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Fire Destroys One Of US’s Leading Organ Makers

Sparks from a malfunctioning fan appear to have ignited sawdust at the factory of Dobson Pipe Organ Builders in Lake City, Iowa on Tuesday afternoon, starting a fire that consumed almost everything but part of the exterior walls. Among the instruments Dobson is best known for are the organs at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, and Merton College, Oxford; the now-incinerated instrument under construction had been for the historic St. James...
Tags: Art, Music, Angels, US, Los Angeles, Sydney, Philadelphia, Sparks, Kimmel Center, Dobson, Merton College Oxford, 06.16.21, Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Lake City Iowa, St James King Street

Revenue From NPR’s Podcasts Just Keeps Rising And Rising

“From 2015 to 2019 US-based National Public Radio saw its podcasting revenue grow ten-fold. Things were tougher last year due to the pandemic, though NPR still managed a small amount of growth, but it’s now bouncing back big time,” with an estimated rise of 30% from last year. – World Association of News Publishers
Tags: Art, Media, US, Npr, National Public Radio, 06.11.21

Tania Leon Wins 2021 Pulitzer for Music

The Pulitzer citation describes Stride as “a musical journey full of surprise, with powerful brass and rhythmic motifs that incorporate Black music traditions from the US and the Caribbean into a Western orchestral fabric.” – NewMusicBox
Tags: Art, Music, US, Caribbean, Tania León, 06.11.21

By The Numbers: Who Are The Bosses At US Ballet Companies And What Are They Paid?

“[This new report finds] that the position of Artistic Director is held by far more men than women, while the position of Executive Director is much more equitably distributed. However, in both Artistic and Executive Director roles, men are compensated at a higher rate than their female counterparts.” (One prominent detail: Peter Martins earned way more than anyone else — though one must grant that New York City Ballet is three times the size of the country’s next largest company, San Francisco...
Tags: Art, US, Dance, New York City Ballet, Peter Martins, 06.10.21

Another US Classical Radio Station To Leave The Air

Northeast Indiana Public Radio purchased the license for 94.1 FM in 2002 for $1.8 million and has been operating it since then as Classical 94.1 WBNI. But NIPR never raised enough money to cover both running costs and debt service from acquiring the frequency, so the broadcaster is now selling 94.1 FM — for $350,000 — to a licensee which will operate it as “Rhythm and Praise” with an Urban Gospel format. – Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly
Tags: Art, Music, US, NIPR, 06.05.21, Northeast Indiana Public Radio

Where That Hudson River School Painting Sold By The Newark Museum Will End Up

Thomas Cole’s Arch of Nero wound up being one of the symbols of the ongoing argument about US museums’ deaccessioning of artworks in order to get through the financial difficulties caused by the pandemic. Fortunately, the destination of this particular painting is neither inappropriate nor far away: the purchasers are placing it on long-term loan with the Philadelphia Museum of Art. – ARTnews
Tags: Art, US, Visual, Nero, Thomas Cole, 06.08.21

Music Stars Demand Streaming Music Regulation

It argues that streaming via services such as Spotify and Apple Music be legislated more like radio. “The law has not kept up with the pace of technological change and, as a result, performers and songwriters do not enjoy the same protections as they do in radio,” the letter states. “Today’s musicians receive very little income from their performances – most featured artists receive tiny fractions of a US cent per stream and session musicians receive nothing at all.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Spotify, Music, US, 06.07.21

Kneehigh, Acclaimed Theatre Company, Abruptly Shuts Down

The Cornwall-based company, a frequent visitor to the US whose production of Brief Encounter was nominated for Tony and Olivier Awards, said in a statement that it was financially stable, but that “recent changes in artistic leadership raised questions as to whether Kneehigh could sustain their vision going forward.” Founding artistic director Mike Shepherd had resigned in March after 41 years; deputy artistic director Carl Grose left in January.- The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, US, Cornwall, Kneehigh, Tony, Mike Shepherd, Carl Grose, 06.03.21, Kneehigh Acclaimed Theatre Company

If US Orchestras Want More Diverse Conductors, They Have A Source Of Them Very Near At Hand

Zachary Woolfe: “There are more of them than ever, and they go by a variety of titles: assistant, associate, fellow, resident. Almost every major orchestra has at least one, … [and they’re] a far more diverse group in which women and musicians of color have found success in recent years. … The question now is how soon they will enter the topmost ranks — and whether, as major orchestras search for music directors in the coming years, they will look toward the crowd right under their noses.” – Th...
Tags: Art, Music, US, ZACHARY WOOLFE, 06.04.21

As Pandemic Lifts, US Museums Are In Less Dire Shape Than Feared

“A year ago, the outlook for U.S. museums appeared grim: a July 2020 survey conducted by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) found that one-third of institutions across the country could close due to the devastating effects of the pandemic. But … a new report by AAM — the professional organization’s third such survey since March of 2020 — suggests that 15 percent of museums are at risk of closure. That’s an improved number to be sure, but a sobering one, too.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, US, Visual, 06.02.21, American Alliance of Museums AAM

Manager, Institutional Giving

The Manager of Institutional Giving is an essential member of our staff who works closely with the Development Director, CEO, program staff, and Board. The position provides a unique opportunity to gain experience strategizing and implementing contributed revenue approaches from a range of sources. Job Title: Manager, Institutional GivingClassification: Full TimeReports to: Director of DevelopmentSalary: $60-70k dependent upon experience; 100% employer-paid health insurance and paid vacation...
Tags: Art, Jobs, US, United States, New Music USA, NewMusicBox, BIPOC, Ricky Tyler [email protected]

The Airline Toilets Theatre Company: Watch One Man Stage Comical Shows in Airplane Bathrooms

When COVID 19 struck, theater lovers were faced with a choice. Let go entirely, or expand our definitions of what constitutes “theater.” We’ve had 14 months to get used to the idea of performances staged in closets, in podcast form, or as phone calls hinging on audience participation. We’re sick of Zoom, but we no longer consider it mandatory for the players to inhabit the same space as each other or the audience. This is all old news to Peter Brooke Turner, a member of the Ukulele O...
Tags: Travel, Facebook, Comedy, London, College, Singapore, Theatre, US, Jimi Hendrix, Creativity, Bob Dylan, Daniel Craig, Auckland, Turner, Brian May, Abraham Lincoln

Opera Singer Adrian Angelico Says The Art Form Helped Him Come Out As Trans

Angelico specializes in trousers (or pants, in the US) roles. He says that one day, he finished a rehearsal at covent Garden and realized that he couldn’t play the role of a woman offstage anymore. “The art of opera has always had an appreciation of gender fluidity – and it allowed Adrian to perform as a man onstage before he realised that this was how he wanted to live offstage too.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Garden, Music, US, Adrian, Adrian Angelico, 05.30.21

Biden Sets Aside Tradition, Fires Four Members Of The US Commission Of Fine Arts

On Monday, the Biden administration sent letters to architect Steven Spandle, landscape architect Perry Guillot, sculptor Chas Fagan and commission chairman Justin Shubow asking that they resign by 6 p.m. that day or face termination. None of the four resigned. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, US, Biden, Issues, Justin Shubow, 05.25.21, Steven Spandle, Perry Guillot, Chas Fagan

San Diego Mayor Maintains 50% Cut In Arts Funding

“San Diego arts organisations are still struggling from last year’s 50% cut in the city’s arts and culture budget, which Mayor Kevin Falcouner instituted to offset lost tax revenue in the early months of the pandemic. These cuts now remain in the mayor’s proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year, despite the pandemic easing in the US, which has institutions deeply concerned about their future and urging leaders to reconsider.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, US, San Diego, Issues, 05.24.21, San Diego Mayor Maintains, Kevin Falcouner

Garth Drabinsky — Back On Broadway

“The show is produced by Garth H. Drabinsky, the Tony-winning producer behind Kiss of the Spider Woman, who was sentenced to seven years in a Canadian prison in 2009 for fraud and forgery. That sentence was reduced on appeal to five years. Drabinsky served 17 months before being released on parole in 2013. Subsequent US charges were dismissed in 2018, clearing the way for Drabinsky to resume work as a theatrical producer south of the border.” – Theatre Mania
Tags: Art, Theatre, US, Broadway, Tony, Garth Drabinsky, Drabinsky, 05.18.21, Garth H Drabinsky

How do employees feel about returning to the office? Insider wants to know.

Nike will soon require workers in its Beaverton, Oregon campus to work three days a week in person. Getty/Natalie Behring Offices are starting to reopen across the US. Insider wants to know how employees feel about returning to work and how the process is going. Fill out this Google Form to share your experience for an upcoming story. See more stories on Insider's business page. Offices across the US and around the world are reopening. As vaccination rates increase and COVID-19 cases ...
Tags: Work, Design, Office, US, Trends, Tech, Nike, Pwc, Retail, Survey, Apparel, Beaverton Oregon, Shoshy Ciment, COVID, Getty Natalie Behring

Winning over Millennial Audiences

Millennials are currently the lionshare of the workforce, with 59 million workers in the US alone. In just five years, they are projected to make up 75% of the workforce, according to Pew Research. What this means to you as a presenter is that there will most likely be a lot of people born between 1981 and 1996 in your audience. While it’s always good to do your research on any kind of audience, here are some tips and tricks to gaining the trust of millennial audiences in particular. Plan an...
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The 9 best Airbnbs in Orlando, including options close to Disney, stays with private pools, and even a home with its own arcade

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Airbnb Thanks to world-class theme parks and sunny weather, Orlando is a popular year-round destination. We found the best Orlando Airbnbs whether you want to be right by the parks or in a serene setting. The city can be expensive during peak seasons, but these top-rated Airbnbs all start under $260. As Disney World eases COVID restrictions, Orlando continues to be one of the most-visited cities in the ...
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2013-15 Honda Accords Heading in the Wrong Direction

2013-15 Honda Accords are under investigation by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for a steering issue. Allegations of Accords suddenly losing control without warning have led to 107 complaints. According to a Motor1 report, there are as many as 1,120,470 Accords in the US that could be affected. This condition occurs under normal […] The post 2013-15 Honda Accords Heading in the Wrong Direction appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Japan, Design, Technology, Safety, Government, US, Insurance, Maintenance, Quality, Recall, Used Cars, Autos, Honda, Loss Of Control, Suppliers, Nhtsa

The Moral Imperative For Releasing The Patents On Vaccines

“The pharmaceutical industry and the governments of several vaccine-producing countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as the European Commission, have been resisting the IP waiver, while 150 public leaders and experts have sent an open letter to US President Joe Biden in support of it. There is no longer any question about who is right. Given the surge of COVID-19 in several regions, most recently in India, the continuing emergence of new and deadly variants of th...
Tags: Art, India, Uncategorized, US, Joe Biden, United States, United Kingdom, European Commission, 04.29.21

Layoffs Hit US’s Largest Public Radio Station

New York Public Radio, which includes news-talk outlets WNYC AM and FM and classical station WQXR as well as a podcast production unit and the local news website Gothamist, had been running a deficit even before the pandemic, which resulted in a decline of 27% in sponsorship revenue. Fourteen jobs, about 4% of the total, are being eliminated, including several senior positions in the newsroom. – Current
Tags: Art, Media, US, Gothamist, WQXR, WNYC, New York Public Radio, 04.30.21, Largest Public Radio Station

Olympia Dukakis obituary

American stage and screen actor who won an Oscar for her role in the 1987 film MoonstruckAfter more than two decades of distinguished work in the US theatre as an actor, director and teacher, and appearances in a dozen or so films, Olympia Dukakis, who has died aged 89, became hugely famous overnight by winning the best supporting actress Oscar in 1988 for her performance as Cher’s mother in the romantic film Moonstruck (1987).The course of her career suggests that her ambitions never lay in the...
Tags: Hollywood, Film, Theatre, US, World news, US news, Culture, Democrats, Stage, US television, LGBT rights, Broadway, Cher, Tennessee Williams, Olympia Dukakis

How NFTs could change global business models beyond the art industry

Grimes' Battle of the WarNymphs NFT on Nifty Gateway. Nifty Gateway NFTs are tokenized versions of unique assets like works of art that can be traded on a blockchain. They create opportunities for business models that didn't exist before, like artist stipulations. Future NFT developments could transform markets like property, vehicles, and land ownership. See more stories on Insider's business page. Sotheby's has become the latest establishment name in art to dive into NF...
Tags: Amazon, Art, Opinion, US, Trends, Strategy, Bitcoin, Gartner, Grimes, Blockchain, Gamestop, Nordic, Christie, Pak, NFT, Sotheby

For The Guardian, At Least, Charitable Donations To Support News Are Actually Working

The newspaper/website raised $9 million through its dedicated US nonprofit alone over the past 12 months, and has been both active and transparent about getting NGO support to cover specific areas such as human rights and climate change. That said, philanthropy is nowhere near being a primary revenue source, “and after one glorious year of not losing money, The Guardian reported ‘significant financial challenges’ in 2020 amid the pandemic. The philanthropic arm focuses on reporting projects tha...
Tags: Art, US, Words, 04.14.21

How Beethoven (And The Philadelphia Orchestra) Brought The US And China Together

The idea that the world’s two most powerful countries can simply “decouple” as their strategic competition grows fiercer — a concept promoted by China hawks — doesn’t match reality. In the case of classical music, as Beethoven in Beijing illustrates, the ties that bind our two countries are historically driven and deeply emotional. – Philadelphia Inquirer
Tags: Art, Music, China, US, Beijing, Beethoven, Philadelphia, 04.13.21

How Big Tech Has “Weaponized” Design Patents

Introduced in 1842, the US design patent law saw just 14 designs registered in its first year, including a typeface, a bathtub and a “corpse preserver”. By 1930, the patent office was issuing 3,000 design patents a year, and 6,500 by 1941, a figure that wasn’t exceeded until 1989. That number has now mushroomed to around 35,000 – good news for lawyers, but maybe less so for innovators. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, US, Ideas, 04.13.21

From pencil sharpeners to a $539m lawsuit: how big tech weaponised design patents

In 1842, the US patent office registered 14 designs, including a bathtub and a ‘corpse preserver’. It now handles 35,000 a year. Why did this once sedate world became a corporate arms race?It was designed to make sharpening a pencil feel as thrilling as flying a jet. A gleaming chrome teardrop, tapered to a point and adorned with a bullet-like handle, Raymond Loewy’s aerodynamic tail-fin pencil sharpener brought the glamour of the machine age to the humble office desk.As the godfather of America...
Tags: Books, Design, Technology, Law, US, Culture, Art and design, Coca Cola, Raymond Loewy, Loewy, Art and design books

From pencil sharpeners to a $539m lawsuit: how big tech weaponised patents

In 1842, the US patent office registered 14 designs, including a bathtub and a ‘corpse preserver’. It now handles 35,000 a year. Why did this once sedate world became a corporate arms race?It was designed to make sharpening a pencil feel as thrilling as flying a jet. A gleaming chrome teardrop, tapered to a point and adorned with a bullet-like handle, Raymond Loewy’s aerodynamic tail-fin pencil sharpener brought the glamour of the machine age to the humble office desk.As the godfather of America...
Tags: Books, Design, Technology, Law, US, Culture, Art and design, Coca Cola, Raymond Loewy, Loewy, Art and design books

Communications Director, New Music USA

New Music USA is seeking an exceptional Communications Director who will join our organization during an exciting phase of our development. This year we are delivering a new strategic plan and furthering our implementation of new artist development programs. We will also begin celebrating the 10th anniversary of the merger between Meet the Composer and American Music Center, which established New Music USA. The Communications Director will play an active role in these transformative activities, ...
Tags: Art, Usa, Jobs, Digital, US, New Music USA, American Music Center, NewMusicBox, BIPOC, New Music USA The Communications, Organization Development Monitors, Board Program and Advisory Councils, Required Skills, New Music USAAbility, Ricky Tyler [email protected]

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