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Van Gogh’s Time in London Profiled in NY Review of Books

The NY Review of Books has a piece on Vincent Van Gogh this week, charting the artist’s time in London and his fascination with the city, documented in many of his letters. “He was a writer before he was a painter,” says author Carol Jacobi.  Read more at NY Review of Books
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Julian Schnabel Interviewed in The Guardian

Artist Julian Schnabel gives a frank interview in The Guardian this week, as the artist promotes his new directorial effort dedicated to the life of Van Gogh.  “Do you need to know that Caravaggio killed a guy at a tennis match to appreciate his paintings,” he asks at on point. “Have you ever seen a Caravaggio […]
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Van Gogh Show Faces Threats from Brexit

A blockbuster Van Gogh show at The Tate Britain is under pressure from foundering Brexit negotiations, as British and Dutch governments work to assure the show’s lenders that their works would not be subject to hefty import taxes when they are shipped back from the UK following a possible no-deal Brexit. “Going to the UK was never […]
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The Point Of Art? Not To “Save” Us (But It Can)

Christian Wiman: If there’s a poem that works for me, it’s showing me something of reality. It’s more than that, actually: it’s enabling me to participatein reality again. John Berger has a wonderful essay about looking at the paintings of Van Gogh when he’s in despair and saying that suddenly reality had been salvaged. That’s the word he uses. That’s often what I feel when I come across poetry that I love, that reality’s been salvaged for me. And reality does have to be salvaged for us, all of...
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Van Gogh the Wild Man? Try Van Gogh the Suburban Professional

Van Gogh’s comfortable, middle-class existence in London is at odds with how the public imagines the painter. But this period shaped his art, a new exhibition shows.
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Van Gogh Painting Revealed to Have Vibrant Color Palette

Research into a Van Gogh landscape currently being restored for a show at Tate Britain has uncovered a far brighter, more vibrant color palette than previously thought, The Guardian reports. “It is amazing, isn’t it,” says lead curartor Carol Jacobi. “The thing that fascinates me is that he has got this particular effect you get at […]
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Dutch Researchers Confirm Disputed Painting As A Van Gogh

Add one back: A painting at the Wadsworth Atheneum, questioned by an art historian in 1990 and then shelved, has been re-confirmed as a Van Gogh. – The New York Times (AP)
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Disputed Painting Is a Real van Gogh, Researchers Say

“Vase With Poppies” was shelved after its authenticity was questioned in 1990. It will go back on display in April at a museum in Hartford.
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Squalor, glamour, wealth and cruelty: the Britain Van Gogh saw and loved

He painted prisoners, devoured Dickens and worshipped the London News … ahead of a major show, our writer reveals how Britain changed Van Gogh – and how he transformed its artVincent van Gogh was the most European of artists. His brief, intense life, before he killed himself aged 37, saw him moving between his native Netherlands, Belgium, England and France. He spent two years in London from 1873 to 1875, employed by an art dealer; in 1876, for shorter periods, he worked as a teacher in Ramsgate...
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Canvas in Hartford Authenticated as Van Gogh Painting

A still life of poppies from the collection Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, Connecticut has been authenticated as an authentic Van Gogh, the Art Newspaper reports.  The piece was reviewed by the Van Gogh Museum, which evaluated multiple elements of the work to arrive at its decision to authenticate. Read more at Art […]
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Take a Journey Inside Vincent Van Gogh’s Paintings with a New Digital Exhibition

Vincent van Gogh died in 1890, long before the emergence of any of the visual technologies that impress us here in the 21st century. But the distinctive vision of reality expressed through paintings still captivates us, and perhaps captivates us more than ever: the latest of the many tributes we continue to pay to van Gogh's art takes the form Van Gogh, Starry Night, a "digital exhibition" at the Atelier des Lumières, a disused foundry turned projector- and sound system-laden multimedia space i...
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Paper cache holds clues to London life – and love – of Van Gogh

Renovations at the house near Brixton where the artist lodged in 1873 have thrown up documents, watercolours and a prayer book - as a new show opens at Tate BritainNewly discovered household documents and a battered book of prayers from the time Vincent van Gogh lived in south London are to shed new light on key months in the artist’s life.The crumpled papers and an 1867 pamphlet of prayers and hymns were found hidden under floorboards and between attic timbers at 87 Hackford Road, the terraced ...
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Van Gogh’s Perennial Appeal

At least nine exhibitions on the Dutch artist are in the works at museums around the world.
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Bloomberg Profiles Basquiat Show at Brant Foundation

A piece in Bloomberg this week estimates that the show of Jean-Michel Basquiat works on view currently at the Brant Foundation includes arguably up to $1 billion in value. “He’s had such a meteoric rise, very much a Van Gogh figure,” Brant says of the artist. “How often do you have an artist who produces this […]
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Van Gogh’s Ugliest Masterpiece: A Break Down of His Late, Great Painting, The Night Café (1888)

Ask passersby to name a Vincent van Gogh painting off the top of their heads, and most will come up with works like The Starry Night, The Potato Eaters, one of his self-portraits (probably with his ear bandaged), or maybe the one with the smoking skeleton David Sedaris used for a book cover. How many will mention 1888's The Night Café, an interior, van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo from Arles (the town in the south of France where he had come in search of Japan-like surroundings), "of t...
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David Hockney Interviewed in NYT

David Hockney gets an interview in the NYT this week, as he opens a show of his works alongside Vincent Van Gogh’s for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam’s blockbuster spring exhibition.  “It’s clarity of space, I think,” Hockney says of his love of Van Gogh. “Van Gogh could see space very, very clearly.” Read more […]
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Immersive Van Gogh show opens in Paris – in pictures

Digital art museum L’Atelier des Lumières brings Vincent van Gogh’s paintings to life, projecting them on the walls of a former foundry to the accompaniment of a poignant playlist Continue reading...
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David Hockney Loves Van Gogh. This Exhibition Shows Why.

A show at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam brings together works by the contemporary British painter and the 19th century Post-Impressionist he so admired.
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Art Acne: When Paintings Develop Pimples

“These are happening on works of art throughout the generations — since oil paint was created,” says a Smithsonian conservator. They’ve appeared on paintings ranging from Rembrandt to van Gogh to Chagall to O’Keeffe. Turns out they’re made of soap — and no, that’s not because anyone has tried to wash the canvases. – Smithsonian Magazine
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New Conservation Center & Stellar Van Gogh Show: David Bomford’s Last Hurrahs at MFA, Houston

Gary Tinterow, director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, has a knack for attracting distinguished staff. After Gary’s homecoming to Houston (where he grew up), to assume the MFAH’s directorship in 2012, one of his first and best hires was David Bomford, who became chairman of conservation and curator of European art. — Lee Rosenbaum
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Van Gogh Painting in FAMSF Authenticated

A still life painting in San Francisco many experts had written off as a fake Van Gogh has now been authenticated, Art Newspaper reports.  Held by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the work has been dated to 1886. “Van Gogh’s experimentation with techniques learned from studying Flemish old masters as well as the Impressionists,” says museum […]
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Still Life In San Francisco Officially Authenticated As Van Gogh

Still Life with Fruit and Chestnuts, in the collection of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco since 1960, has been de- and re-authenticated more than once; it had been labeled as possibly by Van Gogh and had not been consistently on display. Now the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has determined that the painting is genuine Vincent, dating from 1886. — The Art Newspaper
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Things to do in the San Fernando Valley and LA area, Feb. 1-8

  Lunar New Year celebrated on Feb. 2 at The Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles. (Photo, at the 2018 event, courtesy of The Original Farmers Market)   There’s always something fascinating to do in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area. Here is a sampling of entertainments this week and also save-the-date events to put on your calendar.   EVENTS   Bianchi Planetarium at Cal State Northridge: “Winter Sky” show, 7:30, and “Light Years from Andromeda: A Journey Between T...
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The Cleveland Museum of Art Digitizes Its Collection, Putting 30,000 Works Online and Into the Public Domain

The lines of the descent from the plutocratic wealth and autocratic power of the late 19th century to the worst atrocities of the early 20th might seem apparent to some people. So too can we trace from the Gilded Age an institutional system of monuments to art, culture, and higher learning unique to modern times. Whether by virtue of greed, guilt, or noblesse oblige, or some of all of the above, wealthy industrialists sought to show—as Andrew Carnegie wrote in his “Gospel of Wealth”—that...
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Download Vincent van Gogh’s Collection of 500 Japanese Prints, Which Inspired Him to Create “the Art of the Future”

Vincent van Gogh never went to Japan, but he did spend quite a bit of time in Arles, which he considered the Japan of France. What made him think of the place that way had to do entirely with aesthetics. The Netherlands-born painter had moved to Paris in 1886, but two years later he set off for the south of France in hopes of finding real-life equivalents of the "clearness of the atmosphere and the gay colour effects" of Japanese prints. These days, we've all seen at least a few examples of tha...
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Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ Get A Rest, And Restoration, Break

On Friday, the Van Gogh Musem “announced the painting has been taken off the wall for research and restoration, months after scientists found the artist’s choice of a light-sensitive yellow paint was causing the flowers’ petals and stems to turn brown.” – The Independent (UK)
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UK’s National Gallery to Loan Works to Japan for Olympics

London’s National Gallery will send Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and 60 other paintings on a tour of two Japanese Museums next year in celebration of the Tokyo Olympics. “By sharing the treasures from our world-leading museums and galleries, we can promote the very best of Britain to the globe,” says Jeremy Wright, the UK’s Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. […]
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UK’s National Gallery to Loan Works to Japan for Olympucs

London’s National Gallery will send Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and 60 other paintings on a tour of two Japanese Museums next year in celebration of the Tokyo Olympics. “By sharing the treasures from our world-leading museums and galleries, we can promote the very best of Britain to the globe,” says Jeremy Wright, the UK’s Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. […]
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Borbay’s 2018 — A True Banger For The Books

2018, you sly fox. While all-up in you, I traveled the world, took two trips to Vegas, painted like mad, was Artist-in-Residence at Teton Springs, golfed 100 rounds, played lots of hockey, auctioneer-ed a charity event; and even officiated my first wedding! With record sales, amazing collectors, great friends and a loving family at my …
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Once World Capital Of Oil-Painting Copies, Chinese Town Tries Move Into Original Art

A decade ago, the Shenzen suburb of Dafen produced three-quarters of the world’s supply of oil reproductions of famous paintings such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. “[But] what was once pejoratively described as something akin to a citadel of copycats is now trying to rebrand itself as an incubator of original art,” albeit with limited success so far. — Hyperallergic
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