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The Insidious Harm Of “Inspiration Porn”

I’ve “come to see Keller’s mainstream image and story as a textbook example of “inspiration porn,” where disabled people’s lives are flattened into saccharine narratives about overcoming adversity, usually designed to make nondisabled people feel uplifted and grateful.” – The New York Times
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This May Be The Most Innovative Public Library In The U.S.

The Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library in Memphis hosts “financial literacy seminars, jazz concerts, cooking classes, and many other events — more than 7,000 at last count. You can check out books and movies, but also sewing machines, bicycle repair kits and laptop computers.” – Smithsonian Magazine
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The New York Times Long History (And Ambitions) For Books

It all started in the very first issue of The New York Daily Times on Sept. 18, 1851. In an article on Page 2 headlined “Snap-Shots at Books, Talk and Town,” the paper laid out its ambitious plans for covering books and the publishing industry. – The New York Times
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The Believer, Award-Winning Literary Magazine, To Close

The announcement comes seven months after high-profile editor Joshua Wolf Shenk was forced to resign after an indecent exposure incident on Zoom and multiple accusations of inappropriate behavior. The final issue will be February/March 2022. – AP
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How TikTok Is Spreading Learning Of Indigenous Languages

The platform best known for it’s viral dance clips, is making learning languages fun. – The World
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The Strange Journey Of South Africa’s Most Popular Magazine

Perhaps surprisingly in 2021, that magazine is in Afrikaans: Huisgenoot (“Home Companion”), founded in 1916 to help form a national Afrikaner consciousness in the wake of the Anglo-Boer Wars. Yet Huisgenoot has changed immensely in the past century, just as its country has. – The Economist
Tags: Art, South Africa, Words, Huisgenoot Home Companion, Anglo Boer Wars Yet Huisgenoot

Why George Eliot’s “Middlemarch” Has Remained Relevant For 150 Years

One reason, it must be said, is that a certain type of person wants to be seen as loving the book. (Yep, virtue-signaling.) Yet Middlemarch still matters because of its expert examination of one of life’s fundamental features: disappointment. – The New Statesman
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Surprise — You’re In Charge! How A Family Publishing Empire Changed Hands

Being handed control of the company, which is valued at $1.2 billion, has made Iole Lucchese, 55, one of the most powerful women in book publishing, and the stock provides her — the daughter of a construction worker and a homemaker — with significant wealth. – The New York Times
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Rolling Stone Wants To Be A Hard-Hitting Newsmagazine Again

Hoping to shake off the last lingering shame from the disastrous UVA rape-case article, new editor Noah Shachtman and CEO Gus Wenner (Jann’s son) plan to cast a critical eye not only on politics, but on the popular music stars that typically grace its cover. – The Washington Post
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The Poem That Provoked An FBI Investigation

“Dial-a-Poem received more than a million calls before it lost funding and ended in 1971. There were complaints of indecency, claims that the poems incited violence. The FBI investigated.” – The Guardian (UK)
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The Musician Solange Launches A New Free Library Of Out-Of-Print And Rare Books By Black Authors

Solange’s creative studio, Saint Heron, hired a community bookstore founder to “curate” the first 50 items in the library, which will be mailed to those who request them for a 45-day loan period. – Hyperallergic
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Penelope Lively On Her Writing Career And The Difference Between Novels And Short Stories

Lively, who’s 88: “When I started, publishers didn’t expect a breakthrough with a first or second book. They were prepared to stay with an author for a long time. They seem to be more driven by marketing now.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Turns Out Amelia Earhart Was Also A Poet

“Earhart was one of the earliest aviators, a record-setter, a college professor and well ahead of her time as a champion for women’s rights. Yet she is also one of history’s more enigmatic figures.” – Washington Post
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A Woman Wins A Writing Prize, And She Turns Out To Be Three Men

“Carmen Mola” was always pseudonym, but the fact that “she” was three scriptwriter men in tuxedos shocked the crowd (and the crime-thriller-reading world) at the Premio Planeta literary awards in Barcelona. – Washington Post
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The Fight Over What Kids Can Read Isn’t New

But it is particularly virulent right now, especially in states where white parents and legislators feel threatened by – well, what? Not actual Critical Race Theory, but in some cases, literally any books by Black writers. – The Atlantic
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Rebecca Solnit On The Legacy Of George Orwell’s Garden

“Nearly everyone who knew him is gone, but the roses are a sort of saeculum that includes Orwell. I was suddenly in his presence in a way I hadn’t expected, and I was in the presence of a living remnant of the essay.” – The Guardian (UK)
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The Professor Who Showed Us That Teaching Writing Is More Than Just Correcting Mistakes

Mike Rose at UCLA “heralded a paradigm shift in the way writing is taught in our educational system. … (He) asked teachers to understand students as whole people, with mixed feelings about academic writing, who are nonetheless trying to do a very difficult thing.” – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Words, Ucla, Mike Rose

What People Today Misunderstand About Old Sufi Love Poetry

“What, then, do Rumi and his followers on the Sufi ‘path of love’ really mean when they say ‘love’? The answer turns out to be more radical than even the most far-fetched of modern misreadings of this erotic spiritual tradition.” – Psyche
Tags: Art, Words, Rumi

The Most Influential Science Fiction Books In History

Yes, the obvious candidates are here — Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1984, Dune, Asimov, Bradbury, Octavia Butler — along some you perhaps didn’t know about because they weren’t originally written in English and some you might not realize count as science fiction. – Book Riot
Tags: Art, Words, Jekyll, Dune Asimov Bradbury Octavia Butler

Big Date Research: Left And Right Literally Speak Different Languages

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University collected more than 86.6 million comments from more than 6.5 million users on 200,000 YouTube videos, then analyzed them using an AI technique normally employed to translate between two languages. – Wired
Tags: Art, Youtube, Words, Carnegie Mellon University

Big Data Research: Left And Right Literally Speak Different Languages

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University collected more than 86.6 million comments from more than 6.5 million users on 200,000 YouTube videos, then analyzed them using an AI technique normally employed to translate between two languages. – Wired
Tags: Art, Youtube, Words, Carnegie Mellon University, Big Data Research

A Fascinating Group Attempt At Understanding Tolstoy

If the “Internet novel” or “Instagram novel” are ascendant genres in today’s literary marketplace, Tolstoy Together is an impressive nonfiction cousin. It sits merrily on the fence between a type of collective criticism and a commonplace book filled to bursting with clever ruminations and quotations. – The Smart Set
Tags: Art, Words, Tolstoy

It’s Taken Decades, But The Yurok Language Of California Is Coming Back

This indigenous tongue of northern California was severely endangered by the early 1900s, and efforts to revive it didn’t begin until the 1970s (and didn’t really take off until the ’90s). Now there are high school and college classes in Yurok. – The Guardian
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W. G. Sebald Said He Stayed True To His Subjects In Big Things and Invented Only Details. That Was A Lie.

It was the details, many of them none too plausible, that were true; the larger outline of the stories and characters were what was made up. – The Atlantic
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Why We’re Fascinated By Low-Stakes Literary Disputes

It happens every few months, somewhere or other, with a reliability approaching a new genre. Someone, usually working for a large media company, devotes considerable resources to excavating an obscure story of relatively low public interest. – The Guardian
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Nobel Prizewinner Abdulrazak Gurnah Has Some Strong Words For Europe

Gurnah, who is from Tanzania and lives in Britain, said, “People don’t come with nothing, they come with their youth, their energy, their potential. … Just to stay on the idea ‘they are there, they are coming to steal something of our prosperity’ is inhumane.” – Le Figaro
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The Great Novel Of The Internet Was Published In 1925

That novel? Mrs. Dalloway, of course. “‘We are all Mrs. Dalloway now,’ one writer put it.” – The Atlantic
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A Brief Survey Of Men Having Opinions About Women Reading

“You’d think men might sit out commenting on books written by women about female rage, but you’d be wrong.” – LitHub
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Book Sales Soared In Britain During Lockdown

Can the physical, print book continue its run this year? Independent bookstores would really like books to keep selling, even when people aren’t trapped at home. – BBC
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Of Poetry, Plagiarism, And Artistic Influence

Where were the limits exactly, in what was deemed to be a case of poetry plagiarism? How many lines that emerged while writing, any poet might ask, could be traced back to some half-remembered source? – LitHub
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