Revealed: The Top 10 Custom Motorcycles of 2018

What a year it’s been for the custom scene. With so many great bikes crossing our radar, it’s almost impossible to pick out any personal favorites. So it’s just as well that our annual Bike Of The Year roundup is purely data driven. It’s based on page views, incoming links, and the number of social media shares. As always, it’s also weighted according to how long ago the bike was featured. A couple of interesting points to note: If we weren’t dealing with customs here, two factory bikes wou...
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Regal Raptor DD125E spied in India for the first time [Video]

An entry-level cruiser motorcycle was photographed last week alongside the...
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'Orcus White' Tata Harrier from Pratap Bose' Christmas card looks great

The Tata Harrier in the Calisto Copper has been the centre of focus of all the...
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Merry Xmas to me...

Well, the box actually arrived a few weeks ago and yes, it's a farkle and I've only just got around to blogging about it as the farkling process is more or less complete... A few motorcycling mates worked out what it was when I posted the above pic on Facebook.  So here's what's in the box. Another box! Yep, after putting up with a few issues with my old Zumo it was time for a new [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Peace Out, 2018. I Won’t Miss You. Like, At All.

Hello, Everybody! Before the time gets away from me, I figured I oughta check in to see how you’re doing, tell you how I’m doing, and wish you a very merry and happy everything. I’ve been writing this post in fits and starts for the better part of a week. Most of the writing has more »
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Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: A car air purifier, a worm farm, and more

Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the web this week. You may not be able to buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk! The post Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: A car air purifier, a worm farm, and more appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Christmas Has Come Early With This 760bhp Audi Quattro's 5-Pot Noise

Christmas may not be here for the rest of your body yet, but let your ears enjoy the sweet, sweet gift of three minutes of five-cylinder shouting
Tags: Autos, Audi

If A New Cayman T Doesn’t Excite You, Try An R For £19k Less

With the Cayman and Boxster T emerging with only a slight spec sheet tweak and the same four-cylinder engine, a Cayman R looks mighty tempting…
Tags: Autos, Cayman

6 F1 Drivers Who Were Great In Midfield Teams But Struggled In Top Teams

We take a look at a selection of drivers who were seriously impressive in the midfield but didn't quite perform as expected when given the opportunity to run at the front
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In a first, California will finally let you get picked up by this autonomous car

Autonomous mobility developer Zoox scored California's first-ever permit to carry passengers in a self-driving service vehicle. The permit, which is good for three years, requires a human driver in the car ready to take over if necessary. The post In a first, California will finally let you get picked up by this autonomous car appeared first on Digital Trends.
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