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Tools & Craft #124: The Future of Furniture, Part 6 - Solid

After detailing the final steps of the project of making a dresser, the anonymous author of Joiner and Cabinetmaker describes how cabinetmakers would use veneering and other techniques to set off the dresser to a different level of work. Such was the distinction between joiners work and cabinetmaking in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Cabinet work was veneered and decorated, whereas joiner's work was not. In professional work this is no different today. The low-end carcass will be melamin...
Tags: New York, Design, Mexico, United States, Ikea, Cabinet, Windsor, Joiner, Manuel, Herman Miller, Duncan Phyfe, Yoav, Tools & Craft, Oak Ash Birch Maple Walnut, Yoav Liberman

Academy Of American Poets Gets $2.2 Million Gift From Mellon Foundation

The funds are divided into two grants. The first will help start a new fellowship program to support poets laureate of states, cities, United States territories or tribal nations across the country. … The second grant will go toward the Poetry Coalition, a national alliance of more than 20 poetry organizations.” — The New York Times
Tags: Art, United States, Words, Mellon Foundation, 01.15.19

Greenhouse gas emissions rose during 2018 after three year decline

After a solid decline for the past three years, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the United States rose in 2018. According to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), power generation, natural gas and oil consumption resulted in an emissions increase of 3.4 percent, marking the second largest annual gain since 1996. The only year that emissions increased at a more significant rate was 2010, when emissions went up 3.6 percent after a huge recession-driven decline the year before. ...
Tags: Energy, Design, News, Climate Change, Environment, Climate, Fuel, United States, Coal, Fossil Fuels, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 2018, Natural Gas, Co2, Greenhouse Gas, Diesel

California's "Skip the Slip" bill pushes for digital receipts

A legislator in the California Assembly has introduced a bill that, if passed, would require retailers to make digital receipts the default instead of paper. California Assemblymember Phil Ting (D – San Francisco) has introduced AB 161, nicknamed “Skip the Slip.” If it becomes law, it would be the first of its kind in the United States. According to Green America, each year up to 10 million trees in the U.S. are used to make the paper for receipts, and the process takes 21 billion gallons of wa...
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YD JOB ALERT: OXO is looking for a Design Engineer

ABOUT OXO At OXO, we’re on a quest to make the everyday better. For over 25 years, we’ve made household tools that delight our customers and exceed their expectations. When we have an idea, we’re going to make it happen, even if it hasn’t been done before—especially if it hasn’t been done before. If you’ve ever thought, “there’s got to be a better way to do this”, you belong here, too. We balance hard work with a thriving office culture; community isn’t just a buzzword at OXO, it’s a way of lif...
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Review—About Design: Insights and Provocations for Graphic Design Enthusiasts

I often talk about the importance of context and how it helps set the tone for everything that follows. It also helps you integrate new understanding of specific details into a greater whole. When I approach a new subject, I like to start with a general overview in order to provide context for the rest of my learning. This method of study helps me see new material through an established perspective and it helps me form a point of view about the subject. A potential downside of setting a co...
Tags: Amazon, Design, Web Design, Book Review, United States, University of the Arts, Michael Beirut, University of Cincinnati s College, Katherine McCoy, Gordon Salchow, Michael Beirut Acknowledgements Preface, Philadelphia College

Fiat Chrysler pays millions to settle emissions charges

Fiat Chrysler has reached a settlement with the Justice Department, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the owners of about 100,000 of their diesel-powered Jeep SUV’s and Ram pickups. After facing charges that the company had sold diesel vehicles in the United States that had improper software — allowing it to violate emissions rules — Fiat Chrysler has agreed to pay $800 million to settle the matter. The automaker will pay different state and federal agencies approximately $400 milli...
Tags: Design, United States, Epa, Volkswagen, Fiat Chrysler, Trump, Andrew Wheeler

GE Appliances is looking for an Industrial Design Intern

GE Appliances (a subsidiary of Haier) is one of the largest appliance brands in the United States, spanning the entire kitchen and home appliance industry. From refrigerators to freezers, cooking products, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, water filtration systems, and water heaters, GE Appliances has electrified and modernized life for more than 125 years, relentlessly pursuing innovation, and in doing so, continues to build on its rich legacy of being one of America’s strongest a...
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Californias Monarch butterfly population hits 'potentially catastrophic' low in 2018

California’s Monarch butterfly population hit a record low in 2018 after dropping a whopping 86 percent from the previous year. According to the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, the total population has declined 97 percent since the 1980s, but this latest one year drop is “potentially catastrophic.” In the western part of the United States, monarchs migrate to California for the winter, traveling from Idaho and Utah. In 2017, the traditional California coastal sites like Pismo Beac...
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Precycle, a zero-waste grocery store, opens in Brooklyn

For many of us, a trip to the grocery store results in a ton of waste, thanks to the mountain of plastic bags and food packaging. But some stores are trying to change that by going zero-waste and selling in bulk. Precycle is a zero-waste grocery store in Brooklyn that has opened for business, and it is avoiding all plastic by having its customers buy food from bulk containers. Katerina Bogatireva, the owner of Precycle, is from Latvia, and she said that in her home country, food waste is not ac...
Tags: Design, News, Environment, Brooklyn, United States, Plastic, Packaging, Latvia, Grocery, Zero Waste, This, Waste Disposal, Eat & Drink, Plastic Packaging, Package Free, Precycle

US Is Now Out Of UNESCO For Second Time

As of New Year’s Day, the United States, along with Israel, officially left the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The trigger for this withdrawal, which was announced 15 months ago, was UNESCO giving World Heritage Site status to the ancient West Bank city of Hebron — as a Palestinian city. (The Reagan administration withdrew the US from the organization in 1984; George W. Bush brought the country back in in 2002.) — The Architect’s Newspaper
Tags: Art, Israel, US, Reagan, Unesco, United States, West Bank, George W Bush, Issues, Hebron, 01.07.19

Inside The Burgeoning Seduction Industry

Commonly known as ‘pickup’ or ‘game’, the seduction industry first took shape in the United States in the early 2000s. What began as a few online forums and meetup groups soon gave rise to commercial products and services. Some of those with a personal interest in seduction began to style themselves as professionals, offering practical training and personal development for heterosexual men who wanted greater choice and control in their intimate lives. – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, United States, 01.04.19

US Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case Over Art Repatriation in Hungary

The US Supreme Court will not hear a case over the return of paintings from the Hungarian Government seized during World War II. The family of Baron Mor Lipot Herzog will continue to pursue a case in the United States against three museums and a university in the country. Read more at Associated Press  
Tags: Art, News, Hungary, United States, US supreme court, Art News, Minipost, Baron Mor Lipot Herzog

America, We Need To Talk About ‘Dixie’

Though the song didn’t have its origins in the actual Confederacy, it became an anthem of that attempt to break away from the United States. But eventually, long after the Civil War ended with the Union winning and slavery coming to a legal end, “Dixie” became a marching band staple … and that got weird. – NPR
Tags: Art, Music, America, United States, 01.06.19

New York City bans polystyrene foam starting January 1

New York City has officially become the largest jurisdiction in the United States to ban polystyrene foam food and beverage containers. On January 1st, the city’s new policy went into effect after a five-year lobbying and litigation effort from the plastics industry to upend the city’s environmental initiative. Back in 2013, the City Council authorized the statute that states NYC restaurants, food vendors and stores can’t possess, sell or offer polystyrene foam containers for food and beverages...
Tags: Design, News, New York City, Environment, United States, Plastic, Foam, Styrofoam, NRDC, Polystyrene Ban, Polystyrene foam, banning Polystyrene foam, Polystyrene Containers, Polystyrene Container Ban

With Profits at $17,000 Per Truck, Pickup Market Competition Heats Up (While Sedans Die)

Ford F-150 At least for the Big Three automakers, sedans are a dying form factor. Last year it was announced that all three companies were largely abandoning them to focus on pickup trucks, which generate much more profit per unit. But just how much profit? Chevy Silverado Clickbait aside, the answer may surprise you. Dodge Ram In 2013 Automotive News guesstimated that Ford made a profit of roughly $13,000 per pickup. Autoblog had the figure a bit lower, quoting an estimate from industry a...
Tags: Design, Colorado, Cars, General Motors, United States, Ford, Fca, Gm, Toyota, Chevy, Dodge, Honda, Detroit, Reuters, Ford GM, Dave Sullivan

Can We Still See Frida Kahlo’s Art Without The Scrim Of Kitsch In Between?

Honestly, everything from Frida Kahlo air fresheners to Frida Kahlo teacups are available. But “would an anticapitalist, whose 1932 painting Self-portrait on the Borderline between Mexico and the United States contrasts indigenous Mexican flowers and artefacts with the smoke-belching chimneys of a Ford factory, be pleased by the commodification of her image?” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Mexico, United States, Ford, Visual, Frida Kahlo, 12.29.18

Signs Streaming Isn’t Killing Movie Theatre Business

Movie-ticket revenue in the United States has risen 8 percent in 2018. That puts the industry on track for the largest year-to-year increase of the domestic box office in nearly a decade — and suggests that, surprisingly, theaters can more than hold their own in the age of widespread at-home entertainment. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Media, United States

Samson Ogbole is a Nigerian farmer who wants to bring aeroponics to the world

Samson Ogbole is a Nigerian farmer who is trying to solve the problem of land shortages in his native country. Nigeria’s population has now reached 190 million, but there isn’t enough land in the country to grow the food needed for the ever-growing population. So, Ogbole has found a solution — aeroponics. This unconventional method is the process of growing plants in the air without using soil. Ogbole first got involved with soilless farming in 2014, and just two years later founded PS Nutraceu...
Tags: Design, News, Nigeria, Crops, United States, Farming, Innovation, International Trade Administration, Vegetation, Samson Ogbole, Aeroponic Growing, Aeroponic Farming, Ogbole, PS Nutraceuticals

Not To Go All ‘Black Panther,’ But Is The British Museum Ever Going To Return Its Loot?

Nigeria, among others, would really like to know. “In 1897, British troops stole some 4,000 sculptures after invading the Kingdom of Benin (now southwestern Nigeria). Over a century later, surviving bronzes are on display at museums in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and the United States, but not in Nigeria, their country of origin.” – History
Tags: Art, Nigeria, United States, Issues, Benin, 12.21.18, United Kingdom Germany Austria

A Venerable Christmas Day Tradition (According To Data): Chinese Food

The tradition has its roots in religion, of course, but also in immigration patterns. At the beginning of the 20th century, Jewish people were one of the largest non-Christian immigrant groups in the United States, as were Chinese people. That meant there were new populations that, by and large, didn’t see December 25th as a holiday. While most other shops and restaurants in U.S. cities closed their doors for a day, many Jewish and Chinese immigrants found something of a shared experience. – Ci...
Tags: Art, United States, Issues, 12.20.18

New Awards, And A New Sense Of Community, For Chicago’s Latinx Theatermakers

“Latinx theatre and theatremakers in Chicago are consistently ignored, erased, or misunderstood by both critics at mainstream publications and the city’s one major awards body, the Joseph Jefferson Awards. And this is not to mention the wider demonization of Latinx people by the current political administration and the long history of racism and state violence facing people of color that is endemic to the United States. The ALTAs” — presented and produced by the Alliance of Latinx Theater Artis...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Chicago, United States, Joseph Jefferson, Sj1, 12.19.18, Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago

How to Start Your Own Graphic Design Business: Step-by-Step

This article was contributed by Shawn from FeedFond. Are you a burgeoning graphic designer eager to get your graphic design business off the ground? Follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll be up and running in no time! Step 1: Consider your Level of Motivation Motivation and commitment are very important when it comes to creating your own successful business. So ask yourself: are you motivated enough? Are you fully committed? If the answer is yes, you’ve already got one of the hardest parts ...
Tags: Google, Business, Design, United States, Graphic Design, Shawn

San Bernardino County Museum Association – Executive Director

Reporting to and partnering with the Association Board of Directors (BOD), the Executive Director (ED) is the Association’s primary ambassador and chief fundraiser. OrganizationThe San Bernardino County Museum Association (the Association) solicits, manages, and distributes funds, engages in programs, and advocates to benefit the mission of the San Bernardino County Museum (the Museum). Founded in 1954, the Museum is an educational and cultural mainstay in the region. With a collection of mor...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Microsoft, Los Angeles, United States, Ed, Palm Springs, Esri, Association, Southern California, Board, Joshua, San Bernardino County, Lake Arrowhead, Ontario International Airport, Mojave

Chinese Censors Yank Art Works About Technology From Guangzhou Triennial

“The artists, from Europe, Australia and the United States, were not given an official reason why their works were rejected for the show … The works, which raise questions about the social and ethical implications of artificial intelligence and biotechnology,” did not touch on any subjects known to be sensitive in China. — The New York Times
Tags: Art, China, United States, Visual, Guangzhou, Europe Australia, 12.14.18

Festival Mozaic – Executive Director

Reporting to the board of directors and working in partnership with the Music Director, the Executive Director (ED) supervises and directs all aspects of the Festival’s operations. OrganizationEach summer and throughout the year in the heart of California’s Central Coast, Festival Mozaic (the Festival) brings together music lovers to enjoy premier concerts and related events in a festive and stimulating atmosphere. The Festival was founded in 1971 as the San Luis Obispo Mozart Festival to hon...
Tags: Art, Jobs, California, America, Los Angeles, San Francisco, United States, Portland, Ed, Pbs, Pacific, American Federation Of Musicians, Mediterranean, County, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, San Luis Obispo

California approves rule to require solar panels on new houses

The California Building Standards Commission has given its final approval to a new housing rule that is the first of its kind in the United States. Starting in 2020, the commission is requiring that all new homes built in the state include solar panels. “These provisions really are historic and will be a beacon of light for the rest of the country,” said commissioner Kent Sasaki. “[It’s] the beginning of substantial improvement in how we produce energy and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels...
Tags: Design, California, United States, California Energy Commission, Building Standards Commission, Bohan, California Building Standards Commission, Kent Sasaki, Drew Bohan

Cow Country

The World Resources Institue says if cows were a country they'd be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter on the planet, after China and the United States. [Author: [email protected] (kane)]
Tags: Art, China, United States

The Best Cameras for Designers & Creatives in 2019

Looking for the best camera for photography and graphic design? Maybe you’re shooting for clients or maybe your your own portfolio? Well, we’ve got you covered! Below we list the best cameras out there for someone working in a creative field, including the best cameras for graphic design, blogging, vlogging, video, Youtube, filmmaking and more! But before we dive in, let’s see how to choose a camera and the features you should be looking out for. Related posts: Best laptops for designers Best c...
Tags: Photography, Design, US, Best, Cameras, United States, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Nfc, Nikon, Best Of, Dslr, Mirrorless, CSC, Canon

How Should The Government Collect On A Fugitive’s Wild Shopping Spree?

A Malaysian financier siphoned millions of dollars and then bought everything from a $250 million yacht to a see-through grand piano. “It is one of the largest international kleptocracy cases the United States has ever pursued.It is so expansive that just tracking down, retrieving and maintaining the loot has become a complex multinational operation in itself.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, United States, Visual, 12.09.18

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