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A paradox revealed through portraiture

A photograph taken seven years before her passing says much about the life, times and character of the trailblazing Meherbai Tata The much-loved wife of Dorabji Tata and daughter in-law of Jamsetji Tata, the founder of the Tata group, Meherbai Tata was a woman of personality. A participant in the ornamental theatrics of being imperial within Empire, one finds her name regularly among the maharajas, nawabs and begums in royal chronicles. And deservedly so. Meherbai was honoured with the ‘Comm...
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Discover the First Modern Kitchen–the Frankfurt Kitchen–Pioneered by the Architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky (1926)

Nearly 100 years after it was introduced, architect Margarete (Grete) Schütte-Lihotzky‘s famous Frankfurt Kitchen continues to exert enormous influence on kitchen design. Schütte-Lihotzky analyzed designs for kitchens in train dining cars and made detailed time-motion studies of housewives’ dinner preparations in her quest to come up with something that would be space saving, efficient, inexpensively pre-fabricated, and easily installed in the new housing springing up in post-WWI Germany. ...
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The Planned V&A Restructuring Will Take Away Most Of The National Art Library’s Librarians

The details of what appears to be an outrageously short-sighted plan: “They are guardians of some of the nation’s most valued treasures, including Dickens’s manuscripts, a Shakespeare First Folio and five Leonardo notebooks. But librarians at the National Art Library in the Victoria and Albert Museum are feeling far from valued themselves, as two-thirds of them face losing their jobs. Thirty librarians have been told that their numbers are to be reduced to just 10, as part of a major restructur...
Tags: Art, Victoria, Visual, Dickens, Leonardo, Albert Museum, Shakespeare First Folio, 03.07.21, National Art Library

‘It’s a funeral march’: French artist JR’s powerful eulogy for Australia's Murray-Darling

Exclusive: The street artist’s latest work saw 60 people parade through Lake Cawndilla in NSW, holding aloft enormous portraits of local farmers and leaders as they fight to save Australia’s vital river systemThe mood around Lake Cawndilla in western New South Wales on Saturday is funereal but defiant, as a procession of around 60 locals parade through scrub and sand around its banks.They carry between them a series of 30m-long cloth figures: three local citrus farmers and prominent Baakandji ar...
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Major Layoffs Coming At London’s V&A Museum

“Vast cuts at the Victoria and Albert Museum are feared to be imminent, with curators and conservators in the line of fire. … Details of the museum’s ‘recovery strategy’ were briefed to unions on Thursday. Staff are expecting to hear news of redundancies within days. One insider expressed dismay that the curatorial division may have to make 20% cuts.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, London, Victoria, Visual, Albert Museum, 02.25.21

$1 Billion Overhaul For Melbourne’s Arts District

The newly announced government budget for the state of Victoria includes Aus$1.4 billion (US $1.03 billion) for the expansion and revamp of the Southbank arts district in Australia’s fast-growing second city. Phase One of the project will be the construction of the National Gallery of Victoria Contemporary (situated adjacent to the original NGV), planned to be the country’s largest contemporary art museum. Later phases will include improvements and additions to Arts Centre Melbourne, the main v...
Tags: Art, Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, Issues, Southbank, 11.25.20, National Gallery of Victoria Contemporary

For Arts Workers In Europe, This Second COVID Lockdown Feels Different

“To understand how people are feeling about the situation, we spoke to six cultural figures, including an Italian opera star, a renowned Parisian bookseller and the head of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Here are edited excerpts from those conversations.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Europe, London, Victoria, Issues, 11.05.20, Albert Museum Here

V&A Preparing To Return Items Looted After Ethiopian Battle

“The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has started talks with the Ethiopian embassy over returning looted treasures in its collections, including a gold crown and royal wedding dress, … plundered after the 1868 capture of Maqdala.” – The Guardian
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New portrait of Queen Victoria's African goddaughter unveiled

Painting of Sarah Forbes Bonetta part of English Heritage project to highlight overlooked black figuresHer birth name, historians believe, was Aina but in the high society of 19th-century England she was Sarah Forbes Bonetta, an enslaved little girl from what is now the west African country of Benin who became Queen Victoria’s goddaughter.The remarkable life of Bonetta is being highlighted by curators at English Heritage who, on Wednesday, will unveil a new portrait of her by the artist Hannah U...
Tags: Art, England, Africa, Race, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Victoria, English Heritage, Queen Victoria, Benin, AINA, Sarah Forbes Bonetta, Bonetta, Hannah Uzor

V&A Museum In London To Lay Off 10% Of Staff

“The Victoria and Albert Museum is planning to make 103 retail and visitor experience staff redundant – approximately 10% of its overall workforce – with job losses in other departments set to follow. Staff were briefed on Tuesday about a process to reduce costs by £10m annually … ‘in order to secure the V&A’s survival’.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, London, Victoria, Visual, Albert Museum, 09.29.20

Frida Kahlo’s Venomous Love Letter to Diego Rivera: “I’m Amputating You. Be Happy and Never Seek Me Again”

Painter Diego Rivera set the bar awfully high for other lovers when he—allegedly—ate a handful of his ex-wife Frida Kahlo’s cremains, fresh from the oven. Perhaps he was hedging his bets. The Mexican government opted not to honor his express wish that their ashes should be co-mingled upon his death. Kahlo’s remains were placed in Mexico City's Rotunda of Illustrious Men, and have since been transferred to their home, now the Museo Frida Kahlo. Rivera lies in the Panteón Civil de Dolores....
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Smithsonian And V&A Call Off Their Joint Museum Plan

“The Smithsonian Institution and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London are abandoning plans to jointly curate a gallery in the planned V&A East museum, slated to open in East London in 2023. The proposed gallery was expected to draw from both institutions’ permanent collections to explore the impact of human life on the natural world.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, London, Victoria, East London, Visual, East, Smithsonian Institution, Albert Museum, 09.21.20

Nrew York – Sinead O’Dwyer: “In Myself” at Waves and Archives Through Aapril 3rd, 2020

Sinead O’Dwyer, In Myself (Installation View), via Waves and Archives Currently on view at New York’s Waves and Archives, artist Sinead O’Dwyer presents a selection of new works, returning to her nuanced silicone works alongside work created for an upcoming performance at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  The exhibition, which marks the artist’s […]
Tags: Art, New York, London, Show, Victoria, Art News, Featured Post, Albert Museum, Nrew York, Sinead O Dwyer

New York – Sinead O’Dwyer: “In Myself” at Waves and Archives Through April 3rd, 2020

Sinead O’Dwyer, In Myself (Installation View), via Waves and Archives Currently on view at New York’s Waves and Archives, artist Sinead O’Dwyer presents a selection of new works, returning to her nuanced silicone works alongside work created for an upcoming performance at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  The exhibition, which marks the artist’s […]
Tags: Art, New York, London, Show, Victoria, Art News, Featured Post, Albert Museum, Sinead O Dwyer

The Perils of Moving the V&A’s Arsenic-Laced Hats

As 250,000 objects, 350,000 books and more from The Victoria and Albert Museum’s archive move from their current Blythe House storage to a new, purpose-built east London facility, dangers abound—including from the textile collection. As the phrase “mad as a hatter” makes reference too, until the 1930s some hat features (like feathers and even whole birds, an Edwardian era trend) were treated with arsenic and …
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Discover the Artist Who Mentored Edward Hopper & Inspired “Nighthawks”

Every good teacher must be prepared for the students who surpass them. Such was the case with Martin Lewis, Edward Hopper's onetime teacher, an Australian-born printmaker who left rural Victoria at age 15 and traveled the world before settling in New York City in 1900 to make his fame and fortune. By the 1910s, Lewis had become a commercially successful illustrator, well-known for his etching skill. It was then that he took on Hopper as an apprentice. “Hopper asked that he might study alongside...
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Smithsonian Pulls Back from Permanent London Space

After years of planning and adjustment, The Smithsonian will not open a location in London, settling instead for a two-year exhibition at the V&A East, the Victoria and Albert Museum’s satellite space. “It was intriguing, and it was worthy of attention,” says Steve Case, the new chairman of the board of regents. “It is not the highest […]
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Smithsonian’s Hoped-For London Outpost Cut Back To A Two-Year V&A Show

The original plan, announced in 2015, was for a Smithsonian museum in the planned Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park; by the next year, it had been reduced to a partnership with London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, and in 2018 an agreement was signed for a permanent presence at the V&A East in the QEOP. Now the Smithsonian’s new chief, Lonnie Bunch, has decided downgraded that permanence to a two-year co-curated exhibition when the V&A East opens in 2023. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, London, Smithsonian, Victoria, Visual, Albert Museum, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Lonnie Bunch, 01.27.20

Free Dolittle Coloring Pages and Trading Cards #DolittleMovie

FREE Printable Dolittle Coloring Pages and Trading Cards for kids are here! Just in time for the movie release in theaters! This post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Free Dolittle Coloring Pages and Trading Cards #DolittleMovie Our family is SO excited for this remake of Dolittle with Robert Downey Jr.! We are all Robert Downey Jr. obsessed ...
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Half a billion Australian animals, even 30% of koala population, likely lost to wildfires

Record-breaking wildfires have ravaged millions of Australian acres for many months now. Ecologists estimate upward of 480 million mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects have died, as well as more than 8,000 koalas from New South Wales, equating to over 30% of the region’s entire koala population. Figures continue to rise as the fires rage on. Heat from the fires has driven many animals, such as kangaroos, to flee. But not all can escape, exemplified by flightless endemic birds unable ...
Tags: Design, Australia, Earth, Queensland, New South Wales, Sydney, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Clover Moore, Kellie Leigh, Science for Wildlife

Plans for Victoria and Albert Museum’s Collection Move Underway

The plan is underway to move 250,000 objects, alongside 350,000 books and thousands more prints, drawings, account books, samples and more from Blythe House to a new storage space by Victoria and Albert Museum’s Easterm outpost in London. “All we ever do in a museum is play God and try and stop time in its tracks,” says Philippa Mackenzie, head […]
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Award-winning Australian winery adds new, sustainable building

Victoria’s Yarra Valley is an idyllic region known for its award-winning vineyards. Now, guests to the Medhurst Winery have a new, sustainable tasting area to enjoy the label’s delicious wine selection. The family-run winery has just added the Cellar Door — a contemporary extension that was built with resilient and sustainable features. Designed by Folk Architects, the new contemporary space allows visitors to view the entire wine-making process, from the vineyards and production area to the gor...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Green Building, Victoria, Sustainable Design, Resilient Design, Green Roof, Yarra Valley, Passive Design, Medhurst, Green Roofs, Water Collection System, Folk Architects, Medhurst Winery, Linear Buildings

Brand Archetypes – Ultimate Guide with Examples

This is a guest article contributed by Loius Martin. Are you so fond of a particular company that it’s hard for you to buy from other brands? You just ‘connect’ with the company more than others. Every time you catch sight of their logo, a wave of emotion runs inside you, reminding you how much you enjoy their products or services. What is it that drives you towards those brands? Why do you feel so strongly about them compared to other brands that remain hazy and swathed in vagueness? Well, it s...
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The Old-School Contraption Architects Once Used to Simulate the Sun Passing Over a House Model

Prior to modeling software, architects needed a way to determine how the passing of the sun would affect houses they were working on. Are some parts of the house getting too much sun or not enough sun? Are weird shadows being created? Does the design work as well in summer, when the sun is higher, as in winter, when the sun's arc is lower?To determine these answers, they needed two things:1) An intern, to build the model and get everyone coffee to drink during the evaluation phase, and2) A heli...
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Art Education: Courses, Workshops and Talks at the V&A Academy

The V&A Academy provides courses, workshops and talks for Adult Learners at the Victoria and Albert Museum. They are predominantly art history related and also focus on design and decorative art... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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NYT crossword spoiler alert... "This??? This is your Queen Victoria's 200th birthday tribute puzzle? Just ... her name?"

"Look, do a damn tribute or don't do a tribute, but this half-assed half-themed junk has got to go. I kept looking around for Victorian material. Kept thinking there was some theme building that I just couldn't see.... 'Grandmother of Europe,' ugh, why are we 'honoring' her? Was the idea ... what was the idea? Just put her name in the middle and then build a very old-fashioned, very old, kinda mediocre themeless around her? LINDY in a LANDAU, that's what this thing was. For the NONCE. It's painf...
Tags: Art, Europe, London, Law, Gifts, Puzzles, Manchester, Naked, Victoria, Queen Victoria, Lindy, Ann Althouse, Rex Parker, Woof Rex Parker

Queen Victoria's risqué side revealed with nude-filled collection

Romantic gifts exchanged between Victoria and Prince Albert will be displayed at Isle of Wight’s Osborne HouseQueen Victoria is sometimes remembered as prudish, buttoned-up and disapproving, but a new display reveals a woman well in touch with the more sensuous side of her nature.Romantic and risqué gifts exchanged between Victoria and Prince Albert are to go on display at Osborne House, the couple’s grand seaside retreat on the Isle of Wight, which is stuffed with art and fabulous objects that ...
Tags: Art, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Victoria, Isle Of Wight, Queen Victoria, Albert, Osborne House, Osborne HouseQueen Victoria

A Ballet Dramaturg Explains How (And Why) She Works

Uzma Hameed, who developed Woolf Works and Obsidian Tear with Wayne McGregor and Victoria with Cathy Marston, “defines her role as dramaturg – the definition of which is often a vexed question – as essentially creative, a ‘critical friend’ to the choreographer rather than an omniscient authority. ‘There are probably as many definitions as there are dramaturgs – kind of like versions of religion.'” – The Stage
Tags: Art, Dance, Victoria, Wayne McGregor, 05.14.19, Uzma Hameed, Woolf Works, Cathy Marston

A Complete Digitization of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus, the Largest Existing Collection of His Drawings & Writings

No historical figure better fits the definition of “Renaissance man” than Leonardo da Vinci, but that term has become so overused as to become misleading. We use it to express mild surprise that one person could use both their left and right hemispheres equally well. But in Leonardo’s day, people did not think of having two brains, and the worlds of art and science were not so far apart as they are now. That an individual in the Renaissance would be able to combine fine arts and fine engineerin...
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This Guy’s Getting All Avant-Garde Hipster-y With The Renaissance’s Most Genteel Instrument

“Although Renaissance and Baroque repertoire remains his lodestar, [Liam] Byrne has taken the music — and audiences — to surprising places. In 2015, he squeezed into the belly of a plaster sculpture in the Victoria and Albert Museum and performed for one person at a time, Marina Abramović-style. Two years later, he participated in a site-specific reworking of Schumann’s song cycle Dichterliebe, holing up in the kitchen of a historic house with the performer Mara Carlyle, who sang and played the...
Tags: Art, Music, Victoria, Schumann, Albert Museum, 05.08.19, Liam -RSB- Byrne, Mara Carlyle

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