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Zoom M&O PARIS – CRAFT : Florent Blanchard présente le luminaire DOD

Florent Blanchard présente sa propre marque DOD, un luminaire en forme de dodécaèdre modulable en bois massif à assembler soi-même. Le design modulaire du luminaire DOD  permet de créer selon les envies des combinaisons dans une ambiance lumineuse colorées, chaleureuse ou dynamique. D es centaines de combinaisons sont possibles ! Le luminaire DOD représente le premier objet d’une collection de mobilier ludique et revalorisé. Florent a eu l’idée de DOD en 2015 : «  Il y a un an, je su...
Tags: Books, Video, Design, France, Nature, Paris, Unique, Série, Dod, Cela, Deco, Bois, Lampe, Evenement, Reportage, Artisan

Dieter Rams's "10 Principles of Good Design"

Legendary designer Dieter Rams lays out the ten principles underlying his approach to "good design." A scene from "Rams", Gary Hustwit's new documentary about legendary designer Dieter Rams, with original music by Brian Eno. Motion graphics by Trollback & Co.
Tags: Art, Video, Design, News, Designers, Industrial Design, Documentaries, Brian Eno, Dieter Rams, Gary Hustwit

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Has 2 New Exhibits! 2/14-3/14/2019!!

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery ( is a great find and one that I hope you are can visit. It’s a place for artists across Southern California can exhibit as well as a great place for those interested in uniquely themed artwork can visit. There are two new exhibits about to launch on February 14 […]
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Smart hack to easily hang a picture using a fork

Genius! A serving fork would be useful for taller frames. (Creative Ideas via Kottke)
Tags: Art, Video, News, Hanging, Hacks, Posters, Framing, Life Hacks

Bob Mould's catchy new music video about surveillance and paranoia

Punk legend and Boing Boing pal Bob Mould's new album Sunshine Rock is out this Friday, February 8. To tide you over, enjoy Bob's funny-'cause-it's-true music video for the track "Lost Faith." "There's a hint of migration, a dash of border security and a whisper of government surveillance, climaxing across the multicolored canvas of an abandoned NSA listening station perched atop the highest hill in Berlin," Bob told NPR. "But at the end of the day, it's a high-end music video for a catchy, i...
Tags: Art, Video, Music, News, Nsa, Music Videos, Berlin, Surveillance, Npr, Bob, Bob Mould, Philipp Virus, Mario Bergmann

Inside Roald Dahl's backyard writing "hut"

"It may not be pretty or tidy, and it certainly hasn't been cleaned and the floor hasn't been swept for five years at least..." In this 1982 interview, Roald Dahl, author of James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, takes us inside his backyard writing hut in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, England. The hut is now part of the Roald Dahl Museum. Dahl modeled his hut on Dylan Thomas's own writing shed in Carmarthenshire, Wales. From BBC News: Although Dahl based the...
Tags: Books, Video, Design, News, Wales, Roald Dahl, BBC News, Homes, Dylan Thomas, Authors, Writers, James, Bfg, Thomas, Dylan, Charlie

The gorgeous, grotesque animations of @Extraweg [NSFW-ish]

Extraweg (AKA Oliver Latta: Twitter, Youtube) is a superb and surreal animator whose computer rendered grotesques of human faces and forms writhing, merging, and doing the impossible are spellbindingly weird. (via JWZ)
Tags: Art, Happy Mutants, Video, News, Weird, Animation, Nsfw, Cgi, High Weirdness, Oliver Latta, Extraweg

Make: Slithy Toves, a kinetic Lego sculpture

aeh5040's kinetic Lego sculpture is a gorgeous and hypnotic piece; you can build one yourself from the plans provided. (via Beyond the Beyond)
Tags: Art, Videos, Happy Mutants, Video, News, Makers, Youtube, Sculpture, Legos, Jabberwockish, Slithy Toves

GAGO le rocking chair hommage par DAM

Partons ce matin à la rencontre de GAGO, la nouvelle assisse à bascule imaginée par le studio portugais DAM. Les designers de la marque aime mettre du sens dans leurs création, Gago fait ainsi directement référence la première traversée aérienne de l’Atlantique Sud par Gago Coutinho et Sacadura Cabral en 1922. La forme de l’assise fait référence à la forme du casque de l’aviateur de l’époque, le tout reposant sur uns structure de bois pouvant rappeler les flotteurs d’un hydravion. «  Inspiré p...
Tags: Books, Video, Design, Furniture, Portugal, Dam, Chair, Gago, Chaise, Mobilier, Rocking Chair, Lisbonne, Hugo Silva, Chaise À Bascule, Atlantique Sud, Gago Coutinho

Salvador Dalí reborn as a deepfake at his museum

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida has reanimated Salvador Dalí as a deepfake video experience. The "Dalí Lives" video installation opens in April on screens throughout the galleries. As Dali once said, “[I] believe in general death but in the death of Dalí absolutely not. [I] believe in my death becoming almost impossible.” From a press release: The Museum began this immersive project by collecting and sharing hundreds of interviews, quotes, and existing archival footage from th...
Tags: Art, Post, Video, News, Machine Learning, Salvador Dalí, Surrealism, Dali, Dali Museum, St Petersburg Florida, Deepfakes, I don't do drugs - I am drugs

Astonishing aerial view of Hong Kong's public housing towers

Aerial photographer and filmmaker Toby Harriman turned his lens on the soaring public housing apartment block towers in Hong Kong. The result is a stunning film and series of stills that convey the beauty (from this angle, anyway) of the built environment. The Block Tower by Toby Harriman (Planet Unicorn via PetaPixel)
Tags: Hong Kong, Photography, Video, Design, News, Film, Architecture, Apartments, Toby Harriman

27 Free Alternatives to Adobe's Expensive App Subscriptions

Adobe appears to have upset a number of users with another price increase for its app subscriptions. While the hit only appears to be targeting specific countries at this point—you’re spared, North American users—there’s no reason to think that you won’t have to pay more to subscribe to an Adobe app (or its whole…Read more...
Tags: Apps, Video, Design, Adobe, Graphics, Lifehacks

Video Tutorial: Grand Theft Auto (GTA 5) Effect in Photoshop

In today’s video tutorial we’re going to look at creating a photo effect inspired by the loading screens and cover artwork of the Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA) game, which feature a life-like illustration style of the characters but with a clear digitally painted appearance. Due to the nature and theme of the game, the effect works best when combined with pictures of gangsters, fast cars and scantily dressed ladies against the city streets. While the originals were likely painted from scratch, we’ll ...
Tags: Videos, Video, Design, Photoshop, Photoshop Tutorial, Video Tutorial, Los Angeles California, Sean Pavone, Grand Theft Auto Effect, Gta Effect, Gta Effect Photoshop, Gta Effect Photoshop Action, Gta Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Toto's "Africa" plays on repeat in the middle of the Namib Desert... indefinitely

Namibian-German artist Max Siedentopf created "Toto Forever," an installation that plays the song "Africa" on repeat in the middle of southern Africa's Namib Desert. From the BBC News: Mr Siedentopf tells the BBC it is set to play forever, with solar batteries "to keep Toto going for all eternity..." "[I] wanted to pay the song the ultimate homage and physically exhibit 'Africa' in Africa," explains the 27-year-old artist. "Some [Namibians] love it and some say it's probably the worst so...
Tags: Art, Post, Video, Music, News, Africa, Bbc, BBC News, Namib Desert, Toto, Max Siedentopf, I hear the drums echoing tonight, Siedentopf

The OTFB: a switchblade-inspired, machined sculpture

Machinist/sculptor Chris Bathgate (previously) has revealed his latest piece: the OTFB (out the front/out the back), a spring-loaded, switchblade-inspired piece that substitutes rotation for a sliding switch, "creating a small amount of mechanical advantage, lessening the effort on the part of the user needed to load the spring in the assembly." The piece is a prototype for a small planned run of 6-12 objects. Well, I consider this first piece to be just the working prototype. There ...
Tags: Art, Gadgets, Happy Mutants, Video, News, Sculpture, Chris Bathgate, OTFB, Out The Front/back

Our Favorite Gizmodo Videos of 2018 

For years, tech and media companies big and small have been trying to pivot to video. In 2018, a lot of those pivots are turning into trips and falls. But not here at Gizmodo. We’re making videos about tripping and falling. Other stuff, too!Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Toys, Video, Science, Design, Robots, Jurassic Park, Gizmodo, Garbage, Consumer Tech, Year In Review 2018

Boa, les luminaires artisanaux en papier signés Anne-Charlotte Saliba

Anne Charlotte Saliba, designer française basée à Lyon et sculptrice de papier porte toute son attention sur les luminaires, les créant dans toute leur intégralité. Voici la collection Boa, une série de luminaires en papier retenant la notion de mouvement, entre la gravité et le positionnement de l’objet. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = '
Tags: Books, Video, Design, France, Nature, Suspensions, Lyon, Vintage, Lumière, Plume, Voici, Deco, Anne Charlotte, BOA, Urbaine, Jeudi

A Year in Review

Watch to get a glimpse at a few of the projects that Taylor Studios has been involved with in 2018! 65,000 total hours worked. 416 tacos consumed by the marketing department alone.37 new projects. 17 states and 2 countries traveled. Countless memories. Needless to say, we had a great 2018. How was your 2018? What are you looking forward to most in 2019? The post A Year in Review appeared first on Taylor Studios Inc..
Tags: Video, Design, General, Holidays, Museums, Taylor Studios, Betty Brennan

Banksy’s own video removed from his YouTube channel on “copyright grounds”

Banksy’s notorious painting shredding video caused a furore but the video that the famous artist shared of it is causing even more controversy as it was ripped off of Banksy’s own YouTube channel. Banksy is a British artist famed for doing things quite differently with an anonymous identity whose work often appears overnight in public. In October what is possibly Banksy’s most notorious piece of art, the ‘Balloon Girl‘ went up for auction at Sotheby’s in London for £1.04 million. Banksy famo...
Tags: Art, Video, Music, New York, London, Youtube, Copyright, Auction, Banksy, Artist, Sotheby, Canal Plus, Takedown, Digital Video News, Balloon Girl, Sothesby

Video profile of the creator of the Hoberman Sphere

In 1998 I profiled artist/inventor Chuck Hoberman for Wired (read it here). It was a fun article to write because Chuck is brilliant, and very nice. You have probably seen two of his most famous expanding/transforming/unfolding creations, the Hoberman Sphere and the Hoberman Switch Pitch. Recently, Wired made this video profile of Chuck. A video is a better way than an article to understand what he does.
Tags: Art, Chuck, Video, News, Chuck Hoberman, Hoberman Switch Pitch Recently Wired

Before Youtube nukes annotations, take one last look at these amazing, creative projects that showed how much annotations could do

On January 15th, Google will disappear all Youtube annotations, which have lots of structural problems (spammy, don't work well on mobile or big screens), but which have been a font of creative inspiration that spawned whole genres of interactive Youtube projects, from games to interactive films to branching narrative adventures to musical experiments, to collaborative art projects to deep context and annotation. XOXO co-founder Andy "Waxy" Baio has produced a roundup of some of the greate...
Tags: Google, Art, Videos, Video, Games, News, Youtube, Mario, Mario Brothers, Birthday Party, XOXO, Annotations, Last chance to see, Interactive Fiction, Andy Waxy Baio, Youtube Annotations

New high-end electric scooter with slick form and function

When my friend David Hyman is passionate about something -- whether it's digital music, online games, or audio gear -- he immerses himself in the subject entirely, completely, obsessively. Once he's deep in it, he tries to find problems that if solved would improve the experience for the user. As a result, David has turned his personal, obsessive interests into a string of successful businesses! For the last year, David's been all about electric scooters. ALL about them. And now he's launched Un...
Tags: Transportation, Video, Design, News, David, Scooters, Kickstarter, Unagi, David Hyman, Gizmodo The Verge

Why American history lives between the cracks

History is written by lions. But it's also recorded by lambs.In order to understand American history, we need to look at the events of the past as more prismatic than the narrative given to us in high school textbooks.Including different voices can paint a more full and vibrant portrait of America. Which is why more walks of American life can and should be storytellers. The Light of the World: A Memoir (Pulitzer Prize in Letters: Biography...
Tags: Art, Books, Video, Poetry, America, History, United States, Innovation, Literature, Novel,

The thinnest piece of paper in the world

Japanese specialist paper manufacturer Hidaka Washi Ltd makes the world's thinnest paper using 1,000-year-old methods. The paper is then sent to museums and libraries around the world—including the British Museum and the Library of Congress—and is used to restore and protect books and works of art. (Great Big Story)
Tags: Art, Post, Video, News, Craft, Paper, Library Of Congress, Restoration, Hidaka Washi Ltd

600 lighted drones in murmuration over Black Rock City

This past year at Burning Man, 600 drones light up the sky -- accompanied by live piano music -- one evening in a beautiful "flying sculpture" called "Franchise Freedom." This is the recently-released film of the piece made by its artists at Studio Drift. As dusk fell over Black Rock City, 600 luminous drones rose into a hypnotic display of technological choreography, accompanied by the poignant keys of Joep Beving. The drones were guided by a specially made algorithm that simultaneously allo...
Tags: Art, Post, Video, News, Drones, Burning Man, Black Rock City, Studio Drift, Joep Beving, Art Drones, Flying Sculpture

Le mobilier brassé par Franck Grossel

Un plaisir de retrouver ce matin le jeune designer français Franck Grossel, remarqué pour ses projets Five et Oneshot. En véritable touche à tout, il présente une nouvelle collection de mobilier original baptisé Mobilier brassé. Un adjectif qui fera certainement lever quelques oreilles ! Le jeune designer s’attaque effectivement à la conception de mobilier grâce au recyclage, ou plutôt à l’utilisation des rebuts du brassage de la bière. La bière, c’est simple : de l’eau, du houblon, de la levur...
Tags: Books, Video, Design, France, Beer, Furniture, Concept, Stool, Mobilier, Bière, Tabouret, Franck Grossel

Prototyping the betentacled, inflatable soft robots of zero gee

The MIT Media Lab's Spatial Flux Project was created by Carson Smuts and Chrisoula Kapelonis to imagine and prototype soft inflatable robots that would be designed to operate in zero-gee, where there is no up or down and "we do not have to contend with architecture's greatest arch-nemesis, gravity." Their work is a set of shoes-on-a-snake weird pneumatic tentaclebots are brilliant and Gigeresque. In the City Science group, we explore the diversity of formal arrangements necessary to...
Tags: Post, Happy Mutants, Video, Space, Science, Design, News, Scholarship, Robotics, MIT Media Lab, XYZ, Soft Robots, Carson Smuts, Chrisoula Kapelonis

Bruce Sterling on architecture, design, science fiction, futurism and involuntary parks

In 1918, there was plenty of speculation about 2018; in 2018, no one is talking about 2118. Bruce Sterling discusses the relationship of industrial design to science fiction; the New Aesthetic and Turinese architecture; and many other subjects with Benjamin Bratton. (via Beyond the Beyond)
Tags: Videos, Post, Science Fiction, Video, Design, News, Youtube, Fiction, Architecture, Bruce Sterling, Urban Theory, New Aesthetic, Benjamin Bratton, Scientifiction

The hoodie is 3,000 years old

In the video above, the always-fascinating Paola Antonelli, architecture and design curator at New York's Museum of Modern Art, takes us through the history of the hoodie, "a humble masterpiece," beginning in ancient Greece and Rome.
Tags: Fashion, Video, Design, News, Greece, Clothing, Hoodies, Paola Antonelli, New York s Museum of Modern Art, Sweatshirts

Happiness Through Gratitude with AJ Jacobs

AJ Jacobs is a multiple NYT bestselling author, a journalist, a lecturer as well as a warm and hilarious human soul.  He’s on this weeks podcast and is…SO GOOD. In this show we learn why AJ intentionally puts himself in the most extraordinary circumstances … like when he strove to be “the world’s healthiest man” going from Dad bod to ultimate health (Book = Drop Dead Healthy). Or when he lived according to the bible for a year, beard, goats and all… (Book = The Year of Living Biblically). In thi...
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