Winston encrypts your home wi-fi, preventing Facebook, Google, and Amazon from tracking you

Alexa, Google, and Siri. It took just three words to absolutely erode our freedom and privacy. Don’t worry, I’m just as much a part of this as you are. I have a Google Pixel smartphone and an iPad Pro, and flatmate in the room next door has an Amazon Echo. I also spend roughly 3-4 hours each day on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp everyday. Ambient computing, voice assistants, and the ever-expanding realm of social networks have effectively undermined the private way of life.If you suddenly g...
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Twitter Experimenting with Highlighting Lies With Color

Twitter has apparently been experimenting with a new truth awareness feature, and someone leaked screenshots of it to NBC News. The new feature adds "brightly colored labels directly beneath lies and misinformation posted by politicians and other public figures," and it looks like this:Twitter confirmed that the screenshots and the feature are real, and would rely on user participation to function: "This is a design mock-up for one option that would involve community feedback," a Twitter spokesp...
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Jaguar Land Rover’s Project Vector is a self-driving pod that focuses on zero emissions/accidents

Joining the ranks of companies like Toyota, Honda, Volvo, Volkswagen, and many more, Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled its hitherto secret Project Vector, a self-driving pod that aims to usher the company into the future of mobility and achieve its goal of reaching Destination Zero. What is Destination Zero, you ask? “Jaguar Land Rover’s Destination Zero mission is an ambition to make societies safer and healthier, and the environment cleaner. Delivered through relentless innovation, the company’s ...
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AusAir’s botanical face-masks help effectively filter smoke as well as trap viruses

Designed over the past 3 years in conjunction with the University of Sydney, brothers Isaac and Elias Honor teamed up with their friend Jack Graham to launch AusAir… a face-mask that’s preparing for a world where masks may become as ubiquitous as wearing sun-block every time you step out. What makes AusAir worth noticing is its nuanced approach to masks, considering a variety of external and user-based factors. As parts of the world struggle with declining air-quality, environmental hazards, a...
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How a 100-year-old French Army design outperforms today's U.S. helmets 

According to a recent research project it appears that the form – the shape and surface detailing – of the French "Adrian" helmet, a design used over a hundred years ago, is better at deflecting blast shocks than its more plainly shaped modern counterparts. An author of the study, Joost Op ‘t Eynde, a PhD student at Duke University, says "we were surprised to find that the 100-year-old helmets performed just as well as modern ones,”He and his co-authors hypothesize as to what elements play a ro...
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Nebia by Moen: a perfect shower experience that saves 45% of water

People say that a cup of coffee can make or break a person’s day, I say that a good or bad shower has a stronger impact on the outcome of your day. A perfect shower is arguably more exhilarating than a great cup of coffee. It awakens your senses, opens your eyes, pores, and mind, and has you looking and feeling like an absolute champion. A dull, cold, lifeless shower, on the other hand, can have you feeling groggy, bitter, and shivering. The last time I checked, nobody likes a bad, spiritless ...
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Fritz Hansen Releasing 50th Anniversary Edition of Arne Jacobsen's Last Chair Design, the Lily

Personal question: As you get older, do your designs get more simple, or more complicated?Arne Jacobsen designed his iconic Egg and Swan chairs in 1958, in the middle years of his career. But the last chair he ever designed, called the Lily, was "perhaps his most elaborate," says Christian Andresen, Fritz Hansen's Head of Design.Originally designed without armrests for the Danish National Bank in 1968, Jacobsen followed up with an armest-equipped variant in 1970. This posed some manufacturing ch...
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The Proclamation Duo was designed to cook the world of cuisines with just a few pieces

The Proclamation Duo from Proclamation Goods is called a kitchen anti-set for a reason. Together, the two-pan (with lid included) combo effectively performs the job of a skillet, a wok, a stockpot, and even a dutch-oven, challenging the idea that home cooks need a cabinet full of cookware. Designed to be versatile enough to use independently, or hinged together to form a heat-trapping oven, you can actually cook everything from phenomenal steaks to pizzas to braises. The iF Design Award-winnin...
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Cabins designed to help you feel at one with nature: Part 2

When it comes to holiday getaways, everyone loves the idea of lounging about in a nice cabin surrounded by nature at its best. Whether it’s in the middle of a forest, by the sea or on a snowy mountaintop, one can never say no to cabin vacations! Architects and designers have been innovating the basic concept of a cabin itself, creating luxurious and cozy holiday destinations. So, we’ve curated a collection of comfortable cabins that will help you reconnect with nature and yourself!The Resort Man...
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Strider 2-in-1 Rocking Bike/Balance Bike!...

Strider 2-in-1 Rocking Bike/Balance Bike! Taking your kid from 6 months to 3-5 years as it transforms into a balance bike, complete with adjustable seat and handle bars to grow with them. (Also check out their race events!) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Fort Lauderdale's art scene

The idea of going to an art gallery used to absolutely terrify me. Nothing makes you feel like more of a fraud than entering a room full of artists and aficionados, and pretending to be moved by a piece of abstract expressionism that, for all you know, is a picture of an exploded rubber band ball. Enjoying art at the amateur level can be tricky, because many galleries, museums, and art districts feel intimidating to those outside the art community. I had come to terms with the fact that I’d n...
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What does your eyewear and this futuristic keyboard have in common? The acetate!

There’s something so futuristic about Tim Zarki’s Lapis Keyboard. One look at it, and it’s like none of the other conventional keyboards on the market, even though there’s no stark difference to other keyboards. The secret probably lies in the fact that Zarki used machined acetate to create the keyboard. You might be familiar with machined acetate, as it’s commonly used in the production of eyewear. But to craft a keyboard? Not a very common usage of it.The machined acetate was used to manufactu...
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Pop-Up Book Celebrating the Design of Immersive Sega Arcade Game Cabinets from the 1980s

In the videogame arcades of the '80s, the rank-and-file games were pushed up against the wall. But in the middle of the room were the special ones--larger, immersive cabinets that you climbed into, paying 50 cents rather than 25 for the privilege. For an extra quarter you got to sit in a cockpit, in a driver's seat or on a superbike.In the early 1980s, Yu Suzuki, a young videogame developer working at SEGA developed a series of groundbreaking arcade games – physically impressive, custom-built ca...
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Home on a sloped ravine uses natural materials to blend into the landscape

Built by Chicago-based firm Wheeler Kearns Architects, the Ravine House is a beautiful home that sits tucked into a natural forest setting just outside of Highland Park, Illinois. Working directly with the nature-loving homeowners, the architects strategically focused on blending the minimalist home, which was built with natural materials, into the idyllic surroundings while reducing its impact as much as possible. The Ravine House comes in at more than 4,500 square feet across a single-story, ...
Tags: Design, Los Angeles, Chicago, Architecture, Sustainable Materials, Tom Rossiter, Natural Materials, Bridge House, Ravine House, Wheeler Kearns Architect, Ravine Homes, Wheeler Kearns Architects the Ravine House, Highland Park Illinois Working, American Black Locust, Wheeler Kearns Architects Photography

Pensa Tackles Aluminum Luggage Redesign for Zero Halliburton

Erle P. Halliburton wasn't an industrial designer, but he was both an industrialist and a designer. In the 1930s he traveled to various oil fields in America, implementing the new method of oil well cementing he'd invented; the frequent travel led him to design his own suitcase, which was made from a then-newfangled material called aluminum.The suitcases caught on, and in 1938 Halliburton launched his own company to produce them. Movie star Marlene Dietrich was a fan, and either Halliburton form...
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The Oppo C1 gamepad turns your smartphone into a Switch-style portable gaming setup

While its lack of symmetric design does bother me a slight bit, the Oppo Gamepad C1 Unicorn Gundam Edition (the name’s quite a mouthful) does give you a great handheld gaming experience. It features a telescopic expandable design that lets you fit a smartphone in, although it’s tailored specifically to visually complement Oppo’s Reno Ace Gundam Edition.The C1 Gamepad’s most defining feature is its ergonomic, asymmetric design. It’s ergonomic to allow you to grip it better (especially with that c...
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Martin Filler: The Fascist Implications Of Trump’s Architectural Plans

This effective ban on modern architecture commissioned by the US government is horrifyingly reminiscent of Hitler’s insistence that public buildings in the Third Reich hew to the Classical tradition (though usually a stripped-down version of it) and that modern design, except for some industrial uses, was streng verboten (strictly forbidden). – New York Review of Books
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The Instrument That Makes The Earth Sing

The Earth Harp is a massive stringed instrument that its inventor, William Close, says makes audiences feel like they’re “inside the instrument” during performances. Indeed, because he has to string the instrument across canyons or from a stage to an upper level of a concert hall or from a large piece of ceremonial architecture to the ground, audiences often are inside the sound. – BBC
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Innovative food tracker uses app to help you live zero-waste

Industrial designers Altino Alex and Savin Dimov have just unveiled an innovative product geared towards helping families around the world reduce their food waste. The Bubble Food Tracker is an app-controlled food tracker that monitors products in your kitchen, keeping you aware of what you have in stock and your regular consumption habits, all to bring you closer to a zero-waste lifestyle. Food waste is one of the world’s most pressing issues. In fact, according to the Food and Agricultural O...
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Belmont Frames Buy 1 get 2 Free + BOGO Canvas + More at Michael’s

  Looking to frame some of those free prints from Walgreen’s and CVS? Or you’ve been meaning to frame some of your child’s artwork? These would be great to start a gallery wall! Well, at Michael’s , Belmont frames are Buy 1 get 2 Free! Prices start at $11.99, so get 3 frames for $11.99!... Read More Read more about Belmont Frames Buy 1 get 2 Free + BOGO Canvas + More at Michael’s
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This sustainable crib was made without using a single drop of fossil fuel

The challenge with designing the Fossil Free Crib wasn’t so much in the design, but was in researching the materials the crib would require. Almost every material available to designers today involves a fraction of fossil fuel… whether it’s crude oil used to make plastic or something as basic as the gasoline used in chainsaws that cut down trees. Ultimately, materials are transported from source to factory to consumer using petrol. Designing a crib is easy… designing a crib without using a sin...
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Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels is sui generis.I love that term, sui generis. It means it's totally unique, literally, "of its own kind." So many shows New Line has produced fit that description -- Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Bukowsical, Threepenny, Bat Boy, Urinetown, Yeast Nation, Assassins, Celebration, Lizzie, Jerry Springer the Opera, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Man of La Mancha, Spelling Bee, Floyd Collins, Hair, Forbidden Planet, Hedwig, Sunday in the Park... I could go on for days.Head Over Heels is ano...
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How Stop Signs are Made: Inside the NYC Shop That Handmakes Street Signs

Who'd have thought that if you want a stable job in NYC, you should learn to make Stop signs? The red octagons are "our bestseller," John Jurgeleit, Executive Director of Operations for the Department of Transportation's in-house sign shop in Queens, told Insider. The Stop sign is the most frequently crashed-into, vandalized or stolen, and the shop has constant orders to produce replacements.The D.O.T. actually runs five sign-making shops (one in each borough), Insider visited the Queens branch ...
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MVRDV to revive complex with BREEAM-certified groundscraper

MVRDV has unveiled designs for a BREEAM Excellent-certified office building in Amsterdam as part of a redevelopment plan for the Tripolis office complex, a project created by celebrated Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck and long considered a commercial failure. In addition to the renovation of the old buildings and the addition of a park, the Tripolis Park project will feature a new 11-story “groundscraper” office block that will stretch along the site’s south boundary to unite the campus while prot...
Tags: Design, Amsterdam, Tencent, Aldo, MVRDV, Van Eyck, Aldo van Eyck, Tripolis, Tripolis Park, Amsterdam Orphanage

Kitchen appliances that will perfectly assist your chef dreams!

Good kitchen appliances and gadgets have the capability to transform your entire kitchen experience! From prepping to cooking to storing meals, or even doing your dishes becomes simple and efficient. Since a lot of our time and energy is spent in the kitchen, it’s important to select the correct products to be our little helpers. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and easy-to-use products that will make you want to spend more time in the kitchen!Ordine is an innovative cooking solut...
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Construction Of Trump’s Border Wall Is Endangering Ancient Heritage

“This turn of events has been both somehow shocking and predictable. In June of 2019, archaeologists surveyed some of the area awaiting construction, which would include replacing existing fencing erected under the Obama Administration with a 30-foot-tall steel palisade, roadwork, and surveillance equipment. The team spent five days walking just a portion of the construction area. ‘Numerous previously unrecorded archaeological resources were identified, plotted, and evaluated,’ the surve...
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Marc Thorpe designs live/work buildings built from earth bricks

New York-based architecture studio Marc Thorpe Design has unveiled renderings for the Dakar Houses, a series of live/work spaces for the artisans of furniture brand Moroso, located on the outskirts of the Senegalese capital of Dakar. Designed with compressed earth bricks, a common building material in western Senegal, the multipurpose units take inspiration from the local architectural vernacular. The economical earth bricks also have the advantage of thermal mass to provide comfortable indoor t...
Tags: New York, Design, Senegal, Architecture, West Africa, Sustainable Materials, Dakar, Moroso, Marc Thorpe, Dakar Houses, Marc Thorpe Design, M'Afrique

Phillipe Starck’s Broom – A sustainable chair that swept away industrial waste like magic

Here is some food for thought – what if our leftovers could be turned to functional furniture that looked food? I mean good, that looked good! Phillipe Starck is a French designer which means he eats really good food and has managed to turn the leftovers into some really good chairs called the Broom for Emeco. Global food waste (aka leftovers) is twice as high as predicted reports CNN but leftovers don’t necessarily mean just food – it is any waste that ends up in the trash and the solution to...
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Masterworks Art Review: Become an Art Investor!

I’ve been writing a lot about traditional investing over the last couple of months. Today I’m going to let the pendulum swing the other way and write about a non-traditional investment – art.Have you ever wanted to invest in art? I have. Though it’s not because I love art. I like art, but my taste in art is not shared by many. The reason I’d want to invest in art is simply because it indicates that I’ve reached a certain (high) level of financial success. When I think of the average art in...
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McKinsey Report on Design Leadership Finds Most Companies are Blowing It

Now that Chief Design Officer is a thing, are we as a society seeing the benefits of having design thinking instituted at the top levels of powerful organizations?Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash Not yet, as it turns out. "Despite the number of design leaders in executive positions doubling over the past five years among the world's top 100 companies," writes global management consulting firm McKinsey, "up to 90 percent of organizations are not maximizing the full potential of this valuable re...
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