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Jadayupara, The Largest Bird Sculpture In The World

Jatayu Earth Centre – The worlds largest bird sculpture is the new attraction of India, which is in Kerala 50 kilometer from Trivandrum towards North (Cochin direction). Traveling from Cochin to Trivandrum, this is 170 kilometer from Cochin, 114km from Alleppey and is 40km from Kollam. This is the masterpiece creation of Mr. Rajiv Anchal with a dedicated work of 10 years and the message being... Source
Tags: Travel, Design, India, World, Sculpture, Bird, Largest, Kerala, Rajiv Anchal, Alleppey, Cochin, Trivandrum, Jadayupara, Jatayu Earth Centre, North Cochin

Author Beverly Cleary Just Turned 103, And Her Most Important Creation Helps Kids And Adults Make Sense Of The World

Ramona Quimby “is a plain girl in the suburbs. Nothing remarkable happens to her, no one notices her particularly, nor does she have the power to make her own magic.” And yet. – LitHub
Tags: Art, World, Words, Beverly Cleary, Ramona Quimby, 04.12.19

The CIA Scheme That Brought ‘Dr. Zhivago’ To The World

OK, fine, everything we thought was good in art from the 1950s and 1960s was indeed funded by the CIA in some way. As for Dr. Zhivago, “Literary propaganda was a company-wide preoccupation. The scheme went all the way to the top.” – LitHub
Tags: Art, World, Ideas, Cia, Zhivago, 04.12.19

World Press Photo Contest 2019 Winners

The winner: crying girl on the border, by John Moore. Yanela, from Honduras, cries as her mother, Sandra Sanchez, is searched by a US border patrol agent, in McAllen, Texas, US. This image was also nominated in the “spot news” category. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images/World Press Photo 2019) General news, singles winner: the disappearance of Jamal Kashoggi, by Chris McGrath. Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Photo, World, Press, Contest, Winners

“Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”: Thus Passes The Glory Of The World

Patrick Smith/Getty Images Standing nearly 20-feet-high, 43 U.S. Presidential busts rest on April 9, 2019 in Croaker, Virginia (previously). From George Washington to George W. Bush., these remnants of bankrupted Presidents Park are stored on the property of Howard Hankins. He has recently partnered with historian and photographer John Plashal to provide legal tour of the busts. Source
Tags: Usa, Design, World, Park, Presidents, Statues, Abandoned, George W Bush, Sculptures, George Washington, Patrick Smith Getty, Croaker Virginia, Howard Hankins He, John Plashal

Big Tech’s War To Dominate The World

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google are waging a war of all against all—a war for all of your time, all of your money, all of your worldly interactions and desires. They want to be your one indispensable partner for navigating life, and to get there, they must destroy one another. If the government doesn’t step in, the American public will become collateral damage. – The New Republic
Tags: Google, Art, World, Ideas, Apple Amazon Facebook, 04.08.19

The World’s Longest-Running Soap Opera Finally Features A Black Family

It’s been a long time coming for Coronation Street. “To many observers, the addition, while welcome, came astonishingly late for a show, known as ‘Corrie,’ that debuted in December 1960 and that has been watched by up to a third of the British public — including, reports say, Queen Elizabeth II.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, World, Elizabeth Ii, Corrie, 04.06.19

Amazing Portraits Of Elspeth Beard, The First British Woman To Ride A Motorcycle Around The World

In an age before sat-nav, internet, email and mobile phones – and in an age when women hardly ever traveled alone to adventurous countries – Elspeth Elspeth achieved something that is still remarkable today. In 1982, Beard embarked on a two-year solo journey that would take her around the world on her beloved motorbike – the first British woman to do so. From the outback of Australia to the... Source
Tags: Design, Australia, World, Elspeth Elspeth

‘A Cross Between Birgit Nilsson And Tina Fey’: How A Perfectly Good Mozart Soprano Became The World’s Leading Wagnerian Hero-Diva

Says Alexander Neef, general director of Canadian Opera Company, about Christine Goerke, “People can’t get over the sheer power of the voice — and I don’t mean only the volume. … It’s not only that she hits all the notes and she hits them powerfully. It’s that there’s always an element of storytelling that really allows her to connect with the audience.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, World, Tina Fey, Christine Goerke, Canadian Opera Company, Alexander Neef, Birgit Nilsson, 03.15.19

Why English Won’t Be Replaced As The World’s Lingua Franca Anytime Soon

The reason is inertia, basically: “[English] got there first, and there is no major expansion of globalization to shift the balance to another language. Today there are far more non-native English speakers than native speakers, and this means that English isn’t about the USA or the UK, but instead about its international use across cultures.” – Quartz (Quora)
Tags: Art, Usa, UK, World, Words, Lingua Franca, 03.07.19

Designer Conceived A Bottle That Indicates For Each Town Where To Find A Drinking Water

Despite the historical presence of public water fountains in most of the large cities of the world, city inhabitants still hesitate to drink that “street water” and prefer to buy a plastic bottle, which is pollutive. However, these fountains are tested and their quality very high because of health norms. In Paris, Wallace fountains are icons of the urban landscape. Source
Tags: Travel, Design, World, Cities, Ecology, Bottle, Paris Wallace, Emanuele Pizzolorusso

Side-By-Side Photos Show How Tragically Different Life Is In War-Torn Countries

News broadcasts and stories on social media highlight the casualties and destruction of war in the Middle East. It’s a sad truth that daily life in the Middle East is the polar opposite of the relatively peaceful culture that many of us in the Western world know. Artist Uğur Gallenkuş is showcasing just how tragic the contrast in daily life can be between these two parts of our planet. Source
Tags: Politics, Design, Turkey, World, Middle East, Inspirations, Collages, Uğur Gallenkuş, Photomanipulations

The World’s Greatest Art Thief (And How He Does It)

When it comes to stealing from museums, Stéphane Breitwieser is virtually peerless. He is one of the most prolific and successful art thieves who have ever lived. Done right, his technique—daytime, no violence, performed like a magic trick, sometimes with guards in the room—never involves a dash to a getaway car. – GQ
Tags: Art, World, Visual, Stéphane Breitwieser, 02.28.19

Stories Illustrate. Stories Mutate. Stories Grow And Change The World

In many ways, stories are uncannily similar to living organisms. They seem to have their own interests. They compel us to share them and, once told, they begin to grow and change, often becoming longer and more elaborate. They compete with one another for our attention—for the opportunity to reach as many minds as possible. They find each other, intermingle, and multiply. – Harper’s
Tags: Art, World, Words, Harper

This Museum Handles One Of The World’s Touchiest Subjects

“How do you memorialize a holocaust that even now, seven decades after it took place, may still not be entirely safe to talk about?” India’s Partition Museum, which opened in 2017 in Amritsar, in Punjab state and hard by the border with Pakistan, uses documents, photographs, and eyewitness testimony — carefully — to do the very tricky job. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, India, World, Pakistan, Issues, Punjab, Amritsar, 02.23.19, Partition Museum

What Every Presenter Can Learn from Disney

Known as the happiest place on earth, Disney World is a place that children and adults alike can escape to a magical world of imagination and exploration. However, on a recent trip to Disney, I decided to explore the magic through a different lens. At Ethos3, we are always looking for ways to equip presenters to escalate their content and skill sets, and with this particular trip to Disney, I wanted to glean some Disney magic for our presenters. Over the long weekend adventure, I discovered that...
Tags: Design, Disney, World, Deliver, Public, Public Speaking, Presentation, Develop, Speaking, Disney World, Earth Disney World, Presentation Science, Disney Hospitality

How Your Body And Your Brain Work Together To Perceive The World

If you pay attention to your heart and bodily responses, they can tell you how you are feeling, and allow you to share in the emotions of others. Interoception can enhance the depth of our own emotions, emotionally bind us to those around us, and guide our intuitive instincts. We are now learning just how much the way we think and feel is shaped by this dynamic interaction between body and brain. – Aeon
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, World, 02.15.19

Treasures From The World’s Largest Archive Of Dance Materials

That would be none other than the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. “It regularly films dance productions in the city, preserving the present for the future; it aims to have a copy of every dance book ever published; it possesses treasures going back centuries. And its doors are open to the public as well as to specialist researchers.” Alastair Macaulay looks at a few of its gems, from a 1453 treatise to 1933 films of Balinese dance. — The New York Times
Tags: Art, World, Dance, New York Public Library, Alastair Macaulay, 02.07.19

How The World’s Biggest Financial Scandal Ensnared The Art World (And Leonardo Di Caprio)

Nate Freeman recaps the story of financier Jho Low and 1MDB, the enormous Malaysian government investment fund whose billions were diverted into the personal accounts of former prime minister Najib Razak and his family and friends — and from there into extremely high-priced art. — Artsy
Tags: Art, World, Visual, Najib Razak, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jho Low, Nate Freeman, 01.17.19

Dancing Around The World

Matt Bray spent a year traveling all over the world filming himself dancing with whomever was where he was. He calls it the “1000 People of Dance” project, and it’s fun. – Mother Nature Network
Tags: Art, World, Dance, 01.18.19, Matt Bray

Recent Listening: Jazz Is Of The World

Paolo Fresu, Richard Galliano, Jan Lundgren, Mare Nostrum III (ACT) This third outing by Mare Nostrum continues the international trio’s close collaboration in a series of albums.
Tags: Art, World, Ajblogs, 01.20.19, Paolo Fresu Richard Galliano Jan Lundgren, Mare Nostrum

The World’s Largest City Made Of Ice

Every winter the Harbin (China) Ice and Snow Festival assembles 200,000 blocks of ice to make a city. Millions come to see it. “The workers, most recruited from local villages, spend over a month each year cutting 3-foot-thick blocks of ice from the river and transporting them to the festival site, where they are sculpted and stacked by an even larger team of workers. Beginning before dawn and working through the day in temperatures that average -13 degrees Fahrenheit, the workers earn around $...
Tags: Art, World, Issues, 01.18.19

The World’s Smallest Global Travel Adapter?!

Travel adapters are an absolute necessity when it comes to traveling to a different country; without them our electronic devices would become nothing more but expensive paperweights in just a matter of days. However, current adapters are bulky and heavy, and they occupy the already limited space within our bags… but this certainly isn’t the case with EVO, the world’s smallest global travel adapter!Measuring in at just 0.8inches thick, EVO may be small, but it sure packs a punch; two USB interf...
Tags: Travel, Deals, Design, World, Popular, Product Design, Random, Travel Adapter, Evo StudioClick

Going Inside The World’s Most Beautiful Bookstore

The bookstore in Argentina, which opened in a building modeled after the Paris Opera, won the title in 2019 – 18 years after NPR’s Bob Mondello first filed this report. – NPR
Tags: Art, World, Argentina, Npr, Words, Bob Mondello, Paris Opera, 01.12.19

According To Uber Data: The World’s Top (Car-Accessible) Destinations

Two New York destinations are at the top of the list — the Empire State Building and the One World Trade Center (listed on Uber by its former name, the Freedom Tower). – CNN
Tags: Art, New York, World, Issues, Empire State Building, 12.17.18

The World’s Oldest Surviving Form Of Theatre

The Japanese musical drama called Noh has been practiced without a significant break since the 14th century. In this short documentary, The Spirit of Noh, actor Michishige Udaka tells filmmaker Edwin Lee, “The actor wearing the Noh mask is not acting as a modern-day person, but as a spirit or wraith.” (video) — The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Theatre, World, Nôh, Edwin Lee, Michishige Udaka

Extreme Body Modifications Through the Ages

Body modification is found in all crevices of the world — even tattoos qualify!
Tags: Art, Life, Society, Amazing, History, World, Bizarre, Gallery, Trending, Galley, Intriguing, Science & Nature

Scorecard: The World’s 14 Biggest Mega-Galleries

With a new announcement about gallery expansion seeming to hit the art-industry newswire every day, it can be vexing to try to visualize just how physically large even one major dealer is in 2018, let alone how that dealer compares to some of their closest peers. – Artnet
Tags: Art, World, Visual, 12.05.18

What’s ‘Receptive Multilingualism’? It’s Something Found All Over The World

Americans are most likely to encounter it among the (guilty-feeling) children of immigrants or near the borders with Mexico or Quebec — it’s when someone can understand a language but not speak it. It occurs in many polyglot cities as well as along linguistic borders; it can also be observed on islands with multiple native ethnic groups. On one island, off the north coast of Australia, whose 500 people speak a total of nine languages, receptive multilingualism is basically mandatory, grounded i...
Tags: Art, Australia, Mexico, World, Words, 11.26.18

It’s Time To Abandon The Most Profitable Business In The World

Is it oil? Banking? Nope: It’s academic publishing, and its time must come to an end. “Most of the costs of its content is picked up by taxpayers. Publicly funded researchers do the work, write it up and judge its merits. And yet the resulting intellectual property ends up in the hands of the publishers. To rub salt into the wound they then sell it via exorbitant subscriptions and paywalls, often paid for by taxpayers too.”
Tags: Art, World, Issues, 11.21.18

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