Lidar and perception startup Innoviz raises $132 million

Innoviz, the Israel-based startup developing solid-state lidar sensors and perception software for autonomous vehicles, has raised $132 million in a Series C funding round that includes major Chinese financial institutions . The round, which makes Innoviz one of the better capitalized lidar startups, includes China Merchants Capital (SINO-BLR Industrial Investment Fund, L.P.), Shenzhen Capital Group and New Alliance Capital.  Israeli institutional investors Harel Insurance Investmen...
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Pitbull Trailer Restraint System for Yagi

In order to transport Yagi, my 2006 Yamaha TW200 Dual Sport, I had either the option of using straps as most riders do.Even spent a day figuring out how to do it safely and by myself.  It does a bit of time and if you aren't careful you can compress the suspension too much and blow fork seals.Then, having seen the Pitbull Trailer Restraint system in use by friends of our in their Sprinter Van; used to secure their two Honda motorcycles with minimum fuss, I went in that direction.More info on the...
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Custom Isuzu MU-X - BIMS 2019 Live

A custom Isuzu MU-X has been showcased at the ongoing Bangkok International...
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The Mercedes-AMG A35 Saloon Is A New Reason Not To Buy An Audi S3

Mercedes' new A-Class Saloon has been given the semi-skimmed AMG treatment
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How Much Success Can Jeep Expect from the Gladiator?

As Fiat Chrysler prepares the Jeep Gladiator for its highly anticipated dealer debut, consumers are gearing up for the first midsize pickup conceived of outside the boundaries of established industry norms in quite some time. The Gladiator is very different from the competition. It looks like a modified Wrangler, has a removable windshield, soft or […] The post How Much Success Can Jeep Expect from the Gladiator? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Jaguar’s J-Pace Gradually Takes Shape

While Jaguar is working towards padding out its utility lineup, the company has yet to deliver anything exceptionally large. Though not minuscule, neither the midsize F-Pace or smaller E-Pace are capable of swaying someone in the market for an Escalade — and don’t get us started on the slow-selling I-Pace (above). The company needs a hit, […] The post Jaguar’s J-Pace Gradually Takes Shape appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Royal Enfield Unveils Its Bullet Trials Off-Roader

A Killer Scrambler-Style Motorcycle We recently reported on the teaser that Royal Enfield sent out. Now, it seems the motorcycle is truly part of the company’s lineup. The company has a 350 and a 500 version of the bike, just like we thought it would. The bike isn’t quite as crazy of a scrambler as some other company’s bikes. Royal Enfield went the minimalist route. The bike looks like just enough of an off-road machine to be interesting. The frame, engine(s), and most of the rest of the bike h...
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Report: Cost-conscious Ford to Slash Russian Operations

The Blue Oval brand stands to seriously pare back its Russian presence, a new report claims, with two of the automaker’s three assembly plants rumored to close. Ford entered into a joint venture in the country in 2011, partnering with Russia’s Sollers. The two recently reached a new agreement, Sollers claims, but details remain scarce. […] The post Report: Cost-conscious Ford to Slash Russian Operations appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Don’t Make Me Wait, Call or Think: Millennials and Auto Care Part I

2019 is the first year in US history that the number of millennials surpassed the number of baby boomers. Today, there are about 79.8 million millennials in the U.S. (ages 23 to 38 in 2019), while the total number of baby boomers (ages 55 to 73 in 2019 ) is 74.1 million . As baby boomers reach their maximum earning potential and enter or approach retirement age, millennials are still young in their careers and are only getting started in their accumulation of wealth. By 2030, ...
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The Hudway Drive head-up display brings 21st-century tech to any type of car

Drive, a head-up display by California-based Hudway, brings 21st-century connectivity to any type of car. It sits on your dashboard and puts directions, notifications, and other information right in your line of sight. The post The Hudway Drive head-up display brings 21st-century tech to any type of car appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Linear Labs’ next-gen electric motor attracts $4.5 million in funding

Linear Labs, a startup developing an electric motor for cars, scooters, robots, wind turbines and even HVAC systems, has raised $4.5 million in a seed round led by Science Inc. and Kindred Ventures.  Investors Chris and Crystal Sacca, Ryan Graves of Saltwater Ventures, Dynamic Signal CEO Russ Fradin, Masergy executive chairman and former-CEO Chris MacFarland, as well as Ustream co-founder Gyula Feher also participated in the round.  The four-year-old company was founded by  Brad and Fred ...
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A Triumph sidecar built to deliver cold brew coffee

We love sidecars, but they’re usually sedate rather than sporty. And a classic café racer with a chair? That’s even more rare. So we love the look of this most unusual combination from sunny Queensland in Australia. The ‘Cold Brew Cafe Racer’ comes from Tom Gilroy of Purpose Built Moto, and it’s built around a Triumph Scrambler. The project started like many others: A couple of blokes meeting up for a beer at their local haunt. Tom’s favorite spot is the iconic Sandbar restaurant in Surfer...
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Nissan IMQ Concept: The Future of Hybrid Crossovers Is In Good Hands

The IMQ concept is Nissan’s vision for the future of transportation.  The concept’s styling and design is inspired by Japanese kumiko woodwork. Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) technology is one of the IMQ concept’s top safety features.  Nissan is riding high on the success of the Nissan Leaf. We give credit when it’s due, so kudos to Nissan for being one of the EV pioneers in the industry. And while the Nissan IMx and IMS electric vehicles are still fresh in the minds of Nissan lovers alike, the Ja...
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Audi isn’t giving up on sedans as it pivots towards electrification

Audi wants to release no less than 12 electric cars by 2025. Most of them will be SUVs and crossovers, but the company still believes in sedans. It's working on an A4-sized, battery-powered four-door expected to come out by 2023. The post Audi isn’t giving up on sedans as it pivots towards electrification appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Rare Rides: Hop in a 1955 Studebaker Conestoga Wagon

Today’s Rare Ride is a peachy two-door wagon from a company in South Bend, Indiana that would cease to exist about a decade later. It’s a Studebaker Champion Conestoga, from 1955. The Champion line started in 1939 as Studebaker’s full-size offering. The company was desperate to improve its financial situation after poor sales in 1938 […] The post Rare Rides: Hop in a 1955 Studebaker Conestoga Wagon appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Flat, Busted: Best Portable Air Compressors and Tire Inflators

From time to time, TTAC will highlight automotive products we think may be of interest to our community. It helps you to make informed decisions when buying gear for your car. Plus, posts like this help keep the lights on around here. Learn more about how this works. Most of us have been there – you’re […] The post Flat, Busted: Best Portable Air Compressors and Tire Inflators appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The Curious Case of the Missing Model 3

Few — if any — journalists cover Tesla with the same dogged determination as former TTAC managing editor Ed Niedermeyer, and he’s just shed light on a perplexing mystery: The case of the missing Standard Range Model 3. We’re talking about the base, $35,000 Model 3 promised at the model’s launch three years ago. The vehicle […] The post The Curious Case of the Missing Model 3 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Tesla, Autos, Tesla Model 3, Model 3, News Blog, TTAC, Ed Niedermeyer, Standard Range Model

Now That the Car’s Better Than Ever, Corolla Sales Will Likely Fall Nearly 20 Percent Below the Norm

Promises that “This will be the sedan that saves cars” and “The passenger car comeback starts here” are so 2017. 2018 welcomed the arrival of high expectations in the form of an all-new Toyota Camry and an all-new Honda Accord. The results were predictable, if not in the eyes of automaker CEOs, then surely for the rest […] The post Now That the Car’s Better Than Ever, Corolla Sales Will Likely Fall Nearly 20 Percent Below the Norm appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Behold The Life-Size Lego McLaren Senna

Made from almost half a million separate components and weighing vastly more than the real thing, this life-size Lego Senna even integrates McLaren parts
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A Pair of Jaw-Dropping 917Ks Snarl at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Europe Moves Closer to Mandatory Everything, Including Speed Limiters

A month after a European Parliament committee approved a host of measures designed to reduce roadway fatalities, the European Commission has signed off on the plan. New vehicles sold in Europe starting in 2022 stand to be more connected and nanny-like than ever, with speed limiters being just one of the mandatory safety features. Other […] The post Europe Moves Closer to Mandatory Everything, Including Speed Limiters appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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2019 Honda Accord and Accord Modulo - BIMS 2019 Live

The 2019 Honda Accord has been put on display at the Bangkok International...
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Mandatory Speed Limiters Are Coming

The EU has provisionally approved legislation that would see new cars sold in any of its member states forced to carry automated speed limiters
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Smart’s in Danger, and Not Just in North America

According to a report out of Germany, we’ll know by the end of the year whether Daimler AG intends to keep its Smart city car division alive. Created a quarter century ago, Smart’s focus on microscopic urban runabouts like the Fortwo gave way to a plan to go all-electric in Europe by 2020, two years […] The post Smart’s in Danger, and Not Just in North America appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Utah Legalizes Lane Filtering

Another State Does the Right Thing California is still the only state that allows all-out lane splitting, and many people oppose that, but the movement to add lane filtering to more states is growing. In Utah, a recent bill passed that allows lane filtering. This is different than lane splitting but works under some of the same principles. When the speed limit on a road is 45 mph or less and car traffic is stopped—like at an intersection— then you can filter through traffic. This will move moto...
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Bajaj Platina 100 KS CBS launched in India at INR 40,500

Bajaj Auto has announced the launch of the Platina 100 Kick Start (KS) with CBS...
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Mugen’s E.Rex Electric Dirt Bike Is Pretty Similar to Honda’s CR Electric

Similar But Not the Same Mugen revealed an updated version of its E.Rex electric dirtbike at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. We reported on the electric superbike Mugen showed off there. We thought it’d be best to highlight the E.Rex, too. The E.Rex appears to share much of its powertrain with the Honda CR Electric that debuted at the same show. Seeing as how Mugen and Honda are closely tied together this isn’t very shocking. The Mugen bike may have similar bones to the Honda, but the styling and ae...
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2019 Honda Civic Modulo - BIMS 2019 Live

A 2019 Honda Civic (facelift) that has been fitted with the Modulo kit has been...
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QOTD: Are Your Neighbors the Special Ones?

Tim Cain’s observations of his quaint island’s driving habits revealed that electric vehicle ownership, though seemingly feasible given the distance to the sea in all directions, is about as rare as a happy ending on Black Mirror. Cain, secretly funded by Big Oil and no doubt a part of other shadowy conspiracies, cynically believes that, […] The post QOTD: Are Your Neighbors the Special Ones? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Electric Vehicles, Autos, EVs, Qotd, News Blog, Question of the Day, Tim Cain, Black Mirror Cain

The Tesla Model 3 Has Instantly Become Europe’s Best-Selling EV

The stream of people desperate to get their hands on one of the first Model 3s to come to Europe has instantly made the American EV the most popular of its kind
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