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This Week, A Calmer Pizza Party And Potluck To ‘Decolonize’ The Whitney

The quickest way to the heart, and all that: “The activists offered pizza and veggie dumplings to protestors and members of the museum’s staff in an action far less boisterous than in previous weeks. In return, they were greeted with a milder security team and a relatively indifferent response from the Friday free pass museum visitors.” – Hyperallergic
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Academics Publish Open Letter Calling for Ouster of Whitney’s Board Vice-Chair Warren Kanders

A group of academics and theorists have demanded that the Whitney Museum remove Warren B. Kanders from his position as vice chairman of its board, part of an ongoing campaign against Kanders and his ownership of a defense manufacturing company. “The stakes of the demand to remove Kanders are high and extend far beyond the art world,” the […]
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Last Chance: Nam June Paik at the Whitney: A Work of Dizzying Complexity

The artist’s monumental video wall, featuring a flood of imagery and music from David Bowie, Kraftwerk and others, is on view in “Programmed: Rules, Codes and Choreographies in Art, 1965-2018.”
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Decolonize This Place Launches Ambitious Protest at Whitney

Arts protest group Decolonize This Place has launched an ambitious protest at The Whitney, calling for the ouster of Board Vice Chair Warren B. Kanders. “Direct actions work,” says Megan Kapler of the group P.A.I.N.  “We don’t want dirty money. We want transparency. We want accountability.” Read more at Art News
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Joe Mantello and Stanley Whitney Sit Down in NYT Interview

The NYT sits painter Stanley Whitney down with theater director Joe Mantello to discuss their respective arts and visions this week. “A signature style is a very odd thing now,” Whitney says. “It’s not something people really think is a good idea anymore. They feel it’s a limitation.” Read more at NYT
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Admiration Society: Joe Mantello and Stanley Whitney on the ’80s and the Evolution of Their Work

Two creative people in two different fields in one wide-ranging conversation. This time: the director and the artist.
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Activist Group W.A.G.E. Calls on Whitney Biennial Participants to Demand Pay After Recent Museum Controversies

The art activist group W.A.G.E., which advocates for artists to be compensated for their labor, has published an open letter calling for artists participating in the 2019 Whitney Biennnial to “demand to be paid for the content they provide and withhold that content until the demands of Whitney staff are met.”  The letter addresses current protests within the […]
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Warring with Warhol: What I Most (& Least) Appreciated About the Whitney’s Retrospective

Although I gave Andy Warhol — From A to B and Back Again (to Mar. 31) a mixed review last week, one focus of the Whitney Museum’s widely praised extravaganza particularly interested me. It’s an aspect that general audiences, who usually pay more attention to the art than the writing on the walls, could easily miss. — Lee Rosenbaum
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Warhol’s Warhorses at the Whitney: Insert Your Own Meanings Here

What most transfixed me about Mustard Race Riot was not the grim subject matter (which I saw anew through the perspective of our current racially charged moment), but Warhol’s uncanny prescience about our media-saturated world. — Lee Rosenbaum
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Firing up Weird Science at the Whitney

Kevin Beasley confronts King Cotton’s legacy in his solo museum show.
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Protests at Whitney Museum This Weekend Call for Weapons Supplier’s Ouster

A protest at The Whitney this past Sunday called for the departure of Warren B. Kanders, the vice chair of the museum’s board, from his post. “We are not fools,” the group Decolonize This Place said in a statement. “We know law is not justice. Your statement makes it clear which side you are on: the side of […]
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Activists Protest At Whitney, Demanding The Exit of Board Member Who Owns A Tear Gas Manufacturer

Board Vice Chair Warren B. Kanders is the owner of the tear gas manufacturer whose products were fired at the asylum seekers on the U.S./Mexico border. The protesters, who filled the lobby, brought banners, drums, and a cowbell, and burned sage, were “in solidarity with but separate from the nearly 100 Whitney staff members who signed a letter expressing their dismay at Kanders’s presence on the board and requesting a new policy around trustee participation in exhibitions.”  – Hyperallergic ...
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Adam Weinberg Responds to Controversy Over Whitney Board Vice Chair Warren Kanders

Whitney Director Adam Weinberg has responded to the calls to oust vice chair of the museum’s board Warren B. Kanders, a businessman who owns Safariland, a company that manufactures tear gas canisters and other products that have been used against asylum seekers on the U.S.-Mexico border, opening the floor to discussion on the museum’s path forward. “This […]
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Museum Musical Chairs (again): Frick to Sublease Building That the Met Leases from Whitney

Wait, what? Yes: “The Met hopes to decamp from the Whitney Museum’s former flagship building in 2020. The Frick would become the new temporary tenant to 2023.”
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Who Wore It Better: Art or Commerce?

It’s a museum show. It’s a fashion show. It’s a critique. No, a boutique. Whatever you call the Whitney installation by the label Eckhaus Latta, you’re likely to leave with more questions (and clothes) than answers.
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ACT UP Protests Whitney’s David Wojnarowicz Show (It’s 1990 Again)

“On Friday evening, the New York chapter of AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, more commonly known by its acronym, ACT UP, staged a protest-cum-performance at the Whitney Museum, alleging that the Manhattan institution’s current career retrospective of the late artist and writer David Wojnarowicz fails to connect his legacy of rageful AIDS activism to the ongoing battle against the epidemic.”
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ACT UP Stages Protest at Whitney’s David Wojnarowicz Show

The New York chapter of AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) staged a protest at The Whitney this week, accusing the museum’s show on David Wojnarowicz of overly historicizing the AIDS Crisis rather than addressing it as an ongoing issue.  “The more this vital subject can be brought front and center, the better,” the museum said in a […]
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Brace Your Dog Bowls

Brace Your Dog Bowls Brett Jul 27, 2018 Back in October, while I scrambled to adjust to life with our new puppy, I got wind of a fresh new startup named Ollie — an online food subscription service for dogs.  And with a brand and packaging as nice as this one, I needed to test it out.  Here’s the pitch: for about $3/day, every two weeks Ollie delivers tailor-made food from human-grade ingredients straight to your door, formulated and portioned just for...
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A National Review Intern Goes To The Whitney Museum And Decides… (Surprise) It’s Not Really A Museum

“One gets the feeling the patrons of this museum visit to prove how progressive they are. They do not care that the so-called art is the quintessence of bilge. They care only that it advances the ideology de rigueur. The March for Life has been going on since 1974, yet we find no “Abortion Is Murder” sign in the quite incomplete history of protest. That would get the museum shunned by high society. Indeed, there is no reason the Whitney should go on calling itself an art museum now that it has f...
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The Whitney to Open Major Andy Warhol Exhibition

The Whitney is preparing to open a major exhibition on the work of Andy Warhol, the first Warhol retrospective organized by a United States museum since 1989. “Warhol was a myth when he was alive, and he’s even more of a myth now,” says Donna De Salvo, deputy director and senior curator at the Whitney Museum of […]
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Warhol at the Whitney: From Myth to Man

The curator of the Whitney’s coming Andy Warhol retrospective offers details of the exhibition — more intimate than usual — for the first time.
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NYT Spotlights Museums’ Efforts to Highlight Latinx Artists

A piece in the New York Times this week notes the increased focus by museums towards Latinx artists.  “We’re at a really important point in history where plural curatorial voices can show not just a survey,” says Marcela Guerrero, who was recently hired as the Whitney’s first curator specializing in Latinx artists. “We can now go deeper […]
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Whitney Curator Barbara Haskell Profiled in NYT

Whitney Curator Barbara Haskell gets a profile in the New York Times this week, as she prepares to open a show on the works of painter Grant Wood. “It’s hard to imagine American art without her,” says museum director, Adam D. Weinberg. “Her métier is these great monograph shows.” Read more at NYT
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Adrienne Edwards Tapped as New Performance Curator at Whitney

The Whitney Museum in New York has appointed Adrienne Edwards as its Engell Speyer Family Curator and Curator of Performance. She previously worked with Performa, where she organized various thematic presentations, including last year’s “Afroglossia,” focused on African performance art. “Adrienne has distinguished herself as one of the most innovative curators working in performance today by […]
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Please, Saint Peter

I'm always surprised when people think that the morally ambiguous and darkly violent Oliver! is a "family" show. Or for that matter, even Annie -- what kids' show has a song like "We'd Like to Thank You, Herbert Hoover"?I'm starting to feel the same way about Anything Goes. As yet another example of its "adult content" (as if "love affairs with young bears" wasn't enough), Anything Goes skewers organized religion pretty aggressively throughout the show, often through very pointed satire.The mos...
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We're Merely Mammals

Today, most people think Anything Goes is old-fashioned and family-friendly. But really, it's a very adult show, and it was never meant to be family-friendly. After all, the title is Anything Goes! One verse of the title song even catalogs various sexual tastes that are newly acceptable...Not much about this show was conventional. The musical comedy had begun thirty years earlier by consciously rejecting tales of rich folks and royalty in operettas, in favor of stories of common people, immigra...
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You're Cellophane!

Not too long ago, I created a Music Man glossary, since that show is so chock-full of period slang and euphemisms. Now, working on Anything Goes, I find the same thing is true. It's part of what make both shows so good -- they create a very real, full world in which these characters exist. And contrary to what a lot of directors and actors think, it is not important for the audience to get every reference; but it is important that the actors get them, so that they can live fully and honestly in...
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The World Has Gone Mad Today

Many of Cole Porter's lyrics are incredibly -- even savagely -- topical. The songs of Anything Goes reference the latest news, gossip, pop culture, and celebrity sightings of 1934, and yet in a way that's fully organic to the characters and story. There's no question Reno Sweeney and Billy Crocker would be making jokes about this stuff.From our vantage point today, close to a century later, we're apt to miss some of that wicked social satire, because so many of the original references are now o...
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I've Been a Sinner, I've Been a Scamp

A lot of musical theatre fans love Anything Goes, but consider it a guilty pleasure, the artsy equivalent of Mississippi mud cake, just a mindless, old-fashioned musical comedy confection. They register great surprise when I describe it as a sharp satire.But it is.Musical comedy had dealt in gentle social satire since the beginning, but Anything Goes was the first successful Broadway musical comedy to build its story on two parallel threads of fierce, pointed satire. This time the plot came out...
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Pictures of the Amazing Sonoco Headquarters

Pictures of the Amazing Sonoco Headquarters fabiano Jan 18, 2018 The new Sonoco headquarter is the kind of place that we just see the office picutres and would love to work for them, just that. Located in Hartsville, South Carolina, the Whitney Architects made and amazing job designing their new office, creating a new innovation center that truly exemplifies their new brand and company initiatives of innovation. There is a variety of meeting spaces, as...
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