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Google Celebrates the Bauhaus School’s 100th Anniversary with an Animated Doodle

Google has commemorated the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Bauhaus school with a nice animated doodle. They write: Both a school for the arts and a school of thought, the Bauhaus was founded by architect Walter Gropius exactly 100 years ago in Weimar, Germany, gathering many of Europe’s most brilliant artists and designers with the aim of training a new generation of creatives to reinvent the world. Today’s animated Doodle celebrates the legacy of this institution and the worldwide movem...
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Modern Corporate Logos Reimagined in a Classic Bauhaus Style: Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Bauhaus Movement Today

Image by Vladimir Nikolic American children, a study found a few years ago, recognize over 1,000 corporate logos but almost no plants. To some it was a damning indictment of the modern world; to others it was nothing more than a description of the modern world (in the 21st century, after all, which skill is more help in finding food?); and to a few it was an opportunity to proclaim that, for the sake of the children, the modern world could use some better corporate logos. Image by dellfi The a...
Tags: Google, Art, Europe, Design, College, Nazis, Starbucks, Seoul, Matt Ellis, Facebook Twitter, Walter Gropius, Weimar Germany, Colin Marshall, Gertrud Arndt Marianne Brandt Anni Albers, 21st Century Los Angeles, Walter Gropius Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

How Is Daniel Barenboim’s Arab/Israeli Symphony Holding Together?

The orchestra formed in 1999, and it’s touring the States right now. “The brainchild of Barenboim and literary scholar Edward Said, the orchestra began as an experiment in Weimar, Germany. It was meant to be a musical bridge across one of the most pressing cultural and political divides in contemporary life that only two unlikely collaborators could devise.”
Tags: Art, Music, States, Daniel Barenboim, Barenboim, Weimar Germany, Edward Said, 11.08.18

Haus am Horn by Georg Muche

In 1919, at a time in which Germany was still in upheaval over its defeat in the First World War (and compounded by the loss of its monarchy), the Academy of Fine Arts and School of Applied Arts in Weimar, Germany, were combined to form the first Bauhaus. Its stated goal was to erase the separation that had developed between artists and craftsmen, combining the talents of both occupations in order to achieve a unified architectonic feeling which they believed had been lost in the divid...
Tags: Icons, Design, Germany, Horn, Weimar Germany, Architecture Icons, Georg Muche, Academy of Fine Arts and School of Applied Arts, Adolf Meyer, Muche, Horn Am Horn

The Rocky Road for the Curta, the First Mass Market Pocket Calculator

Curt Herzstark had to overcome quite a bit to make his little pocket calculator.The portable calculators of my childhood are now largely obsolete. Students still tote around TI-83s, though I have a feeling that they are not long for this world. Our phones have sophisticated calculators, as does just about everything else with a screen. The ability to make quick calculations mindlessly with the aid of a computer has become normal. Our fully taking for granted accessible number crunching machines ...
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