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Visit to Claire Maziarczyk’s Studio

This past Sunday, I had the good fortune of making a return trip to paste paper artisan Claire Maziarczyk‘s studio. My last visit was nearly ten years ago! Claire posted on the Book Arts Listserv that she was downsizing and was looking to sell not only her fabulous paste papers, but also supplies and equipment. I made the journey with a few of my Book Arts Guild of Vermont cohorts so the trip didn’t seem as long as the 3.5+ hours it took for us to get there. Claire fed us lunch, which was awesom...
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LogOX's Brilliant Back-Saving Forestry Multitool

Out here in the country I've worked alongside three guys in their 50s, 60s and 70s, and they all seem to have bad backs. Bending over to pick up dropped fasteners and tools turns into an excruciating slow-motion task for them. Doing manual labor to keep your farm or homestead going is hard on the body, and an area where design is sorely needed to make hard tasks easier.The processing of firewood is a particularly arduous job. Heavy, fallen logs need to be rolled over so that crosscuts can be com...
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‘Mine77’ is Jake Burton’s Most Personal Collection Yet

Part creative outlet, part R&D, the project is by him for people like him In the 40 years since founding Burton, Jake Burton has taken snowboarding from a hobby amongst friends to a crazed culture and Olympic-level sport. As much as the brand is his, there are plenty of people involved in the process—largely because of its astonishing growth, but more recently  because Jake’s battles …
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Vermont man installs massive middle finger sculpture on lawn

Several weeks ago, Ted Pilkey of Westford, Vermont installed this massive wooden middle finger sculpture on his lawn atop a 16-foot-pole. From “I’m not trying to cause hate and animosity to the people who live in that town, because there’s very good people in that town,” the 54-year-old Westford native says of his fellow residents in the 2,000-person town. “All the people are very good people.” With the exception, Pelkey says, of the Westford Selectboard, Development Review Boa...
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Plan Bee Farm Brewery Makes Beer That Emphasizes Regionality

Dedicated to NY, this family-owned Poughkeepsie-based brand understands their local terroir As breweries continue to pop up in astonishing numbers across the country—there are 11.5 per capita in Vermont and 764 breweries in the state of California alone—beer, despite the endless variety, is becoming more similar across categories than ever before. For instance, breweries on the west coast are trying their best to replicate the …
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The peaceful Micro House serves as an artist's refuge in Vermont

Tucked into a hilly landscape in a remote area of Vermont, a 430-square-foot tiny home holds court among the wildflowers. Designed by Vermont-based Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design in collaboration with the artistic homeowner, the cabin-like Micro House is a sophisticated, minimalist structure with a design inspired by the works of Henri Matisse. Initially, the client contacted Herrmann to create his dream home set deep within the idyllic Vermont mountains; however, after much debate a...
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Spring Open Studio Weekend Recap

Open Studio Weekend has become a lot more complicated with the addition of Anna to our family. While I might have been able to put off my preparations until the last minute before, I don’t have that luxury now. I have to grab every free minute I can in between hanging with the nut baby and running errands. Here’s what my studio looked like at 12:10 p.m. on Friday: Not too bad, right? Well, then this: 9:52 p.m. Hey, you! It looks like you barely did anything in the last NINE HOURS. Oh yeah, An...
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The Art of the Book – Book Arts Guild of Vermont exhibit at Frog Hollow

Last week I attended the opening for the second of the Book Arts Guild’s of Vermont‘s annual exhibits. This time I was at Frog Hollow Craft Gallery in Burlington, VT. The Art of the Book is open now until June 30th. If you go to the gallery, the show is in the back in a little nook. Here’s a partial view of said nook: I can’t believe that the guild managed to fill two shows. Just like the exhibit at SPA, this one doesn’t disappoint – the work is stunning. Here are a few of my favorite pieces (...
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Beyond Words: Artworks by the Book Arts Guild of Vermont

Yesterday I attended the opening for the first of the Book Arts Guild of Vermont‘s annual exhibits – Beyond Words. That’s right – we have more than one exhibit this year. The first (and currently open) show is at Studio Place Arts in the Second Floor Gallery. Here’s how the gallery describes the show: Books can take on a language of their own, as shown in the multimedia work of this group of artists that use shape, structure, and materials to get their message across. It’s a sweet little show ...
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Big Data: The Six Basic Stories That Form The Basis For All Others

Professor Matthew Jockers at the University of Nebraska, and later researchers at the University of Vermont’s Computational Story Lab, analysed data from thousands of novels to reveal six basic story types – you could call them archetypes – that form the building blocks for more complex stories. The Vermont researchers describe the six story shapes […]
Tags: Art, Words, Vermont, University of Nebraska, 05.25.18, Matthew Jockers, University of Vermont 's Computational Story Lab

Book Arts Guide to Vermont Open Studio Weekend

Welcome to your Book Arts cheat sheet for Spring Open Studio Weekend 2018! As I mentioned in my previous post, Vermont Open Studio Weekend (May 26 & 27) is rapidly approaching. As a book artist, it’s important to me to support other folks working in the field and that’s why I dedicate a blog post just to them. There are five book artsy studios participating (besides mine) this spring. I created the Google map at the bottom of this post which includes all of the studios to help you plan your tra...
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Crossed Structure Binding at SPA

This past weekend I taught a Crossed Structure Binding workshop at Studio Place Arts. The Crossed Structure Binding (CSB) is intriguing in that the sewing is done directly onto back cover straps that integrate into the front cover. This non-adhesive variation on the long stitch was developed by book artist and conservator Carmencho Arregui after studying pre-16th century bindings. There are seven variations of the Crossed Structure binding: Basic, Protective, Linked, Expander, Marcopolo, Hidden,...
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Will Subaru Kill the Manual Transmission?

I know we're supposed to let go of the past and move into the future, but one thing I'll never be able to give up are manual transmissions. I learned to drive on a stick. I've owned three cars in my life and all were manuals. I no longer own a car due to my city-slicker lifestyle, but I fantasize about moving to a farm in Vermont and buying myself a zippy little AWD stickshift to drift through the snowdrifts on my way to the hardware store. In the fantasy it's usually an STI. Which is why it ...
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USDA withdraws Obama-era animal welfare standards for organic meat, eggs and dairy

The United States Department of Agriculture has officially withdrawn an Obama-era rule that would have established basic animal welfare standards for organic meat, eggs, and dairy products. The Trump Administration justified its reversal by claiming the rule “exceeds the department’s statutory authority and that the changes to the existing organic regulations could have a negative effect on voluntary participation in the National Organic Program.” The Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices rul...
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Executive Director - Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts invites applications and referrals for the position of Executive Director. The Position: Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the Executive Director serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Flynn and is charged with external and community relations, fund-raising, strategic planning, and artistic and programming policy, as well as operational, financial, and administrative management. Senior staff who report to the Executive Director include the Artisti...
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Guided Tours Are Tacky, Touristy, And The Best Way To Sightsee

Jeffrey Bloomer: "Friends offered stories of backdoor culinary tours in Istanbul down rickety staircases and through secret restaurants. I heard about guides whom you pay just to skip the line at overrun international museums but then charm you half to death anyway. And then there were many stories of guides like mine in Vermont, stewards […]
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CH Omakase 2017: Sky Like Snow Indigo Hats: Made in an edition of three, beanies handmade in Vermont

We actually met Hannah Regier through one of our CH Omakase customers. She has been knitting hats since she was a child and today marries that passion with a dedication to natural, ethical and sustainable fashion under the label Sky Like Snow...... Continue Reading...
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Wintersmiths' Chris Little Shares His "Cocktailing in Vermont" Ultimate Gift Guide

Using patent-pending technology, Wintersmiths products create crystal clear ice in a variety of unique shapes to achieve the proper dilution rate and deliver a truly memorable experience with every drink.View the full content here
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Northampton Book and Book Arts Fair

This past weekend I attended the third annual Northampton Book and Book Arts Fair at Smith College in Northampton, MA. It was awesome to be able to attend again, having missed it last year. Many thanks go to my hubby for watching Anna! This year was a different experience for me in that I was an exhibitor representing the Book Arts Guild of Vermont. I think our booth looked rather spiffy. We had a nice selection of pieces on display that represented the wide range of our members’ work. I broug...
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Huge mass of molten rock discovered beneath Vermont

Geologists at Rutgers University and Yale University have discovered a large subterranean mass of hot rock slowly bubbling its way to the surface in the American state of Vermont. Although its discovery is recent, this phenomenon has been ongoing beneath the mountains and forests of New England for tens of millions of years. In a region known for its relative volcanic inactivity, the movement of molten rock beneath the soon-to-be-frozen ground has come as a surprise. “Our study challenges the e...
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A Bookbinder’s Black Friday

Yeah, so it’s Black Friday. In Montpelier, where I live, they’ve dubbed it Flannel Friday – much more appropriate to the Vermont lifestyle. You show up to local shops wearing flannel and kablammo! You get a discount on your purchase. There’s also a Cider Monday, which is supposed to be the Cyber Monday alternative. Love. We hosted Thanksgiving this year with a total of 23 people and 3 dogs – it was nuts. A happy and awesome kind of nuts, but nuts nonetheless. Even though I am totally exhausted,...
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Should hydroponic veggies be labeled organic?

Does produce grown hydroponically deserve the organic label? Some organic farmers don’t think so, and they gathered at a National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting where the board voted on a ban on hydroponic practices in organic farming, reports NPR. Hydroponic farmers fought back, saying they can produce food with less water. Organic farmers turned out at the NOSB meeting in Jacksonville, Florida in an attempt to have the organic label removed from hydroponic vegetables. Vermont farmer ...
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'One Of The Buddhas Of American Dance'

A reporter travels to the northeastern corner of Vermont to visit Steve Paxton, who was a star in Merce Cunningham's company in the 1960s and went on to invent Contact Improvisation.
Tags: Art, Dance, Vermont, Merce Cunningham, 10.20.17, Steve Paxton

Vermont Gets A New Professional Ballet Company

Ballet Vermont grew out of the Farm to Ballet project (agriculture-themed dance on local farms) that got some media attention two summers ago; artistic director Chatch Pregger now plans to make the endeavor more firmly established and permanent. Yet there are no plans for a home base: Ballet Vermont will continue to perform around the […]
Tags: Art, Dance, Vermont, 09.27.17, New Professional Ballet Company, Chatch Pregger

Indomitable Pioneering Artist John Killacky Announces Retirement From Vermont's Flynn Center

The Flynn’s statement cited Killacky’s emphasis on access and inclusion, as the arts center now works with 75 social-service agencies to provide discounted tickets for their clients. The organization provides $30,000 in scholarships toward participation in the Flynn’s classes and camps. Killacky also led a three-year, $2.3-million renovation campaign for the Flynn that received contributions from […]
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What Specific Energy Sources Do Different States Draw Their Electricity From?

What happens when you plug your Prius in? Are you ultimately drawing power from coal, nuclear, wind, biomass? It depends on where you live.Most of us know that America generates its electricity from a multitude of sources, as shown in this graphic: However, that pie chart doesn't accurately represent the breakdown in any single state (although Arkansas comes close), because state by state, electricity is generated from a cocktail of up to nine different sources. The , current as of 2017, tha...
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Where Do Different States Get Their Electricity From?

What happens when you plug your Prius in? Are you ultimately drawing power from coal, nuclear, wind, biomass? It depends on where you live.Most of us know that America generates its electricity from a multitude of sources, as shown in this graphic: However, that pie chart doesn't accurately represent the breakdown in any single state (although Arkansas comes close), because state by state, electricity is generated from a cocktail of up to nine different sources. The , current as of 2017, tha...
Tags: Utah, Design, Mississippi, Maryland, California, Washington Post, Washington, Kentucky, Oregon, Massachusetts, America, West Virginia, Research, Materials, Wyoming, Missouri

Highland Center for the Arts, Inaugural Executive Director

The Inaugural Executive Director will be a collaborative and experienced leader, responsible for all aspects of HCA’s operations, including its artistic planning and programming, educational activities, strategic planning, financial administration, and community outreach. The Executive Director will be HCA’s chief advocate and networker throughout the region, cultivating new partnerships and relationships as a presenter, promoter, and facility renter to enhance the organization’s profile and vis...
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Upcoming classes at Studio Place Arts

In the chaos that is new motherhood, I have somehow managed to schedule two bookbinding classes at Studio Place Arts in Barre, VT. Many thanks to my husband for taking on Anna while I teach. Here’s the scoop: The Paste Paper Photo Album Dates: Saturdays, September 23 & 30, 2017 Hours: 12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. In this workshop, you will learn how to create an elegant hard-cover photo album using bookcloth and paste paper that you’ll make yourself! This is a wonderful keepsake that can hold ...
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7 of the best places to view autumn foliage around the world

It may not feel like it, sweaty and sticky as you may be, but if you are a resident of the Northern Hemisphere, autumn is right around the corner. As fun as it has been to soak up the summer sun, the crisp air, slower pace, and dazzling foliage of autumn sounds like heaven right about now. For those who wish to take advantage of the imminent seasonal beauty, we’ve compiled a list of locations across the Northern Hemisphere that will be bursting with autumnal splendor in the weeks to come. 1. ...
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