Captivity Day 17

Another attempt at backyard Trials: [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Tesla’s furlough calls begin with delivery and sales taking a hit

Tesla started Friday to furlough its sales and delivery workforce — with the least experienced employees bearing the brunt of the action — days after a companywide email announced salary cuts and reductions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several employees, who work in sales and delivery and spoke to TechCrunch on condition of anonymity, reported they were on corporate calls in which more details of the furloughs were explained. Performance is less of a factor. Instead, experience and positi...
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Zipcar Expands Options Amid Pandemic, Auto Rental Agencies Cut Prices

With auto manufacturers, dealerships, and insurance agencies scrambling to find a way to retain customers during a global pandemic, now is the season of trying new things. Insurance companies have begun offering refunds on premiums for certain people who can’t afford to pay (and aren’t driving) during the health crisis. Automakers are offering heavy incentives […] The post Zipcar Expands Options Amid Pandemic, Auto Rental Agencies Cut Prices appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Rolls-Royce car design contest

Around the world , a lot of parents have all of a sudden found themselves with a new job: school teacher. And while none of them really signed up for that role, necessarily, well, nobody signed up for a lot of what’s going on right now. But if you’re looking for creative ways to fill the arts and crafts portion of the day’s lesson, an unexpected source is here to help. Rolls-Royce, the British automaker best known for making cars only the rich and famous can afford, is inviting kids to let the...
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Is The Volkswagen Extended Warranty Your Best Option?

The 2020 Volkswagen warranty was shortened to four years or 50,000 miles.Volkswagen has a decent extended warranty program with good extra benefits.Extended warranties from third-party providers offer comparable or better plans. Affiliate disclosure: Automoblog and its partners may be compensated when you purchase the products below. Purchasing a Volkswagen extended warranty will have a big impact on everything from your long-term financial security to your mental well-being. Before you bu...
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Who’s Ready for the 2021 – Wait, Scratch That – 2022 Chevy Traverse?

It’s big and it sells very well, but the upcoming Chevrolet Traverse is having something of an identity issue. Unveiled in top-trim form last month, the refreshed version of the second-generation Traverse was expected to go on sale late this year as a 2021 model. Fast-forward a few weeks and that plan’s off the table. […] The post Who’s Ready for the 2021 – Wait, Scratch That – 2022 Chevy Traverse? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Volkswagen Furloughs Workers in Tennessee

Volkswagen is furloughing around 1,500 assembly workers in Chattanooga, TN. Production is being idled on account of the coronavirus, making VW just one of many brands enacting a temporary shutdown. While the number of employees affected varies between reports, VW-Chattanooga spokeswoman Amanda Plecas said around 2,500 employees will be furloughed on April 11th. The downtime is expected to […] The post Volkswagen Furloughs Workers in Tennessee appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Ice Blue Racer: A Fantic Caballero destined for flat tracks

If you live outside Europe, one of the most interesting bikes you can’t buy is the Fantic Caballero Flat Track 500. The Italian manufacturer has been in business since the late 60s, and is best known as a maker of enduros and motards—but its most interesting creations are the ‘Caballero’ machines. ‘Caballero’ is a sub-brand, using the same approach as Ducati did with its Scrambler. The range taps into a similar ethos as well, with ‘Rally’ and ‘Scrambler’ models as well as the ‘Flat Track’—but...
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Report: Nissan Recovery Plan to Slash Sales Targets, Capacity

Being in dire financial straights as it is, no one expected Nissan’s revised restructuring plan, due out next month, to call for Global Domination In All Fields. Ghosn is ghone. Regardless, after the rapid expansion and sudden contraction seen over the past decade, it’s still a bit jarring to hear that Nissan’s plan reportedly calls […] The post Report: Nissan Recovery Plan to Slash Sales Targets, Capacity appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Rare Rides: The 1994 Callaway C8 SuperNatural – a Fast Camaro

This series featured a Callaway creation once before — the incredible and Teal Time upholstered Speedster from 1991. While the Speedster showed what Callaway could do with a Nineties Corvette, the company dabbled in similar era Camaros as well. Let’s see what they created. The Callaway company was initially a turbocharging enterprise, one which worked […] The post Rare Rides: The 1994 Callaway C8 SuperNatural – a Fast Camaro appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Tesla resurrects long-range RWD Model 3 for the Chinese market

Tesla is now producing and selling the long-range rear-wheel drive version of its Model 3 electric vehicle at its Shanghai factory, a month after receiving approval from the Chinese government. The move might not be a milestone, but it’s notable because Tesla discontinued production of the long-range RWD Model 3 in the U.S. and now only offers that variant as a dual-motor all-wheel drive. It also marks a shift from Tesla’s initial plan to sell a more basic version of the Model 3 in China. The co...
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Bring Back National Cadillac Week

With no reason to risk going outside and industrial news at an all-time low, I’ve retreated into curiously dry hobbies as a way to maintain my sanity. A substantial portion of my time has been devoted to parsing through old automotive catalogs and marketing materials. As someone who is notoriously difficult to shop for, dusty […] The post Bring Back National Cadillac Week appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Buyers Waiting on a Rivian Will Have to Wait a Little Longer

Rivian, the future builder of powerful electric pickups and SUVs (and secret parent to an upcoming Lincoln), hoped to have the first of its production models in buyers’ hands before the end of the year. Both the R1T pickup and R1S SUV were on track to roll out of the fledgling automaker’s Normal, Illinois assembly […] The post Buyers Waiting on a Rivian Will Have to Wait a Little Longer appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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BrakeBuTT Adds Linked Braking to Any Motorcycle

Link Up Those Brakes If you don’t have linked braking on your motorcycle you’re just out of luck, right? Wrong. Now there’s BrakeBuTT. This new invention is on Kickstarter right now and it’s a system that will add linked braking to almost any motorcycle. It can be installed pretty easily and doesn’t require you to tear apart your brakes, according to New Atlas. Intrigued? Yep, so was I.  BrakeBuTT has two parts. The first is a control box that gets attached to the front brake lever. When pressu...
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Two Takes on What 992 Turbo S is Like to Drive and Live With

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Long-legged Tesla Model 3 Revealed, but It’s Not For You

By “you,” we mean those of you not living in China. In that country, however, customers will soon have access to a Tesla Model 3 variant with more range than what’s available in North America. As Tesla’s Shanghai assembly plant ramps up production and adds more variation to its offerings, Tesla is in a good […] The post Long-legged Tesla Model 3 Revealed, but It’s Not For You appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Take a Closer Look at the Cheapest and Most Expensive Dirt Bikes You Can Buy on Amazon

Bikes and Beards Keeps the Amazon Purchases Going I shared with you all the previous videos of the guys at the YouTube channel Bikes and Beards beating the crap out of motorcycles purchased on Amazon. Well, the Amazon bike buying continues. This time, they buy the most expensive and least expensive 125cc Chinese-made dirt bikes on Amazon to compare them.  They purposely bought 125cc models. The cheapest one was $747 shipped and the most expensive one was $950 shipped. The expensive one is from ...
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Remembering the Nucleon, Ford’s 1958 nuclear-powered concept car that never was

Concept cars communicate in physical form, the potential, the beliefs, and the dreams that car companies have about the future of not just their own vehicles, but the whole automotive industry in general. Sometimes concept cars are created to demonstrate upcoming production models, in other cases they serve as pure abstract imaginations of the future. Take Ford’s 1958 nuclear-powered concept, the Nucleon, for example.  Nearly 30 years before the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, engineers at Ford desi...
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Choose Your Used M Car Weapon: BMW 1M Vs M2 Competition

1M and M2 Competition values have now met in the high 30s, so which compact M car would you have?
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Could TVS Motors Buy Norton Motorcycles?

Someone Will Buy Norton Eventually The tragic story of Norton Motorcycles and all of the people wrapped up in the company’s issues has been a focal point of motorcycle news for a while now. The company appears to have been horribly mismanaged and has entered administration as of January. Not surprisingly, interested buyers are taking a look at the iconic company despite its millions in debt.  According to a new report by Bloomberg, TVS Motors, the third-largest motorcycle manufacturer in India,...
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QOTD: Gas Pump Workaround?

If you’re as paranoid as this writer, chances are your formerly daily driver has long since sailed past its last regularly scheduled fill-up date. The last time any fresh gasoline hit the innards of your author’s high-end motorcar was three and a half weeks ago. The needle’s now resting just north of a quarter tank. […] The post QOTD: Gas Pump Workaround? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Indian Motorcycle Announces Home Delivery

Can’t Wait for Your New Indian? Do you want to buy a new Indian during this pandemic? If so, but you still want to abide by the guidelines of social distancing, then Indian has a solution for you. It’s called the Click.Deliver.Ride program. With this new program, you can now buy an Indian motorcycle from home. From there, the bike is delivered right to their door.  The new program will help keep some of the Indian dealers out there in operation while the Coronavirus continues to be a major issu...
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Cannonball Run: Coronavirus Edition

Last December, we reported that a team piloting a 2015 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG obliterated the standing Cannonball record between New York City and Los Angeles. In March, we also noted that traffic density has declined immensely as a result of the viral pandemic currently gripping the nation — with those two cities seeing larger declines than the already […] The post Cannonball Run: Coronavirus Edition appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Nuro gets the go-ahead to test its driverless delivery vehicles in California

Nuro Inc, the robotics company that raised $940 million in funding from SoftBank last year, has been given the go-ahead to test its autonomous delivery vehicles on the streets of some Californian cities. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Nuro is now allowed to test its low-speed autonomous delivery vehicles in Atherton, East Palo Alto, Los Altos Hills, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and Woodside, TechCrunch reports. [Read: Survey: Drop in pollu...
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Your Chance To Own A Shelby Series 1 - Carroll's Pretty But Troubled Sports Car

An example of the Series 1 - Carroll Shelby's only ground-up sports car - will be auctioned later this year
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Captivity Day 16

I'm not the only bored one.  The NZ section of Advrider has all sorts going on.  In another thread we're being asked to show scans of old biking photos.  I've got quite a few somewhere so need to have a decent fossick.  Here's a couple that I did stumble across: Yep, that's the old K2 Bandit and that's snow up on the top of the Pahiatua Track (North Range Road turn-off).  It was a really [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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BOUNDLESS IMAGINATION: The Zero Zero by Vtopia Design

Written by Gerald Harrison – Owner of the The Zero Zero Ducati Hypermotard. Meeting Giorgio Cerrato for the first time in the Spring of 2017 was a memorable moment, he was delivering The Zero Zero, his first Ducati Hypermotard under the guise of Vtopia Design, a bike he had been tinkering with for 7 years. The man is tall and waif-like, with a shock of black hair and more than a hint of a Tim Burtonesque caricature. The boy started competitively racing motorcycles at the tender age of six, rea...
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2021 Benelli TNT 600i design leaked via patent images

The new 2021 Benelli TNT 600i has been revealed through leaked patent images....
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2021 Benelli Imperiale 530 design leaked via patent images

The 2021 Benelli Imperiale 530 has been revealed through leaked patent images....
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MG ZS petrol launch update: MG starts scouting for component suppliers

The MG ZS EV sold in India is a derivative of the MG ZS petrol. The latter is...
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