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‘He was aware of racist pigeonholes’: how Basquiat took inspiration from jazz, hip-hop and no wave

Time Decorated: The Musical Influences of Jean-Michel Basquiat explores the artist’s relationship to music in three short filmsBefore Jean-Michel Basquiat became one of the leading art stars of the 1980s, he was a kid from Brooklyn thriving in the music and art scenes of downtown New York in the late 1970s.“Everyone was coexisting together, musicians and artists,” says Ed Patuto, the producer of Time Decorated: The Musical Influences of Jean-Michel Basquiat, three short films that explore the ar...
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‘It’s cooler to hang Lennon’s guitar than a Picasso’: pop culture wins out at auctions

Sales of items from celebrities such as Janet Jackson and K-poppers BTS are trending – and reframing what goes under the hammerIs celebrity merchandise the new Monet? Auction houses are in flux, with more and more pop culture items being sold under the hammer for six and seven-figure sums.Last month, Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills hosted a three-day auction of Janet Jackson’s personal belongings, including some of her most iconic stage outfits. Buyers included Kim Kardashian, who snagged Jac...
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Sole traders: how sneakers became as collectable as art

Sale of Kanye West’s 2008 Grammys pair for $1.8m heralded era of investment grade trainersTo most people they just look like a pair of trainers or sneakers, but for Gerome Sapp the Nike Air Yeezy 1 Prototypes represent a watershed moment in design and modern commerce. “If you’re a sneakerhead, you know that sneaker,” says Sapp.The art market is paying attention, too. The shoes, co-designed by Kanye West and worn by him to the Grammys in 2008, became the most expensive ever sold when Sapp’s compa...
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Helmut Jahn obituary

Architect known for his flamboyant, postmodernist buildings in Chicago, Berlin and cities around the worldStanding on a corner of downtown Chicago as a dazzling rocket ship of mirrored glass and salmon pink steel, the James R Thompson Center, more than any other building, encapsulates the flamboyant oeuvre of the German-American architect Helmut Jahn, who has died aged 81 in a cycling accident. The glitzy government building, originally known as the State of Illinois Center, is a fitting monumen...
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‘This is exciting for artists’: is this project the future of billboards?

An ambitious interactive structure in West Hollywood is the first part of a new initiative set to bridge outdoor advertising and public artIn 1967, Elektra Records took a risk by purchasing a large hand-painted billboard on West Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard to promote a new album by The Doors, an up-and-coming local band in residency at Whiskey a Go Go, a nearby nightclub. It would ignite a golden era of advertising on the 1.5-mile stretch known as Sunset Strip, where large-format signage advert...
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Olympia Dukakis obituary

American stage and screen actor who won an Oscar for her role in the 1987 film MoonstruckAfter more than two decades of distinguished work in the US theatre as an actor, director and teacher, and appearances in a dozen or so films, Olympia Dukakis, who has died aged 89, became hugely famous overnight by winning the best supporting actress Oscar in 1988 for her performance as Cher’s mother in the romantic film Moonstruck (1987).The course of her career suggests that her ambitions never lay in the...
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Eli Broad, billionaire philanthropist who shaped Los Angeles art scene, dies at 87

The entrepreneur-turned-collector financed the Broad museum in LA, and made huge donations to Yale, Harvard and MITEli Broad, the billionaire entrepreneur turned philanthropist and art collector who played an outsized role in shaping the art and cultural scene of Los Angeles, has died at the age of 87.Broad passed away at Cedars-Sinai medical centre in Los Angeles following a long illness, said Suzi Emmerling, a spokeswoman for the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation. Continue reading...
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Subway to Studio 54: a bygone New York – in pictures

Skaters, dancers, hustlers, boxers … Swiss photographer Willy Spiller prowled the streets of the Big Apple from 1977 to 1985, capturing characters from all walks of life Continue reading...
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‘Female artists were invisible’: critics didn’t dismiss Nancy Holt’s land art – they didn’t mention it at all

Holt made mesmerising works that filtered stars and vanished in the desert heat. But land art was seen as a male preserve. A new exhibition redresses the balance The story of land art is generally believed to be a tale of white men in weathered denim descending on what they thought of as the empty canvas of the American west in the 1960s with bulldozers and big ideas to make their work. But what of the women who were also making their mark? “Today, land art appears as an almost perfect distillat...
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Henry Glassie: Field Work review – hypnotic glimpses of folk art in the making

This documentary about the celebrated folklorist also takes a leisurely look at the working methods of the artists he reveresThere’s an unmistakable slow-cinema vibe to this scrupulously observational documentary, which seems somehow to go on for weeks despite its 100-minute running time. The ostensible subject matter is American anthropologist Henry Glassie, who is college professor emeritus in folklore and ethnomusicology at Indiana University; but it isn’t really “about” him in any convention...
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Brexiters buy KGB artefacts for ‘museum of communist terror’

Portrait of Lenin and spy tools among items snapped up at auction by group planning UK exhibitionIt depicts the Russian revolutionary leader in characteristically serious mood, staring across Red Square, perhaps, and rendered with more than a touch of kitsch.But while a Soviet-era oil painting of Vladimir Lenin, which sold for nearly $2,000 at auction in the US, might capture the man as many know him, its buyers are not exactly Bolsheviks. Continue reading...
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‘A mural that celebrates Black joy’: Oakland home honors women of the Black Panther party

A two-story mural on the side of Jilchristina Vest’s house is dedicated to a piece of history that isn’t often toldJilchristina Vest always wanted people to look up to Black women. Now, thanks to a two-story mural on the side of her Oakland home, they literally do.The mural, dedicated to the women of the Black Panther party, was unveiled earlier this month. Vest’s house sits at Center and 9th streets, in the heart of the West Oakland neighborhood where the Black Panther party began, once known a...
Tags: Art, California, Race, US news, Oakland, Harlem, West Oakland, Huey Newton, Jilchristina Vest

No logo, no likes: New York's offline DIY culture embraces lockdown limitations

From subversive newspapers to free gigs and galleries, a new kind of pandemic creativity is anti-consumerist and pro-communityCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageNew Yorkers who once thrived on chance encounters and interconnection with Manhattan’s pace and energy are beginning to find creative footholds in the abnormalities of pandemic life.Expressions are varied, but each point to the embrace of a profoundly altered state and a DIY punk ethos featuring a partial rejecti...
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'I document America's strange beauty': the photography of My Name is Earl's Jason Lee

He played a redemption-seeking redneck on TV, but lately the actor has found solace off-screen, travelling with his camera. He talks about slackers, the Mallrats sequel and breezing into one-horse townsJason Lee knew he was in trouble when he stepped on the set. The year was 1992, Sonic Youth were at their peak and he was starring as a doomed skateboarder in their latest video. As a music obsessed, pro skateboarder with acting aspirations, he felt he had a point to prove. To add more pressure, i...
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Black on both sides: the African diaspora around the world – in pictures

Sasha Phyars-Burgess’s Untitled features essays, poems and stunning photographs that delve into the black experience and the true meaning of ‘home’ Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Books, Photography, Poetry, Race, Women, Life and style, Society, UK News, World news, US news, Culture, Feminism, Art and design, Social history, Black Lives Matter Movement

'Black resistance endured': paying tribute to civil war soldiers of color

In a new book, the often under-appreciated contribution that black soldiers made during the civil war is brought to light with a trove of unseen photosA classic tintype photo from the 19th century showing a civil war soldier, whose garments are hand-colored in gold paint. The soldier, crowned by a gold frame, looks forward, holding a gun over his chest.But rather than just any war portrait, it’s part of the overlooked history of African American soldiers who fought during the period. This one an...
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Pink seesaws across US-Mexico border named Design of the Year 2020

Creators say they hope the work encourages people to build bridges between communitiesA collection of bright pink seesaws that allowed people to interact over the US-Mexico border has won the prestigious Design of the Year award, with its creators saying they hoped the work encourages people to build bridges between communities.The Teeter Totter Wall, which bridged across El Paso in Texas and Ciudad Juárez in Mexico during a 40-minute session, was described as not only feeling “symbolically impo...
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Ephemeral edible: gingerbread monolith appears on San Francisco hilltop, then collapses

Christmas day sweet sighting in Corona Heights park attracted visitors who took pictures and even took a biteLike the other monoliths that have mysteriously appeared across America and the world in the waning weeks of 2020, the one that popped up on a California hilltop on Christmas Day seemed to come out of nowhere.Also like the others, it was tall, three-sided and it rapidly attracted crowds of curious visitors before an untimely destruction. Continue reading...
Tags: Food, Art, California, America, San Francisco, US news, American food and drink, Corona Heights

Mystery of the monoliths: if only it were aliens

The strange, reflective objects that have appeared in wildernesses worldwide were an inspiring stunt but are now just a tedious prankSomeone had to spoil it. That could be the motto of the social media age when things that begin as wonders become mere memes. Now our inability to let well alone is turning the most mysterious art happening of 2020 into another tedious prank.Strange metal monoliths are materialising everywhere, in California, Romania, the Isle of Wight and, according to the latest ...
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Supreme court hears arguments in landmark cases over art stolen by Nazis during Holocaust

Disputes will test the limits of the jurisdiction of US courts as judges weigh whether property stolen from Jews can be recoveredThe US supreme court is wrestling with the vexed question of whether art and other property stolen by the Nazis from Jews in Germany and Hungary can be recovered or recouped through the US courts.On Monday, the nine justices heard oral arguments in two cases. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Germany, Nazis, Religion, US, World news, US news, Hungary, Holocaust, Second world war, Heritage, US supreme court, Law (US

Nazi art dispute goes to US supreme court in landmark case

Heirs of Jewish art dealers bring case over Guelph Treasure that defence lawyers say could open floodgatesA 12-year wrangle over a rare collection of medieval ecclesiastical art sold by Jewish art dealers to the Nazis in 1935 will arrive in front of the highest court in the US on Monday, in a landmark case defence lawyers say could open the floodgates for restitution battles from all over the world to be fought via the US.The supreme court will hear oral arguments on whether the dealers’ heirs c...
Tags: Art, Europe, Supreme Court, Law, Germany, Religion, US, World news, US news, Culture, Art and design, Second world war, Heritage, US supreme court, Nazism, Law (US

A Utah monolith enchanted millions and then it was gone, leaving mysteries behind

For many following the story of the monolith, crucial questions remain unanswered: who made it? What was it for?In a year of uncertainty and peril, one three-sided mystery metal structure provided a glinting moment of distraction, or even hope – and then it was gone.Before the public had moved on from the monolith, the monolith had moved on from us. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Utah, US news, Culture, Art and design

'I guess this is a thing now, right?': monolith appears on California mountain – video report

A new mysterious metal monolith has appeared atop a mountain in California, just a week after a similar structure captured the imagination of the world when it was discovered in the deserts of Utah – before disappearing. Amid mounting international attention of the mystery, a similar structure was reportedly found in the mountains of Romania - before it disappeared as wellNew mystery metal monolith appears on a California mountaintop Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Utah, California, World news, US news, Romania

New mystery metal monolith appears on a California mountaintop

Not long after a similar structure was discovered in a Utah desert, a silvery column has been found in AtascaderoA new mystery metal monolith has appeared atop a mountain in California, just a week after a similar structure captured the imagination of the world when it was discovered in the deserts of Utah – before being taken down and disappeared.The local newspaper in the small town of Atascadero, on the central California coast, reported that the silvery column had been found atop Pine mounta...
Tags: Art, Utah, California, US news, Public Lands, Pine, Atascadero

'It can be uncomfortable': how a New York farmhouse is facing its racist past

In a new exhibition, three artists reckon with the history of slavery at the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum with a range of challenging piecesWhen people think of buildings in Manhattan, chances are they think big and brash, cloud-piercing skyscrapers for tourists to marvel at.But the borough is also home to the far more modest Dyckman Farmhouse, a white clapboard home built in 1765. It’s the oldest farmhouse in the city, and just off 204th Street in Inwood, once home to Dutch farmer William Dyckman, ...
Tags: Art, New York, Design, US news, Culture, Art and design, Slavery, Manhattan, Inwood, 204th Street, Dyckman Farmhouse Museum, Dyckman Farmhouse, William Dyckman

'The equals of Klee and Matisse' – the Alabama quilt-makers who shook America

They made quilts to keep the cold at bay. And their bold creations ended up being hailed as masterpieces – the visual equivalent of jazz and blues, tokens of solace and defiance in tragic timesLoretta Pettway Bennett remembers well the moment everything changed for her tight-knit, rural community. The 20th century was drawing to a close. She was in her late 30s, living with her husband and sons on the site of an old cotton plantation on a deep bend in the Alabama River. Any spare time she could ...
Tags: Art, US, Alabama, America, Life and style, World news, US news, Culture, Art and design, Craft, Matisse, Boykin, Alabama River, Klee, Pettway Bennett

Police will not investigate disappearance of Utah mystery monolith

Metal monolith drew hundreds of visitors and was illegal as it was placed without permission on public landPolice in Utah said they would not open a major investigation into the disappearance of a mysterious silver monolith that generated international attention after it was discovered in the Utah desert.The San Juan county sheriff said the office did not have the resources to devote much time and energy to investigating who took the object away, which was illegal to begin with because it was pl...
Tags: Art, Utah, US news, Public Lands, San Juan County

Visitors track down mystery desert monolith in Utah

Two days after a helicopter pilot revealed its existence, people began sharing their own shots of the unexplained pieceSome intrepid visitors have been flocking to a remote part of southern Utah in a bid to be among the first to see the mystery metal monolith.The structure in the Red Rock desert was first discovered last week from the air by a helicopter pilot and wildlife officers who were carrying out an annual count of bighorn sheep. Continue reading...
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Trump's furniture fail: that's not a desk, Donald – it's a table for TV dinners

The Resolute desk at the White House is made of timbers taken from a Royal Navy ship. It projects pure power. Is that why the defeated US president has switched to an occasional table he can barely squeeze his legs under?Has Donald Trump conceded the presidency by design? Is his choice of furniture betraying a subconscious admission of defeat? When the outgoing US president gave a speech this week saying he would depart if the electoral college voted for Joe Biden, his words came as less of a sh...
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The gangster vanishes: twist in hunt for world’s largest haul of stolen art

Irish criminal disappears after leading BBC film crew to gang behind infamous Boston heistSome of the most precious paintings in the world, a billion-dollar haul including work by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Degas and Manet, were stolen from a gallery in Boston, Massachusetts, in an audacious heist 30 years ago. But now, just as a British detective closes in on what he believes are the best clues so far to the masterpieces’ hiding place, his key contact, an Irish gangster, has disappeared.Martin “the Vi...
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