Maxwell, Struggling Battery-Technology Maker, to Sell to Tesla

Battery-technology business Maxwell Technologies has agreed to be acquired by Silicon Valley electric car company Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) in an all-stock deal valued at about $218 million, the San Diego-based company announced Monday.Maxwell (NASDAQ: MXWL) said Palo Alto, CA-based Tesla would buy its shares at $4.75 apiece, a 55 percent premium over its stock price as of market close Feb. 1.Maxwell, which makes energy-storage electronics called ultracapacitors that some automakers use alongside ba...
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Toyota-badged Vitara Brezza to be launched in 2020 or later - Report

As a part of Suzuki and Toyota?s partnership, their Indian subsidiary will...
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Dealerships expecting the Hero XPulse 200 by early March

The Hero XPulse 200 adventure tourer is likely to be launched by early next...
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Kinetic Motoroyale inaugurates first dealership in Bengaluru

Kinetic Motoroyale has announced the inauguration of its first dealership in...
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2019 Audi Q8 review

The 2019 Audi Q8 sits atop the Q7 in Audi’s SUV lineup. The Q8 tries to live up to its flagship status with more tech, and a greater emphasis on style and performance, as well as some references to Audi’s rallying past. The post 2019 Audi Q8 review appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Don’t Expect a Return of Mazdaspeed

These days it seems as though every automaker, no matter how small, has a performance division on hand to offer up the occasional heart-pounding model variant to be coveted by enthusiasts. However, it only seems that way. Many brands have to go without. Despite once branding itself as the everyday performance brand, Mazda hasn’t delivered […] The post Don’t Expect a Return of Mazdaspeed appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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2018 Highlights

Ok, so we're well into the New Year now (well, 3 days in) so it's time to take my yearly look back on the previous years riding. Mileage-wise I bet last year's pathetic count - but not by much and both bikes did somewhere over 8,000km each.  Not sure why, but I just haven't got in as much riding lately - must improve! January Looking back , it seems that the farkling bug was still alive and [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Happy New Year!

Yep, a new year eh?  Better get started on some riding then... Today it was the Connie's turn and I was dead keen for a decent little pootle.  So much so that I never even took any'll have to make do with videos... I left home just before 10am and it was already fairly warm so before I left I opened up all the vents in my gear and man, they are good! My ride started with a quick [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Four Points

...and finally the write-up: And I think that can be the last post of the year...Happy New Year everyone! [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Chasing Bunnies

Yesterday, instead of watching bikes racing, I decided to ride one instead.  I also decided to give the new GPS a tryout by loading up a route and following the purple line... After fueling up in town I made my way to a new mural in Palmy that I thought Dave might like. That's Sir Ed in the middle and there's more info on the mural and the portraits here: [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Videos, Dave, Motorcycles, Ed, Andrew Thomson, Palmy, Dirty fun

Blog Challenge

Fellow blogger Sonja has issued a challenge to post 10 photos taken in 2018 on specific topics.  Geoff has already answered the challenge so now it's my turn... 1. In the city. Ok, so I hate cities.  Yes, I'm forced to live in one, but I prefer to avoid all the business as much as possible.  But, Whanganui is a city right?  So here's some city bikes (they're only 150's after all) tooling [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Motorcycles, Pictures, Geoff, Sonja, Whanganui, Andrew Thomson, Blog Challenge

Dogs generally have good taste

This little story is currently doing the rounds of Concours FB pages and forums... I'd better get back to my training... You're joking right? [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Tyre Wrangling

Man, how I hate it...wrestling Adv tyres on and off is a serious wrestle when done in my shed... Anyway, got a wee ride coming up next months and the bike also needs a WOF so today was the day to finally put on that front E-07 that has been in my shed for over a year and also to chuck one of the new E-07+'s on the rear. Here's a couple of pictures to try and show what a new E-07 front looks [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Maintenance, Motorcycles, Tyres, Andrew Thomson, Super Tenere

Merry Xmas to me...

Well, the box actually arrived a few weeks ago and yes, it's a farkle and I've only just got around to blogging about it as the farkling process is more or less complete... A few motorcycling mates worked out what it was when I posted the above pic on Facebook.  So here's what's in the box. Another box! Yep, after putting up with a few issues with my old Zumo it was time for a new [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Suzuki series Round 2

Yesterday was round two of the Suzuki summer racing series, run at Manfield just a week after round one in Taupo.  It was a pearler of a day and a good opportunity to imitate Chillertek with my not as flash camera... I'm definitely no expert at photography but I do love getting the chance to have a bash and try and get some cool action shots. Dad and I rocked up just after ten as the [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Motorcycles, Motorsport, Taupo, Suzuki, Andrew Thomson, Manfield

Zumo install #3

Yeah, that's right #3... Except it's more like: the continued work of Heath Robinson. I needed to get the GPS up higher on the Tenere as it was blocking the very top line of the gauges.  And because of the little bump in the cradle it wasn't as simple as using the little plate that Dad made up for me for the 550.  Here's what I came up with: Yeah, the bolts are still too long... And no, [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Maintenance, Motorcycles, Farkles, Concours 14, Andrew Thomson, Heath Robinson, Zumo, Super Tenere, Tenere

Zumo install #1

Right, time to get my hands dirty... Annoyingly, though unsurprisingly, the Zumo only came with one motorcycle mount/cradle so that has meant buying an extra one so both bikes can use the flash new toy.  But that's getting ahead of myself - first bike to get the new unit was the Tenere. The first steps were of course, removing the old Zumo's cradle and fitting the new one to the SW-Motech mount [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Maintenance, Motorcycles, Farkles, Andrew Thomson, SW Motech, Zumo, Super Tenere

That little stone...

The blighter in question You may remember the little trouble maker above from my Four Points excursion.  It successfully stopped the LHS radiator fan and then because some idiot didn't remove the stone, killed said fan.  Arrrgggggh! Anyway, I've dragged the chain a bit sorting the issue out but finally I tracked a second-hand one down in Oz - new ones appear to be made of gold or something... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Maintenance, Motorcycles, Concours 14, Andrew Thomson

Zumo install #2

Thanks to E-Bay (cheaper), a second cradle for the Zumo turned up just before Xmas.  So Xmas Eve seemed like the right day to install it on the Connie... The job turned out a bit easier than on the Tenere but I did have to do some improvising... After removing the old cradle off the Connie's Projekt D mount I noticed a wee problem. Crap design!  (Tenere's mount pictured) The mount is [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Maintenance, Motorcycles, Farkles, Concours 14, Andrew Thomson, Zumo, Tenere

Tar surfing

Last weekend Colin and I had a little TT planning session and he mentioned that we had better go riding this weekend.  So, on Friday night he contacted me and said that he and his mate Carl were coming up for a scoot. The eagles beemwaas landed at around 9 and after a bit of messing around in town we headed off to hit the track.   From Pahiatua we crossed over onto Pahiatua-Pongaroa Road [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Videos, Motorcycles, Rides, Colin, Carl, Pahiatua, Andrew Thomson, Pahiatua Pongaroa Road

Suzuki Series Round 3

Oh yes, the Cemetery Circuit! It's been a few years since I last went across to Whanganui but this year I was dead keen.  Christmas Day had absolutely atrocious weather so it was quite a relief to hear that things had cleared up for the racing. No major stories to tell, but it was a very enjoyable day wandering around and taking a bazillion photos... One of the first pics of the day [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Videos, Motorcycles, Pictures, Motorsport, Whanganui, Andrew Thomson

Chasing Chooks...

Gee, this holiday thing takes some getting used to...but I like it! With Friday being my last official day of annual leave it would have been rude to waste it.  So, I saddled up the Tenere and went searching for some gravel... It was a fairly warm day so the vents in my gear were left open but riding out of Palmy and across to Feilding it was fairly windy so the vents were working especially [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Videos, Motorcycles, Andrew Thomson, Palmy, Dirty fun

Quick tag

And not much of a pootle so just a quick post... Very warm out there and the wind sucked! Old tag on Old West Road New tag somewhere else... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Motorcycles, Pictures, Andrew Thomson, Manawatu Tagorama, Old West Road

Coast to Coast

Today was the annual Woodville Lions Coast to Coast and it's a ride that generally doesn't escape my attention but this year was I wasn't feeling too flash so as I left home I wasn't really sure how much of the ride I'd do. But anyway, I still wanted that badge so I fuelled up the Tenere and pootled on out to Himatangi.  I wasn't the first out there and there was till plenty of time for others [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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A package arrived from the States last week... Yep, after completing "a few" eligible rides over the years and with some assistance from Chris, I applied to be certified for the NI1600 and low and behold I've got another shiny certificate and a bit more bling... Oh, and a number: 73,269 which means that I'm a member of a small club of like-minded nutters.... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Motorcycles, States, Chris, Iba, Farkles, Andrew Thomson

2018 1KC

This Saturday there was a pretty decent excuse for a wee ride - the NZDR's 1KC.  That's a quick 1,000km jaunt around the North Island that John runs to raise some funds for Muscular Dystrophy - nice to help out a good cause while getting in a little fun. In the lead up to the ride I'd been tossing up on which bike to take as the Connie had just had a decent run and the Tenere has been missing [Author: Andrew Thomson]
Tags: Videos, Motorcycles, John, North Island, Andrew Thomson, NZDR, C1KC, 1KC

Friday night ride

Last night was the first Friday night ride of the year and while I don't normally manage to get to many of them the weather forecast for the weekend wasn't good but Friday night's was... The ride is never a biggee - just a good way to see out the working week. Having ridden the Tenere to work, I just didn't bother putting her away and joined up with maybe 15-20 other riders on all sorts [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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NI1600 Write-up

Yes, I finished this year and the write-up is here on my website: 2018 NI1600 [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Bad influence?

Maybe... Two years ago I ran into Steve at the Houhora checkpoint on the Four Points.  He was riding his V-Strom and I was on the Tenere.  After having a cold drink with Steve and his wife, he had a quick chance to have a look at the Tenere before I disappeared looking for somewhere to fix my puncture... A few weeks later at the after match function Steve was telling me how much he liked the [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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As Interest Rates and New Vehicle Prices Rise, Loan Terms and Payments Reach for the Sky

Image, for a moment, that the trailer pictured above is filled with debt. It’s a good representation of the average new vehicle purchase. Looking at last month’s stats, you’d have to go back to the safe and comfortable pre-Twitter era to find a January in which fewer people got their hands on a zero percent […] The post As Interest Rates and New Vehicle Prices Rise, Loan Terms and Payments Reach for the Sky appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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