Preserving and Restoring Your Car Battery

The Noco Genius battery charger/restorer can extend the life of your car battery, and restore a failing battery to good health. While much focus these days is on new battery types; generally the most expensive investment in batteries we currently make is with the decidedly old fashioned lead-acid battery in our vehicles.  The technology dates back to the very first ever rechargeable batteries in 1859, and while there have been modern-day tweaks such as the development in the 1970s of “sealed” or...
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Uber Completes $8.1B Public Market Debut in Spite of Tumultuous Past

Ride-hailing giant Uber secured $8.1 billion in new capital late Thursday as it priced an initial public offering that set its market capitalization at $82.4 billion, according to calculations by The New York Times and other news outlets.Uber announced late Thursday it will sell 180 million shares of common stock at $45 apiece when it completes the IPO. That price is near the lowest end of the range Uber set at $44 to $50 in the amended prospectus it filed on April 26.Uber (NYSE: UBER) will sta...
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How Motorcycle School Made Me a Better Driver

I took and passed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s basic riding course this past weekend, the one you need in New York state to get your motorcycle endorsement without taking a road test. It was not easy, but I did leave with a pretty high level of confidence in my ability to safely operate a bike. I was surprised…Read more...
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A traveling library that takes inspiration from the ladybug

Books can transport you to an imaginary wonderland, and in many ways, LUO Studio’s Shared Lady Beetle library can too! Mounted on a bicycle, and shaped out of sheet metal, this library resembles a large ladybug, something almost out of a fairytale. Open any of its wings and inside it are bookshelves filled with books. It’s truly an amazing experience that connects children to their wildest dreams and triggers their imagination, both through form, and through the books within.The Shared Lady Beet...
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BMW M to Offer New Drive Modes, Adjustable Braking

BMW M has unveiled new display and control systems for its vehicles’ powertrain, chassis, and driver assistance systems, with an emphasis on added customizability. The company is even going so far as to allow drivers to set up brake feel, starting with the M8 and M8 Competition. On-the-fly adjustments to a car’s suspension, throttle response, and […] The post BMW M to Offer New Drive Modes, Adjustable Braking appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Lordstown Long Shot? Skepticism Greets GM-Workhorse Talks

Yesterday’s news that General Motors is in talks to sell its mothballed Lordstown assembly plant to an affiliate of Cincinnati’s Workhorse Group was met with surprise and no shortage of doubt. For starters, the company ended last year with 98 employees. It’s still a fledgling startup, eager to sell a range-extended light duty pickup alongside its […] The post Lordstown Long Shot? Skepticism Greets GM-Workhorse Talks appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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When Is Leasing a Car Better Than Buying?

My old jalopy is about to die on me yet again, so it’s time for a new car. I’m wondering if I’d be better off leasing my next car instead of buying it. Which is the better deal, leasing or buying with an auto loan? Read more...
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Nolan N100-5 Modular Helmet Hands-On Review

My first helmet back in 1987 was a bright yellow Nolan dirt bike offering. Maybe some of you reading this had the same one too? It left an impression on me, yet for some reason, I’ve never worn another Nolan product until today. I’ve been missing out! This Italian brand has been building high quality, lightweight head protection since 1972 with their unique brand of style and features. Our friends at Nolan were kind enough to send me their premier quality modular N100-5 in an eye-catching graphi...
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2019 Porsche 911 Speedster: And The Order Books Shall Be Opened

Gorgeous and rare, the Porsche 911 Speedster is a special edition like no other.  The flat-six engine revs to an impressive 9,000 rpm as it cranks out 500 horsepower.  Expect it at U.S. dealers near the end of the year but the ordering window is now open. Step aside you plebes! Porsche has finally opened its order book for the 2019 911 Speedster, and they are taking names, numbers, and cash (lots of cash) from those well-heeled enough, and desirous enough, and anybody else wanting their 70th a...
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VW’s new electric hatchback receives 10,000 pre-orders in first 24 hours

Volkswagen opened up pre-orders in Europe at a launch event Wednesday for a special edition of the first model in its new all-electric ID brand. Within 24 hours, the company received more than 10,000 registrations, a result that suggests growing demand for electric vehicles. VW revealed Wednesday the name, some pricing and range specs for the first model in its multi-billion-dollar effort to produce and sell a portfolio of electric vehicles. This first model, known as the ID.3, is an electric ha...
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The Uber, Lyft strike appears to be a flop, but it might have spooked investors

By all accounts, Wednesday's Uber, Lyft strike wasn't very successful, or well attended, with a handful of picketing drivers showing up in most cities. Where it may have had an effect though is on Wall Street as Uber heads for its IPO. The post The Uber, Lyft strike appears to be a flop, but it might have spooked investors appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Porsche Working Hard on Six-cylinder Versions of 718 Boxster, Cayman

There was a time when all of Porsche’s mid-engined offerings came with the distinctive growl of a six-cylinder engine. However, with the 718 opting for a more economical turbocharged four-cylinder, some enthusiasts complain there’s something missing in the noise department. While we already knew that the company is working on a new 4.0-liter flat-six for […] The post Porsche Working Hard on Six-cylinder Versions of 718 Boxster, Cayman appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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An electric flat tracker rises from the ashes of Alta

Elegant is not often a word used to describe electric bikes, but this pared-down tracker is both petite and beautiful. It’s from a new shop called Blatant Moto, based in the Dogpatch area of San Francisco—and the builders obviously know what they are doing. “We’re three ex-Alta employees,” says designer and co-founder John McInnis. “The same group that put together the Crapshoot, an Alta-powered drag bike.” That explains the pro level of thinking and finishing on this build, nicknamed ‘Th...
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2019 Roush Stage 3 Mustang Review

Slammed, uncorked, and supercharged, Roush’s top-spec package takes the Mustang GT to new heights. But with a blown factory-built Shelby on the way, is this Stage 3 package compelling enough to lure buyers away from the GT500? The post 2019 Roush Stage 3 Mustang Review appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Let’s Talk About Six: Mazda Confirms New Inline Engine in Development

Much of the news surrounding Mazda this past year has concerned powerplants: a new turbocharged 2.5-liter four-banger for the CX-5 crossover and 6 sedan, a sort-of sparkless Skyactiv-X mill that still doesn’t have a North American arrival date, a lackluster diesel that took its sweet time getting here, and the brand’s continued lack of electric […] The post Let’s Talk About Six: Mazda Confirms New Inline Engine in Development appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Watch this quick-acting bus driver save a student from "almost-certain tragedy"

Hurrah for Norwich, New York schoolbus driver Samantha Call and her astonishing reflexes! From Norwich City School District/Facebook: This is exactly why you should NEVER pass a school bus when the stop arm is out and the red lights are flashing! ..."Samantha did an outstanding job," NCSD Transportation Supervisor William Loomis said. "All of our drivers undergo continuous training so they're prepared to handle situations like this. We hope this video helps everyone to realize the dangers o...
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Industry Expects White House to Postpone Auto Tariff Decision 180 Days

Even though the United States plans to impose heftier trade duties on China tomorrow, and vice versa, automakers remain confident that the White House will decide to delay the hiking of other automotive tariffs on national security grounds. The Commerce Department submitted its Section 232 national security report in February, leaving President Trump until May […] The post Industry Expects White House to Postpone Auto Tariff Decision 180 Days appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Ford’s Survival robot is taking boring tasks out of car manufacturing

Ford's European division developed a self-driving robot that meanders through its factory in Valencia, Spain. Called Survival, the robot doesn't replace humans; it helps them by performing tasks that are boring or mundane. The post Ford’s Survival robot is taking boring tasks out of car manufacturing appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The upcoming BMW M8 is dripping with new performance-focused tech

The BMW M8 will likely be the most luxurious BMW M performance model ever, and one of the most complex. Drivers will be able to adjust the feel of the brakes and rejigger digital displays to minimize distraction. The post The upcoming BMW M8 is dripping with new performance-focused tech appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Rapture of a North Carolina Muffler Man

Much like the Spanish Inquisition, no one expects a religious experience.  It’s just one of those things that sneak up you when you aren’t lookin’. If not the sight of Saint Pete at the gates or Archangel Michael eating tacos, what could you attribute the expression on this guy’s face to? Point of note: One more »
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2019 Honda Passport Review – Slightly Surly

There always seems to be room for one more at the SUV and crossover table, regardless of marque. Witness mighty Mercedes-Benz, a company filling every niche and crevasse in its lineup with an ever-expanding portfolio of high-riding wagons. When the late Alfred Sloan posited a vehicle for every purse and purpose, this is hardly what […] The post 2019 Honda Passport Review – Slightly Surly appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Toyota Glanza seen being driven for the first time, CVT confirmed [Video]

Plenty of pictures of the Toyota Glanza have surfaced on the web by now. Now, a...
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How to Recruit and Retain Better Mechanics in a Talent Drought

It’s hard enough for small and large automotive service businesses alike to attract, hire, promote, fire and enforce protocol with techs and mechanics in their shops. Whether you’re looking to hire an entry level technician or a Master Certified Automobile Technician, the complications are amplified in our current economy, where qualified candidates are harder and harder to come by and workplace “ghosting” is becoming a trend. Openbay is here to empower auto service providers with all the knowl...
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BMW 2002-Based Road-Legal Racer With 800bhp V10 Planned

Newly established Gruppe5 Motorsport wants to create "one of the world's fastest street-legal GT class cars"
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Chery discussing JV with Tata Motors for India entry - Report

After penetrating almost every major commercial sector in India, the Chinese...
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Ford Transmission Lawsuit Powershifts Into Appeal Mode; How Much Green Will the Blue Oval Pay?

A class-action lawsuit filed against Ford Motor company in 2017 is close to bearing fruit for nearly two million current or former owners, but Ford could find itself on the hook for far more than the $35 million reached in an earlier settlement. The automaker is awaiting the results of an appeal by nonprofit advocacy […] The post Ford Transmission Lawsuit Powershifts Into Appeal Mode; How Much Green Will the Blue Oval Pay? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Shocker: Electric Cars Are Still, Generally, a Plaything of the Wealthy

Pick your jaw up off the floor. As automakers struggle to offer electric vehicles deemed “affordable” by the motoring public, those buyers aren’t exactly swamping dealers with requests for EVs. Even in the Europe Union, members of which punish drivers of fossil fuel-powered vehicles with high taxes, EVs amounted to just 2 percent of new […] The post Shocker: Electric Cars Are Still, Generally, a Plaything of the Wealthy appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The Birò O2 is the only car to be made from more than 80% recycled plastic

Apparently, in just 31 years, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. It’s an incredibly scary statistic, given how many fish exist in the sea. The car company Estrima is all poised to do something about this horrible future prediction by reclaiming some plastic and using it as raw material. The Birò O2, a special variant of Estrima’s electric-scooter is, for the first time ever in automotive history, made from more than 80% recycled plastic.The Birò O2 is a variant of Estrima’s origi...
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Formula 2 Cars Will Have 18-Inch Rims Next Year And They Look Superb

With Formula 1 set to move to bigger wheels and tyres in 2021, the Formula 2 grid is getting a year's headstart
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Porsche 911 Speedster's New 4.0 N/A Flat-Six To Power Other Sports Cars

Tweaked to satisfy the latest emissions regulations, Porsche's last N/A boxer engine has an extended shelf life, allowing it to be used for incoming sports cars from the brand
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