The KOALA ‘bungee harness’ for your phone ensures it’ll never hit the floor ever again

Call it a bungee cord and harness, call it a seatbelt, call it whatever you like, the KOALA is a literal lifesaver. Its universal design firmly grasps any phone, preventing a ‘butter fingers’ moment where your expensive phone slips through your fingers or falls out of your pocket and hits the floor. KOALA has a non-invasive way of firmly grasping any smartphone, even if it has a case, protecting it from drops, damage, and loss.It’s hard to say if the guys who created the KOALA accidentally dro...
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RIBA Stirling prize goes to Passivhaus social housing project

The most prestigious prize in British architecture is given to the solidly green project rather than the flash in the pan.
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This bike reflector with true 360° visibility instantly makes night riding safer

You know what’s more eco-friendly than a fuel car, and cheaper than an electronic vehicle? Good-old man-power! Countries are slowly and surely realizing how much easier and healthier it is to commute via cycles. You can drive on footpaths, bike-lanes, roads, off-road, you can carry your bike into the subway to cover larger distances, and most importantly, you stay healthy. The only drawback to bicycling is that it’s difficult to spot a rider in low-light settings, and FLECTR’s award winning ad...
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Adobe Announces Redesigned Creative Cloud Desktop App

Adobe Announces Redesigned Creative Cloud Desktop App abduzeedoOct 10, 2019 Today, Adobe announced the new Creative Cloud desktop application. The app has been redesigned from the ground up to offer an intuitive way to access Adobe apps, update them, and discover other Adobe apps that complement or extend your creativity. Some features of the new CC Desktop app: Full screen management of Creative Cloud Libraries Easy access to tutorials to learn new skills...
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The Problem With Museums That Try To Tell The Story Of Classical Music

Classical music institutions have a built-in challenge in trying to arrange exhibits for the public: Their default archival documents tend to be just the kind of dusty memento the stereotype is describing. – Washington Post
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Beautiful Branding Work for Adobe 99U Conference

Beautiful Branding Work for Adobe 99U Conference abduzeedoOct 15, 2019 Mark Brooks shared a truly beautiful branding and visual identity project on Behance. It was the project for the wildly popular Adobe 99U Conference.  The Adobe 99U Conference is a live experience that inspires creatives to supercharge your work and make your ideas happen. It’s an evBent where you can hear from a diverse group of thinkers and doers in a series of main stage talks over two...


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The New MoMA: More Space, Less Story

Phil Kennicott: “MoMA is billing these changes to the display of the art as the most significant aspect of the expansion. Not only is the museum growing, it is changing its relationship to the art, no longer insisting on a single grand narrative, no longer teaching, but simply opening itself up to exploration and discovery.” – Washington Post
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Slē plywood sled is for all ages and durable

Winter is coming – no more fun saying because GoT is done and dusted, nevertheless, let’s look at Slē, the plywood sled. Inspired by bent plywood structures and joints that we see in everyday life, the dynamic design of the sled is a talking point.Crafted to suit all ages – children and adults – there is a lot of research has gone into the making of this product. The aim of the Slē is to enhance user experience and yet be high-quality and stylish. Featuring a tilted seat, the frame of this sled ...
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What The Fight Over A Rural Library Says About America

“I didn’t realize it at first, but the fight over the library was rolled up into a bigger one about the library building, and an even bigger fight than that, about the county government, what it should pay for, and how and whether people should be taxed at all. The library fight was, itself, a fight over the future of rural America, what it meant to choose to live in a county like mine, what my neighbors were willing to do for one another, what they were willing to sacrifice to foster a ...
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How Did A Promise For A Less Eurocentric Nobel Prize In Literature Turn Into Two European Winners?

And that’s not even taking into account the genocide apologist stance of the man who won. This two-year award “decision fails to demonstrate the widened perspective that Olsson promised. Taking him at his word, it invites questions about how diligent their search can have been, how knowledgeable the jury, and indeed how global a literary prize the Nobel can claim to be.” – The Guardian (UK)
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How Much Should Family Members Be Able To Edit Memoir?

Dan Kois wonders if, in the age of the internet, his daughter should have the kind of editorial control she wants. “The lesson of sharing your work with a family member is that sometimes the story you wrote in private becomes less precious to you when you face the possibility of hurting someone you love with it.” – The New York Times
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The future of food: Imaginary brands cooked up in ghost kitchens

We will all be poor, fat and buried in plastic.
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Why you should use illustration art for your B2B website [infographic]

Trends die, but art is forever. [Author: [email protected] (Maddy Leslie)]
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London’s Old Vic Theatre Promised It Would Double The Number Of Women’s Toilets. It Made All Toilets Gender-Neutral Instead, And Some Women Are Furious

“The push for inclusivity has angered some women who say their comfort and safety is being put at risk – and argue men are still being left with a better deal. Here’s why toilets have become a battleground.” – Reuters
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Who’s The Father Of Today’s Black Theater Renaissance? August Wilson? No, It’s Tyler Perry

Wesley Morris: “Maybe it’s not immediately obvious. But it makes sense. He’s the biggest black playwright in America. If you were a kid, teenager or barely an adult in the 2000s, living in a black city and attracted to the stage, it would be hard for Perry not to become someone to revere, reckon with or resist.” – The New York Times Magazine
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Archstorming announces winning proposals for a school made of recycled plastic in Mexico

Architectural competitions platform Archstorming recently presented the winners of its “Tulum Plastic School” competition that sought proposals for a school built of plastic for the NGO’s MOM I’M FINE Project and Los Amigos de la Esquina in Tulum, Mexico. From 230 submissions, an international jury selected three winning projects that draw attention to the problem of plastic waste in Mexico and found imaginative ways to reuse common plastic objects. First prize was awarded to Daniel Garcia and ...
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Hannah Svensson And Friends

One of the highlights of the 2019 Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival was a concert by Hannah Svensson. Now, Ms. Svensson’s new album, Places And Dreams, presents her along with the colleagues who backed her at Ystad. – Doug Ramsey
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Facebook Would Pay $40 Million For Falsely Inflating Video Metrics

The suit accused Facebook of acknowledging miscalculations in metrics upon press reports, but still not taking responsibility for the breadth of the problem. “The average viewership metrics were not inflated by only 60%-80%; they were inflated by some 150 to 900%,” stated an amended complaint. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Why Is The Paris Art Scene Roaring Back To Life?

Brexit. Or maybe Macron? In any case, “London galleries are launching new spaces in Paris, and US dealerships, who would once have chosen London as their European base, are going to Paris instead.” – The Observer (UK)
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Stefano Boeri will revitalize Genoa with sustainable energy-producing urban design

A Stefano Boeri Architetti-led design team has won a competition to design a new urban project to transform the Polcevera valley in Genoa, Italy into a beacon of sustainability. Titled “The Polcevera Park and The Red Circle,” the urban regeneration scheme will include a series of parks beneath the new Renzo Piano-designed bridge that will replace the Morandi Bridge that collapsed on August 14, 2018 — a tragedy that killed 43 people. In addition to revitalizing the area and memorializing the rece...
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Is ‘Porgy’ A Stereotype? Take Two

Part of the reason we think so is Sidney Poitier’s depiction of Porgy in the Otto Preminger movie. – Joe Horowitz
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What Is A Choreopoem?

Short answer: “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf.” The longer answer is movement set to and inspired by poetry. And it traces back to the 1970s and a writer who just had to move while she spoke her work. – The New York Times
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Why Peter Handke’s Nobel Prize Has Made Many People Furious

Social media lit up with outrage when Handke’s win was announced, and criticism came from some (seemingly) surprising quarters. Albania’s acting foreign minister said the award was “an ignoble and shameful act.” PEN America, in an unprecedented move, publicly condemned the Swedish Academy for its choice. What’s the reason for all the anger? It goes back to the post-Yugoslav wars. – Slate
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Public Radio’s ‘Studio 360’ To Cease Production

“The final episode of Studio 360 will air in February, … [and] host Kurt Andersen’s role with the program will end later this month. … John Barth, PRX’s chief content officer, would not discuss details about why the program is ending … [and] PRX spokesperson David Cotrone said only that Studio 360 is being canceled ‘for a variety of factors.'” – Current
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Cork-based product designs that show why this sustainable material is trending!

Cork is a wonderful material that we usually associate with wine stoppers, but these designers have revised the way we see cork completely! Did you know why cork is a truly sustainable material? This is because cork is made from the bark of the Quercus suber, or the cork oak. These gentle giant trees usually live for 300 years from which the bark of the tree is extracted, leaving the tree unharmed! With the wave of sustainable designs taking steam, more and more designers are looking at cork to ...
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Can A Rope Bondage Show Empower Women? These Two Actor-Aerialists Think So

Everything I See I Swallow, which scored a success at this summer’s Edinburgh Fringe and is now touring regional England, involves “the art of shibari, the centuries-old practice of Japanese rope bondage … It’s the spark for a piece of theatre that speaks to something universal and pressing, about the rights of women over their own bodies, the ramifications of digital life, and that knotty old question: can it ever be empowering for a woman to take her clothes off in public?” – The Guardian ...
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Old power station in Berlin is converted into off-grid arts center that runs on energy generated by woodchips

The former industrial town of Luckenwalde now has a beautiful new arts center that not only aims to bring a little vibrancy back to the German region, but a whole lot of sustainability. Artist Pablo Wendel just unveiled E-Werk, a defunct power station that he has turned into an innovative arts center that is projected to run on recycled wood chips rather than coal. Although an artist at heart, Wendel obviously has an admirable talent and passion for creating machinery that generates clean ener...
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Rakuten 12% Cash Back Sale – Today Only! Hundreds of Stores!

What a day! Rakuten (formerly Ebates) is having a One Day Only 12% cash back sale . That means huge savings on your online shopping. Here are just a few of the stores participating: American Eagle – was 2% now 12% Bass Pro Shops – was 3.5% now 12% Carter’s – was 1.5% now 12% Coach Handbags – was... Read More Read more about Rakuten 12% Cash Back Sale – Today Only! Hundreds of Stores!
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Designers made this pavilion out of upcycled paper waste

Originally created for the Copenhagen Art Fair to showcase a new sustainable method of design, the Paper Pavilion is made out of upcycled paper collected from the city itself. The art fair, in its fifth season, had a specific focus on pavilion designs that spotlighted sustainable construction, urbanization and recycling.  The pavilion was created by Denmark-based Japanese architects, PAN- PROJECTS. The architects wanted to combine sustainability with the appropriate amount of durabilit...
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