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Incredible flipbook-style animations made from dozens of people's tattoos

@philberge #Duo avec @kewpietattoo tattooed the legend ♬ I like hot moms – Thatmulletdude Montreal tattoo artist Phil Berge tattooed dozens of people with slightly different artwork to create fantastic flipbook-style animations. Above, Snoopy dancing his iconic dance. Below, the result of Berge tattooing 76 people to create a a scene from Betty Boop's Snow White (1976). — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, News, Animation, Tattoos, Tattoo, Betty Boop, Berge, Phil Berge

This speech by Neil Gaiman is a must-see for any artist or creator

Neil Gaiman's 2012 commencement speech at the University of the Arts (2012) is a great inspiration for creative people. Gaiman begins his speech by giving the following advice: when you start out as an artist, you likely have no idea what you're doing, and this is a great thing. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, News, Advice, Neil Gaiman, Gaiman, University of the Arts

The mind warping art of Benjamin Sack

Benjamin Sack is a creator of worlds: with a simple pen as his magic wand, he creates drawings of exquisite complexity and dizzying intricacy, whose ultimate effect is quite explosive. Starting with a basic composition of general shapes laid down in pencil, he then commences—intuitively and free handedly—the painstaking and relentless process that transmutes ink into transcendent and dazzling beauty. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Post, Video, News, Visionary, Benjamin Sack

Check out this video about singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston's drawings

Check out this video about singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston's drawings on Cartoonist Kayfabe. In this episode, Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg take us through the book Daniel Johnston, which is full of his vibrant and incredibly imaginative drawings. The book also includes an interview with Johnston and contributions from Jad Fair, Philippe Vergne, and Harvey Pekar. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Comics, Video, News, Johnston, Daniel Johnston, Harvey Pekar, Ed Piskor, Jim Rugg, Philippe Vergne

Video Tutorial: How to Make Digital Camo Patterns in Photoshop

Today’s tutorial is kind of a follow-on from my guide to creating custom camouflage patterns in Adobe Photoshop from back in 2019. In that previous tutorial I shared some useful techniques for creating a variety of camo pattern styles using nothing but Photoshop filters. All those camo patterns are comprised of random blobs and shapes, so this tutorial will focus on creating the more modern digital pattern styles that are made up of tiny pixel-like squares. Using a similar process, we can create...
Tags: Videos, Video, Design, Video Tutorial, Spoon Graphics YouTube Channel, Camo, Photoshop Camo Tutorial, Camo Patterns, Digital Camo, Photoshop Camo, Photoshop Camo Pattern, Photoshop Digital Camo

4 Tips for Creating Superb Marketing Videos

When looking to help your brand or business to stand out visually, your marketing videos need to be excellent. An influential video should be creatively scripted, well captured, professionally edited, and distributed through the right channels. While creating video content can be intimidating at first, with a bit of help, you can be creating top quality content in no time.Here are five tips for making professional marketing videos that appeal to your audience. 1. Plan Your Objective When gene...
Tags: Video, Design, Small Business, Advertising, Events, PRIMARY-CHANNELS, CHANNEL-DIGITAL-ART, OTHER-DIGITAL-ART, OTHER-CHANNELS, Vasco Lourenço

Offgrid par Klemens Schillinger : à l’essence même de l’usage

L’histoire des usages, est aussi ancienne que celle de l’humanité. Quelques millénaires d’évolution, de progrès, qui nous laisse parfois oublier la radicalité pourtant si efficace des usages de base.  Dans nos sociétés toujours plus rapides, dans lesquelles tout est fait pour aller toujours plus vite, il est parfois bon de prendre quelques minutes pour prendre du recul, au moins pour se rendre compte du confort quotidien. Quoi de mieux que l’objet pour redessiner le contour de ces usages qui ...
Tags: Books, Video, Design, Designer, Elle, Concept, Klemens, Luminaire, Autriche, Klemens Schillinger, Manivelle, Klemens Schillinger Adorno

Imaginary Foundation and (deepfake)Jay-Z's brilliant "99 Problems" Byzantine Generals NFT

Our friends at cultural engineering thinktank and surrealist clothier Imaginary Foundation have released their first NFT, a deepfaked collaboration with Jay-Z that's an ingenious riff on blockchain theory disguised as a joke. (Or maybe it's an ingenious joke disguised as blockchain theory?) — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Post, Video, Design, News, Parody, Jay Z, Satire, Jay, Blockchain, NFT, Imaginary Foundation, NFTS

The incredible NuPenny Toy Store is on exhibit in the middle of a Kansas prairie

The NuPenny Toy Store is a small building filled with toys from an alternate retrofuturist universe. You can look through the windows, but you can't open the door to get in. I've long been fascinated by the NuPenny Toy Store, and by everything else Randy Regier creates (subscribe to his Instagram). — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, News, Kansas, Randy Regier, NuPenny Toy Store

Video Tutorial: How to Create a Retro Superhero Comic Text Effect in Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’m going to take you through the process of creating a retro text effect, inspired by the title art for the Superman comic books. Old comic book titles feature some really simple but effective text styles, often incorporating faux-3D effects, bright colours, and thick black outlines. It’s a graphic style that is immediately recognisable thanks to these common visual features that appear in different variations across all the superhero stories. The original ...
Tags: Videos, Video, Design, Retro, Illustrator, Video Tutorial, Spoon Graphics YouTube Channel, Illustrator Tutorial, Text Effect, Illustrator Text Effect, Retro Text Effect, Superhero Text Effect, Superman Text Effect, Superman Text Effect Illustrator

The last artisan bagpipe workshop in Scotland's capital is keeping over 600 years of heritage alive

Kilberry Bagpipes is the last traditional bagpipe workshop left in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh.Most commercial bagpipes are mass-manufactured, but crafting a set by hand takes about four days.The bagpipes have been a key part of Scottish heritage for well over 600 years.See more stories on Insider's business page. Read the original article on Business Insider [Author: [email protected] (Meg Teckman-Fullard,Amelia Kosciulek,Arabella Burfitt-Dons,Sam Fenton)]
Tags: Art, Video, Music, UK, Scotland, Trends, Strategy, Retail, Edinburgh, Instruments, Bagpipes, Art & Culture, Business Insider Today, Video Format Still Standing

"chekhovOS" transforms a Russian classic into an interactive online game

At the height of pandemic life, the Needham, MA-based Arlekin Players found some surprising international theatrical success by live-streaming plays over Zoom with elaborate set designs that embraced the limitations of the laptop screen. For their next trick, they've transformed Chekhov's classic play The Cherry Orchard into an interactive online game of sorts, that's already been praised in outlets ranging from LA Weekly to The New Yorker, who described the experience as: T...
Tags: Video, News, Theatre, Performing Arts, Performance art, Anton Chekhov, Interactive Art, Chekhov, LA Weekly, Needham MA, The Cherry Orchard, Interactive Fiction, Experimental film, Experimental fiction, Chekhov& 039, s Gun

Video Tutorial: Vivid Neon Chrome Text Effect in Photoshop

In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’m going to take you through the process of creating a vivid 80s style neon chrome text effect. This ultra rad style uses the most intense RGB colours available to create the brightest, most fluorescent effect possible that smoothly transitions through a variety of hues. We’ll use Photoshop layer styles to create the foundation of the effect, then add the vibrant colours with a combination of gradient tools. Some subtle texturing helps to add some intricate details...
Tags: Videos, Video, Design, Photoshop, Photoshop Tutorial, Video Tutorial, Spoon Graphics YouTube Channel, Chrome Text Effect, Chrome Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial, Neon Chrome, Neon Photoshop Tutorial, Photoshop Chrome

Watch: The magic of a Sisyphus Table

from oddlysatisfying Usually used to create kinetic sand art, this clever Reddit user decided to utilize their Sisyphus Table for a more Van Gogh-esque purpose by using the table's hidden magnetic system to create a hypnotic, spiraling painting. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, News, Magnets, Reddit, Van Gogh, Spirals, Kinetic Sand, Sand art, Sisyphus Table

This 1953 painting of the inside of an artist's skull has fascinated me for years

The Maze (1953) by William Kurelek (March 3, 1927 – November 3, 1977) is one of my favorite paintings. I discovered it inside of a fascinating book called The Mind from Life Science Library, written by John Rowan Wilson in 1964. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, News, William Kurelek, Life Science Library, John Rowan Wilson

The stunning book design behind the new Philip Dick collection

The Folio Society is releasing a limited edition collection of all 118* short stories written by Philip K. Dick — and like a lot of the Folio Society's work, the graphic design is absolutely stunning. Check out the video for more about the process: This limited edition of Philip K. — Read the rest
Tags: Books, Video, Design, News, Book, Designers, Graphic Design, Design Fiction, Philip K Dick, PKD, Folio Society, Science Fiction Design, Philip Dick, Philip K Read

Stewart Brand and Brian Eno on “We Are As Gods”

In March 02021, We Are As Gods, the documentary about Long Now co-founder Stewart Brand, premiered at SXSW. As part of the premiere, the documentary’s directors, David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, hosted a conversation between Brand and fellow Long Now co-founder Brian Eno. (Eno scored the film, contributing 24 original tracks to the soundtrack.) The full conversation can be watched above. A transcript follows below.   David Alvarado: Hi. My name is David Alvarado. I’m one of the directors fo...
Tags: Art, Video, Hollywood, Stanford, Singapore, India, Future, Mit, David, Army, Siberia, Brian, Volkswagen, West Coast, North America, Brian Eno

Look at this storage cabinet inspired by a 1960s IBM tape drive

My father was an electrical engineer at IBM in the 1960s and developed tape drive technology there, so when I saw designer Love Hulten's storage cabinet inspired by the IBM 2401 tape drive, I felt nostalgic. Hulten also designs cool retro video game consoles and synthesizers. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Design, News, Furniture, Ibm, Vintage computers, Hulten, Love Hulten

This fun and thoughtful show asks where latinos sat on the bus with Rosa Parks

In the summer of 2018, I got to go to DC go work on a theatre festival for solo performances (I was playing bass in a mostly-one-person show called Brahman/i about an intersex Indian-American stand-up comedian). That's where I met Brian Quijada, an actor who was also there to perform his mostly-autobiographical musical show Where Did We Sit On The Bus? — Read the rest
Tags: Videos, Video, News, Theatre, Hip-hop, Plays, American Dream, Latin America, American History, Rosa Parks, Looping, Latino, Latinx, Brahman, Latino actor, Brian Quijada

Lovely photocopier art made with a desktop scanner and a lightbulb

Thickey Forrest makes wonderful, blown-out artwork using his desktop scanner, physical objects, and lightbulbs. His creations remind of late nights at Kinko's in the 1980s when the employees (aka our friends) gave us unrestricted access to the cutting-edge desktop publishing technology of the time to make 'zines, band fliers, and do weird Xerox experiments like this. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, News, Xerox, Kinko, Photocopy, Thickey Forrest

Eyecam is a blinking, flitting webcam that looks back at you

This webcam, housed in an animatronic sculpture of a grossly disembodied human eye, was created by Marc Teyssier, Marion Koelle, Paul Strohmeier, Bruno Fruchard and Jürgen Steimle. [Human Computer Interaction Lab via The Verge] They call it the Eyecam and I lovehate it. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Gadgets, Video, News, Webcams, Surveillance, Jürgen Steimle

From The Wreckage Left By ISIS, Mosul’s Museum Begins To Rise Again

“By the time Mosul was liberated by Iraqi government forces in July 2017, most of the artefacts in the Mosul Cultural Museum had been destroyed or looted. An international partnership was quickly launched to try and salvage what remained. … The project has now entered its second phase: the reconstruction of the 1970s-era building. This might seem like small cause for celebration: most of the fractured artefacts are still in a storage facility awaiting restoration. But even this is success in th...
Tags: Art, Video, Mosul, ISIS Mosul, 04.05.21, Mosul Cultural Museum

Fantastic new Banksy video narrated by Bob Ross

On Monday, anonymous street artist Banksy's latest artwork appeared on an outside wall of the former Reading Prison in Berkshire, England. Banksy confirmed the work was this in this brilliant video narrated by Bob Ross. Activists are lobbying for the Reading Prison to be transformed into an arts center rather than be sold to commercial housing developers. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, News, Banksy, Street Art, Graffiti, Bob Ross, Reading Prison in Berkshire England Banksy

A look back at the revolutionary history of Vermont's Bread & Puppet Theatre

The Messy Nessy Cabinet of Chic Curiosities has a great retrospective on the full radical history of this unique and uniquely wonderful art-and-food collective Bread and Puppet Theatre: Bread & Puppet is founded on the central principle that art should be as basic as bread to life and Peter Schumann still single-handedly bakes traditional sourdough rye bread in a wood fire oven for the thousands of audience members who attend the Theater's performances worldwide. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Theatre, Bread, Puppets, Performance art, Vermont, Puppetry, Puppet, Peter Schumann, Hippies, Communes, Noted Radicals, Bread And Puppet, Cheap Art, Messy Nessy Cabinet of Chic Curiosities

Lerato Shadi: The body, the land and the toll of unsung labour

The artist continues to give voice to unrecognised labour through her expanding practice that includes durational performance, installation and video work The post Lerato Shadi: The body, the land and the toll of unsung labour appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Art, Video, Friday, Johannesburg Art Gallery, South Africa (country, Lerato Shadi

Jewel-encrusted sculptures of rotting fruit

Kathleen Ryan created these large sculptures of fruit and covered them with beading of various sizes and colors to emulate rottenness. Here are some more examples, which also include an encrusted chunk of car and other delights. Image: YouTube / ERIC MINH SWENSON
Tags: Art, Video, News, Sculpture, Kathleen Ryan

Kazu Hiro creates remarkably lifelike busts

Makeup artist Kazu Hiro also creates larger-than-life sculptures of notable people. Each one is very realistic. YouTuber NAKIzm stopped by his exhibit at last year's LA Art Show Hiro won the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling for Darkest Hour (2017) and Bombshell (2019). — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, News, Sculpture, Salvador Dalí, Kazu Hiro, LA Art Show Hiro

Kinetic polarized light art

Austine Wood Comarow creates lovely pieces like "Garden Gold," which shift in hue as the pieces move. The materials themselves have no colors: We perceive the color as a result of the interaction of polarized light and certain optically active materials such as cellophane. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, News, Light Art, Polage

Hari & Deepti's paper cut light boxes

Hari Panicker and Deepti Nair create paper cut light boxes that have captured the imagination of many children who came to know them through their book The Seekers. This post juxtaposing a National Geographic photo of last summer's west coast wildfires with one of the apocalyptic works they created for The Seekers years earlier is pretty remarkable. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, News, Illustration, Papercraft, National Geographic, Paper Craft, Hari, Deepti, Hari Panicker, Deepti Nair

Definitions of Art

Trying to define Art is a challenging and hazardous occupation, given the elusive and slippery nature of such concept. Playing with definitions, however, can be a fun exercise to grapple with the enormous variety of artifacts, practices, and experiences called Art. — Read the rest
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