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Massive and magnificent creatures created from leftover rice straw

In Niigata, Japan, artists create astounding creatures from rice straw, a byproduct of rice production. Called Wara Art, the sculptures are created in a collaboration between Niigata City residents and students from Musashino Art University. The Wara Art Festival is taking place right now through October 31 in the city's Uwasekigata Park. — Read the rest
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New Low Price! Cricut Explore Air 2 for $169.99 + Free Shipping! (reg. $249.99) + Super Bundle Deals!

  If you’ve been wanting a Cricut, don’t miss this sale! Hurry, these are selling out! This is the machine that I have and I LOVE IT!! Get the Cricut Explore Air 2 for $169.99 + Free Shipping! (reg. $249.99)! Direct from Cricut! Make T-Shirts, Ornaments, Mugs, Cards, and so much more! Some great options:... Read More
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Incredible flipbook-style animations made from dozens of people's tattoos

@philberge #Duo avec @kewpietattoo tattooed the legend ♬ I like hot moms – Thatmulletdude Montreal tattoo artist Phil Berge tattooed dozens of people with slightly different artwork to create fantastic flipbook-style animations. Above, Snoopy dancing his iconic dance. Below, the result of Berge tattooing 76 people to create a a scene from Betty Boop's Snow White (1976). — Read the rest
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An art project, years in the making, finally happened in Paris although the artists who conceived it are no longer alive. I hopped on a bus heading to the Arc de Triomphe to see it totally wrapped. Just before the bus arrived at my getting off stop, the driver announced that there would be a detour. All traffic was stopped as the whole area around the Arc was traffic free. The bus circled way around it and I’m not sure where it was going to end up but I asked the driver to let me off at a stop l...
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The Story of My Life

We never stop discovering hidden treasures in The Story of My Life, the Broadway musical that New Line opens in a couple weeks at the Marcelle Theater in Grand Center. We ran the whole show for the first time last night, and for the first time on the set, and it went really well! Putting all the pieces together, even in a slightly rough form, reveals so much about this wonderful, intricately constructed, richly detailed musical! We originally (and over-optimistically) planned to do Something Ro...
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Jane Powell, Hollywood Musical Star, 92

Her parents pushed her into showbiz when she was only 2 years old, and eventually she became a star opposite Fred Astaire in Royal Wedding and Howard Keel in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. – Washington Post
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Dudamel’s Conducting Fellowship Program Is Paying Off Big Time

The main thing these former fellows may take home from L.A. is indoctrination. New music here is part of the daily diet. Dudamel’s curiosity has led to a far more varied repertory at the L.A. Phil than that of any other major orchestra. – Los Angeles Times
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Why This Filmmaker In Myanmar Is A Fugitive From The Junta

Director Na Gyi and his wife (and leading actor) would be in hiding even if their latest film weren’t about a lesbian romance: they gave financial help to people striking against the coup. Here’s a Q&A he gave from a safe house. – The Hollywood Reporter
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The Best Ever Sword And Sorcery Books

Or the best for this not very fantastic time on the planet, anyway. – Washington Post
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Is Social Media Like Alcohol Addiction?

To me, it sounds like alcohol—a social lubricant that can be delightful but also depressing, a popular experience that blends short-term euphoria with long-term regret, a product that leads to painful and even addictive behavior among a significant minority. – The Atlantic
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San Antonio Symphony Management Demands To Slash Orchestra’s Size By 40%

In renegotiations for the final year (2021-22) of the current contract, management had proposed cutting salaries in half, down to $17,710 per year. Their latest offer, said to be final, is to cut the roster of full-time players from 71 to 42, with 26 part-timers. – San Antonio Current
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How The Pandemic Is Changing How Lincoln Center Works

Usually, our work requires a year or two in advance planning. But now we’re building the plane as we’re flying. So it’s really shown us that we can be nimble. – Christian Science Monitor
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Who Should Win The Emmys Tonight?

And who will win? – Los Angeles Times
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Adalberto Alvarez, 72, Bandleader Who Revitalized Cuban Dance Music

Álvarez “was known as ‘El Caballero del Son’ (the ‘Gentleman of Son’) because of his passion for the genre and the infectious enthusiasm with which he repopularized it. Son is at the root of salsa, among other Latin dance genres, and is considered the bedrock of the Cuban sound.” – The New York Times
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Is Flying To London To See Ian McKellen’s Hamlet Worth The Risk?

A very 2021 question – and the risk doesn’t run one way. – The New York Times
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France’s Top Book Prize Has A New Conflict-Of-Interest Scandal

One of the finalists for this year’s Prix Goncourt, The Children of Cadillac, was written by François Noudelmann, the romantic partner of one of the 10 jurors, Camille Laurens. What’s more, Laurens recently savaged a competing book on the shortlist in a review for Le Monde. – The Guardian
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This A Cappella Quintet Can Mimic Your Electronic Devices

“Traditional a cappella groups cover pop lyrics and full music beds with impressive skill. But one group in South Korea, called MayTree, is taking the genre further to mimic the digital devices that occupy our lives.” (audio) – The World (PRX)
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Famous Lug Styles That Have Defined Modern-Day Watch Design

Lugs… One of the make-or-break elements of a watch. In the best scenario, lugs define a watch. In the worst of situations, they can ruin a watch. When I just got into watches, the latter played a more significant part in my opinion about a watch, or rather than recognizing great lugs. I used to […] Visit Famous Lug Styles That Have Defined Modern-Day Watch Design to read the full article.
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Wave Of New Plays By Black Playwrights…

The plays are arriving at an existentially challenging moment for Broadway, when theaters have been closed for a year and a half, when the Delta variant has   from Covid, when  . – The New York Times
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No, Not All Judgments Or Opinions Are Equal

Popular dogmas such as “judgments of artistic value are subjective” and “all judgments of artistic value are equal”, university literature departments have undercut aesthetic education, and given power to the market to decide what is good art. – PopMatters
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Why Are Cities Still Building Super-tall Buildings?

“I’m almost insulted by the reminder that the high-rise virus continues to spread. Waste of energy, waste of resources, almost impossible to protect indefinitely. A physical reflection of late-capitalist, winner-takes-all approach to economics. And all priapic phalluses to boot.” – dezeen
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Pathbreaking TV Writer Irma Kalish Dead At 96

Most female scriptwriters in the 1950s and ’60s had to churn out proto-Hallmark-Channel movies, but Kalish thrived in comedy. Her biggest mark was in Norman Lear’s sitcoms All in the Family and its spinoff Maude; she co-produced the Maude spinoff Good Times. – The New York Times
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Bennie Pete, Whose Brass Band Kept New Orleans Dancing After Katrina, Has Died At 45

Pete, born in the Upper Ninth Ward, “started playing the tuba at 10 and joined a marching band in middle school. At 18, he helped bring together two brass bands, the Looney Tunes and the High Steppers, into the Hot 8.” – The New York Times
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Five Small Theaters Sue City Of New York Over Vaccine Requirements

The issue: the venues must require audiences to wear masks and be vaccinated, but similar buildings, or even the same one, are exempt from those rules when used for church services. The mandate “applies differently to venues depending on who is speaking and what they are saying.” – Gothamist
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The Next Era: The “Exponential Age”

The Exponential Age is challenging our assumptions about globalization. A car can be designed in Guiyang and assembled in California with remarkable ease. But it also represents an inversion of globalization—a return to the local. Strategy + Business
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Researchers Explore What Juices The Echo Chamber

“You really don’t know whether this person making a good-sounding argument is really smart, is really educated, or whether they’re just reading off something that they read on Twitter.” – NiemanLab
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Body-Shaming In Opera

“Diversity applies to pretty much everybody except fat people,” opera critic Uwe Friedrich tells me. The pressure to conform to a societal ideal of beauty has “increased enormously” in recent years. – Van
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Someone Thought Putting The Bible, The US Constitution, And Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA” In One Book Was A Good Idea

“Big-name Christian authors penned a letter blasting it as ‘dangerous,’ and more than 900 people signed a petition decrying the decision to print the book. The advertised publisher, part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, disavowed the book and denied it ever planned to print it in the first place.” – Slate
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“Pre-Saving” Music And What That Really Means

When you pre-save a song, it may look like the service you use, like Spotify, is the one requesting information about your account. But it’s not. It will tell you which service, label, or company is making the request, and who’ll get your data when you accept. – Wired
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