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Vice President for Development, Grand Rapids Symphony

Now in its 91th season, the Grand Rapids Symphony invites applications and nominations for the position of Vice President for Development, available in the first quarter of 2021. The Organization Now in its 91th season, the Grand Rapids Symphony (GRS) is a highly acclaimed orchestra that presents more than 400 performances annually, reaching a diverse audience of more than 200,000 concertgoers from 14 West Michigan counties. Nearly half of those who attend are st...
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A look inside Jeffrey Epstein's real-estate portfolio, from the Palm Beach mansion set to be demolished to the NYC townhouse on the market for $88 million

Epstein's massive real estate portfolio played an essential role in his alleged sex trafficking ring. Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images Jeffrey Epstein owned an expansive real-estate portfolio that played a major role in the sexual-abuse allegations against him. The Wall Street Journal previously reported that his New York City and Palm Beach homes were hitting the market for a combined $110 million. On Nov. 2, the Journal reported that a real-estate developer signed a contract to ...
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“Pathologic”: Imaginative, Bizarre and Otherworldy Paintings of Peter Ferguson

Canadian painter Peter Ferguson has been working had a career as a professional illustrator since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto in 1992. He has been very successful over the years and has had many clients such as Marvel Comics, The Wall Street Journal, and has illustrated the covers of the Sisters Grimm collection. His personal work is an imaginative mixture of... Source
Tags: Design, Toronto, Bizarre, Paintings, Wall Street Journal, Inspirations, Grimm, Peter Ferguson, Surreal, Ontario College of Art, Otherworldly

J.S. Bach: The Six Solo Cello Suites Performed by Wendy Sutter

Sunday, August 23 Perspectives Ensemble presents a two-part event: J.S. Bach: The Six Solo Cello Suites Performed by Wendy Sutter Part I: 3pm EDT (Suites 1-3) and Part II: 6pm EDT (Suites 4-6) Livestreamed from Judson Memorial Church, New York City. Free admission, Eventbrite registration required. Perspectives Ensemble presents The Six Bach Solo Cello Suites performed by Wendy Sutter, cellist, on Sunday, August 23, 2020. Suites 1-3 will be performed at 3pm EDT and Suites 4-6 will be perform...
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A letter to unknown friends

A few days after my beloved Hilary received her double-lung transplant, I published an open letter in The Wall Street Journal addressed to the family of the anonymous organ donor whose lungs she used to breathe during the last month of her life. – Terry Teachout
Tags: Art, Wall Street Journal, Ajblogs, HILARY, 04.06.20

Is Amazon About To Take Over The Bestseller Book Business?

The conventional wisdom that now governs book publishing—that things are, for the first time in a long time, not that bad—is wrong. At the very least, it overlooks the fact that Amazon has spent the last decade accumulating yet more power and leverage, and that its ambitions have since moved past simply being the world’s largest bookstore. On Tuesday evening, The Wall Street Journal surveyed one of the most important recent developments in the industry: Amazon is finally publishing work...
Tags: Amazon, Art, America, Words, Wall Street Journal, 01.17.20

New Jersey Symphony Orchestra seeks Chief Financial Officer

The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra seeks a dynamic, data-oriented, and business-minded leader with a strong record of financial planning, analysis, and accounting to serve as CFO. This person will be responsible for all aspects of financial and fiscal management of the NJSO and will be a strategic partner to the President & CEO, providing research and analysis to guide business decisions. COMPANY DESCRIPTION As an integral part of the musical landscape in the country’s most vibrant cu...
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Wall Street Journal Profiles Carpenters Workshop Gallery

The WSJ spotlights Carpenters Workshop Gallery, and its challenges to the boundaries between art and design.  “We’re nonconformists, because we’re not interested in design, as such—the functionality of the object is not relevant,” says founder Loïc Le Gaillard. “What we like is the way that there is strong narrative in the object.” Read more at WSJ
Tags: Art, News, Wall Street Journal, WSJ, Art News, Minipost, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Loïc Le Gaillard

The Wall Street Journal's new hedcut-generating AI created monstrous portraits

Becoming important enough to merit a "hedcut" stippled portrait from the Wall Street Journal used to a be a significant honor. But on Monday, the WSJ announced that all members can now receive a hedcut courtesy of an AI that's been trained over the last year. Along the way, developers ran into some speedbumps. Baldness was one obstacle: “We had to go through and hand-tag over 2,000 photos, including a lot of bald men, so that the machine would learn what baldness is” And so was overconfidence...
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Next big luxury design trend? Think dinosaur fossils

Homeowners are showing interest in dinosaur fossils as one-of-a-kind fixtures sure to spark interest and envy, or as part of their mission to establish private museums.
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Rich people in San Francisco mad that they have to look at people living on boats

The Wall Street Journal calls them "homeless" but they look "landless" to me.
Tags: Design, News, San Francisco, Wall Street Journal

This distillery helps you make delicious, carbon-negative cocktails

Do you ever think about how your happy hour is affecting the environment? Manufacturing alcohol in the United States creates harmful carbon dioxide that can wreck the earth’s system of natural resources, and a massive amount of the materials needed to package and distribute alcohol (bottles, plastic caps, etc.) end up in the trash. Los Angeles-based Greenbar Distillery, however, is changing the game entirely with its carbon-negative company model. One of the world’s largest selections of USDA-...
Tags: Design, California, Environment, Trees, Los Angeles, Usda, Organic, Beverages, United States, Conservation, Innovation, Bulgaria, Cocktails, Sustainable Food, Wall Street Journal, Central America

The Parting of the Furniture

So it’s come to this: BILLY is joining the gig economy, and he’ll hold your books and whatever else you see fit until you upgrade to KALLAX or HEMNES, or you finally bring yourself to KonMari all your worldly possessions away.IKEA recently announced that it is looking to launch a subscription model, in which customers effectively “lease” furniture and trade it back via credit system; depending on the condition, the Swedish behemoth will either refurbish or recycle the used items. Initially limit...
Tags: Amazon, New York, Design, China, India, CSR, Bloomberg, Bbc, Netflix, Furniture, Canada, Brooklyn, New York Times, Ikea, Switzerland, Manhattan

The Moto Razr 2019 is the perfect fusion of futurism and nostalgia

The interweb has been buzzing with a certain piece of news leaked by the Wall Street Journal only last week. Motorola plans to build a 2019-appropriate version of their iconic Razr phone. Details are incredibly scarce, and the only taste of the phone we’ve got is via images from their patent registration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation in December 2018.The 3D visualization of the 2019 Razr bases itself on these patents. The new Razr will be more squarish (when closed) than its ...
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Kanye West Donates $10 Million to James Turrell’s Roden Crater Project

Kanye West has reportedly donated $10 million to James Turrell’s Roden Crater project, the Wall Street Journal reports. West said he wanted the project to be “experienced and enjoyed for eternity.” Read more at WSJ
Tags: Art, News, Kanye West, West, Wall Street Journal, Art News, Minipost, James Turrell, Roden, James Turrell 's Roden Crater Project

So you want to see a show?

Here’s my list of recommended Broadway, off-Broadway, and out-of-town shows, updated weekly. In all cases, I gave these shows favorable reviews (if sometimes qualifiedly so) in The Wall Street Journal when they opened.
Tags: Art, Broadway, Wall Street Journal, Ajblogs, 11.22.18

Vice President of Marketing and External Affairs, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra seeks a Vice President, Marketing and External Affairs to lead all aspects of planning, implementing, and evaluating the marketing, public relations, communications, and patron services for NJSO, the state orchestra of New Jersey. DHR, International has been exclusively retained to conduct a search for a Vice President, Marketing and External Affairs for the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. THE COMPANY: As an integral part of the musical landscape in the country’s...
Tags: Art, Jobs, CMO, New Jersey, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Recruit, Zhang, Morristown, Englewood, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, NJSO, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Xian Zhang, Paciolan, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra NJSO

Now’s the time

The Wall Street Journal pays me to go see plays each week and write about them, which is my idea of a terrific way to earn a living. I have yet another reason for loving my job, though, one that might just be of even greater importance, which is that it forces me to engage each week with a brand-new set of experiences.
Tags: Art, Wall Street Journal, Ajblogs, 11.07.18

Van Gogh goes to the mall

As part of a Wall Street Journal column, Terry Teachout considers what it means to have 3D reproductions of Van Gogh paintings in the mall.
Tags: Art, Wall Street Journal, Van Gogh, Ajblogs, Terry Teachout, 09.21.18

Are ‘New York’ Magazine And Its Websites For Sale?

The Wall Street Journal, followed up by the Financial Times, reported that the Wasserstein family (as in investment bank Wasserstein Perella), which owns New York Media, has retained a firm to explore a sale. Then an internal email from CEO Pam Wasserstein became public, and it makes things seem much more ambiguous.
Tags: Art, New York, Words, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Wasserstein, New York Media, Wasserstein Perella, 08.14.18, Pam Wasserstein

Today’s AJBlogs 07.19.18

Followup: Bechet By Liebman And Stowell Following the June 28 Rifftides review of the Scenes trio’s Destinations album, its guitarist, John Stowell, sent this comment: “Your readers might also enjoy the recent duo CD I recorded with Dave Liebman. It was … read more AJBlog: RiffTides  Published 2018-07-19 So you want to see a show? Here’s my list of recommended Broadway, off-Broadway, and out-of-town shows, updated weekly. In all cases, I gave these shows favorable reviews (if sometimes qualif...
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The Art Institutes halts enrollment at three Southern California schools

The Art Institutes, a nationwide network of schools that offer courses in everything from animation and gaming to interior design, has halted enrollment at 18 of its campuses, including locations in Hollywood, the Inland Empire and Orange County. Anne Dean, a spokeswoman with Los Angeles-based parent company Dream Center Education Holdings LLC, didn’t say the schools will close although some have speculated they will wind down by year’s end. “I don’t have specific information in terms of dates a...
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AJBlog Weekend Highlights 07.08.18

Watrous Plays Rifftides readers sent so many interesting comments about the passing of Bill Watrous, and about Alexandra Leh’s remembrance the following day, that the staff has voted to reward you all with video of … read more AJBlog: RiffTides  Published 2018-07-06 When the king is a queen In today’s Wall Street Journal I review two of the Hudson Valley Shakepeare Festival’s new productions, Richard IIand The Taming of the Shrew. Here’s an excerpt. * * * Seven years ago, it was … read m...
Tags: Art, Richard, Wall Street Journal, Ajblogs, Bill Watrous, Watrous, Alexandra Leh, Hudson Valley Shakepeare Festival

Highlights From Today’s AJBlogs 07/05/18

Guest Columnist: A Break in the Performance Regular CultureCrash guest columnist Lawrence Christon has a new piece about an incident in St. Louis that brings together a number of tendencies in the arts. Of course, the situation he writes about echoes … read more AJBlog: CultureCrash  Published 2018-07-05 NNOI Festival = 90% Water Living organisms are gathering near the old water mill in Groswaltersdorf, 70 kilometers north of Berlin. NNOI Festival 2018 … read more AJBlog: Straight|Up  ...
Tags: Art, Berlin, Broadway, St Louis, Wall Street Journal, Ajblogs, Lawrence Christon, Groswaltersdorf

New Jersey Symphony Orchestra - Vice President of Development

The Vice President of Development position at the NJSO will provide an extraordinary opportunity at a pivotal moment in the institution’s storied history for an ambitious and entrepreneurial fundraising professional to lead a dynamic mission-aligned team of staff, volunteers, and artists in the planning and implementation of a multi-year comprehensive campaign. Organization With its upcoming centennial celebration in 2022, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO) continues to serve as one of the...
Tags: Art, Jobs, New Jersey, Manhattan, Microsoft Office, Philadelphia, The New York Times, Newark, Wall Street Journal, New York Ny, Zhang, Newark New Jersey, Garden State, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, NJSO, Prudential Financial

Federal court orders first hearing on the science of climate change

Lawyers will present climate change science in what could be the first-ever court hearing in the United States on the topic, McClatchy Washington Bureau reported. Lawyers for BP, Exxon, Chevron, and other oil companies will go up against lawyers for the California cities of Oakland and San Francisco after United States District Judge William Alsup “a two-part tutorial on the subject of global warming and climate change.” Sabin Center for Climate Change Law executive director Michael Burger to...
Tags: Design, California, San Francisco, Barack Obama, United States, Royal Dutch Shell, Oakland, Wall Street Journal, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Big Oil, McClatchy, William Alsup, Hagens Berman, Alsup, McClatchy Washington Bureau, Michael Burger

Why Paper Jams Keep Happening, No Matter How Far Technology Progresses

"According to The Wall Street Journal, printers are among the most in-demand objects in 'rage rooms,' where people pay to smash things with sledgehammers; Battle Sports, a rage-room facility in Toronto, goes through fifteen a week. ... Unsurprisingly, the engineers who specialize in paper jams see them differently. Engineers tend to work in narrow subspecialties, […]
Tags: Art, Toronto, Ideas, Wall Street Journal, 02.12.18

David Zwirner Profiled in WSJ

David Zwirner is profiled in the Wall Street Journal this week, as the dealer celebrates 25 years in business. “If​ ​the​ ​artist​ ​is​ ​not​ ​happy,”​ ​he​ ​says,​ ​“I​ ​am not​ ​doing​ ​my​ ​job.” ​ Read more at WSJ
Tags: Art, News, Wall Street Journal, WSJ, Art News, Minipost, David Zwirner

WSJ Reports Buyer of da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ as Saudi Crown Prince

A conflicting report in the Wall Street Journal notes that the buyer of the da Vinci piece last month at Christie’s is actually Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, noting that another prince served as a proxy buyer for the work.  The news comes as the Louvre Abu Dhabi has claimed that it will be showing […]
Tags: Art, News, Saudi Arabia, Wall Street Journal, WSJ, Art News, Minipost, Christie, Mohammed bin Salman, Da Vinci, Salvator Mundi, Louvre Abu Dhabi

Today's AJBlog Highlights 11.24.17

The Literary Roots of Lou Reed  Back in the spring, when I pitched the Los Angeles Review of Books on a regular column on musicians and their literary interests, my editor immediately came up with the title All the Poets. ... read more AJBlog: CultureCrash  Published 2017-11-24 Piano Sonata as Video Game: Anomalies in My Reception of Beethoven’s Music A transcript of my spoken remarks at Boston University this week, as part of a symposium on piano sonatas by Beethoven. “I’d like to talk abo...
Tags: Art, Broadway, Beethoven, Lou Reed, Wall Street Journal, Ajblogs, Boston University, Los Angeles Review of Books, Piano Sonata, 11.24.17

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