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art in our new home

When we were in Salt Spring Island, we went to the Saturday Market, and I instantly fell in love with this man's work.  Salt Spring artist Lorne Tippett uses wine-barrel stays to create a hanging frame, and carves the designs from reclaimed wood. We splurged and bought one. It's not like we're spending money on anything else this year! It's now hanging on our covered deck. We hung it where you can also see it from inside the house. I love the shape of the wooden base; it echoes t...
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Just a little painting from a photo reference taken year’s ago when we visited our friend in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  Orchids growing and lots of photos taken.   I need to take care to not make it too sweet with the pinks and blues.   [Author: RH Carpenter]
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cpmvfsgu day 6: salt spring island (saturday)

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times? Perhaps not as dramatic as all that, but yesterday was a tale of two days, for sure.We had a leisurely morning -- well, when you barely sleep, all mornings seem long -- and drove the dogs over to Salty Dog, the local daycare and boarding spot. When I made the arrangements, Jaime was the opposite of every doggie daycare place I've spoken with in any city. She was so totally laid back. Whatever day, whatever hour, just come on by. She didn't ask...
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5 sustainable activities to make the most of a winter wonderland

Winter is meant for reveling in nature’s snow and ice. While the chill in the wind can drive some people indoors, you should try your best to get outdoors and enjoy all that this snowy season has to offer. Just be sure to do so sustainably, of course. Here are some eco-friendly recommendations for your winter itinerary. Go snowshoeing Snowshoeing brings one closer to nature, and just a couple hours of practice boosts self-assurance. Where can one learn to snowshoe? Try the ranger-guided snow...
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things i heard at the library: an occasional series: #30

At the Port Hardy Library, we've been hosting visits from the local First Nations school, from the the Gwa'sala-Nakwaxda'xw Nations. (That is pronounced GWA-sala Nak-wah-da.) The children have been absolutely lovely, and although my contact with them is brief, I'm enjoying it so much.It's especially wonderful to have the tweens and teens in the library, which is a change for our library. We've been working on digital literacy, which I've made into a bingo game. (Librarians will turn anything int...
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Bottlenose dolphins spotted in Canadian Pacific waters for the first time

Bottlenose dolphins typically reside in tropical or warm-temperate waters around the world — but researchers recently glimpsed a group of around 200 of the dolphins and around 70 false killer whales off northern Vancouver Island’s west coast in Canada. They said this sighting is “the only occurrence of common bottlenose dolphins recorded in Canadian Pacific waters” — and a warming trend could be to blame. In July 2017, Halpin Wildlife Research, working with Canada’s Department of Fisheries and...
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Roots Salutes 150 Years of “Nice” Canadians for Canada’s Birthday

Canada would like to apologize for all of the fuss its 150th birthday is going to cause this summer. Just to state it upfront we are, you know, sorry, eh? That’s because there will be pomp and circumstance on July 1 as Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary of the nation’s Confederation. From coast to coast and abroad there will be pancake breakfasts, street parties, parades, concerts and performances by countless homegrown artists at venues in communities of all sizes. There is a contest to c...
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Ancient village discovered in Canada is 10,000 years older than the pyramids

The discovery of a 14,000-year-old ancient village in Canada could forever alter our understanding of early civilization in North America. Researchers estimate the settlement is way older than the Giza pyramids, and have found artifacts dating all the way back to the Ice Age. The village is one of the oldest human settlements we’ve ever uncovered in North America – and lines up with the oral history of the Heiltsuk Nation. Researchers from the Hakai Institute and University of Victoria, with lo...
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Couple spent 20 years building Freedom Cove, their self-sufficient floating oasis

Adams and King have been living in their own self-made floating island since 1992. They are both artists, Adams is a carver and King, a retired ballerina enjoys painting, writing and playing music. Although they live on an island, the water comes from a nearby waterfall during the summer, and its collected from the sky during the winter. Related: CHUG: A Floating Community That Grows Their Own Vegetables in the Heart of London! The dynamic duo fish for food and grow their own vegetables in the...
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Rainforest Retreat is a nature lovers escape with minimal building impact

Hidden away in the British Columbia rainforest, the 825-square-foot cabin enjoys privacy and its many windows offer carefully framed views of the landscape. The building is handsomely clad in locally milled Douglas Fir and Red Cedar, which lend the cabin a sense of warmth, while helping it blend into the surroundings. The use of timber is repeated in the interior, where it is complemented by large white surfaces for a clean and contemporary appearance. Shade from the trees and cross-breezes na...
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'Treasures of the Chinese Scholar's Studio' opens at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

A Gathering of Literati handscroll, ink and colours on silk attributed to Qiu Ying (1494? – 1552), but an exquisite 18th century copy Intended Gift of Robin Bassett. Traditional Chinese culture highly values all things related to the scholar's studio -- where most of the nation's art and literature were created. To appreciate the scholar's studio up close, see the new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Treasures of the Chinese Scholar's Studio opened August 14 and run...
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Follow along with this tiny house build on Vancouver Island

Get a taste of tiny house building, thanks to Jake and Kiva, who are documenting their tiny house building process, step by step.
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