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Producing Artistic Director – Classic Stage Company

CLASSIC STAGE COMPANY (CSC) in New York, NY seeks a Producing Artistic Director to lead the organization and bring current and future supporters and fans along on an exciting journey to challenge the traditional perception of classic work by reimagining great stories across the world’s repertoire that illuminate our common humanity. The Producing Artistic Director will possess a flair for thoughtful artistic curation combined with entrepreneurial zeal and a talent to execute plans that celeb...
Tags: Art, Jobs, New York City, Broadway, CSC, Vision, Board, New York Ny, EDIA, Lucille Lortel, Productions, Rutgers Presbyterian Church, Christopher Martin, CSC Repertory, Obie Drama Desk Outer Critics Circle Drama League

Ace & Tate’s Well-Priced Eyewear Arrives in the US

Thoughtful design that ranges from the expressive to the subdued and subsequently timeless Not only are eyeglasses a necessity for many who suffer from poor or impaired vision, they’re also a stylish accessory worth changing as the occasion demands. For many, one or two pairs will do—perhaps a durable, reliable set for at-home use and ones for use in public. But, Mark de Lange, the …
Tags: Europe, Accessories, Glasses, Design, Style, Shopping, Interviews, US, Eyewear, Amsterdam, Stores, Vision, Optical, Tate, Eyeglasses, Ace And Tate

Diverse Technologies for Personal Development at CES 2020

Products that promote wellness, purify the air around us, and more Dazzling, pixel-rich screens and promising immersive entertainment options garner the longest lines at CES, but devices meant to help us improve various aspects of our lives—whatever our priorities may be—dot the floor, too. They aren’t always the most glamorous products, but oftentimes they’re the ones with the most potential. Exhibitors have sought to uncork …
Tags: Health, Wellness, Wearables, Eyesight, Glasses, Design, Technology, Fitness, Dna, Tech, Health and Wellness, Ces, Dyslexia, Toothbrushes, Vision, Hearing Aids

Chutian Shu: Fall Asleep with a Vision

Tutu Gallery is proud to present Chutian Shu: Fall Asleep with a Vision, opening November 16th, 2019. Featuring videos, photographs and an installation by the artist, the exhibition will take place in all rooms of Tutu’s apartment gallery space, including its kitchen and bathroom. Chutian Shu is a Brooklyn-based artist...Read more »
Tags: Art, Brooklyn, Exhibition, Vision, Tutu, Chutian Shu, Tutu Gallery

Artistic Director – Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

PITTSBURGH BALLET THEATRE (PBT) invites qualified candidates to submit applications to become its next Artistic Director. Serving in a co-leadership role with PBT’s Executive Director, the Artistic Director is responsible for conceiving, developing and implementing the artistic vision and focus of PBT and the PBT School – and, importantly, articulating this vision internally and more broadly to PBT’s community. The next Artistic Director will bring inspiration, creativity, and engagemen...
Tags: Art, School, Jobs, Trust, America, Pennsylvania, United States, Vision, Committee, Pittsburgh, Board, Iatse, Board of Trustees, Juliette, New York City Ballet, Orr

BMW’s Vision iNext Concept is a palpable, realistic concept automobile

Well, it turns out that even BMW isn’t impervious to leaks, because these images of the iNext concept made their way around as early as 2 days before the launch! However, now that the car has formally launched, let’s look at what’s probably one of BMW’s most believable, palpable concepts yet. Building on the aesthetic of the Vision Next 100 concept that featured wild ideas like expanding wheel-bases and a body that could stretch along with the wheels.As AI continues to become a stronger entity...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Bmw, Volvo, Popular, Vision, Concept, Random, Harald Krüger, iNext

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic explores modular mobility

Not one to be outdone by Motorola’s obsession with modularity, Mercedes-Benz showcased their vision for modularity in automobiles. The Urbanetic shows the company’s explorations in modular vehicles, where the car’s undercarriage is a separate entity that allows various vehicular bodies to plug on top of it, allowing it to transform from a self-driving minivan to a self-driving truck.Its hyper-organic detailing aside (something I’m not really a fan of), the vehicle, or ‘mobility concept’ as its...
Tags: Transportation, Motorola, Design, Car, Automotive, Truck, Popular, Vision, Modular, Mercedes Benz, Vehicle, Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic, Urbanetic

Leading with Vision in Every Presentation

Vision is a vital part of every presentation. When it comes to presentations specifically vision is defined as the key message you are looking to portray. It is the heart behind any great presentation, and it should be the driving factor for everything the presenter is going to share. However, often times presenters don’t have a clear vision, so they instead rely on their facts and figures to inspire the audience. The reality is that no matter how hard we try, leading with facts and figures will...
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Leadership and Immortality

Art Jones was the best supervisor I’ve ever seen up close. More than 20 years ago, I spoke at his retirement ceremony. Art retired as a Sergeant from the San Leandro Police Department after more than 30 years. During the time he was a Sergeant, he supervised and trained every one of the police officers who were senior to him in rank on the day he retired. In those days, I conducted training in supervisory skills for police sergeants. The programs I held in the Bay Area all had three panels of ex...
Tags: Art, London, Leadership, Vision, Bay Area, Mark, St Paul, Christopher Wren, Wren, Self Development, Art Jones, Mark Deterding, San Leandro Police Department

With the Volante Vision Concept, Aston Martin is taking to the skies

While most Aston Martin automobiles are designed to give you the sensation of flying while being safely grounded on four wheels against the asphalt, the Volante Vision concept may actually give you the power of flight. Debuted at the Farnborough Air Show this year, the Volante Vision is Aston Martin’s first foray into airplanes (coincidentally, Volante means Flying in quite a few European languages).Designed to seat three people, the Volante Vision was made to provide fast, efficient and congest...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Design, Automotive, Luxury, Aircraft, Aston Martin, Vision, Vtol, Volante, Farnborough Air Show, Volante Vision Concept Aston Martin, Volante Vision, British Automotive Maker, Cranfield University Cranfield Aerospace Solutions

How to Make a Strong Sales Pitch

I was recently working with some college graduate. On a break in the training I overheard one of the graduates ramble off an old movie quote “Coffee is for Closers!” After a good laugh it struck me. This quote has never been more important than it is today. With a workforce that is inundated with college educated millennials ready to accept lowering paying roles for a chance to climb the corporate ladder. The ability to close deals has never been more important. The reality is, closing the deal ...
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Am I Under a Curse if I Don’t Tithe?

Here’s a question that I know my answer will have some people will be accusing me of  putting people under a curse. I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and concerns. Question: I was raised to tithe.  I’ve tithed the better portion of my life. When my husband took over the finances he decided that we couldn’t […]
Tags: Social, Work, Art, Family, Hope, Money, Law, Wisdom, Life, Love, Church, Religion, Time, Support, Trust, Research

How should driver-less cars be designed?

Is it possible that the automobile can go from being a symbol of stature/class to being just a means of conveyance? A lot of companies and designers are predicting that one day cars will be shared by people, and co-owned, instead of belonging to just one person or family.If that’s true, cars will have to be designed differently, with an aesthetic that balances between looking utilitarian as well as classy. The Vision City Concept Car by Guilherme Kataoka is designed to make travel a different ex...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Bmw, Vision, City concept car, Guilherme Kataoka

Situational Medicine, Purpose, and Innovation

Encouraged by 1000s of Leadership Training workshops, books and sessions, I took a time to contemplate and draft my purpose. The idea is that if you know your driving purpose, this knowledge will guide and attune all future growth. The purpose will act as a point of inspiration, a decision filter, and also an endless ...
Tags: Design, Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Purpose, Vision, Design Thinking, Southern Growth Studio, Michael Graber

Popular design guides are responsible for plague of grey type

A series of recent, influential design books and articles have convinced the web's designers to go for grey-on-white type, despite the fact that many people can't read low-contrast type (and it's even worse on mobile devices, which are often read in very bright sun, on screens that have been dimmed to save battery) (more…)
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Approaching Your Script: What Directors Need to Think About Before Beginning the Production Process

Choosing a show for your school to produce can be challenging. But once you have selected the show, the hard part is done, right? Well, it’s one thing crossed off your list, but your list is about to get much longer–there is a whole host of other concepts to consider. Here’s a jumping off point […]
Tags: Theatre, Production, Vision, Directing

Drama Teachers: Creating the Director’s Vision

Directors need to have a vision for the play. That means ALL directors: professional, community, high school, and middle school. Why is it important to have a vision? A vision gives the play a drive, a look, a tone. A vision creates a unifying factor—something that can be communicated not just through the text but […]
Tags: Theatre, Vision, Directing

The woman who can see 100 times more colors than you can

Concetta Antico, who made the paintings above and below, is an artist known for being a tetrachromat, meaning a genetic difference in her eyes enables her to see approximately 100 times more colors than an average person. "I see colors you cannot perceive or imagine," Antico says. (Previous BB posts about Antico here and here.) While the vast majority of peoples' eyes contain three kinds of cone sensitive to different wavelengths of light, tetrachromats have four. Apparently the genetic diffe...
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