, College, Nature, United States, Seoul, China Japan, Colin Marshall, Michael Grab, 21st Century Los Angeles, Jonna Jinton, Jinton, Prehistoric Times Watch

TPAC seeks Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center seeks a dynamic and inspiring diversity and inclusion executive to help the organization more fully integrate its core values throughout all facets of its operations – both internally and externally. COMPANY DESCRIPTIONTennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation (TPAC), located in downtown Nashville, is a nonprofit performing arts center dedicated to providing and supporting the presentation of the performing and cultural arts. Founded in 1980...
Tags: Art, Jobs, United States, Tennessee, Nashville, Ba, Turner, State, TPAC, Andrew Johnson, DHR International, Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Ms Turner, Jennifer Turner, 6th Avenue, HCA TriStar Health Broadway

Religious artifacts returned to Thailand in LA repatriation ceremony

LOS ANGELES >>Two stolen 1,500-pound hand-carved religious relics which were originally part of ancient temples in Thailand were returned to that country at a repatriation ceremony on Tuesday, May 25. The religiously significant lintels were exported from Thailand in violation of Thai law more than 50 years ago and thereafter were donated to San Francisco and displayed at its Asian Art Museum. The repatriation ceremony, which included Thai dancers and prayers, was held in Los Angeles because the...
Tags: Art, News, California, La, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sport, Thailand, Soccer, United States, Community, Getty, Customs, state Senate, LA County, Homeland Security Investigations

Young Dancers Thrilled To Be At A Ballet Competition Again (It’s Been That Kind Of Year)

“When asked to describe the energy at this month’s Youth America Grand Prix Finals, judge Sascha Radetsky had one word: ‘Stratospheric.’ More than 800 dancers from around the United States … competed onstage at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa … from May 9 to 16. And after months of cramped kitchen-counter barres and delayed Zoom connections, for many serious ballet students, the opportunity to perform onstage had never felt quite so sweet.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, United States, Tampa, Straz Center, Sascha Radetsky, 05.24.21

London’s West End Reopens Yet Again, Hoping This Time Will Stick

There were two attempts in the second half of 2020 to start British theatres up after the pandemic lockdown, and both were quickly ended as COVID cases rose. “Monday’s comeback felt like it was actually permanent, 15 audience members said in interviews, many highlighting Britain’s speedy vaccination campaign as the reason for their optimism. (Over 55 percent of the British population has received at least one dose, a higher proportion than in the United States.)” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, London, Theatre, Britain, United States, 05.18.21, Time Will Stick

The 9 best Airbnbs in Orlando, including options close to Disney, stays with private pools, and even a home with its own arcade

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Airbnb Thanks to world-class theme parks and sunny weather, Orlando is a popular year-round destination. We found the best Orlando Airbnbs whether you want to be right by the parks or in a serene setting. The city can be expensive during peak seasons, but these top-rated Airbnbs all start under $260. As Disney World eases COVID restrictions, Orlando continues to be one of the most-visited cities in the ...
Tags: Florida, Cdc, Disney, US, Trends, United States, Walt Disney World, Interior Design, Orlando, Disney World, Ritz, Kennedy Space Center, Kissimmee, Disney Springs, Winter Park, Airbnbs

What’s Behind Attacks On Critical Race Theory?

“The exact targets of CRT’s critics vary wildly, but it is obvious that most critics simply do not know what they are talking about. Instead, CRT functions for the right today primarily as an empty signifier for any talk of race and racism at all, a catch-all specter lumping together “multiculturalism,” “wokeism,” “anti-racism,” and “identity politics”—or indeed any suggestion that racial inequities in the United States are anything but fair outcomes, the result of choices made by equally posit...
Tags: Art, Ideas, United States, CRT, 05.05.21

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