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Berlin nightclub Berghain opens to all for lockdown art exhibition

Visitors can view work by likes of Olafur Eliasson and Tacita Dean and take guided tours of venueBerlin’s legendary Berghain nightclub will relax its notoriously strict door policy for art lovers from next month as the venue turns into a gallery while the German capital’s nightlife remains on hold because of the pandemic.Berghain, housed in an old power plant on the border between the Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg districts, will from 9 September show works produced during the Covid-19 lockdown b...
Tags: Art, Europe, Germany, Berlin, World news, Culture, Art and design, Tacita Dean, Kreuzberg, Olafur Eliasson, Wolfgang Tillmans, Berghain, Friedrichshain, Olafur Eliasson Tacita Dean, Shirin Sabahi Christine Sun Kim, Sandra Mujinga

Looted landmarks: how Notre-Dame, Big Ben and St Mark's were stolen from the east

They are beacons of western civilisation. But, says an explosive new book, the designs of Europe’s greatest buildings were plundered from the Islamic world – twin towers, rose windows, vaulted ceilings and allAs Notre-Dame cathedral was engulfed by flames last year, thousands bewailed the loss of . The ultimate symbol of French cultural identity, the very heart of the nation, was going up in smoke. But Middle East expert Diana Darke was having different thoughts. She knew that the origins of th...
Tags: Europe, Books, Design, Religion, World news, Syria, Culture, Architecture, Middle East and North Africa, Art and design, Heritage, Paris, Middle East, Christianity, Islam, Notre Dame

If Britain looked anew, it could learn so much about the arts from Africa | Afua Hirsch

The UK cultural sector, so obsessed with being ‘world leading’, is standing on the brink. It needs to broaden its gazeIt’s a painful time to tell stories about the arts. This week, hundreds of venues across the UK were lit up in red – not in an inspired display of creativity, but as a cry for help as arts venues find themselves on the brink of collapse.The protest culminated in the iconic chimney at London’s Tate Modern art gallery being made bright red, and illuminated with the words “Throw Us ...
Tags: Art, Politics, UK, London, Africa, UK News, World news, Culture, Britain, Tate Modern, Arts funding, Afua Hirsch, Coronavirus outbreak

A city out of time: what do we dream of when we dream of Rome?

On a writing grant to the eternal city an Italian-born Australian encounters its two faces – the tourist’s fantasy and the residents’s realityMy desire to live in Rome germinated on a European holiday almost 20 years ago. I exited Trastevere train station, bleary eyed after the long-haul flight, and was instantly revived by the sight of women in tight skirts and stilettos zooming past on their Vespas. Men at the local bar made fun of my Italian pronunciation. Come si dice ‘tre’? they would tease...
Tags: Travel, Art, Europe, Books, Environment, Religion, Race, World news, Australia news, Rome, Culture, Art and design, Catholicism, Sculpture, Pope Francis, Italy

Entirely unseen colour photographs by an unknown Italian photographer, discovered by his granddaughter.

Amateur photographer Alberto di Lenardo’s work was, for many years, hidden away in a secret room. Now the unguarded moments he captured are being published in An Attic Full of Trains Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Books, Photography, World news, Culture, Art and design, Italy, Art and design books, Alberto di Lenardo

Banksy altered sea view triptych sells for £2.2m at auction

Romantic seascapes – with political message in washed up life jackets – raise funds for Bethlehem hospitalA Banksy triptych, which aims to make a powerful political statement on the global migrant crisis, sold for £2.2m at an auction in London that also featured works by Rembrandt, Picasso, and Bridget Riley.The three paintings were offered by Banksy to raise money for a hospital in Bethlehem. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, London, Israel, Painting, UK News, World news, Palestinian territories, Banksy, Rembrandt, Bethlehem, Bridget Riley, Rembrandt Picasso

Place depicted in Van Gogh's final painting found with help of postcard

French hillside scene in Tree Roots may have been painted hours before artist’s deathThe exact location from where Vincent van Gogh is likely to have painted his final masterpiece, perhaps just hours before his death, has been discovered with the help of a postcard.The scene in Tree Roots, a painting of trunks and roots growing on a hillside near the French village of Auvers-sur-Oise near Paris was first spotted on a card dating from 1900 to 1910 by Wouter van der Veen, the scientific director o...
Tags: Art, Europe, Painting, World news, Culture, Art and design, Paris, Netherlands, Van Gogh, Vincent Van Gogh, Auvers, OISE, Wouter van der Veen, Institut Van Gogh Continue

Bouncing back: European dance is kick-started with huge state support

Dancers are taking tentative steps back to work, giving socially distanced performances outdoors in Germany, France and the Czech RepublicTamas Detrich, director of Germany’s Stuttgart Ballet, had been planning two big programmes of modern ballet for the summer season when the coronavirus crisis hit. “We were on tour, and had to return to Stuttgart,” he remembers. “Then one of our company tested positive. We shut down the whole ballet and went into quarantine. During those first two weeks, we st...
Tags: Europe, UK, Germany, Theatre, World news, Dance, Culture, Stage, Ballet, Stuttgart, Germany France, Stuttgart Ballet, Detrich, RepublicTamas Detrich

'Hope flows through her': artist Marc Quinn on replacing Colston with a Black Lives Matter statue

Today the sculptor placed a statue of a woman doing a black power salute on the vacant plinth in Bristol. We tell the full story of its creation – and speak to Jen Reid, the protester whose gesture so inspired him ‘Amazing moment’: new statue appears at dawnThere’s a lookout stationed at the end of Colston Street and a load of people, some dressed in hi-vis vests, are gathering at a nearby restaurant called Bambalan. Then, in the dawn light, a statue concealed in plastic wrapping can be seen app...
Tags: Art, Race, Society, UK News, World news, Culture, Art and design, Sculpture, Slavery, Bristol, British identity and society, Marc Quinn, Black Lives Matter Movement, Colston, Edward Colston, Colston Street

Artlords, not warlords – how Kabul's artists battle for the streets

Muralists are covering the Afghan capital’s blast walls with agitprop imagery and calling out corruptionFrom the killing of George Floyd in the US and the drowning of Afghan refugees in Iran, to the signing of the US-Taliban agreement towards peace and brutal murder of a Japanese aid worker, a group of Afghan artists have taken paintbrushes to adorn Kabul’s grey blast walls with vivid imagery.The barriers have been transformed into politically inspired murals, which the artists hope will create ...
Tags: Art, Protest, US, Painting, World news, Iran, Afghanistan, Culture, South and Central Asia, Art and design, Global development, Kabul, Street Art, US Taliban, George Floyd

The great reopening – how Britain's galleries Covid-proofed themselves

From London to Llandudno to Dundee, museums are back in business. So is it now safe to view art – and how will they cope with the drastic drop in numbers?‘There was a moment,” says Andrew Nairne, “when I was thinking, of course, we are like Nottingham Contemporary and the Hepworth Wakefield, places like that.” The director of Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge is guiding me around a gallery that’s “in rehearsals” for a socially distanced opening in August. “Then I remembered that the others don’t have a...
Tags: Art, London, Wales, Scotland, UK News, World news, Culture, Britain, Art and design, Museums, Dundee, Local Government, Cambridge, National Gallery, Llandudno, Carlisle

Unseen Picasso portrait of lover and muse to appear at auction

Sotheby’s will auction 1931 charcoal drawing that shines light on artist’s affair with Marie-Thérèse Walter A tender and largely unseen portrait by Picasso of his lover and muse Marie-Thérèse Walter, which the artist personally kept until his death, is to appear at auction for the first time.The 1931 charcoal drawing shines light on one of the great love affairs of the 20th century and was made by Picasso when his affair with Walter was still a closely guarded secret. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, UK News, World news, Culture, Art and design, Pablo Picasso, Walter, Picasso, Sotheby, Marie Thérèse Walter

Danny Sapani: 'We must teach the truth about British history'

The actor, who stars in the National Theatre’s stream of Les Blancs, says schools must acknowledge the damage done by colonialism – to strengthen the bonds of a multicultural societyLes Blancs was staged at the National Theatre in 2016 and is Lorraine Hansberry’s final play. It’s not as well known as her iconic A Raisin in the Sun. When did you first read it?When I was called by the National Theatre. I did my research afterwards and realised there had been two [UK] productions of the play, one a...
Tags: UK, Africa, Race, Theatre, Disney, World news, Culture, South Africa, Stage, Manchester, Broadway, Colonialism, National Theatre, Royal Exchange, British Empire, Black Lives Matter Movement

It's a botch-up! Monkey Christ and the worst art repairs of all time

As another religious painting restoration goes horribly wrong, we take a look at some of the finest examples of butchered statues, art installations and frescoes In the latest instalment of the greatest genre of art news – and I write that as a lover of art – another restoration has gone awry. The word “awry” is being generous.This is the revelation that a private collector, based in Valencia, paid €1,200 (£1,070) for a restoration job on baroque painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s Immaculate C...
Tags: Art, Religion, Painting, Spain, World news, Turkey, Culture, Canada, Art and design, Heritage, Sculpture, Portugal, Installation, Valencia, Damien Hirst, Mary

Unfinished, abandoned, demolished: how Cairo is losing architecture it never knew it had

From grand visions that fail with the departure of a president to everyday buildings knocked down before they can be considered for heritage protection, a new book unpicks what Egypt’s capital might have beenn Looming above the affluent Zamalek neighbourhood in the centre of Cairo, the Forte Tower has stood as the tallest building in Egypt for the last 30 years – yet it remains unfinished and abandoned. A ring of faintly Islamic pointed-arch windows encircles the uppermost floor of the great cyl...
Tags: Books, Design, Africa, World news, Culture, Architecture, Middle East and North Africa, Egypt, Art and design, Manhattan, Cairo, Hosni Mubarak, Zamalek, Anwar Sadat, Sadat, Art and design books

Nigerian scholar calls for halt to auction of sacred Igbo artworks

Chika Okeke-Agulu says sale of sculptures removed during 1960s civil war ‘perpetuates violence’ of conflictA prominent Igbo-Nigerian artist and academic has called for the cancellation of a forthcoming auction in Paris of two sacred sculptures taken out of Nigeria during its devastating civil war in the late 1960s.Chika Okeke-Agulu, a professor of art history at Princeton University, said the sale of the Igbo objects – called alusi or “sacred sculptures” – at Christie’s auction house later this ...
Tags: Art, France, Nigeria, Africa, World news, Culture, Art and design, Sculpture, Paris, Princeton University, Christie, Chika Okeke Agulu

Dutch art detective says he has 'proof of life' of stolen Van Gogh painting

Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring was snatched from a museum in Laren in MarchDutch detectives are investigating two apparent “proof of life” photographs of a £5m Vincent van Gogh painting stolen from a museum during the coronavirus lockdown.The images appear to show Van Gogh’s Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring alongside a copy of the New York Times published on the day of the painting’s theft. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, World news, Culture, Art and design, New York Times, Netherlands, Art Theft, Van Gogh, Vincent Van Gogh, Nuenen, Laren, Parsonage Garden

Katie Waggett's best photograph: Sunday worship with Joy

‘Joy was dancing in church with her children in London. She was in her element – her dress speaks to her sense of cultural pride’Her name is Joy and I photographed her outside one of the many African churches in south-east London. I had just finished photographing a mosque on the same bland industrial estate when I found the blue wall, then spotted Joy dancing in the church with her children. I thought: “That’s a portrait I’ve got to get,” and asked if she’d come outside and have her photograph ...
Tags: Art, Europe, Books, Photography, London, Nigeria, Africa, Religion, Society, UK News, World news, Culture, Art and design, Christianity, British identity and society, Quebec

Van Gogh and Gauguin letter about brothel visit sells for €210,000

‘Exceptional’ correspondence sent from Arles in 1888 is bought by Van Gogh MuseumA letter written by two of the greatest artists of the 19th century, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, about their visits to French brothels has been bought for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam for €210,600 (£189,000).The correspondence, previously held in private hands, has been described as “exceptional”. The two painters entwine descriptions of their experiences living together in Arles, in Provence, with claims...
Tags: Art, Europe, France, World news, Culture, Art and design, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Provence, Arles, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh Museum, Van Gogh MuseumA

Suspected 14th-century statue fished out of river in Spain

Sculpture of Virgin Mary and child discovered 11-days ago by an angler looking for troutA week after a Nile crocodile was allegedly spotted in a river in north-west Spain, the country’s waters have yielded an even more miraculous find in the mossy and somewhat eroded form of a granite statue of the Virgin Mary and child that could date from the 14th century.The sculpture was discovered 11 days ago in the Sar River on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela by an angler looking for trout. What ap...
Tags: Art, Europe, Religion, Spain, World news, Santiago De Compostela, Sculpture, Virgin Mary, north west Spain, Sar River

Color is not a crime: New York's Black Lives Matter street art

Across the US, artists have responded to the death of George Floyd and the ensuing protests with impactful and urgent work. In New York, artworks have appeared supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and remembering the deaths of, among others, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain and Eric Garner Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Photography, New York, US, World news, US news, Culture, Street Art, Eric Garner, Black Lives Matter Movement, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor Elijah McClain

Paris museum reopens with stories of frantic wartime exodus

Visitors may find echoes of early 1940s Europe in present-day fears and uncertaintiesEighty years ago, on 13 June 1940, the last of the 2 million Parisians – nearly three-quarters of the city’s population – to flee the fast-advancing German army were scrambling frantically to leave the capital.Amid chaos and confusion, by train, in cars piled high with belongings, by bike and on foot, pushing prams and pulling handcarts, clutching suitcases and small children, they joined a throng of 8 million d...
Tags: Art, Europe, France, World news, Culture, Art and design, Second world war, Museums, Paris

Bird figurine is earliest Chinese artwork ever discovered, say experts

‘Refined’ 2cm carving found in Henan dates to palaeolithic period up to 13,000 years agoA tiny figurine of a bird, carved from burnt bone and no bigger than a £1 coin, is the earliest Chinese artwork ever discovered, according to an international team of archaeologists. The carving, less than 2cm in length, has been dated to the palaeolithic period, between 13,800 and 13,000 years ago, which pushes back the earliest known date of east Asian animal sculpture by more than eight millennia.  Continu...
Tags: Art, Science, China, World news, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Sculpture, Archaeology, Henan

David Shrigley's monk-like lockdown: rice, drawings and 'balls cold' sea swims

Isolation in Devon has inspired the artist, with an outpouring of 400 black ink drawings about anything from coronavirus to Donald Trump. He reveals why his wife would prefer him to wash the car‘Sometimes,” says David Shrigley, “I feel like a monk transcribing the Bible.” The artist, speaking by phone from lockdown in Devon, is referring to the meditative form of creativity he has been practising ever since isolation began. His aim is to produce a set number of drawings each day. “Sometimes it’s...
Tags: Art, World news, Culture, Art and design, Drawing, Devon, Donald Trump, David Shrigley, Shrigley, Coronavirus outbreak

Extra legroom and no interval: Germany plans for post-lockdown theatre

Berliner Ensemble unveils auditorium with most chairs ripped out, but some left in pairs, for a socially distanced audience who can visit the toilet during the playGoing to the theatre after the coronavirus lockdown could be not just a novel but a more pleasant experience, if the plans of Germany’s leading theatres are anything to go by. There will be generous legroom for spectators and a more casual attitude to toilet breaks.As Germany continues to relax social distancing restrictions imposed t...
Tags: Europe, Germany, Berlin, Theatre, World news, Culture, Stage, Arts funding, Berliner Ensemble, Schaubühne, Coronavirus outbreak

Galleries in Europe open doors as lockdown lifts – in pictures

While museums and galleries across the UK remain closed, cultural institutions abroad are beginning to welcome visitors as lockdown easesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, UK, World news, Art and design, Museums, Coronavirus outbreak

Ship builders and snow eaters: forgotten lives in the frame – in pictures

Witold Krassowski has witnessed countries such as India, Afghanistan and his native Poland undergo huge transformations – yet he always kept his camera trained on the lives of ordinary people Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Books, Photography, World news, Culture, Art and design, Poland, India Afghanistan, Art and design books, Witold Krassowski

Close your eyes and imagine seeing the art world's treasures as if for the first time | Laura Cumming

The museums of Europe have begun reopening their doors to art lovers desperate to see old favourites and new worksI am cursing my bad luck not to be stuck in lockdown in the Prado. A friend wishes she had stowed away in a closet before they bolted the doors of the National Gallery. Others would give anything for a week in the Rijksmuseum, a day in the Uffizi, an hour with Rembrandt or Vermeer, even just a few minutes with a Samuel Palmer moonscape in the Ashmolean or a Turner sunrise at Tate Bri...
Tags: Art, Europe, Utah, Germany, UK News, World news, Culture, Art and design, Museums, Rembrandt, Prado, Robert Smithson, Leonardo, Laura Cumming, Great Salt Lake, James Turrell

Police seize 19,000 stolen artefacts in international art trafficking crackdown

101 suspects arrested and rare cultural treasures recovered in huge global investigation Two huge international police operations targeting the trade in stolen artworks and archaeological artefacts have led to the arrest of 101 people and the recovery of more than 19,000 items, including a pre-Columbian gold mask, a carved Roman lion and thousands of ancient coins. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Americas, Spain, World news, Colombia, Culture, Art and design, Heritage, Archaeology, Art Theft

France to sell some of nation's antique furniture to support hospitals

About 100 objects dating from 19th century expected to be auctioned by Mobilier National Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFrance is to sell off some of the nation’s antique furniture to support the country’s hard-pressed hospitals.The Mobilier National – the national furniture collection – is drawing up a list of objects in storage that will be auctioned off in September. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Design, France, World news, Culture, Heritage, Coronavirus outbreak

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