What Is Audi Traffic Light Information? This Short Video Explains How It Works

When we see a red light in the distance, we usually let up on the gas. We try to “time it just right,” so we don’t stop. Sometimes we get lucky, and we can keep moving as the light turns green. But sometimes, we still get stuck at the light (and worse if it’s only for a few seconds!). Imagine if your vehicle could tell you how long before a light changes color. What if your car gave you a recommended speed to drive when you see a red light, so you were more likely to arrive at the intersectio...
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A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie Is Some Old School Gearhead Fun

Hot rod builder and award-winning filmmaker Brian Darwas talks with the world’s top engine builders and fabricators in A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie. In a relatively short film, Darwas introduces us to Ryan Cochran of the Jalopy Journal, along with Vern Hammond and Jack Carroll of The Burbank Choppers. release date September 9 2011 director Brian Darwas Starring Vern TardelMike HermanVerne Hamond WHERE TO WATCH IT Amazon Prime ...
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Exploring old Mine Sites along Lake County Road 3

Sunday, May 31In the morning, we headed into Leadville intending to fill up the spare gas can and get some more water as we'd used up the reserve 10 gallons I carry in the URRV.Before that though, we decided to cruise on up 7th Street to the Matchless Mine to see about touring it, turns out they were closed, opening only Tuesday-Saturday.No worries though, as we were on Lake County Road 3 at this point we kept on going east of town and would discover many old and apparently abandoned mines, stru...
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Updated Volkswagen Arteon Teased, Wagon Confirmed

Volkswagen has announced that the 2021 Volkswagen Arteon will make its world debut later this month with some exclusively European company. On June 25th, VW’s four-door fastback will be joined by a “shooting-brake” variant that looks far more interesting. The manufacturer has already explained that the wagon is not intended for North America, so those […] The post Updated Volkswagen Arteon Teased, Wagon Confirmed appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Ex-UAW Prez Pleads Guilty to Racketeering

Gary Jones, the former United Auto Workers president who stepped down last November amid growing suspicion of wrongdoing, pleaded guilty Wednesday to involvement in a racketeering scheme that saw UAW officials soak themselves in funds earmarked for workers. Jones is the biggest fish thus far caught in a wide net cast by federal investigators — […] The post appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Which Luxury Vehicle is the Safest BMW?

BMW is known for luxury, speed and unmatched customer service. Owning a BMW offers several other benefits, from high-end safety features to speed, aesthetics and a lot of advanced performance features. The safest BMWs are perfect for families or anyone that is willing to sacrifice some speed for safety. Luxury BMWs that make the top safety lists are: 2019 BMW 5 Series BMW’s 5 Series has a perfect score from US News Safety and a 9/10 from several institutes that test vehicle safety. The vehicle ...
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Indianapolis Muses Solution to Failed EV Program, Asks for Help

Indianapolis’ electric car-sharing program, BlueIndy, died in May. Failed green initiatives are fairly common these days, but they remain an important exercise in finding out what works and what doesn’t in order for progress to be made. Unfortunately, that doesn’t preclude host cities from having to deal with the aftermath — and Indiana’s capitol now needs […] The post Indianapolis Muses Solution to Failed EV Program, Asks for Help appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Suzuki GSX-S300 (Haojue DR300) brochure leaked ahead of Chinese launch

The new and very sporty Suzuki GSX-S300 (Haojue DR300) will be launched in...
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Hero Electric announces several offers under its ‘Clean Air Mission 2020’ online scheme

Hero Electric, the largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India, has...
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These are the cars most likely to have major powertrain problems

Filed under: Acura,Audi,Buick,Cadillac,Chevrolet,Chrysler,Ford,GMC,Jeep,MINI,Car Buying,Used Car Buying,Automotive History,Auto Repair,Maintenance,Ownership,Truck,Convertible,Coupe,Crossover,Hatchback,SUV,sedan These are the cars and trucks that are most likely to have serious problems with their engines or transmissions, which equals costly repairs.Continue reading These are the cars most likely to have major powertrain problems These are the cars most ...
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Nemesis: A Sol Invictus scrambler Built to tackle Tasmania

Factory-made modern classics are everywhere these days, but they’re usually premium motorcycles at the upper end of the engine size scale. If you’re looking for a low budget, small capacity bike with retro style, your options are fewer. Unless you live in Australia. Down under, you can get a Sol Invictus Nemesis 400 Scrambler for AU$5,999—less than half the price of a Triumph Street Twin. Granted, it’s a far more basic bike: an air-cooled, carbureted single that makes an honest 27 hp and is m...
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Face Time: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Drops the Towel

It seems potentially controversial front end treatments are today’s theme. After teasing its upcoming Santa Fe last week, Hyundai let it all out on Tuesday, debuting a wildly different fascia with which to temp buyers on the hunt for an “ultimate family adventure vehicle.” If you’re not up on your corporate marketing-speak, that’s how Hyundai […] The post Face Time: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Drops the Towel appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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E-Bikes Are Having Their Moment. They Deserve It.

The benefits of owning a battery-powered two-wheeler far outweigh the downsides, especially in a pandemic.
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Does The New BMW 4-Series Look Any Better In M4 Or Convertible Forms?

Thanks to some impressively speedy work in Photoshop by X-Tomi Design, we can get an idea of how the eventual M4 and 4-series convertible will look
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Sullivan’s Tire Pros & Auto Service Uses Advanced Online Chat Technology to Keep a 70-Year-Old Business Thriving

How do you keep a multi-generational tire and automotive service business positioned for lasting growth? This was the opportunity Ryan Sullivan, Owner and President of Sullivan’s Tire Pros & Auto Service in Seaside, CA considered when he returned to the family business from a successful career in the technology industry. The answer: use the latest online chat technology to deliver the customer-centered experience that has kept Sullivan’s Tire Pros & Auto Service thriving for 70 years. Locally-ow...
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GM CEO Says Pandemic Helped Cut Costs; Decontenting Incoming

On Tuesday, General Motors CEO Mary Barra suggested her company would exit the other side of the coronavirus pandemic running much leaner than when it went in. While this will probably be the case for other automakers, as many (including General Motors) went into 2020 with restructuring efforts planned or already underway, GM is letting everyone […] The post GM CEO Says Pandemic Helped Cut Costs; Decontenting Incoming appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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A Fully Loaded UK-Spec C8 Chevrolet Corvette Costs The Same As A Base 911

Pricing for UK-bound, right-hand drive Corvettes have been announced, and while they work out a lot more than they do in the USA, the value is still incredible
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2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe: Nosing Into a New Era

BMW has dropped the curtain on its next-generation 4 Series coupe, the first member of what will become a broad family of revamped right-sized offerings. To not mention the redesigned 4 Series’ new schnoz would be akin to staying mum on a two-ton elephant scattering canapés at a garden party, so let’s get started with that. […] The post 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe: Nosing Into a New Era appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The future of electric motorbikes according to post-war inspired BMW concept art

Automotive design has been transformed over the past 100 years. Body shapes are smoother, more refined, and vehicles are bigger all round, but there are some general design cues that still hold up. But what about vehicles like motorcycles, how is the electric revolution likely to change how our motorized two-wheeled vehicles look?  [Read: BMW is reportedly working on a 1,000HP all-electric M5 that’ll rival Tesla’s Plaid Model S] Firstly, let’s take a look at a few iconic examples from years gone...
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Autonowashing and the dangers of putting too much trust in ‘self-driving’ cars

The first truly autonomous self-driving car will no doubt be one of the most historic technical achievements of our generation, but it seems we’re still a long way off because contemporary technology doesn’t yet fulfill the promise of keeping use safe 100% of the time. However, this isn’t stopping some automakers from talking as if we’re already there, and that behavior is creating new challenges. Numerous automakers already present their driving tech as being capable of Full Self-Driving. The r...
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Audi Project Artemis wants to make EV development more efficient

Filed under: Green,Audi,Technology,Emerging Technologies,Electric,Future Continue reading Audi Project Artemis wants to make EV development more efficient Audi Project Artemis wants to make EV development more efficient originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 3 Jun 2020 10:32:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink |  Email this |  Comments
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Soriano Motori Makes Its First Electric Motorcycle with Twin Motors

Arranged in a Boxer Fashion Soriano Motori is an Italian motorcycle company, and it now hs its first electric motorcycle. The bike features two electric motors that are situated in a boxer orientation. The unveiling will happen at EICMA 2020, but since that’s still a ways off, some details are coming out now, including the price. The bike will be called the Soriano EV Giaguaro. It will come in three trim levels: V1R, V1S, and V1 Gara. All three will have the company’s special duo-flex electric ...
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Royal Enfield’s May Sales Look Better Than April Sales But They’re Still Low

Getting Better-ish Royal Enfield didn’t have a super great May in terms of sales numbers in its home market. It actually saw a 69 percent decrease year-over-year in India and sold only 18,429 bikes. According to RideApart, the sales numbers are still way better than April’s. In April in India, Royal Enfield only sold 91 motorcycles. So, 18,429 is a major improvement. However, it’s still a far cry from where the motorcycle company wants to be. The reason for this massive drop in motorcycle sales...
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Wave a Solemn Goodbye to Cheap 84-month Loans, Shoppers

They’re still out there, just not in the same concentration as before. Two weeks after the U.S. auto industry restarted production in force, long-term, no-interest loans are becoming as hard to find as Lysol wipes. At General Motors, which wooed many a truck buyer with zero-percent/84-month financing during the coronavirus lockdown, the good times seem […] The post Wave a Solemn Goodbye to Cheap 84-month Loans, Shoppers appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Stafford International Classic Motorcycle Show Postponed Until October

Playing it Safe In the UK, the International Stafford Classic Motorcycle Show is an important show, but it is being postponed due to COVID-19. The new date for the show is in October. It will be from October 10 and October 11, 2020. The bike show will join the sister event, the Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show, on those dates to make one giant show. According to Morebikes, the Stafford Classic Motorcycle Show will join its sister event at the Stafford County Showground. All tickets...
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Renault Scores Loan from Guess Who?

Renault — struggling, like all other automakers, from the body blow called COVID-19 — has secured a financial lifeline from an unsurprising source: the French government. France, which holds a 15 percent stake in the automaker, signed off on a $5.6 billion rainy day fund for the company, guaranteeing 90 percent of the borrowed sum. […] The post Renault Scores Loan from Guess Who? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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MV Agusta Presents the Brutale 1000 RR Blue & White ML

Only One Will Be Made Based on the 208 hp MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR, the beautiful Brutale 1000 RR Blue & White ML is an ultra-limited-edition bike, meaning the company will build only one example. What makes this bike special is the livery. It harkens back to older MV Agusta motorcycles. Otherwise, the bike is the same Brutale 1000 RR that will be made in higher volumes. The special paint scheme pulls inspiration from the Brutale 910R Italia. It celebrates MV Agusta’s winning of the 2006 FIFA ...
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Yamaha V-Ixion modified to replicate KTM 390 Duke

The KTM 390 Duke is an extremely popular naked motorcycle. Its fan base is...
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QOTD: Bug Out, but in What?

You’ve had it. You see no point in going on doing what you’re doing anymore, no bright side to sticking it out and hoping for sunnier skies. You need a change, and the great woods and hills beckon, free of people, social media, politicians, and large, soulless companies that treat you like a less-than-human cog […] The post QOTD: Bug Out, but in What? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Hyundai Santa Fe facelift revealed, but Hyundai Palisade more likely for India [Video]

Mid-cycle refreshes are a big deal at Hyundai, and this just-unveiled 2021...
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